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A Minute Of Fame

Golden Tower High


a part of A Minute Of Fame, by Exotic K.


Exotic K holds sovereignty over Golden Tower High, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Golden Tower High is a part of A Minute Of Fame.

9 Characters Here

Jinsu Jung [51] "I can sing, but don't tell anyone."
LuHan [41] "I like rapping...--But dont you think that i am good--because i am not!"
Hyoyeon "Yeon" Sangre Lee [41] PLL RP INFO
Kwon JiEun [40] "Crap, I know I'm forgetting something..."
Sang Min [31] "Igeon ayo, I got your back!"
Sun Hi [22]
Soh Mi Cha [21] "I'm a female rapper say wha?!... Hehe... wait... huh?... Nyan!"
Lee Jung-Sook [14] "Consider yourself played, and I've won the game."
Bang HyunRi [11] "I would say something nice, but I hate to lie."

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Kwon JiEun

Shifting his gaze, JiEun watched as Yeon went towards the doorway. A phone fastened close to her ear as he noted she seemed a bit tense. Not really sure why, and not curious enough to ask, JiEun's attention fell back to the duo. He wasn't really sure what to say since he felt like a stranger to LuHan, and Yeon so JiEun just fallowed the two like a lost puppy as he entered the house. Looking around the lighted area, JiEun couldn't help but smile at the all to familiar setting. He was more comfortable in Jinsu's house then his own. Which reminded him, looking at his phone he furrowed his brows. He missed two messages from his appa, but decided against opening it near other people's eyes. Slipping it back into his pocket, JiEun set down his bag at the doorway before making his way into the kitchen. The floor creaking under his weight, he squinted under the bright light. He wasn't to keen on the colour white, but was just grateful that the other colours adorning the kitchen were soft and pastel.

Rubbing his eyes from sleepiness, JiEun managed to hit the counter on his rib cage. Grabbing his stomach in pain, he grit his teeth as he leaved against the edge. Black hair falling as he managed to take a deep breath. "God, that hurts," he muttered with a slight laugh. He couldn't remember a time where he hadn't hurt himself in Jinsu's house. He was more accident prone then he'd ever like to admit.

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Jung Jinsu

Jinsu let the small gathering go on for a few hours and then most of her friends had to go on home. It was a good feeling that they had come back together after so long. She slept peacefully that night.

*Two Weeks Later*

Jinsu stared at the completed signup sheet for the Talent Showcase. Somehow she had managed to fill out the form and ask to audition on Friday, the last day. She kept staring at her name until her brain forced her hand to slide it into the rest of the forms in the main office. As she left the office, her throat was tightening up at the thought of her having to sing in front of everyone. It was Tuesday. The last day to hand in the signup sheet into the main office or else your name would not be counted. Jinsu breathed as she walked home, clutching her bag close to her body.

*After school: Friday, last day for auditions*

Jinsu held her name tag in her fist and clipped it on the pocket of her school uniform. She was tenth in line for the auditions and her body was shaking from head to toe. Jinsu wouldn't be surprised if she was sweating too. Her nerves were reaching a peaking point and the dizziness, light headed-ness, and lack of blood circulation was beginning to get to her. She had chosen to sing "Heaven by Ailee" for her audition song.

She looked around, frightened for her life, for JiEun or any one of her friends. She had begged them to come to support her, JiEun especially. She hoped it would help calm her nerves. She didn't care if they had auditioned before her, the same day as her, or were backing out on the thing entirely, she hoped they would come for moral support. Bouncing on her heels, she scanned the small crowd for any signs of Luhan, Yeon, Sang-min, Mi Cha, or JiEun.

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Hyoyeon Sangre Lee

After a few hours,Yeon remembered she had a ton of homework to do. She grabbed Luhan,said her good byes,and droppedLuhan off at his house. She drove home,not seeing her parent's cars yet. Running to her room she locked her door and turned her music up,think about what song she should do. That's all she thought about for the next two weeks.


Yeon fulled out the signup form with Luhan filling out his out right next to her.Getting up,she walked to the main office turning hers in early,there was no way she was going to let this chance slip through her fingers so easly. Leaving the office,she exhaled knowing she had a lot of pratice to do so she could be as perfect as humanly possible. Part of her wondered if she made the right choice,as much as she said so what if she didn't win she be made a fool of in front of everyone. But,it was too late to give up now,as much as she loved most of the others this was her chance to live her dream and no one was going to stop that.


On Friday,right after class Yeon slipped in the restroom to change into an outfit she could dance in. Going into the auditorium,she slipped her name tag on her top and waited in line. When her name was called she walked intaking her place on stage. As the music started she closed her eyes and imagined that absolutly no one was there,it was like she was completely alone in her room. Once she started to dance she started to remember every move,every step. she was terrified and prayed that it didn't show.

After she was done,she smiled and started to huff and puff,being out of breath. Getting off stage she looked around for any of her friends.She couldn't see any one in the large crowd so she went back into the restroom to change. She looked in the mirror,wetting her face with cold water and pulling her hair back in a ponytail.She walked in and saw one person stand out,Jinsu,her mouth was wide open as she saw her She said she didn't have a talent. Hm,wonder who else told a little fib." She leaned on an empty doorframe away from everyone but where Jinsu could see her. She smiled and waved slightly. She mouth something to her,"Good Luck." She walked in to the auditorium and sat in the back wanting to hear and see wo might be possible competicion to her.

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