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Aliena Knightingale

"I prefer to be this's easier."

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a character in “A Masquerade”, as played by phoenix_lynx




Name: Aliena Knightingale It's actually a pretty beautiful name, shame it's wasted on me though...
Nickname: She has no nicknames, though those close to her, usually her family, often call her Ali.But no one really calls me that.
Age: Seventeen Closer till my mother marries me off.
Country: Costa Luna Costa Luna, we wish to protect our people, call it whatever you may wish.
Sexuality: Straight

+ Tea It's so very calming, great for any time of the day. I do love to make a different flavour everyday.
+ Reading I was known as reading addict when she was younger and still am, reading up to 10 books a week. Though I have no specific genre that I like, but secretly I have a love for romance and fairytales. I'm a secret dreamer...
+ The Flute An extraordinary sound which simply is elegant and beautiful, I carry it with me at all times of course.
+ Night Time As a lover of astronomy and just the dark sky in general, I have the tendency to stay up late and watch the stars.
+ Exploring My number one past time, getting lost is something powerful. It stimulates the mind.
+ Animals What can I say, those creatures attract me.
+ The Sea I wish I could forever stay by the sea.

-Loud noises I much rather stay in silence that suffer through loud noises, one of the many reasons why I hate thunder storms.
-Tight spaces I'll die, I'm telling you.
-Early mornings Even though I stay up all night watching the night sky, I'll always suffer the consequences in the mornings.
-Violence I'm a pacifist.
-Vanity I understand that you love yourself, but there is a point when it becomes rather unpleasent.
-Mirrors I just cannot, I'll do everything to avoid it.
-Alcohol The stench, how can one consume a lot, I have no idea.

Fears: I have my nightmares.
~ Trypanophobia- Fear of injections.
~ Merinthophobia- Fear of being bound or tied up.
~ Dementophobia- Fear of insanity.

Personality: I prefer to be this way, it's easier.
Aliena, a girl with many different talents. As a young woman who’s fully confident in herself her abilities, she shows herself surprisingly of as someone who lacks in social skills. Though very poised and graceful, her personality lacks those areas in which communication is essential. She’s quiet and secretive, often going through whole conversations without words, just simple body language and a nod or a shake for an answer. It’s not like she is shy, it’s more that she’s untrusting to those around her and often finds it difficult to fit in with those her own age or some years older. She frequently lets her brother do the talking while she sits there, evaluating the person. It’s true that this girl isn’t good when it comes to being an outgoing person, but as someone who spends time thinking and calculates those around her. Aliena has come to terms with being good at spotting lies, seeing those change body language or the way they talk. Simply tiny unnoticeable changes she can spot.

Of course, this isn’t as merely as amazing as people may think, she must of course learn to open up and talk to people as her family keep pestering her to do so, if not for her brother, Aliena would perhaps not be able to truly be her quiet self. She is mainly closed off from the world. She enjoys exploring despite any danger which could occur. To anyone who doesn’t know her well enough, she comes off as a shy young woman that is delicate and weak. However, her close friends or family are the only ones who understand that she has a violent temper and a sharp tongue at times, though she is known to be a cold person at times, never leaving her mutual expression.

History: I don't have the amazing past that those are lead to to think.
Aliena is possibly the daughter her parents didn’t want her to be. She was born into comforts and money, being dressed up and cared for – or rather being sheltered and protected as a delicate flower her parents thought she was. It was only when she was old enough to stable herself when running did she leave her room to explore, though she didn’t get much far before the guards found her and took her back home. It was then that her parents found her capable of rather unfeminine things. This didn’t stop her mother; she pushed her to create a distance between her brother and her, often not making them see for days. All in the hopes of her to get rid of her silly ways to become a proper and ‘weak’ princess. A princess which did nothing but become a future wife.

It caused her to distance herself from the world, not talking very much and curling up into her own shell. Her only true relationship was with her brother, who she looked up to and wanted to be very much like. As a young girl who rarely talked, her parents tried to do everything in her power to make conversation, socialize. Repeatedly at balls and events would she not attend, even if she was forced to come downstairs did she bother with human interaction.
At the age of 14, she did something rather surprisingly. She fell in love, and of course this quickly ended. But not without her mother taking some advantage. It was only then did she actually start behaving like a true and proper princess, smiling, making conversations with others. But like it was mentioned before, this feeling ended rather poorly and rapidly, causing her to be closed again, only this time, it was like a stone wall was around her. Even to this day does this girl just simply watch reality pass her by while analyzing everything. Her only conversations come from her brother. However, it’s safe to say there has been progression as this girl does talk now or at least a bit. As her voice is so naturally quiet and barley audible, it may take time for her progression to increase.

Theme Song:
Now – Paramore
Feels like I'm waking from the dead
And everyone's been waitin' on me
'Least now I'll never have to wonder
What it's like to sleep a year away

So begins...

Aliena Knightingale's Story