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Full Name: Nathanial Townsend
Nicknames: Nate
Club Name: Gladiator
Age: 22

Likes: Sports, adrenaline rush, calm people, savoury snacks, cats
Dislikes: Sitting still, Loud emotional people, sweet foods, birds, rules
Theme Song: TBA
Crush/Match: TBA
Sexual Orientation: Straight


Secrets: 1) Nate has anger issues and has caused his family a great deal of trouble, he is known in his families circle as someone who is to be avoided due to
penchant for hurting others or damaging property when he gets angry.
2) Nate has dark, very dark thoughts about women especially those he is attracted to. He does not want to kill them or anything like that but he does
fantasise about all the things he could do to harm them or have power over them.

Power: Telekinesis - Nate can move objects without touching them, the larger the object the more energy and concentration it takes. He has basic control over it and therefore does not cause things to move around all the time. However Nate is a very angry individual and has trouble containing this anger, when it begins to boil over he loses control of his ability.

Your Mask: Image

Personality: Nathanial is a very angry young man, angry at the world, angry with his family, but most of angry at himself. The anger comes from the belief that he does nothing but ruin people's lives and that he will therefore never be happy. He is constantly frustrated at not being able to get rid of the anger and how he cannot control it better. Because of his anger management issues he comes across to others as the complete opposite of angry, he appears to others as cold, severely controlled and emotionless. This is a strain on him however and so whenever he is not in social gatherings he does what he can to help release the anger that is always pent up inside. If you can get past the cold exterior and then the anger you will find that Nathanial is a passionate man who loves very deeply, when he cares for something or someone he will give them everything.

Nathanial is a lover of sport in general and swims whenever he can, but he also loves extreme sports and will do anything that will give him and adrenaline rush. Things such as snowboarding, bungee jumping, skydiving etc.

History: Nathanial was born in England, the only son and heir to a global empire in the world of Pharmaceuticals. His father had built the company from the ground up and it was his life with everything else becoming second. From a very early age Nathanial learned that duty to his family and the business was paramount. His mother was completely under his fathers control and he grew up seeing the power a man could have over a woman and what it eventually does to them. His mother gradually wilted over the years losing her independent spirit and becoming someone who existed only to please her husband. She was the perfect wife in every way except one. She was a fragile woman and her health was never at its best, consequently she was often ill and unable to raise her son. His father did not raise Nathanial so much as dragged him into manhood, instilling in him the need for constant iron control over oneself, the fact that women were the weaker sex and had to be controlled. In essence trying to mould Nathanial into what he believed to be the perfect son.

This might have worked were it not for the manifestation of Nathanial's ability when he was seventeen, his father had already begun to berate his son for his lack of control which his father saw as a weakness. So when Nathanial got angry and things moved of their own accord his father quickly realised what was happening. Determined to deal with this himself and not jeapordise the family image his father spent years trying to force Nathanial to learn control in various unpleasant ways though he was never physically violent towards his son. His mother during this time, to Nathanial's pain, began to be afraid of her own son and it was not long before she would not be around him if she could avoid it. This was when Nathanial began to believe he was ruining his mothers life and how she would be happier if he were not around. His father by this point had given up trying to force Nathanial to control himself and had simply decided that Nathanial was defective. He would have given up on his son completely if not for the fact he had no other children and his wife was unable to give him any more.

Instead he decided to send Nathanial to Italy to work within the Italian branch of the company, but primarily to attend the Masquerade in the hopes that they would be able to achieve where he had failed.

Other: Nathanial has two cats both ginger called: Argent and Luna.


So begins...

Nathanial Townsend's Story


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#, as written by Augusta
Whisper was watching the group of young members at the entrance, when a male she recognised as Gladiator entered the ballroom. He gave a few people a simple nod, including her, before heading over towards the bar. Whisper nodded back and silently walked after him. He seemed irritated. Actually, he always did, but usually he was a lot better at hiding it. Whisper waited until he got his drink and then gave him a smile when he turned around. "Hi." She tried her best to stay cool and not act weird or anything. She knew that not everyone was as open as her. Besides, they'd never really talked before. She ordered a drink similar to his and leaned against the bar counter. She felt like talking and it looked like Gladiator could use some socialising himself.

Whisper glanced down into her drink and swallowed. I wonder how many calories there's in this one...
"So... it's Gladiator, isn't it?" She took one little sip of her drink and smirked nervously. Standing next to him really made him look like a giant. How old was he anyway... 23? "Not so difficult to guess why."


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#, as written by Augusta
Some guy accidentally jostled Gladiator when he walked past them, resulting in Gladiators hand touching Samantha's arm. It only lasted for a second, but it was enough to make Sam jump back as if she had burned herself. The intense feelings of anger and irritation were flowing through Gladiator like fire and gazoline. For a second she almost got worried, but she calmed down again when she noticed how concentrated he was on trying to stay calm.

"You'll have to forgive me." He said quietly. "I am not...good in social situations. You might find some of the others more pleasant company." Whisper examined him with her eyes, completely disagreeing with what he said. "No, no... You're weird," she said with a slight smile and without realising that she might offend him. "You're interesting. Don't leave just yet." She took another sip of her drink and then placed it on the counter as far away from herself as possible. A girl she didn't recognise was stuffing her face with all sorts of food over at the buffet table and Whisper grimaced in disgust. Didn't the girl have any self-control? And how could she possibly be so fit when she ate like a pig? Whisper shook her head and then looked back up at Gladiator. She wondered what his powers might be. There was so many different people and "abilities", it was difficult to remember all of them. "So tell me... is it super strength? Can you fly? Control the weather?" Whisper gasped dramatically with raised eyebrows, before lowering her voice and smirking teasingly. "Or can you read my mind?" She wondered if he was one of those psychic guys that no one really knew the powers of.