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Aziel Elliot Ramos - Ghost Sibling

(( Under Construction ))

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a character in “A Masquerade Mystery”, as played by Lolkatlove


Aziel Elliot Ramos (Better known as Aze)


Male : False Prince of Raven Valley and ‘Ghost’ sibling

What does You mask look like?
A mask which covers Half the face

What Kingdom
Raven Valley

20 years old

17th December – Winter Born

Standing at a tall 6foot 2inches Aziel has enchanting red tinted brown eyes that can trap any woman. He is tanned with rugged dark brown hair which reaches just past his chin and keeps a well kept muzzle.

Sexual Orientation
Bi-sexual and is very open about it


Aziel has a strong obsession with his appearance, looking good is almost second nature to him now as he carefully manages his hair despite the conditions he lives in. He uses his looks more than often to get what he wants, luring women and men into his entrance only to then cheat them out of their money and valuables. His love of women and cash even resulted in payment for his company on the odd occasion if he likes the client enough shockingly.

However Aziel has an incredible business sense, he knows a good deal when he sees one and has the intelligence to plan his way to success nearly every time. His intellect is greater than most as he has great observation skills taking in the smallest signs of body language and using them against his target to find out what makes them tick so he can manipulate people.

That’s how he always is, if something seems profitable he’ll take it even if there’s a risk. He loves to flirt and finds women are just tools for his limited affection, none of them would understand the things he does to gain money in order to survive. He believes they would just nag him about his crimes or be disgusted, either or he has no confidence in the idea of love. He thinks it’s a myth and that there is only physical attraction.

However that doesn’t count for his sister Nathalia, she’s family and a whole different category. Blood is blood, the one thing Aziel prides himself over, the least he could do is take care of his family.

Despite all that however Aze can be easy to anger, he finds stupidity nauseating and would rather swallow a frog ruining his voice than dealing with idiots. A lot of things anger him, especially someone harming his sister, he gets awfully protective over those he cares for, perhaps sometimes jealous that he could be loosing his best friend and family. He hasn’t experienced that with a woman yet though.

Skills and Weaknesses
Horse Riding,
Sword Fighting,

His sister,
Bad Temper
Bugs – hates them
Jealousy – if he finds someone to be jealous about

Favorite/Worst memory of your Childhood
The day he first had a successful plan, he was 13 and knew a girl richer than he had a child’s crush on him. He didn’t think much of it but for fun decided to ‘woo’ her and convince her to give him some money making her believe it was her idea through suggestion. It had surprisingly worked and because he succeeded he was inspired to develop his charm and crime plots.

He never told anyone about it apart from Nathalia but it took him a while to tell her. When he was 15 he had been walking home on his own and accidently heard a ruckus nearby so went to investigate. What he found was a 5 year old street child rummaging through garbage, the kid looked awful and was breathing badly his bones clear. Aziel felt pity for the child and befriended him promising to come back every day to chat and bring food. However when he went back the next day what he found scarred him, the small boy had collapsed amongst a heap of rubbish his heart frozen from the cold simply dead. Seeing the sight struck pain and fear of his own inevitable death.

Likes & Dislikes
Charming women out of their money
Making business plans with lords
Sleeping under trees
Reading quietly alone as a pass time
His sister
Alcohol – Red wine

Spicy food
Spoilt people
Being bugged
Someone upsetting his sister
Being jealous
Early mornings
His own death

Reading information books
Teasing his sister
Planning projects to get money

Face Claim
Avan Jogia.

Theme Song


So begins...

Aziel Elliot Ramos - Ghost Sibling's Story

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Character Portrait: Aziel Elliot Ramos - Ghost Sibling Character Portrait: Nathalia Alexandera Ramos
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Nathalia was leaning on one of the walls of the king's castle with a cigerette hanging in the middle of two of her fingers. She was wearing a pair of black Ray-bans that she 'borrowed' from one of the thousands of stores but no one expected for a little innocent looking girl to do such a thing like stealing,what idiots. She brought the cigerette to her lips as she saw one of her little followers walk up to her. "Hey,Nat. I got somethin' for you but,frist I have a pair of rather nice earings in one of my hands,guess which one and you get the surprise and the earings." Nathalia just rolled her eyes and smirked before exhaling and blowin the smoke in his dirty face. "Frist of all Jackson,my name is Nathalia to you. Got it? Second of all,they're in neither they are in your fucking back pocket. I'm not stupid,I did finish school unlike you." She reached past him into his back left pocket,pulling out a pair of fake dimond earings. She put them into her small black bag with a raised eyebrow. "What's the little surprise of yours? Another beg from your sister to go out with my brother?" She smirked as he tilted her head to the left,letting her brown hair go to one shoulder. Jackson just gave her a dirty look before showing her a envilope addresses to the king and his childern. Nathalia's wide brown eyes went even wider as she grabbed the letter from his dirty little hands. She made sure no guards were watching them,they hated her with all their might but unless they caught her doing something,they couldn't do a damn thing about it. She didn't even take her glasses off as she read the cursive writing. A devilous smile began to creep over her face as she shooed the little teenager away from. She watched him flee into an alley where he lived as she slipped the letter into her bag.

"No smoking near the castle,Miss.Ramos." She looked up quickly and saw a guard who just walked by. She rolled her eyes and dropped it on the cement,stomping on it to put out the fire. "Bite me,Stuid son of a bitch." she muttered to herself as she walked away and towards their small little house,which was away from the rest of the villiage. As she walked up,her large prtective german sheperd stopped her and started to run towards her. She actually smiled as she rubbed her neck and walked into their house with her dog not far behind. "Aze,come here now. I have a little project,we should try." She walked into their kitchen and saw her mother,she wasn't suppost to be home. Damn,think of something! "Oh and Nathalia Alexandera,what is this project?" Her mother almost caught her twice for sneaking in late,thank God for older brothers distracting people. "Um,well I....need help find a job,you know to help out with the debt. And,they're having this project that pays a fortune. But,I need his help." She was such an amazing liar that her mother never questioned her,but she walked towards her and could smell the smoke in her breahe. Nathalia rolled her eyes as her mother exhaled. "What have your father and I told you abou smoking? That it will kill you and if we catch you smoking again that,we'll kick you out.....again." Nathalia scoffed and walked away into her room she shared with her brother but seperated it with a sheet. "Please,you say that millions of times but have never done it. I am eighteen years old,I can do what I want,when I want to do it!"

She slamed the door behind her and started to pack the only bag she had. "Finally going to have enough money to get the hell out of here. Just wait and see." She said it under her breath as she opened a few floorboards under her bed and revealed a few nicer looking clothes she earned by gambling and scaming people. She wasn't proud of what she did butshe had to in order to have clothing,food,and just little things that made her keep living her suckhole of a life. She took off her glasses,tossing them on her bed. She lifted up her twin size matress and grabbed the two packs of cigerettes that she actually bought,surprisingly. She looked around at their small room and exhaled,finally knowing that if she pulled this off then her and her brother would get to go out on their own and get to live their lives not having to worry about what they would have to steal just to feed themselves. But,she was getting ahead of herself,frist she would have to get Aziel to help her. "Please,let him be in a good mood." She looked at the ceiling and exhaled.

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Character Portrait: Aziel Elliot Ramos - Ghost Sibling Character Portrait: Nathalia Alexandera Ramos
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After a while of waiting,Nathalia opened up the window and grabbed a cigeretter,and layed on her bed praying that her 'mother' didn't come in and see. She just wanted to hurry and get this over with,she knew one way or another she would get her brother to agree. She heard a knock on the door,seeing that her father was away on busness and that women never knocked,she knew it was Aze. As he sat down she knew the frist question that would come out, "Whats with the bag?" She threw the cigerette out the window into the small puddle of water below. She sat up on her bed,bitting her lip,a sign that she was up to no good. "Mum tells me you want help with a 'project'?" She shrugged and couldn't help but chuckled,he was going to think she ha lost her damn mind. "i do hope your not doing anything stupid" She tapped her foot on th wooden floor and started to have a devilous smile on her small babydoll face. "You could say that,but that's pretty undiscriptive. What that woman didn't ask you a bunch of questions?" She raised an eyebrow and tilted her head,the sooner she got out of this house the better. She hated her so called mother and she hated her,it be good for both of them. She handed him the letter and the envople. "Your stalker's younger brother gave it to me,I think I have a plan,but you'll have to trust me,"

She looked at the window,because she knew what his frist thought was going to think she was joking. "What would say to alittle trip to Nevea pretending we were the prince and the princess?" She messed with her light brown hair and tapped her foot trying to think of a way to get him into thinking it was a good idea because at frist it souned insane,if they got caught they'd b killed or sentenced to life in not their prison but in the prison in Nevea aka the worse place to end up,even worse than where the lived. She reached into her nightstand and grabbed a locket and ring that her rich boyfriend,Xavier,she would say ex but they never really broke up. He got out,ran away somehow and all she knows is that he's somewhere else in the world. He told her not to worry and to move on from him in the last and final letter he wrote her. So,now it was her chance. She exhaled,she had kept them since she was fifteen but she knew he was right,it has been three years since he had tried and contacted her. She dropped them in her sachel and dropped the memory out of her mind,she knew if they were going to go they would need masks that could fool people into believing them tht they were royality and they were expensive,this was the only way they could afford them.

She felt like she was going to cry,but the last time she cried was when she was seven and she wasn't going to break that record now. She bit her lip and shook her head. "Look think about it,nothing is left for me here. Your mother hates me,my father stands up for her,Xavier is god knows where,I have nothing here. And I can't do this alone." She looked at him with her pleading eyes,acting of course but maybe he couldn't tell that.