A Love Through Conflict

A Love Through Conflict


This will be a forbidden-love 1x1 roleplay, between a prince and princess from warring kingdoms. It is NOT private, so ANYONE feel free to join. [first CS i like though, i'm running with!]

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*** I got this idea from a 1x1 i had made a character for earlier tonight.....and then sadly after an hour+ of creating the character, noticed that the GM hadn't logged inf or nearly a month. *dunce-cap moment* =P ***

The Main Palace - which is surrounded by the Capital/Royal city of Juno


The tensions between the Western Kingdom of Merica, and the Eastern Kingdom of Apan have always been.....but the assassination attempt on Merica's King Markos Qendellson, 20 long years ago, brought the tensions to a boiling point. Though never proven by the West, and repudiate by the East, it was widely believed in the Kingdom of Merica, that the assassination was order directly from Apans King Kenjio Rakujochigusa ........throwing the only global superpowers into an all out world war.

Character Background:

The two protagonist of this RP will be the Prince of the Western Kingdom, Merica[played by; *me*], and the Princess of the Eastern Kingdom, Apan.[Sakura Hayashi Rakujochigusa, played by; *broken-wings*].

The prince will be an intelligent and handsome skilled fighter, who is cold to most, loves the ocean, loves nighttime,, and loves to be at peace, away from his family and the chaoticness of war - which is why he currently resides in a smaller palace in the middle of a dense red wood forest, several miles from the main palace in the Kingdoms capital city of Juno., on the Mainland*

The princess will be a kind, loving, and gentle spirit, who also finds herself attracted to the ocean.
She won't be a push over, but she will be a bit sheltered, seeing as how her parents have done everything in their power to keep her ignorant of just how bad the war has gotten. And she'll only know just how bad things really are, when she's kidnapped by soldiers from Merica, and taken back to the West to be held prisoner in the Palace the prince just so happens to be living in.


Additional Info. about the Planet/Kingdoms:

* Think of the world being sliced down the middle........like all the land in the Western hemisphere, plus the entire continent of Africa, has been pushed close together, and all the land in the Eastern hemisphere, minus any part of Africa, has been pushed close together......and you'll have the world we'll be RPing in. The Western Kingdom[hemisphere] is Merica, and the Eastern Kingdom[hemisphere], is Apan. I know the names i'm using aren't too original but i'm doing that on purpose, to show that the Western Kingdoms population will be modeled after America[multicultural], and the Eastern Kingdoms population will be modeled after Asia[Asian royal family, and largely Asian population, with European and Etc. races in the minority, throughout the countrysides].......

In terms of the level of modernness, i'm thinking that some modern technologies such as TV's, Cellphones, Computers, & basically, all modern-electronics, will be prevalent. But in the Western Kingdom, travel will be done mostly by walking, public bus-carriages[think a Cinderella-type horse and carriage.....but w/ a carriage the size of a bus], bikes, trains, ships, and sky-ships[think Golden Compass]. While in the Eastern Kingdom, travel will be done mostly by walking, older trains, bikes, ships, and high-tech scooters[rarely seen in the West]. - no modern cars/vehicles.

Both Kingdoms will have military grade sky-ships, but only in west are there an abundant number of public sky-ships, and airports, available for civilians[typically in the middle-class and rich-class]. There are public sky-ships, and a few airports, in the East, but less than half the total that are in the West........and only the very rich will typically be seen on them in the East.
I'm not trying to make the East poor, just smaller......and more traditional, meaning smaller and less grand means of transportation.

There will be four main lands in each hemisphere/kingdom, based off of our current continents/countries.::

Merica lands are as follows:

1.) "The Mainland", which will be like opening the borders of Canada, Mexico, and America, and making it one giant continent.
2.) "Tropica", which will consist of the Caribbean islands, South America, and the entire continent of Africa - making it the largest of the four western lands, and making the Kingdom of Merica the larger of the two kingdoms.
3.) "Iceland", which will be where Greenland/Iceland is.
and 4.) "Artica West", which will be the western half of Antarctica.

Apan lands are as follows;

1.) "Kommerland", which will be all of Europe, and the western half of Asia.
2.) "Khaipon", which will be all of Eastern Asia, and the location of the Capital City of Apan: "Okyohama"
3.) "Newstralia", which will be like pushing together NZ, Australia, and the Island countries around it, together. [with some islands surrounding it, that will still be considered part of "Newstralia"]
and 4.) "Artica East", which will be the eastern half of Antarctica.



The front of the Princes castle:....which is immediately surrounded by mountains, but is actually located in the middle of a Redwood forest.......with only one long main road leading to it's front gate from the forest, providing a path back to the Royal city.

The Back of the Princes castle [the two buildings will be connected.......and the waterfall will be hidden from view in the front.........only noticeable once you approach the back of the grounds. And there will be a large garden before you reach the edge of the water in the back.......plus, part of the water will be blocked off to the falls, by underwater gates, so swimming without danger of being swept down the falls is possible.]

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Toggle Rules

++ The Princess has to have a Asian first name, preferably one that's Japanese. ++

++ The Princess has to be between the ages of 18-21 ++

++ I'd prefer you use a *pretty/sensual* anime picture since my characters picture is anime, but if you just can't RP with anime pictures, and really prefer using a non-anime/cartoon *pretty/sensual* picture, let me know.......and i'm sure i can find a real picture to use. ++

++ You have to be a good writer, who's proficient in English. No, you don't have to be one of those overly-detailed people who spend five paragraphs telling you how a flower just moved in the breeze.......i'd actually prefer if you weren't.......and typing as fast as i do, I definitely understand typos, i make them ALL the time.......but no ebonics, English that isn't up to first-language standards, or posts void of even basic detail. Also, i like longer posts........it doesn't have to be super-long, but i can't stand people who constantly post 3-5 sentence entries.++

++I'M A GIRL, so if RPing romantic situations, in a love-RP, with a girl playing the role of the guy, bothers you for some reason, then DON'T JOIN! ++

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"I would have gone mad," at that, her head lowered slightly. Indeed she had gone mad, how could one not? But that was many years ago, and the rebellion within her soon washed away like the water that she saw every day yet could never touch or taste. Until not too long ago, and it had been magnificent.

The clear container that she had been handed was a thing she took hold of without hesitation, the crystalline liquid the biggest reason she had walked out of her room in the first place. Quietly, she took a drink, gulping down almost half of what she had been given, the cold of it reddening her dry mouth. With a quick movement, her tongue moved around the frame of her lips, wetting it from it's parched state. She didn't seem to pay attention that the man had drank out of it, that was the least of her worries at the moment.

She didn't take a seat though, and just decided to stand. Moving to where she could face the prince, she kept a meter or two of distance between him and herself. Her grip was still tight on the glass that was slowly freezing her hand, bringing a small, but pleasurable pain. A chuckle escaped her, and then she heard him a apologize. It didn't bother her. To be truthful, she had more freedom here, in a way, than she had back home. That didn't mean she didn't miss Apan. She did, and very much, despite the small amount of time sue had been here.

For a moment, he seemed annoyed and a look of slight worry crossed her face, had she done something wrong? She had barely spoken! Or should she have said something? Not enough time was give  for her to argue once again with herself before a loud nose sent her shrieking, and to almost loose her balance. Some of the water spilled on the floor, and she silently cursed to herself before she let her gaze switch to the prince then to the window.

A handful of guards and the prisoner that was apparently from her kingdom packed into the room, but were soon sent away by Kaiyle. She wondered if he would have done that to her as well. Yes, with the few times she had seen him speak and act, it would be most likely. But why didn't he shoo her away then? Pity maybe. At the thought, she was angry, she didn't want anyone to feel pity for her.

One thing they seemed to have in common was he lack of social interaction they had and he seemed to have trouble speaking, well, at least to her as much as she had trouble with him. But for her, she was almost sure it involved mostly every human being that she didn't live in her palace.

The last guard seemed to linger a while longer and took a quick look at her which made the girl take a step back, again wondering what she had done. She hated how life in the palace had left her so vulnerable, she knew it well, and hated it. She hated how she hadn't understood that, knowing very well that it meant more than just a look between her and the prince.

Pushing the irritating thoughts away, she found her hand shaking slightly. Not sure of he reason, wether of the sudden crash or the slight anger she had previously felt, she took a quick drink and set it down in the nearest appropriate place with a wobbly grasp.

Remembering about the spill she quickly looked around the room, in search of something she could use to dry it. Her gaze stopped at the prince for a second, he which had already closed his eyes and let his head fall backward, as if nothing had happen only a few minutes ago. Sighing Worley, she bent down and used the  hem of her dress to dry the small splotch. Look at me, she though, What a poor excuse of help. I can't even completely wipe Water off he floor. The cotton was slightly damped and she threw her head back in silent anger.

The seat still held enough room for her to take a sit an appropriate distance, so she quickly stood and moved over there, and without a word took a seat on the far edge. It was so awkward, to talk to him, so the words that came out were not much louder than a mere whisper, "Do-do you guys get such storms often?" 


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Uneasy from the awkward silence, Kaiyle had opened one of his eyes to see exactly what the young woman in front of him was doing.
"What in the world........" he thought to himself, as he spied her wiping spilled water up off the floor like a house servant. "This IS a princes.....isn't it?" he wondered, completely befuddled by her actions. However Kaiyle quickly closed his eye when he noticed Sakura was about to stand.

After several seconds he could tell she had taken a seat beside him, but he still kept his eyes clenched shut, until she spoke again, in a whisper so quiet it was barely heard. "Do-do you guys get such storms often?"
Kaiyle leaned up on his cushion, rested both elbows on the respective knee, and then rested his chin on his now interlaced hands. "Not on average. We do get harsh storms during the spring months, but they usually aren't this bad."
Kaiyle sighed, and then tilted his head towards Sakura....his left cheek now resting on his hands. "This is actually the first time in several years that we've lost power... "

He wasn't sure, but something told him the princess was uncomfortable, and to be honest, he was too.......and for some reason he cared not to delve into at the moment, he wanted to make her not feel scared, or worried.
"Everything will be fine...... the storm is likely to die down by mid afternoon tomorrow" he said, before standing up from the couch and stretching his arms up above his head.

After he lowered his arms, and then casually pulled up at the waist-line of his pants, an idea popped into his head, and he turned to face Sakura....
Kaiyle would briefly glance at her clothing once again, before shoving his hands into his pockets.
"Follow me" was all he said, before walking out of the living room door and turning to his left.

Kaiyle would walk several feet before reaching the same hallway door he was at many hours ago, when he went to show Sakura the ocean. He'd open the door and lean against it...the stone being cold on his bare back. If Sakura chose to follow him, he'd begin to walk down the hallway as soon as he saw her walk out from the living room.........he'd walk until he neared the exit door, but would stop a few feet away from it this time, and instead open a door to his right......revealing a winding staircase, which he'd walk half way up before stopping.
Once Sakura reached the second door, he'd continue walking up....leaving several feet of distance between them.

Their walk would last nearly seven minutes, as their were ten flights they were walking up. And when Kaiyle reached the door at the top, he'd wait for Sakura to appear around the corner behind him, before opening it.

Behind the door was a large circular room, with crescent-shaped couches pressed up against the walls on both the right and left sides of the room, a large rectangle table in the middle, and other random royal decorations on the wall...........all except the wall directly in front of them, where a long row of windows where covered by the same stone all the other large windows were covered with at the moment.

"The windows up here are stronger........." Kaiyle began, as he left the door frame and made his way over to an electrical box above the middle of one of the couches. ".........but they can last for a few minutes i'm sure, so um.....here."

He leaned on the couch, opened the box, and then pressed a few buttons, before standing straight again.
The large stone shutters would began slid back until clearing the vision of one window out of several, just enough to get a stunning view of the ocean falls, which were raging wildly over the cliff-side via the ferocious winds.

Kaiyle would nod his head towards the window to encourage the princess to walk up to it and admire the astonishing view.....and only after she walked up, would he walk up behind her.
"Amazing, isn't it....." he'd say in a whisper, completely lost in the view. A view he'd stare out at for several more seconds, before siting down on the couch to his left......leaving Sakura alone to enjoy the view.

Kaiyle smirked softly, and then questioned himself mentally.......unsure of the pleasant feeling he felt, as he watched someone else enjoy something he himself loved so much.


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His words didn't help much for the fact that she feared the castle might be blown away with the wind. Silly thing to hold on to, but in a way, it could be possible. The castle stood strong, but mother nature could be merciless at her wish. She had heard and read in stories, how winds could tear thousands of homes away, leaving nothing but bare ground.

She also had wondered if this was happening back in Apan, and if it was, where the towns and cities  completely destroyed? What about the castle she had lived in for her whole life? If they saw the storm coming well before it got there, surely they would evacuate as many families into the castle rooms as they could, there was more than enough space. If it had[/] come, she at least hoped they tried their best to help as much families as possible.

Oddly, she also feared for the safety of the people here, how many will die due to this weather? Just because the Kingdoms did not favor each other at many times, didn't mean the people that lived under their rule where the ones to blame. She had seen her father's words cause chaos, and it was not the people who should be in any way punished by his actions, foolish at many points, but even she feared to tell him so.

As he stood, Sakura looked at him slightly puzzled. Of course Sakura would follow him, after a not-so-rare moment of hesitation. Why would she ever think that he would want to sit and talk to her for long? Sure, he had said for her to follow him this time, but then again, he could have just walked away without a word. She reminded herself that he could care about her as much as any other prisoner, and that any moment, if wished, he could, with every right, walk away.

Pushing the thoughts out of her mind, she was silent to stand and follow him, the water she had been offered not too long ago didn't seem to last much, and once again, she was left with a dry mouth. Looking back, just before leaving, she regretted not getting more of the cold liquid that would now satisfy her again.

After a series of turns, and weird enough a staircase, fear started to flood into her system. Where was he taking her? For a moment, she thought he might leave her out into the open alone. But that would be impossible! He couldn't be that cruel, right?

She was almost sure the fear on her face could be seen, and she hated herself, why couldn't she control her emotions? When he opened the door, she was relieved to see that it was nothing more than a room. [I]Way up
, she thought. Would he leave her here alone?

"The windows up here are stronger," Well, it wasn't a quick, possible death at least.

She jumped as soon as one of the windows started to open, and those horrible thoughts came back. Is he going to throw me out? it didn't take long for her to notice that no wind was coming in. So it could be just a normal window. Sakura made her way to the view, as she was in a way ordered, and found her breath being stolen once again. Truthfully, she heard nothing that the Prince said, but she stayed quiet. The noise from the winds was faint through the thick walls and windows, but it was the wilderness of it all was what made it so beautiful. A freedom she would never have. And she felt anger, senseless really, but it was there. Something she would never have.

Turning around, to where the prince would see only her side, Sakura walked at a rather quick pace, away from the opened window and past all the closed ones. Her fingers latched to the first thing she could get hold of from the wall, a small, unlit lantern that hung from a beautifully carved hook and threw it as hard as she could. It had not been too heavy, and it flew across the room, missing the prince by about a foot, the glass shattering under the impact, its silver frame crashing down along with it. She hated him. How could he show her something she could never have? It was like waving a large piece of sweet to a little child and then laughing in its face. "How could you?" She screamed.

It took a moment for her to process what she had done just a few seconds ago, and she gasped in terror. Her knees giving up on her, she fell to the floor on her two knees. Her hands covered her face as she felt the hot tears burn her skin. How could she just have done that? The prince could have very well been hurt. He was just trying to help her, and look what she had done in return.


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To say he was shocked, would of been an understatement. Kaiyle was completely taken aback by Sakura, .now weeping before him.
"What is wrong with this girl, i just don't understand!" he thought before standing and making his way towards the door. But before he walked out, he turned back and looked at Sakura. It was obvious she was suffering a conflict inside of her heart....something Kaiyle knew of all too well. But he simply couldn't understand why she had chosen to lash out at him in such a way, over a view he THOUGHT she'd want to see "Perhaps it's women i just don't get.......or is just this specific one? I haven't a clue." he'd think to himself, before lowering his head a bit and closing his eyes to reflect........before walking out the door and back down the long staircase.

There was no where for her to run expect outside, or back down the hallway towards the main lobby again, so he had no real concern leaving her alone, other than her perhaps destroying the room she was in.
He might of felt it slightly wrong to leave a woman on the floor crying, but her reaction had him confused beyond words.


"Hanzel!" he'd yell out, as he he walked out of the hallway and towards the pack of guards clapping for some odd routine Ringo had just finished performing. Before he got to them though, Ema appeared beside him. "Dear, where's the girl?" she asked, but Kaiyle simply waved her off and continued walking towards the guards. Ema however, looked back towards the door he had obviously came from and assumed the Princess was behind him.......so when Sakura didn't come out, she instead went down the hall to find her herself.

"Hello??" she'd call out repetitively, until reaching the open stairwell door near the end of the hallway.
Assuming the girl was up the tower, Ema followed the stairway to the top, .until reaching an open door and spotting Sakura, on her knees.

"Child, what is wrong?? Did he yell at you again!?" she asked, as she rushed to Sakuras side, knelt down, and helped the princess to her feet.
As she did so, she noticed a few broken items on the floor, and her eyes went wide.
"Oh no, did he...do all of this?" Ema muttered under her breath, while shaking her head in disbelief.
She'd hold Sakura up, and wait until the princesses feet were steady on the ground, before leading her down the stairway, down the hall, and back to her room.


Kaiyle would be inside his own room again by the time Ema brought Sakura downstairs, and he would of ordered Hanzel to send Ringo back to his room and lock down all the other prisoners for the night.

"I don't understand......" Kaiyle thought a loud, as he lay on the couch beside his bed and stare up at the ceiling. "......she said how could i........as in, what? How could i show her something remarkable? Something i THOUGHT she wanted to see?? Gees."
Sakuras reaction was completely lost on Kaiyle, no matter how many times he replayed it in his head....so after several more minutes of tossing and turning mentally, he'd roll over on his side, and fall asleep to the sound of the raging wind.


Ema didn't want to push the obviously distressed Sakura, to talk to her if she didn't want to. So once they entered her room she'd simply sit in a chair by the door one of the guards had closed behind them, and watch the young woman - with a warm smile on her face. If the princess wanted to speak, they'd speak. If not, she'd simply wait for her to fall asleep before leaving.


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In a way, she would have enjoyed the silence that the castle back home offered. She had word over every soul that stepped upon the tiles. Well, other than her parents, her authority with them reached to a certain point, much lower than those of the servants, but many of the things she asked for were easily placed in her hands. She had word over wether she would have liked to be left alone or if she would have liked to speak to someone other than herself.

When she was no more than a child, which she had to admit, in many ways she still was, her parents had brought a boy for her to befriend. She had complained only once, of the kids that she saw playing outside. And she had envied them. So they got her a 'friend'. More of a forced kid to follow her around all day and pretend to like her. It didn't turn out that way though, and soon, they had become close, exploring places in the castle she had never before dared to roam.

He had been her only companion, but before the second year of adventures and schemes ended, he mysteriously disappeared. She had looked for him, but he had never been found. The calls where distant and she ignored them, only wishing that she didn't come up.

The memories surprised her as much as her actions. She had never allowed herself to think of that. She just figured he had been sent back to his family or to start his new profession. And now more than ever, even though the woman's thoughts were only to comfort her, she only wished to be left alone. Oh, how lonely had she felt after being left with no one to speak to. She had been devastated, but of course, she had told her parents nothing. And now, that was all she needed time to be alone.

Involuntarily, she felt being hauled up. Sakura looked at Ema and frowned slightly. The tears had long ago dried and she sniffled softly. Too worn down for words, she just shook he head and hoped that was enough to stop the questions. Thankfully, it seemed to work.

Once back in her room, she paced around, frustration swelled up inside of her. Had she been nuts? He could have hurt her, she could have hurt him! Letting out a small grunt, the only thing she wanted to do was scream, scream out into space, where no one could hear her. But she didn't, instead, she ignored the lady that now waited in a chair. Waited for what, she wasn't sure.

He would surely not speak to her after this. What if he started treating her like a true prisoner, she wouldn't be able to stand that!

And more importantly, where were her parents? Had they decided just to leave her here to rot? She wondered what kind of things her father would he willing to do to get his daughter back. If it came to a war, just for her, would he risk so many lives? For more than a moment, it was hard for her to believe, but he must. He had to. Or had he already been bribed? 

Ema had too soon made herself comfortable. She didn't say anything, the woman had been so sweet with her she didn't want to drive her away just because she didn't feel exactly happy at the moment, it was certainly not her fault. Instead, she rolled to her side, landing on somewhat the middle of the bed and sighed. 

"Tell him I'm so sorry," She murmured almost too soft. After a second or two, she added, "Can I be alone?"

It came out more as a statement, but also a plead.

Once alone, in the quiet, she rested her face on a pillow, her nose obviously complaining with her position, but she ignored it and screamed, as hard and high as she could. Her cries dissolved into the softness of the pillow, as if they were not even happening. Before she was aware, she had fallen asleep into a wet pillow and both warm and soft mattress below.


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"Tell him I'm so sorry." Sakura muttered, as she lay on her side facing away from Ema. "And, can i be alone?" she added on only seconds later.

"Sure thing dear" said Ema, before she stood from the chair and made her way outside into the hallway again.
She'd close the bedroom door tight, and go converse with the guards outside the rooms for a bit, before eventually going up to the second floor to sleep.


Kaiyle tossed and turned in his sleep, as his brothers yelling voice played over and over in his mind.
"BE A MAN AND FIGHT!" his brother yelled, before swiping everything atop a nearby desk, onto the ground. "WE NEED THE BEST FIGHTERS TO WIN! WINNING, FOR YOUR PEOPLE, SHOULD BE THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ON YOUR MIND!"
Kaiyle smirked. "So you're actually admitting i'm one of the best. It's a miracle." he said sarcastically before walking the several feet over to his brother - making the two nearly face-to-face.
"Now if we could just get you to admit that i'm the best of the two of us, we'll of made real progress in this moment of truth we're having here. But since we both know you don't have the manhood to admit such a thing, i think i'll go back to my castle now, and NOT fight. Have fun with your weapons and armor, dear brother. It won't hide your insecurities though."

Kaiyle then turned and began to walk away. Suddenly though, without warning, a hard punch to the back of his head caused him to fall towards the ground........an once he hit it in his dream, his eyes shot open, and he was now wide awake again...

"Owe dammit!!" Kaiyle complained, as he sat up and rubbed the back of his head.
He had fallen off the couch and hit his head on the floor, oddly, in the same place he had been hit in his dream before being jolted awake by the fall off the couch.

The lights in the palace were on again, and the warm humidity was gone, so it was obviously morning.
After sitting on the floor and rubbing his head for several more seconds, Kaiyle slowly made his way to his feet and then into the bathroom - where he'd take a nearly twenty minute long shower.


It was a few minutes after nine, and even though the sun was shining, the storm still raged on - all though at a much calmer level.
Ema however could of cared less, as she began to make breakfast.
On todays menu? Over-easy eggs, fruit salad, toasted bread rolls, and orange juice with a side glass of water.

"Maybe i should ask the girl what they eat back in her country." the bubbly cook thought aloud, as she popped to the beat of the instrumental tune coming from a nearby antique-radio. "But then again, she might get upset.. Besides, Ringo and the others never seem to bark much!"

By the time the melody was over, Ema had loaded up a large tray with several plates of food, and began to walk out of the kitchen with it in her hand. But as she rounded the corner the tray bumped hard into the chest of Kaiyle, who now stood in a pair of white dress pants, and white dress shirt with a black vest over top.....a vest that was now splashed with orange juice.

"Oh dear, i'm so sorry! Here, let me get that!" Ema said, as she placed the tray back down on the counter top and began to wet a rag.
"Here." She'd try to wipe the spots of juice off of his vest herself, but Kaiyle would grab the rag away from her and begin doing it himself.

"Don't worry about it." he muttered.
It only took a few swipes of the cloth to satisfy him, but after he put it down Ema picked the cloth back up and began to wipe at the spot again.
"You missed a spot dear! But i'm glad you're up......the girl, she wanted me to apologize for something. Care to tell me what i'm apologizing on her behalf for??"
Kaiyle rolled his eyes, but let the women wipe his shirt. However when she passed on Sakuras apology, and then dug for more information, he couldn't help but grow a bit tense.

"Perhaps it's for acting insane." he muttered under his breath
Emas eyebrows lifted."Insane?"

After walking over to the refrigerator and pulling out the Orange Juice needed to refill the spilled cup, Kaiyle sighed. "Yes, insane. Don't ask me why, but i chose to show the woman the view from the tower. She wanted to see the ocean earlier, so, i don't know....."
Ema was grinning from ear to ear. But composed her smile a bit before responding."Sooo, you wanted to show it to her again. That's rather kind of you Kai-"
"It wasn't that big of a deal!" he snapped, cutting the grinning cook off. "I don't know why she was so offended and distraught by such a generous action, but perhaps she enjoys being locked in a room by herself, so that's the way she'll stay!"
Kaiyle slammed the Orange Juice container on the counter, and stormed out of the kitchen. He wasn't mad, simply frustrated and confused at the remembrance of the girls bizarre behavior.....and the fact that it was still on his mind.

"Kaiyle! Come back dear! Don't you wish for me to tell her something in return??" yelled Ema, as she picked up the tray and tried to hurry around the corner and into the main lobby after him. But by the time she got there, Kaiyle had already made it to the second floor, and began to head towards the theatre - where his guitar would be waiting for him on stage.

The cook sighed, and cursed Kaiyles speed....before making her way to each prisoners temporary room.
She'd greet each guard warmly as she made her way down the line - reaching Sakuras door last.

"It's me dear, are you awake? I've brought breakfast" she said, after knocking softly on the door a few times.
After not getting a response for nearly a minute, she simply pushed the door open slowly and walked inside. She'd place the last plate of food and two cups of drink, on a small table close to the door. She didn't look over at the bed, but talked aloud anyways, just in the small chance that the princess might be awake.

"You don't have to eat it now, but it might get room temperature if you wait too long. I'll close the door behind me, but i'm sure the guards wouldn't mind if you wander within their eye sight after eating. I also put awhite dress with silver detailing on the back of the chair by this table, if you wish to change out of the current dress you're in after taking a shower in your bathroom. The silver slippers that go with it, will be under the chair."

Ema didn't wait for a response, and simply walked out with the now empty tray at her side - closing the door behind her like she said she would, before heading back into the kitchen.


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Character Portrait: Prince Kaiyle Qendellson Character Portrait: Sakura Hayashi

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Okay, so supper dupppppper sorry about such a late response. Like I told you in the message, I’ve been struggling the past few weeks, but I promise it won’t ever happen again –I have to say, no internet kills you slowly day by day x.x And since I’m writing this probably a while before I get on Internet once again, I don’t know how I might have survived–
Andddddd that no looking at the bed just gave me an idea that Kaiyle hopefully won’t approve of if it all goes right ;) And sorry if it sucks, I haven’t written roleplay posts in so long x.x But I tell you, hopefully about ten+ books worth of my time helped a bit if not a good amount.

The rushing events of the previous flashed back to her mind as moved across the room. It was rather late for the princess to be up, thinking about the plan, for her body to be moving across the silent, empty space, towards a dark trunk. The clothes from the night where dry, but she couldn’t stand the thought of wearing them any longer after they had been soaking with sweat. Just because she was a prisoner didn’t mean she still thought like a princess.

Fiddling with the sets of silks and cloths, she managed to find a white long-sleeved cloak with a black pattern adorning the edges of the sleeves and -thankfully- the hood. The cloth was not something she was very familiar with, but it was thick, hopefully enough to keep her partially dry. Finding simple top and brown pants, used for riding even though she wasn’t aware, she stripped herself of her thin dress, kicked off the shoes she had recently put on and pulled on the pants. Moving her arms and head through the holes, she pulled the hem down to where they met the bottoms. Her fingers moved quickly as she unbuttoned the tree large, dark brown, probably wooden, buttons and stepped inside the bottom connected part of the cloak, stuck her hands in the sleeves and buttoned it up. The top layer reached a few inches off the ground. She frowned slightly, looking down at the outfit. Ema probably used it to go to the village on rainy days? She thought she remembered Ema said that she hadn’t worn the clothes, but she wasn’t too sure if she indeed had said it, so she just shrugged off the thought. In the end, after trying to decide between three different types of shoes, she picked out a pair of thick-soled boots.

Pushing her hair back, she closed the trunk and flipped the hood over her head. She moved to the window, which indeed was fairly small, but thankfully big enough for her to be able to squeeze through it. Glancing through the room, she took a second to look around. Silly, she thought with a mental sigh, there’s nothing you can take here; this isn’t your home.

The window was fairly high, so she stepped on the table, biting her lip slightly as it creaked softly under her weight, as she mentally begged that it would hold up just a few more seconds until she opened the window. With clumsy, shaky fingers, she managed to push the window open after a few tries. Hauling herself up with rather weak arms, she scrambled to get through; her shoes kicking something off the table accidentally, which she prayed didn’t alert anyone, before she dug the heels of the boots and slipped through the window.

Sakura couldn’t help but regret the fact that she had thrown herself face-first into the bushes below, holding back a shriek as best as she could. Her body did an unnatural twist or flip before she landed down on her back, the sticks and thorns now starting to poke through the thick cloth. Grumbling softly under her breath, she pushed herself up, stumbling slightly on the first steps, growling slightly at the small scratches she now had in her hand, one starting to bleed, but it wasn’t anything serious. Pushing the hood forward a bit more so the rain couldn’t drench her head as quickly, she looked around making sure the coast was clear before she started to move forward. The princess didn’t bother glancing back once again before she cut across an empty clearing. She hoped the people didn’t bother looking at the bed until a while, she hoped they wouldn’t notice the pillows that she had put down in order to make it look like a body was laying down. She felt bad in a way, Ema had been so nice to her, and she was now repaying her with an attempt to escape. Kaiyle, well… It stung her heart as she remembered the way she had acted when he surely only wanted to help. It wasn’t her fault thought; her mind had gone blank as she had thrown the object across the hallway in anger. It wasn’t her fault that it reminded her once again of how she was just a prisoner under his command. Yet, with that action, he had seemed to start warming up on her. Her jaw clenched at the thought, he would have never Sakura, why must you have such silly thoughts? You’re just a meaningless thing in his eyes, something that brings the upper hand between the two kingdoms. Nothing more. That seemed to trigger something in her heart as she clenched her jaw, her large eyes narrowing slightly at the thought as she moved forward in the dim light, stumbling a few times where she didn’t catch a fallen object in the ground, the rain still making it fairly hard to see for her, the drops of water that managed to fall into her lowered face clung to her eyelashes and hit her eyes, annoying her to the core.

She stopped after a second to survey the area around her once again. Before, she hadn’t been focused on what was around her, just making sure that no one was there to catch her. Now, thanks to the dull morning rays that shone through the thundering clouds, she could make out the aftermath of the wind and rain. Branches, leaves, and she could swear a few larger pieces of stone and rock were scattered on the grass and pavement. Around her, trees had fallen in result of the extreme natural disaster they had experienced, another handful leaning against the castle walls. For the first time, she wondered if her castle had experienced the same thing… probably not. It’s a payback for kidnapping you, they are finally paying, a voice in her mind spoke up. She shook her head. No, Ema didn’t have anything to do with it; her kindness shouldn’t be rewarded by this. Kaiyle, he was a whole other story not too clear in her mind yet. The guards and workers, well, they must be good people, just under a command they could not deny. It’s just like that back at the castle, she pointed out in her mind, the people that work under father’s word, which is everyone, is the same. Maybe the two kingdoms weren’t so different after all.

She blinked; moving out of a train of thought that probably lasted enough that if she stayed still any longer, she might get caught. Turning, she rushed to move as rapidly and silently as she could.

The guards won’t be out, she decided, they must still be inside, they must. Her last words where rather a prayer than a statement, for she would most certainly be caught if there were to be anyone out; she couldn’t imagine the consequence. Maybe, just maybe, the storm had always been in her favor.

The outdoor castle grounds had been empty just as she had hoped, and soon, she managed to find the entrance. She growled inwardly was she noticed, duh, the gate was closed, why would they have it open in the first place? She had been foolish to think that she actually could have gotten away so easily. Maybe… No! she would not do that. But if it was the only way out of the castle, she had to give it a try. Her life was well high over anything else, and being a prisoner was much better than dying, but there was a possibility to survive. Cursing silently at the fairly quickly rising sun that was tugging at her heels, urging her to hurry, she moved again as quickly as she could; maybe she could jump down the waterfall. Kaiyle had mentioned there was a sort of machinery to hold back for if the people wanted a swim, but maybe she could jump over the railing. Surely, the river below led to land. Hopefully. Right now, all she could do was wish and trust her instincts, not that she should since they never really got her anywhere good as a result. With one last thought to make up her mind, she kept as much to the shadows as she previously had and started to move again.

The way to the back had taken much longer than she had expected and the princess had to enter the castle once again. Not too smart, but at least if she got caught she could say she was just wanted to take a walk around and hadn’t been able to find her way back so she went through the first door. They would believe it at least for the meantime, hopefully they wouldn’t be aware that there was at least one guard possibly by her door. It had taken her a few more minutes as she fumbled her way around the hallways, until she found the hall to the back, she just knew she had to keep going one direction and not turn the other way around, back to where everyone was.
Opening the door of the first floor, she thought back to the small trip she had to the front. It had been useless, a waste of her time. Once again, an example of why going with her instincts was a terrible idea that led to horrific or useless results. And yet here she was, doing it again. Could I get any more dumb? She thought as she felt an odd urge to hurt herself. She really was a foolish girl. The wind was harder here, the falls emitting a deafening sound. They surely where harder and faster today than the last time she had come, the first time actually, with Kayile. The thought brought another hurt to her heart and she fought back hard, growling softly at the thought. Stupid. With a breath, she started walking towards the edge.

Okay so, I realize there might be some mistakes referring to the previous posts but I don’t have access to them so please excuse me if there are any, just change them in your mind ): Ik, sorry sorry! And then on the other hand, I can’t help but think that maybe it was like *cough*hint, hint*cough* from you since you didn’t make her see the bed or wait for a response… If you did do that, I must say I feel smart and that was awesome of you xP
Anddd I know I might have just made her do possibly the stupidest thing ever, but it was just like, nagging me to write it out after I reread your last post!
I kind of hate myself here now that I wrote all this and read your post again. I had to switch a few things (Like that the rain was still going, something I don’t know how I managed to forget and a bunch more small details), sorry if I missed something and got it in the wrong note. I’m not sure now… Now I had a huge problem with timing, realizing that whether she’s jumping or not (I’m like totally cool with either, it would be epical to see her jump xP) would they be able to see her? If it was too early, no one would be up. Too late, stupid, they would see her. So I’m going with fairly late, like the start was when Ema was cooking? Since it’s raining, and you said the sun was shining, I am hoping that it’s fine that I changed it that even though it was shining, the rain made it fairly hard to see if the person was either too far or in the shadows. Yes, I know her cloak doesn’t help. UGH! Now the only thing I’m thinking is it’s horraaaabllllleee. I know, please don’t kill me x.x at least it’s a bit longer and I think it’s a bit more detail than I’ve used before? I hope, I’m doing it in Word so I’m not sure if it’s normal size or a bit longer, but I’m pretty positive it’s not shorter than my normal responses (I will seriously throw myself off a couch if it was shorter. No, I’m not dumb enough to say a bridge since it could possibly happen to be shorter). (I’m thinking kill me kill me kill me) So, maybe Kayile can catch her before she throws herself? I was thinking it would take her a while to sneak across. Maybe when she gets to the front gate, Ema and Kayile already had the encounter and while she’s heading to the other way, Ema already went to her room and left. I think that gives Kayile a fair amount of time to somehow (PLEEEEASE) get to see her in time. By the way, I just added the last paragraph a few sentences ago, I thought it was dumb just leaving her off as if was, still heading to the falls. That would not only hold back the roleplay unnecessarily in my opinion, but it would probably put you to write something you might have to make up, like idk, but sometimes like that, I would prob get writer’s block and have a hard time to write out a fairly large post. In case that would happen, I just wanted to not make you waste your time x.x Back to the throwing (Sorry this is so long, I feel like I have to say something x.x if you’re still reading, I must say I love you, a lot of people possibly would cut through this) I was thinking it was hopefully Kayile who would catch her. I hope her falls for vulnerabilityness (ik, not real word) and puppy eyes. Maybe not, since he would probably be super-duper mad, but hey, it’s worth the try ;D Hopefully he’ll warm up enough not to kill her… Lol, that would be somewhat comical, I can imagine him trying to choke her or something. Ugh, weird thoughts, I guess I’ve been reading too much about evil girls x.x I REALLY need the internet. Anyway, I’ll shut up and stop boring you. Oh gosh, I can’t wait to see xP


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He hadn't even been playing his guitar in the theatre for a full hour before his phone began to ring almost simultaneously with loud knocks at the theatres door.
"What are the odds this is good news." he sarcastically muttered to himself, before putting down his instrument, jumping off of the stage, and then slowly making his way to the large golden doors.

As soon as he opened them up, Hanzel and Jaraette came rushing in with worried looks on their faces.
"He, i mean, s-she, she's not there, the bed, i don't know how, or when-"
Kaiyle would cut the babbling Hanzel off and yell at him to; "CALM DOWN!", before Jaraette would take over the explanation in a serious, and far calmer, tone - but with worry still evident on her face. "Your highness the princess has escaped."
Kaiyles expression remained rather flat. "You mean she's lost in the palace?"
"No sir, the window in her room is open, with a desk that has obviously been stepped on underneath it - she has fled outside the castle walls."

The Prince couldn't beleive his ears. This woman, who in his mind had been treated MORE than well in his palace, especially for a prisoner, chose to escape out a window & into an aftermath of a deadly storm?

"Damn her!" he snapped, before storming out past the two guards in front of him and angrily making his way down the stairs.
As he reached the first floor he ran into Emma - who looked shocked. "Is it true? Did she really-"
Kaiyle would cut her off before she could finish. "You! This is all your fault!" he yelled, as he stopped a few feet away from her. Jaraette would try to calm Kaiyle down by placing a hand on his shoulder and whispering; "take it easy", but he simply ignored her and continued his rant towards Ema. "I told you she should of been kept like the rest of these prisoners, but you said my methods were unfair and too harsh for a woman, well, LOOK WHAT HAS HAPPENED NOW! I wasn't too harsh, i was too soft!"
The Prince would storm off towards the other guards and give them directions as to where to search, before turning back to Jaraette and Hanzel - paying no mind to a visibly upset Ema walking off into the kitchen.
"The three of us will retrace her steps from the room."

It took about five minutes for the threesome to climb out of the same window they assumed Sakura had leaped from, and once outside they'd look around in all possible directions.
"Well it's not like she could of gotten far, we're nearly 3/4 of a mile up." Hanzel said as he fixed his disheveled appearance - received courtesy of his bad landing moments earlier.
"Hanzels right, we'll find her sir, don't worry." Jaraette chimed in with.
"Jara what have told you about calling me highness and sir. Now, it appears that hellish storm has actually given us a gift.."
"A gift?" the two guards almost asked in unison.

"Yes. A moist ground, and foot prints....look."
The guards would instantly look down and spot a trail of footprints that could of only belonged to the missing Princess. By the time they rose their heads again Kaiyle had begun to follow the prints on the ground, and so they quickly fell in line, until they all finally reached the back of the palace.

"Did she just disappear?" Hanzel asked, as the prints appeared to stop several yards back from the waters edge. But Kaiyle continued onward, after noticing that the prints didn't disappear.....they simply weren't AS visible on the different terrain.

"Did she...." Kaiyle muttered, before staring out into the water.
"You don't think she'd try to swim out to the falls do you?" Jaraette inquired, just as her and Hanzel appeared beside Kaiyle.
He'd shake his head "no", but continued to look out into the water anyways. He didn't think anyone was insane enough to actually attempt to flee the castle grounds by jumping down the falls, but the footprints don't lie......Sakura either vanished into thin air, or entered the water at its edge - where her footprints stopped.

The three spent nearly a minute looking out over the vast body of water, before Hanzel finally spoke up - somberly."I don't see her...."
"Maybe she, drowned." Jaraette added on, which earned her a surprisingly sharp stare from Kaiyle, who disagreed emphatically. "She didn't drown!"

As soon as the words left his mouth another guard several yards behind them yelled out: "There she is! By the falls!"
Kaiyles eyes quickly darted out towards the underwater gate system that protected people from falling with the current over the falls. Well Sakura appeared to have purposely climbed over it.

"She's insane." Jaraette muttered.
"She's going to die!" Kaiyle yelled, before - without a second thought - leaping into the water and beginning to swim towards her.
On a casual swim it would take him upwards of several minutes to reach the falls-gate, however as the rain began to fall heavier, he arrived to what appeared to him to be a struggling Sakura, in only three.
"Take my hand!" he'd shout to her, over the sound of the roaring rapids, but she didn't. So with a few more strokes - all while holding onto the gate with one of his legs - Kaiyle grabbed Sakura by the Hood and pulled her towards him.

"You foolish girl......" he said lowly - with far more concern, than anger, in his tone.

It would take him almost ten minutes to get back to dry land, with the extra weight of Sakura.
Once there though he'd scoop the princess up in his arms and begin to walk towards the back door.

All the guards would seem more concerned about him being wet, then her........which actually annoyed Kaiyle, and caused him to snap at them, before directing Hanzel and Jaraette to prepare a warming bed for the Princess.
"Yes sir!" they'd say in unison, before running ahead of him.
Kaiyle however would take his time down the hall - him and Sakura both dripping water all over the floor.

"Why would you do such a foolish thing......" he'd whisper in a tone barely audible. ".....risk killing yourself, just to flee here? To flee, me?"

Kaiyle would pause for a moment after his last sentence and look down at Sakuras face.
He genuinely felt bad for someone in this moment, for the woman he was carrying, and his face actually registered that sympathy - for once.

It was nearly six hours later, before Kaiyle would stroll into the castles 5th floor infirmary and sit at the end of Sakuras bed. He hadn't changed his clothes, but they were now dry - just slightly wrinkly.

He didn't know what to say to her, so he avoided eye contact with her - hoping she was asleep - and stared out the gigantic window above her head instead.

"I don't know why i'm feeling this way...concern, and sympathy? For this girl? Who just caused me hell for the last few hours.....i don't understand. My brother would think of me as quite the failure for that, wouldn't he." Kaiyle would think to himself, as he watched a flock of birds pass by the window.


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“You know, I felt free for the first time that day, when you showed me the falls,” A hushed voice broke the silence that the Prince had built between the two as soon as he had walked in.

Obviously, she wasn’t asleep. Rather, she was more than awake. If it hadn’t been for him, for his words out in the hall before he had walked away, she would be up and away. She was growing frustrated. She was growing hopeless.

They weren’t going to rescue her any time soon. Her father wasn't coming for her.

Sakura had come up with that conclusion as soon after a few hours of waiting. No one had come to check up on her, maybe to give her some time to herself, and she was glad for that.

When she was first brought, she had been forced to change to a new pair of clothes, a silky long-sleeved shirt, much more comfortable than the heavy clothes she had changed to before leaving the room she had been put it to rest last night.

Sitting up, she moved to four legs and crawled to the foot of the bed, taking a seat and tucking his legs under her once she was beside Kaiyle. “They’re not coming for me, Kaiyle,” She said softly, her eyes searching to meet his for the first time ever. Maybe that’s what he wanted, for them not to come to look for her, since it would make him job much easier… Not that she had given him enough trouble already.

She had been foolish, but there was no other way, she had to at least try, and after a lot of thought, falling down and dying wasn’t the worst way to die.
“I’m sorry, for all the things I’ve done,” The princess said, her right hand playing with her hair to keep herself busy, which someway made it easier for her to talk, “I just… Thought they would be coming from me. Now I see that they are not.”

Shrugging, she continued, “I won’t be doing anything like that again, it’s not worth it, not worth to risk anyone else’s life for mine.”
Turning her head, she searched for his eyes, trying to meet them. Would she find anger in them? Most likely, it had been stupid, no that wasn’t even the word.

Sorry it's a bit shorter, I just didn't want to bring everything too forward without seeing what he says to her words x3

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Character Portrait: Prince Kaiyle Qendellson
Character Portrait: Sakura Hayashi


Character Portrait: Sakura Hayashi
Sakura Hayashi

You weren't supposed to mean this much to me and I wasn't supposed to fall in love with you

Character Portrait: Prince Kaiyle Qendellson
Prince Kaiyle Qendellson

A deep-thinking young prince.....whose solitude is about to be interrupted, much to his annoyance.......but eventually, to his enjoyment.


Character Portrait: Prince Kaiyle Qendellson
Prince Kaiyle Qendellson

A deep-thinking young prince.....whose solitude is about to be interrupted, much to his annoyance.......but eventually, to his enjoyment.

Character Portrait: Sakura Hayashi
Sakura Hayashi

You weren't supposed to mean this much to me and I wasn't supposed to fall in love with you

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Prince Kaiyle Qendellson
Prince Kaiyle Qendellson

A deep-thinking young prince.....whose solitude is about to be interrupted, much to his annoyance.......but eventually, to his enjoyment.

Character Portrait: Sakura Hayashi
Sakura Hayashi

You weren't supposed to mean this much to me and I wasn't supposed to fall in love with you

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You guys all created some really awesome characters, and i enjoyed reading them all!! It was veryyyy hard choosing!, especially between two of them......but after half an hour of hemming and hawing, i'm going to go ahead and select Sakura Hayashi![broken wings]

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