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Zuki Reizo

" Im singing because im born to do so ".

0 · 186 views · located in Golden Tower High

a character in “A Minute Of Fame”, as played by Ashtonwolf


Zuki Reizo

Role- Male 4
Crush-Female 2
Hidden talent-Singing,Dancing
Physical description-( Weight~188,Height~5'7)
Anime,Magna,singing,Shonen jump,Dream High,Kpop
Girls who hate how they look,Pushy people,overall he is happy about everything
Feelings about trainees-" Why should they get a second chance,but its their life sooo i don't really care".


Personality- He is a shy and delivirous person.Is lovable and nice but has a fierce side almost.Is Stale sometimes.
Is curious and charming when it comes to a girl.And when he sings he expresses it.

History- Zuki was born in Tokyo and waas born in the wealthy and rich life forever until he was 10 and got into the company of music,talent and everything dispicable he could do.He got everything he wanted and used this to keep a reputation on him,himself,and Just him until he turned 16 and
He went to Tower High for the remaining years.After that he met his soon to be girlfriend and after that she got a deal and he was mad because only four of them got to go and he didn't and now that they were returning he was gonna do what he had to do to win anything besides losing which isn't in his vocabulary.

So begins...

Zuki Reizo's Story

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Jinsu Jung

Jinsu looked at Zukie with wide eyes. She wasn't expecting anyone to approach her besides her cousin. "Oh, hai!" she smiled and shook his hand trying to shake off the awkwardness. She usually didn't shake hands with people. Shaking it off, she continued to look around for her cousin when the smiling Sang-min just happened to bump into her. "Ya!" she said, feeling the uncomfortable bump on her body. "Watch-" she froze mid-sentence realizing who it was. She smiled, waiting for him to recognize her. When he didn't react, her heart fell. "Ya, Sang-min oppa! It's Jinsu!" she lifted her hands up. "I just dyed my hair," she grinned.

Jinsu couldn't contain her excitement. It was nearing a year since she last saw his beautiful brown hair and eye smile. "Ya, I missed you!" she hugged him around the waist. She lifted up her camera and fumbled with the zipper. "Hold on," she unzipped it and pulled out her small pink camera. "Sang-min, this is Zukie. You remember him right?" her attention was focused on trying to get the camera on flash. "Smile!" Jinsu lifted it and a bright light flashed, taking a picture of Sang-min with Zukie half in the picture. She looked at the photo and frowned. "Why the heck is it blurry?"

She didn't notice JiEun come up until he was right in front of her. She had totally forgotten that her hair might throw people off. Her ears were exceptional and couldn't be missed. It was her signature characteristic. JiEun used to make fun of it and she used to get upset. Eventually her happy attitude took over and she just went along with it as a compliment. Surprise took over her small body and she hopped up at the sight of her beloved cousin. She considered him her brother since she had no parents and his parents were in and out of their relationship. Though she wasn't allowed to know the details of his situation, she knew it wasn't pretty. Jinsu threw her small hands around her cousin's neck. He was a tad bit shorter than Sang-min so she could reach her five foot two inch body to hug him. "Oppa! How have you been? I missed you crazy!" she laughed and let go, realizing her camera was dangling from a thin string that held it to the camera case that was knotted around her wrist.

"Oops!" she said and picked it up before it had a chance to fall. She heard a small boy's voice in the crowd and perked up instantly at the sound. It was no doubt, Luhan, her other love as she called it in her diary. He was too far from her for he to greet him. She saw Yeon in the crowd with her tall gorgeous self and calmed knowing that Luhan was going to her. They were the best of friends after all. "Oppa," she grinned and put her camera back into its case, turning to her cousin. "This is Sang-min and Zukie."

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Character Portrait: Jinsu Jung Character Portrait: Sang Min Character Portrait: LuHan Character Portrait: Kwon JiEun Character Portrait: Sun Hi Character Portrait: Zuki Reizo
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Sun Hi

Sun Hi smiled when JiEun ruffled her hair. "Sorry i almost knocked you over." she laughed a little. She enjoyed his company, and considered him a close friend. But she tended to be a little bit clumsy at times. When she heard someone else speak to her, she looked over to Sang-Min. She had been in a couple of her classes and spoken to him a couple times. She had a very good memory when it came to names, and was actually half surprised she got his name right. "We where in a couple classes together. I'm Sun Hi. Your Mi Cha's cousin, right?" she asked with a polite smile. She didn't like Mi Cha, but didn't spread rumors about her or talk trash about her behind her back. She had no real reason to be rude to this person who seemed completely nice. She shook her head when he asked if she had seen his cousin.

Having caught her off guard, a tiny, surprised squeak escaped Sun when someone hugged her. She turned her head and gave a little smile when she saw Zukie. "Don't worry, I didn't forget you in the slightest bit."

A little sigh escaped her as she looked over at the school. "I just hope the day goes by as quickly as possible." she knew all the teachers knew about the sudden death of her parents and her brother being taken away from her, but if sh heard one more 'Sun Hi, I'm so sorry about your loss.' she was going to explode. She glanced over and JiEun again. She didn't know why he had left and wasn't going to rudely ask, just as he hadn't asked her. She would tell him at some point.

When Two others approached them, she turned and gave a friendly smile and a wave. The boy hid half behind the other girl. She had seen both of them around before and knew they where best friends, but couldn't think of their names. So instead she just went for a gentle, "Hello."