Annabeth Montgomery

"Rules are made to be broken..."

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::Annabeth Montgomery::





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Annabeth has a small, heart shaped face with high cheekbones and a pointed chin. Her bright eyes are plain golden, and her thinly plucked eyebrows are shaped into a deceivingly perfect arch that followed the slight curve of her eye. A small nose hooks over continually grinning lips, which are naturally colored rosy pink. Thick honey brown locks, hangs straight down from her shoulders. The soft features of Annabeth's face were merely a reflection of her entire body structure, and everything—from her skinny arms to her paper-thin waist—screams of unnatural skinniness. Despite of this feature of hers, she still is considered as a beautiful girl, not a beauty queen.


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Annabeth is a shy and unfriendly girl at the first glance, but she is very mischievous, affectionate and caring. She doesn't trust people, that's why it takes a while before she lets them in, and this happens if they don't give up on her. She can be inconsiderate about other people's feelings and does what she wants, but when she notices her mistakes she doesn't hesitate when it comes to apologizing. She is in denial about her true nature, is she the perfect girl that her parents want her to become, or is she the free spirited girl who does what she wants to do?


-Reading novels,
-Taking walks in the morning,


"The Masquerade",
-Being caged.

Sexual Orientation



The Song of Seven Deadly Sins; "The Capella".

Explanation: Her power shows its ability via singing. Annabeth sings seven different songs for 'the Sins'. With singing the each song, she awakens the each sin inside the people, and blinds them crazy with the need of obeying the instinct.

1.) First Song: Luxuria (Lust)
2.) Second Song: Gula (Gluttony)
3.) Third Song: Avartia (Greed)
4.) Fourth Song: Acedia (Sloth)
5.) Fifth Song: Ira (Wrath)
6.) Sixth Song: Invidia (Envy)
7.) Seventh Song: Superbia (Pride)


Annabeth comes from the Montgomery bloodline, a family given the gift of artistic talents. They are very famous within the society because the Montgomery family members have an unusual beauty and a dangerous charming aura around them. She received a poor treatment from her parents because she was very plain when compared to her relatives before, but when they discovered she had a heavenly voice, she suddenly was held in high honour. She started to sing in every single party she went to, the family's attention was all on her at the age of thirteen. She was very happy, but an accident occurred when she was being bullied by her cousins. She doesn't remember what she did to them exactly, but one moment she had started to sing a song that held very high and low notes altogether, refluent and uphill voices were coming out of her which she never thought she could ever be able to extract, another moment her cousins were attacking and were trying to kill each other. After this horrifying experience her family forced her into "The Masquerade". When she learned about it, she hated her parents and thought they betrayed her. She lost the faith she had in people and withdrawn. She hates the rules and all this "keeping the bloodline pure". But she can't dare to break the rules because she is being pressured by her family.


1.) Her family thinks she can only make people kill each other via singing. But she has discovered she can make people do more. She has tried some songs on people and discovered the rest of her ability, but never spoke a word about it.

2.) She has killed an innocent man with her power before, so she is afraid to sing the seven particular songs.

So begins...

Annabeth Montgomery's Story


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:: Annabeth Montgomery ::

Annabeth didn't keep the track of time, there was only the enchanting melodies of piano, the cold and velvet sensation of ivories lingering on her finger and...her voice. She was in the small white instrument room of Montgomery manor, trying to throw the stress on her shoulders away via singing and playing piano, she did that usually when she was about to go to "The Masquerade.". But how matter how long she sang her heart out, or played instruments for hours, she still couldn't throw away the gloomy heaviness squeezing her abdomen.

Her mother was probably looking for her, but she was already prepared. Annabeth had a bad habit of not taking care of her appearance, more like...dressing very plainly. She was wearing a plain strapless white dress tightening around her corset, with a black velvet material wrapped around her waist, like a belt. The dress stopped around an inch below her knees. Annabeth never gave the opportunity to her mother to scold her about this, but she was very strict about her hair. She liked the itchy feeling of her curly honey locks left on her shoulders.

She caressed the grand piano made from oak for a while, then stood up and walked towards the white lime door. The instrument room itself was very small compared to her own room, but Annabeth liked this room much better than hers. She liked the atmosphere of it, much more home-like than the candle lit lounge that she had to sit all the day with her parents.

She was about to turn the doorknob when her mother barged in while panting hard. She was sweating very bad, but unexpectedly her make-up hadn't even ruined a bit by the liquid.

"I knew you would be here, come on, the car is waiting for us."

Annabeth sighed and put on her white mask. She liked being plain, just like her usual look. She was very pretty and attractive when compared to the other members of masquerade, like all of her family members. But she was very plain compared to them. She tried not to bite her lip because she didn't want to ruin the blood red lipstick her mother had forced on her. Of course, 'Capella' was going to sing today too. Capella had always sang in "The Masquerade" with various tones making people swoon in envy.

Annabeth didn't know anyone in there, she had not talked to anyone of them. She had no right to be jealous of their friendships and relationships when she intentionally stayed away from them. But she couldn't help but feel like an outsider, she was a human after all. When she was young and new to Masquerade, she always thought if she was invisible to the ball, she wouldn't get a match. Nevertheless, watching things grow in the ball made her feel worse. She was 18 now, meaning she had only two years left until she find her match.

She didn't notice arriving at the magnificent manor, nor she minded her mother dragging her in. Her father wasn't present with them. She hoped this day would pass like the others as well.