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Maori Nyx

"Wait- how do you do that?"

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a character in “A Masquerade Of Lies”, as played by Kyren.Laili


Full Name: Maori Semira Nyx
Nicknames: Nyx, Mayo
Club Name: Night

*The nighttime
*Playing pranks, fooling around, and generally messing with people
*Instrumental and old-fashioned music, especially the violin and the piano
*Dressing up in pretty clothes
*Discovering more about love and affection
*Hot Cocoa
*Confusion and chaos
*Modern music
*Overly loud sounds (they frighten her)
*Stubborn or obnoxious people
Theme Song: A Maiden Calling
Crush/Match: N/A
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Secrets: Maori likes to use her power for... her own pleasure let's say. She'll use it to sneak about (obviously around the Masquerade) and play tricks on others.

Power: Maori has the ability to go into an Ethereal state, which means she can make herself invisible to others. She has typically mastered it, except for when it comes to high-stress situations. She can lose control of it and she will invert into whatever state she was not in before. (If she was in Ethereal state, she turns visible. If visible, she goes into Ethereal.)

Personality: Maori is much like a cat. She is timid, cautious and somewhat shy, but mostly when it comes to her being alone with someone. She hasn't had much experience with men throughout her life, so she is nervous about being matched. Sometimes her nievity causes others to look at her with pity, or maybe they just find it childlike and cute.
She feels intimidated around all of these higher-class people, and strives to act and be like them, but most often fails. Though she feels intimidated- she also feels accepted, unlike outside of the club. She loves the idea of the masks, and hiding the identity of yourself so noone judges you by your appearance. She is graceful in the most subtle and unnoticable ways (although she doesn't realise it). Like when she walks, it isn't overly dramatic, and it's not understated either. But still very lady-like.

History: Maori's family has a great history of mysterious powers. some could teleport, others could weave shadows and smoke. The only other relative who could go into the Ethereal state was her great ancestor, the very first of their bloodline to join the Masquerade. Maori's parents had always planned that she would be kept in the Masquerade and away from normal life as much as possible.

Growing up, Maori was somewhat of a Mommy's girl, because her father died before she was born. Her mother never remarried, because she hated the idea of being matched again. Because of this, Maori was taught everything she knows by her mother. Even that wasn't much, because her mother had never really beleived in raising a child to be perfect. She would often let Maori do what she wished, and rarely taught her perfect manners.

Watching the sunrise, watching it fall
No one to share with, no one at all
I pass through a crowd, unnoticed, unseen
Everyone alive, just me in a dream

Laughter in the distance, should I take the risk?
Or will they look right through me, just like I don't exist
Then the final morning, once more the sun will rise
I will close my eyes so slowly, escape in my demise

So begins...

Maori Nyx's Story


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It hadn't taken long to get ready, or to get to the Ballroom. Maori watched the group from a few metres back, eyes fixed on Mime, who had just arrived. She looked down to herself to see nothing, to which she frowned. It's a shame to waste such a beautiful dress if noone can see it. She thought, and let loose a smirk. She trotted towards the group and followed Mime as he gently and subtly pushed past Pheonix.

Once fully inside the Ballroom, she looked to Mime, who was looking straight at her. Through her. She took a few steps closer and examined his facial features. She held a finger right in between his eyes, and she unveiled herself, walking out of the Ethereal state. "You." She absorbed his slightly surprised look and added, "Your mask is crooked. Sort of." She said, and poked it.

Then, noticing how close she was to him, she blushed and took two massive steps back. "God, you're no fun. Usually people freak out and say 'Ahh! You scared me.' But- you can't right?" Her eyes widened and she slapped one hand over her mouth. The other one was hot in persuit and landed on the first with a loud clap. "I'm so sorry. That was totally rude." She shrunk back even further and veiled herself once again. Oh god, I feel so bad. That poor guy. His name is even Mime. It's better staying in this state. Much less embarassing. She thought, slumping her shoulders. Once she was done moping, she unveiled herself once again and looked down to her dress, to make sure she was visible.

She tugged at it a few times, feeling uncomfortable in it. It was a Green dress that wasn't that pretty, but it wasn't plain either. She had put on eyeshadow to match, though it wouldn't be very visible through the mask. Once she was sure she could go face the normal world again, she stood with her hands clasped together and hanging down infront of her. She maintained her posture for the time being.


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Madeline Eveyn
Caroline Sylvianne | Echo

"Hm..." Caroline observed the new toy ship as she let it float in the indoor pool that she had, a sigh came out from her lips along with a frown, "This is just boring~" She took the ship from the water and observed the model, "Maybe if we would make this a wind up toy instead, then it would be more fun to watch." She wrote this down on a piece of paper that was with her.

Caroline exited the pool and went towards her room, she placed the ship model on the table with the piece of paper. She then sat by the window as she stared at the moon and the stars, "To fly again underneath this magnificent sky..." She thought as she remembered during the times when she and her older siblings would fly in the air for the entire day. One reason why the high leaders of her clan didn't accept the invitation: it would mean they couldn't use their powers out in the open anymore, they could only use it in the ball. Their philosophy is to be free like the wind.


"Come in." Caroline said as her eyes did not leave the night sky.

Thomas, her most trusted butler, entered the room with a silver tray on his hand with letters on it, "I am sorry to disturb you, my lady, but these letters just came in." He said as he walks towards Caroline and placed the tray down to her level revealing three letters, "And I have prepared your clothes for this evening."

Caroline took hold of the letters and browsed the name of the sender, "The clothes that we have talked about, Thomas?"

He nodded as he placed the silver tray by his side, "The same clothes, my lady. Annie will arrive shortly to assist you in changing."

She nodded, "Very well, then. Thank you, Thomas. You may go." Thomas gave a short bow and left the room. Caroline's eyes went back to the names of the senders, "Bartolomeo Vargas, Lovino Rizzo and Veliciano De Lucca...must be another commission." She thought as she opened the letters and scanned who she was going to kill.


"Must be Annie." Caroline thought, "Come in."

Annie came in and bowed towards Caroline, "I am here to help you change for tonight's ball."

The young girl stood up from her spot and nodded towards the maid and began to remove the clothing that she was currently wearing and wore a long sleeved buttoned shirt, along with a green and black striped vest and black trousers, as well as white stockings and knee high leather boots. She then proceeded to wearing the dress robe she had asked to make. Twirling around and looking at the mirror, she nodded in approval of her clothing. Annie bowed to Caroline again, to say that she would leave, and left the room. Caroline took her full face mask and placed it on once more. She left her room and proceeded on going outside of her manor, where Thomas was waiting for her with the door of the carriage wide open for her.

Thomas bowed towards her, "Have a safe trip, my lady."

Caroline bowed in reply and stepped inside the carriage. Once seated comfortably inside, Thomas shut the door and the horses ran towards her destination, "Another night to observe "The Masquerade". Another night closer in achieving my revenge." She thought darkly as she travels towards the designated place.

As soon as she entered the room that was filled with music and people, a smile appeared behind the blue mask as she soars up in the sky with shouts of joy coming out from her lips as she flies above the crowd. Her eyes spotted the group who were close to her age, "Better to socialize and make me the very least suspect. Plus, it's fun to socialize and to play pranks." She thought as she zoomed towards and landed with the air blowing upwards that the women of the room and had to put their hands on the skirt of their dresses so that it would not be blown fully upward.

A playful laugh erupted from her lips and as she bent forward to contain herself. After several laughs, she turned to the group, placed her hands on her hips and titled her head a bit, "How is everyone?" She asked with full enthusiasm within her voice.


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Natanaele Boveri (Genie)

Genie soon found that almost the moment he spoke to the two young ladies a throng of people soon emerged from the entrance, notably causing the silent young lady to be pushed into an uncomfortable position sandwiched between people and the wall. However, as hysterical the image before him he had no desire to become part of any real conversation now that there were plenty of people to entertain him.

Quickly and silently he made his way over to an unoccupied spot right in front of one of the copious mirrors. There he sat and he watched and identified the people who had entered. He noted one of the ladies literally teleport pass the crowd in front of the door and internally applauded the useful trick.

Thus far nothing interesting had occurred unfortunately, well, actually Night’s short interaction with Mime was rather amusing. While he had never had much interest in the girl considering he couldn’t see her half of the time, when she did unveil herself the ensuing chaos that always seemed to follow was most certainly something he looked forward to.

As of now, regrettably, she had decided to retain her manners for the time being. He sighed heavily. Why was no one doing anything interesting tonight? Didn’t anyone feel like making fools of themselves by being overly pompous and impressive. Obviously not. He supposed he could make conversation with one of them at least but that was so tedious. For now, he supposed, he would simply wait for something interesting to happen. Someone was bound to arrive and be doomed to failure.


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Xander let go of Lucid's hand just as Genie walked away. He felt embarrased when he noticed how much space they'd been taking up. As he walked further into the ballroom, Pheonix's eyes fell upon numerous people. Some he knew, and some were unfamiliar to him. There were a few dancing, a few sitting, a few conversing, and the occasional person eating the food prepared. He looked back to Lucid.

"May I ask you for your first and last dance tonight, Miss?" He asked, outstretching a hand for her to take. His hands felt oddly warm, which was a bad sign. Fire. Oh no... not at a time like this. Control. Focus. Control. He thought, furrowing his brow the slightest, but trying to hide it.



A second later a finger was on Mythias' mask. He stepped back in surprise. "Your mask is crooked. Sort of." A girl, dressed in a green dress and a black mask, said rather abruptly. He subconciously raised his hands and adjusted it. "God, you're no fun. Usually people freak out and say 'Ahh! You scared me.' But- you can't right?" She said, and he raised his eyebrows, waiting....

Slap. Slap. Two hands were covering her mouth. It didn't take long or her to figure out what she'd just said, and who she'd said it to. Before he could do anything, she shrunk back and appologized. "I'm so sorry. That was totally rude." He raised his hand to wave it off but she disappeared. He softly chuckled and turned on his heel. His eyes fell upon Pheonix, who was offering a hand to Lucid in an offer to dance.