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A Mint Message

A Mint Message


A year after the events of Mystic Messenger, a new stranger approaches... [ Mystic Messenger After-After Story Spin-off. !! SPOILERS !! ]

1,156 readers have visited A Mint Message since cybernekokaito created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


!! WARNING !!: There are SPOILERS for Mystic Messenger's Secret Story 1 and Secret Story 2 beyond this point! It is not recommended you join this RP if you have not finished the game and/or BOTH Secret Stories! You may, however, join this RP if you DON'T MIND SPOILERS, ARE FAMILIAR WITH THE CONTENT WITHIN THE SECRET ENDINGS, HAVE AT ANY POINT PLAYED 707'S ROUTE AND FINISHED THE SECRET STORIES REGARDLESS OF YOUR STATUS WITH THE OTHER ROUTES. Proceed with caution!


An After-After story that takes place a year after the events that
happened between the RFA, Mint Eye, and the members of both
organizations. The gap between then and now isn't quite as exciting
as the previous events β€” Saeyoung (formerly known as Luciel and
707) and his faithful princess Hana (our story's former Main Character)
have since been married (despite the lack of a certain space station),
Saeran (our former Unknown) has been doing rather well post de-
brainwashing, and Rika is still in an untraceable mental health program
in Alaska. Things have been rather monotonous as of late, though
the RFA's current perfect lifestyle is about to get shaken up once
more when the Remnants of Mint Eye show up out of the blue, leaving
our heroes wondering just how successful the de-brainwashing really is.



The RFA has been living a relatively peaceful life up until now β€” hosting parties for the usual good causes, doing their respective jobs, and going on with their lives. It's been a year since the fall of the Mint Eye cult β€” which marks a year since V's death and a year since they've heard from Rika. The Mint Eye members have been completely rehabilitated since then . . . or so it was believed. In reality, four members remain, feigning that they were 'cured' from the brainwashing that Rika induced upon them, and have been released from the hospital. The four members know that Rika must be out there somewhere, and the leader of them, [ name pending ], has informed the other three members that the RFA would likely not let her get in trouble. He also devises a plan β€” the four of them will find someone to be the 'bait', to gain the trust of the RFA and give them the information to find Rika with.

__Through a dating app, [ name pending ] lures a girl (our new Main Character) into a trap β€” she agrees to meet him in real life, and it's then where the four ambush her and threaten her to comply with their demands. They introduce themselves as the Remnants of Mint Eye and fill her in on the events prior, as well as their goal β€” she is to infiltrate the RFA to find out as much information as she can in regards to the whereabouts of their beloved Savior, Rika. They let her go, but not without a warning β€” that she will be killed if she cannot comply with their demands.

__At one of the RFA's parties, our new Main Character waits at the door (as she is kept out by security) for an RFA member to come out and question her. The new leader, Jumin Han, is informed by security that there is someone waiting outside and refuses to leave. He goes to see her and she lies β€” she explains to him that she has heard of the RFA and wants to join, because she admires the good cause they're trying to go for. Naturally, he is skeptical at first, but the RFA's hostess Hana ends up stepping in and convincing him that it could be good for the RFA. Hana offers her a job as a party planning assistant, and the Main Character accepts. Of course, it's all a ploy to glean information out of them.

__This only lasts or about a week, before the Main Character breaks down and lets everything loose β€” that her joining was just a farce, and that she's sorry that she lied to everyone. She then pleads for protection, telling everything she knows about the Remnants of Mint Eye and pleading once more for their cooperation. Hana, Yoosung, Saeran, and Zen have no issues with it, but Jumin, Jaehee, and Saeyoung need convincing. They sit on it for a few days before Hana manages to convince the rest (though they are still hesitant), and Saeyoung unwillingly has to return to his hacking roots.

__The four members of the Remnants of Mint Eye, after losing contact with the Main Character due to Saeyoung hacking and blocking their only way to contact her, begin their hunt to hunt them down. Hana and our Main Character now must be careful, for the both of them are in much danger.

━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ do not fall for any of their party invites.

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Toggle Rules

  • Please check the OOC topic and read thoroughly and reserve characters there before submitting! There's important stuff there, so go check it out.
  • Please have a basic understanding of the canon characters if you're going to play one. I would really, really appreciate it.
  • Only one previous Main Character and one current Main Character allowed! An exception to this, however, is if you can submit an interesting prologue bad end Main Character that catches my eye and attention. (If you're not familiar with the prologue bad end, then don't bother.)
  • Romance is okay! Normally, you would think it's weird for canon characters to get with OCs, right? Well, this is an otome! Think of this as the new Main Character's game, so everyone who is single (that is, everyone except Saeyoung) is open for romance with Main Character, or whoever they so choose.
  • Reservations are first come, first serve! If someone reserves a spot/character you wanted, you will have to reserve a different spot/character instead.
  • Be informed. I ask that you know Mystic Messenger well enough to be able to RP it.
  • Submit character sheets even for canon characters. You need these to even post in the RP, but I'd like to see your take on the characters, since everyone's interpretations are different!
  • Have fun!

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Re: A Mint Message

DAMN IT! I wanna join but I haven't played the game through xD

Re: A Mint Message


Welcome to the OOC topic for 'A Mint Message'! This RP takes place a year after the events of Mystic Messenger. Here's what you'll need to know:


  • Jumin Han β€” open.

  • ZEN (Hyun Ryu) β€” open.

  • Jaehee Kang β€” open.

  • Yoosung Kim β€” open.

  • Saeyoung Choi (formerly 707 or Luciel) β€” open.

  • Saeran Choi (formerly Unknown) β€” open.

  • Old MC (named: Hana Gangjeon) β€” taken.


  • MC (named: undetermined) β€” open.


  • Leader (named: undetermined) β€” taken.

  • Member 1 (named: undetermined) β€” open.

  • Member 2 (named: undetermined) β€” open.

  • Member 3 (named: undetermined) β€” open.

You are allowed to reserve more than one character, but are not permitted to have more than 4.

The way this RP will work is, once we get the ball rolling about how Remnants of Mint Eye are going to try to find MC and the rest of the RFA, they will attempt to fake Hana and MC out by contacting them through false organizations (who will be kept a secret from the non mint eye characters, and though I am playing the old MC I will feign ignorance as best I can) and they will contact them to attempt to infiltrate the RFA parties.

Occasionally, the RP will happen on the messenger, in which case you are expected to format replies as though they were being sent in a messenger, however you see fit!

The RP will begin from after the point the RFA decides to help MC out. Replies are preferred half in messenger format and half in the narrative of what your character is doing at the time if interactions are being had via messenger, but sometimes if that isn't possible, you can just post messenger posts.

Relationships between characters should be relevant to the Secret Stories. Saeyoung and Old MC (Hana) are now married, Saeran is a part of the RFA and lives with Saeyoung and Hana. Yoosung is considerably less addicted to video games, etc.

Have fun! ^^ I hope you join~!

A Mint Message

i messed up & i'm not sure how to delete posts here so just refer to the next post