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A Masquerade Mystery

The Capital City Of Nevea


a part of A Masquerade Mystery, by .euphoria..


.euphoria. holds sovereignty over The Capital City Of Nevea, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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The Capital City Of Nevea is a part of A Masquerade Mystery.

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Princess Harmony of Nevea [1] Live and let love
Gabriel Isalan [0] "Staying silent is better than saying something I'll regret."
Connor Vincent Cainbridge [0] "Work? Are you serious? I'm not responsible enough for that!"
Prim Marie Cainbridge [0] "You realize how insignificant you are when you look up at the night sky, I think."
Prince Ulfric of Nevea [0] (( Under Construction ))
Aria Isalan [0] "There is always something to do!"

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Harmony paced around her bedroom, she wasn't due to be woken up for another hour. It was way too early for her to be up but she didn't care. On her bed sat her mask in all its glory. Father had commanded her as well as ladies in waiting to allow her to pick out whatever she wanted to wear as long as she was modest, feminen, and had the appearance of a princess. Yet there she stood in her pajamas. Mainly because her personal shoppers that her mother hired were told that she was older so she could dress a bit mode seductive. Almost everything was too tight or too sexy for her taste. She sighed in annoyance and walked into her closet.

After an hour of deliberation she finally decided to decide later and put on her riding gear. Then she headed to the stable.

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Character Portrait: Nicolo Barozzi Character Portrait: Victoria Audrey Barozzi
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Aziel Elliot Ramos

"Oh stay won't you, i'll miss you when you're gone" a small red headed girl clung onto Aziels shirt looking up at his tall height with puppy eyes. Aziel flashed the red head his winning smile making her soften her death grip upon him.
"I wont be long sweetheart, theres always tomorrow, just wait for me I promise to come back" he placed his hand under her chin lifting it as he bent to her height in order to lock lips with her easily manipulated will. The girl nodded meekly finally releasing him leaving him to flee from her in a gentleman fashion.
"Promise" she frowned uncertain with his words.
"I promise" he flashed another smile before dropping his hand from her chin and turning towards the door.
"I'll be waiting!" she called back to him as he closed the door of a middle class house its stones a pale gray stood at the center of town. Bustles of people wondered through the streets a market busy with its products as workers shouted out what they were selling trying to gain attention. The noise difference was extrodanary.

"Aziel, nice to see you" suddenly a woman in her thirties tipped her hat towards him as she gazed at the market stalls and their merchandise.
"Mrs turner" he dipped his head in return with a slight bow as was his charm before quickly walking away from the house he just left, it wasn't good to be caught in the act. With a passionate stride he nimbly made his way through the market watching out for any young kids pocket stealing, he used to do it himself afterall.
After a few near misses of bumping into people Aziel decided he was far enough away from the house he had left, with a casual expression he slowed down his pace and changed his tactic from avoiding to purposely bumping into others. As he did with quick apologies his hand would slither into jackets without being noticed hauling away wallets amongst other valuble items, stealing had always been something that he had been able to do, it hadnt take him long to pick it up with his reflexes and soon became daily life.

After a short walk Aziel found himself leaving the busy market place as he furthered near to the edge of the city where people began to thin out and it was more comfortable. With a sigh he raised his arms to put his hands behind his head as he strolled towards a small building, it wasn't pretty or elabborate, it was simple and didnt hold much value, yet it was home. "Afternoon mother" he grinned at the frail woman that had raised him as he opened the hatchet door, she gave him a motherly hug in welcome as he hadn't been home last night, he had been with the red head. "Your sister wants your help in getting a job" she mentioned to him before going back to making dinner "At least I hope its a job" she frowned momentarily telling Aziel that Nathalia had probably said something she regretted upon entering the house. "Rightio, I'll go see what it is" he didnt waste time in getting to his room. His mother never had been too accepting on Nathalia, it annoyed him, she was a hard woman and wanted what was best for him but he knew that wasn't the case most of the time with his sister. He could get away with murder compared to her.
Knocking on his rooms door before entering out of polietness Aziel then went into their shared room. Nathalia was sat on her bed smoking, however strangely she had a bag packed nearby which sparked his interest if not his concern. "Whats with the bag?" he said sitting down on his own bed leaning forward to grab the material that seperated them pushing it back towards the wall so they could see each other. "Mum tells me you want help with a 'project'?" he raised an eyebrow knowing it was most likely nothing to do with what she would have told their mother. "i do hope your not doing anything stupid" his voice grew seriously as he took in Nathalia's body language, she was agitated hence the smoking, yet she seemed itching to get somewhere.