Maximilien Relander

"My code is final. Don't question it...."

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"I have nicknames? Maybe Business names such as... what do people call me again?"


The Bounty Hunter. Against the Hooded Figure.

Max is an average looking guy at best. He is 5'11", weighs around 200lbs with all of his armor on and personally, he is just a hot head. He has raven black hair and yellow eyes. Yellow eyes? Quite un-natural but yes. Max is in love with his crazy looks. He loves standing out in a crowd, and it helps with him if he intimidates the people he's after for his code. He walks around in a big black cloak with a scarf around his neck. He has four flintlocks around his hips, daggers in his coat and and a sword on his hip. His leather armor is made in a perfect fit for him and allows him free movements in case a target escapes and he has to pursue. A few sword scars are apperent on his shoulder, and lower arms.

The Code
I will not fight without a good amount of money involved.
If the contract breaks one of the condition in my code, I refuse it even at that amount of money.
I fight with honor and balance, I will not cause a genocide.
I fight with grace and precision, I will not torture.
I fight for the good of my conscious, I will not kill unarmed targets.
I always capture my target alive first, and kill them if need be.
I identify that the client is not trying to kill me, I do not go on suicide missions.
I see that I shoot nobody except the target I am after.
I do not abandon my target even if he bribes me.
I don't care what happens to the target after I am paid.
If people get in my way of my prize... I kill them.

|Lawful|Cocky|Out going|
So what is the big bad bounty hunter like? Let me tell you. He's a bloody cold-hearted murderer.... not really. Actually he's cocky, quite open with what he's going to do and a heavy drinker that can hold his alcohol. During contracts, he goes by his code. The code is his life. He was raised into the bounty hunter he is because of it. Mercy is a big part of his code, for he hates taking a life if necessary. He fights for his own 'right causes'.

Now, outside of a contract he is usually at the tavern in the city he was in for his last contract. He's a fun guy to be around with then, and that's when he's not deathly serious. He loves a good joke and some good times. He also loves flirting with the waitresses or any pretty girls there. He loves spending his money and will buy jewelry for girls or even give it out right to the homeless. He's a good guy... well, somewhat.

Why does he give money out? Because he's got too much of it. He's somewhat well known in the Underworld, and most criminal minds do recognize him, or any big players with their hands in the Underworld. He takes this to his advantage as to intimidate his targets. He walks around openly in the streets, why? Isn't he wanted? Well... yes, but nobody tries going after him because of it. He's a well known sword fighter and alot of rumours about him defeating a whole pirate ship for the bounty is spread around. Some say he cleaved two heads in one stroke... and all of that over exageration. He's never actually taken on a whole ship though, or he did but with a crew.

-Contracts abiding to his code.
-Having a good time.
-Giving money out.

-Liars and cheaters.
-His code being broken (He absolutely hates it.)
-Killing for no reason.

He doesn't really have any because he has this crazy bravery... but he does fear in killing innocents that come back to haunt him...

Weapons(if they have any)
-4 flintlocks in holsters around his waist for easy access.
-Daggers. He has them sheathed on the back of his boot, on his waist just above his rear, and in his cloak.
-A cutlass usually sheathed.

Max is a terror in close quarters. His massive arsenal of combos with his flintlocks and swords are impressive and fluid. Then you have his long range... which is horrible. His aim is as good as a blind sniper. It's hilarious to look at and even terrifying for bystanders more then the target... that's why he uses his surprising agility. Sacrificing strength for agility, that's a big part of Max. He'd rather dance then just stand there and be out maneuvered. That's why he usees a cutlass... it's a great little tool for his type of fighting. He also has great perception, able to identify anybody by faces, that's why he asks for pictures... though he is awful with names and will usually mix them up or even forget them completly.

Born in an ill family, Max had been quickly put to work in the factories to feed his three siblings. His parents died of the strange terminal illness, not many known cases of it has been seen in a while though. Even Max doesn't remember what it was, though he knows what happened afterwards very clearly. The Government took his siblings away and shoved them in factories. Fleeing from his bosses in the factories, Max quickly took refuge in the lower section of Arith. From there, he started working in the Underworld at 16 taking minor bounties and finishing them off rather quickly, though the bounties were for beasts and not humans.

On a quiet little night two years afterwards, Max got blood on his hands for the first time, and after seeing what he had done he thought up of a code so he didn't have to take the lives of another innocent family, and so, his code of life was made. He grew wiser as well with all of the fighting he had done. He then started to grow infamous and well known within the Underworld, taking on a few big shot bounties such as killing a criminal mastermind in his very own head quarters. What a blood bath that was... He now resents taking a bounty on a hooded figure, but with the information and money he gains he will be able to free his siblings from the factories in which they work in. He just hopes the Government makes it worth his while.

So begins...

Maximilien Relander's Story

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Tara Vemica
Location: Vermellia - Port City


A warm sun shone brightly in the clear azure sky, the only clouds to be seen were the grey mist of a storm billowing somewhere over the ocean, but it would be long before those clouds would reach the hot weather that the people of Vermellia had grown accustomed to. The smell of salt and fish brushed over the port city as the marketplace beckoned for visitors to take a look at what they have to sell. Vermellia was indeed a beautiful, lightly-colored city where even the lower class could find a decent place to eat and rest their heads. However the streets of Vermellia today were a bit louder than usual.

The stopping of many boots running among brick could be heard, as well as the muffled shouting of men in the street as they issued orders to each other. There was currently a chase being issued, as a man selling potatoes reported that a hooded figure had robbed him of multiple sacks and was seen spotted along the rooftops. The local authorities were now in pursuit.

☆ ☆ ☆

Tara leaned her back against the tall chimney, the brown hood shadowing her eyes as she scanned the streets. Maybe stealing three sacks of potatoes from one vender wasn't the best idea. In fact she probably didn't even need three, but for her it was better to have and not need than to need and not have. As to why she'd need three sacks of potatoes just to cross the desert, well, she was a big eater after all. Though potatoes may not be considered to be something vital...she probably should've went with water instead but it wasn't as if she'd ever crossed a desert before. There was always fresh water for her in the forest.

The adjusted the sack she held over her right shoulder and tightened her grip around the two she held in her left hand as she prepared to step out of the shade. It was mid-day now so she had no darkness to help hide her, but honestly Tara wasn't really worried. She was way too confident in her skills to wait for the safety of night to come out. Besides in her mind she wasn't about to treat herself like an outcast, even if she obviously was. If she wanted to come out during the day then no one would be able to tell her that it would be wiser to do otherwise. Of course Tara has never really been on the wise side.

She took in a small breath before making her move. She ran along the rooftops, her boots tapping loudly on the pale blue shingles that covered almost every building in Vermellia as she sprinted. She made a few swift leaps over the gaps between the buildings, grinning as she glanced at the street behind her. There were a few men pushing through the crowd and yelling. She'd clearly been spotted but she couldn't care less. It's not as if they'd ever be able to catch her anyway.

"They might as well give up!" She stated loudly to herself as she readied herself for another leap. However, in that instant, she felt her heel slip as a shingle came loose underneath her. With a surprised yelp she slid forward, falling right over the edge and into the alley below. She crashed, rather ungracefully, into an unorganized pile of woven basket. They splintered and crackled under her weight while the potatoes, now spilled from their sacks landed around her, a couple knocking her on the head as they did so. She let out a sigh, blowing the white bangs out of her eyes with a disappointed breath of air.

She came to a realization when she heard the shouting of the men pursuing her and she quickly picked herself up off the ground. She fell to her knees and begun picking up the vegetables, but they were all over the ground now and by the sound of the footprints on her tail she didn't have a lot of time. "B-but food, I need..errgh!" She reluctantly dropped what she had and, using the bricks that made of the walls of the alley, she leaped her way up the wall and back onto the rooftops.

"What a waste of perfectly good potatoes.." She mumbled with a frown as she continued to run along the rooftops. The shouting seemed to quiet now. They had probably stopped to examine the broken baskets for evidence or something. Tara never understood that sort of thing, really, so she had no idea how authority-business worked. After running for quite a while she took refuge in the bell tower at the center of the city. With no supplies to take with her, there was no point in trying to cross the desert today now. She couldn't exactly risk snatching any for the rest of the day either. She'd call it a night.

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Location: Arith, a month ago..

He walked along the alley which he knew would lead him into where the dark and gloomy place he resided, he checked his pistols, knowing that they'd be full but checking anyways. Max smiled, and the bounty hunter opened the door to the shady tavern of 'The Raven's Cackle'. As the doors swung wide, the thugs looked at him... and oh how they feared him on sight. "Hello Raven's Cackle! I'm looking for a hooded figure!" He exclaimed over the ambience, yet funny thing is everybody jumped up to arms....

Well, they are all wearing hoods... he told himself. "Alright! I'd love all of you to be nice and co-operative and make a single straight line! I've got rumours of a High bounty being placed on somebody with a hood." Then they laughed, shaking their heads. "You won't find the man 'ere, boy." Said the Raven's owner, Three-eyed Jinh. "Now r'lax and get yerself a pint. I'll tell ye what ye want ta 'ear." He said, patting the counter infront of him.

Max sighed, another busted gig... He sat down on the stool, looking at Jinh. "Yer lookin' for tha' rumored Kamari? Aye, 'e be strange indeed... some say 'e be as fearless as the Reaper!" Jinh exclaimed and Max scoffed. "The 'Reaper'?!" He exclaimed as well, laughing. "Jinh, the Reaper isn't fearless, just smart." Jinh looked at Max, narrowing his eyes. "Says the man that's supposed to never fail a contract.... but failed to capture him... twice! Now let tha' Kamari go... I got t'is contract fer ya 'ere." Jinh called out for the whole tavern to hear and Max spit his drink as Jinh put a sheet of paper on the counter, the bounty hunter nodding. "Alright, you got me there you old fool. I'll check it out, but my first job is to get through with the Kamari.... the other one is if in a week, I won't see him." He said with a sigh of defeat. "Now, know of a location?" He asked. "Aye," Jinh said, "Last heard 'e be in the city of Vermellia."

Max sighed, paying and downing his drink. "Thanks Jinh." He said, walking off and out the tavern... he now needed a ship.

Location: Vermillia, present.

Max jumped down, paying the captain of the 'Gray Knight' with a rather large sack of gold. "Thanks for the trip." He said to the merchant, and the merchant nodded stupidly, still looking at the sack of gold. Max walked the streets, looking for anything that could help him. He sighed, not finding much leads... a dead trail. He had his hood up, is crazy hair not showing. Though they were quite dirty from not having washed in a week... "Might as well get some place to wash and start asking people for information...." He said, walking over to the nearest inn and paying a small bit of coin for a nice room.

He was done bathing, and then he heard it... the cries of guardsmen.... He looked outside the windown, his pants already on as the shadow figure ran over him. He looked downwards, seeing the guards pointing at something. He quickly put his belt on with all his sheathes, and looked outside his window. He saw a couple of good hand holds, easily climbing up. He then saw his target, grinning.

He ran after her, jumping and trying to follow. This guy was agile and acrobatic, much more then Max. He kept up the pace though, holding on to him as he fell down. He snickered, "Rookie mistake." He said to himself, and then his target ran off... before he could reach the ledge that he had fallen off of. He jumped down, his sword in hand and stabbing at the potatoes, not hitting anything that jutted out blood. "He... got AWAY!" He yelled, then it hit him. Not it, he... and a rather strong he. Before Max realized it, he was on the ground with a body guard ontop of him, being roped down. He grunted, trying to get out from under him. The guard slammed him across the face. He sighed, relenting. The stragglers came in, saw the bare chested bounty hunter and slapped on his back. "Good! Send word to the Government that we got him!" He said in a grin.

Max stared, then started moving again... not able to get out of the restraints. He got dragged to jail... and that was his first day in Vermillia... and also the first day he got caught for a crime he didn't do... and for somebody he wasn't...

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Gabriel Vandel

Location: Vermillia Port

The lull of the sea was quite rudely interrupted by the bustle of bare feet on wood, and the shouting of orders from across the deck. Gabriel reluctantly opened his eyes, and quickly shielded them from the harsh light of the sun. Why did the sun seem so much brighter when one was out on the water? Hotter too. With a groan, Gabriel pushed himself upright and looked around as sailors busied themselves with rigging and lines and knots and what-not. The thing he liked about sailors, you gave 'em a drink, and they wont ask you to many awkward questions. Like why you needed to hide during government inspections or why you have a sword as big as some men. He grinned as he picked his sword off of the deck and inspected the blade. Still sharp, and fortunately the salt air hadn't rusted it.

Gabriel stood, sheathing Moon Splitter on his back as he gazed out over the railings. It would seem that they had arrived while he slept, for before him lay the fishing city of Vermillia, a shining gem of trade amongst the three continents. Gabriel grinned as the ship was tied to the dock. The captain, an elderly man with a mustache that nearly touched the floor and skin like thin bronze, walked up to the fair skinned and dark haired youth and smiled behind his mustache before speaking. "Well young'n, I hope you find who ever it is you're lookin' for here." Gabriel only smiled and shook the old man's hand before making his way down the gangplank and into the fishing town, disappearing into the crowd. It's alot easier for a Kamari to go unnoticed when your hair was black and your eyes were blue.

Gabriel turned, hearing the sound of running feet and shouting. On instinct, he slipped into a nearby alley, his hand going straight to the hilt of his blade. He waited as the large group ran past, guards it looked like, and fortunately not chasing him. But if not him, who could it be they were chasing? "Well, I wont find anything out standing in this alley, will I?" he muttered under his breath as he made after the guards.

The guard seemed to be chasing someone running across the rooftops, carrying a few bags of potatoes, but it certainly was quite a few guards for just a minor theft. He looked up as the robbed figure leaped from one roof to another, and stopped dead in the street. Just then, he'd seen under the hood, just a little bit but more than enough. White bangs, white as moonlight. Only Kamari had hair like that, not including himself. It was her.

He ran as fast as he could to catch back up to the guard as they turned down an alley. There in the alley, the guards were apprehending... someone else. Gabriel sighed silently with relief and stuck to the wall as the unnamed man was dragged away by the guard. Soon, the alley was clear of guards, and Gabriel made his way inside. It was quite the mess, broken baskets and potatoes littered the ground. He crouched and inspected the ground more closely. The straws from the broken baskets painted a perfect picture for those who could see it. The robbed Kamari obviously fell onto the baskets from the roofs, then... was on their knees trying to grab the potatoes. But they ran out of time.. dropped the potatoes, and went over to the wall. Gabriel inspected the bricks, and grinned. At about knee-height, he found some dirt on the edge of the bricks, likely scrapped off the bottom of a boot as the robbed figure climbed up the wall. He smiled and found and unbroken basket amongst the rubble, and gathered the unsmashed potatoes.

"Now, if I were a wanted criminal and the last of my kind, being pursued by the guard and... have a serious potato craving maybe? Where would I hide?" he said under his breath. Well, he was the last of his kind so that put him closer to the right mindset. Someplace secluded of course, where most people wouldn't go. Tall too, to keep an eye out for the guard. He frowned and looked up at the wall. Might as well. He tucked the basket under one arm and began climbing, pulling himself up the wall with ease, even with just one hand. Once on the roof, he saw it. The Bell tower. "That's where I would hide." Without another thought, he made his way across the roofs, and while he wasn't quick or nimble he was sturdy and strong as an ox, and more launched himself over the gaps rather than leaped across. For the first time in a long time, he felt alive again, and not quite so alone.

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The merchant who brought Max to Vermilla was now doing his request... sailing around the ocean with a make shift flag. The flag looked like a pirate flag... yet it was one with a Rapier on it. Yes indeed, they were waving the flag of the 'Nightshadow' hoping to catch it's attention... having to deliver a message to the Reaper himself. Hence why, the massive sum of gold he was giving. The merchant gupled, keeping with the flag. He couldn't back down now....

The message was to bombard the castle overlooking the ocean, that Max knew was the closest castle that a guard would bring him to. He knew the government would never go out of it's way to bring a dangerous murderer into their castle, so they'd give the job to a noble.

Location: Vermillia, present.

He groaned, finally waking up in a cell. "I swear to god...." He said, getting up. He looked around, slamming his arm on the cell's door. "I want to speak with whoever is in charge here!" He yelled, slamming harder. A guard came in. "Shut up you piece of crap!" He said, punching Max in the face.

Max, still dazed, got hit. "Do that again I dare you..." He says. The guard opened up the cell. "What was that?" He asked coming in. "You're just a worthless piece of crap! We should have you hanged you Kamari shit!" The guard said, kicking at him. Max groaned, "Do you really think I'm a Kamari? Are you blind?!" He groaned, earning himself another kick. The guard got out as he got up, groaning. "I swear..." He said, coughing. "Your trial is in a few minutes, play nice." The guard said, leaving. "Trial... trial for what?" He asked himself.

Then, moments later, he was dragged to this big room infront of... a throne. "Oh this can't be good..." He told himself, groaning as he was force to stand up. Two guards were next to him, and he was facing a big round man on the throne. "You! You are Kamari are you not?" The Noble asked. "I'm as much Kamari as you are Skinny." He said, that got him punched across the face. He spit in the guards face groaning. The noble waved his hand, to let that one go. "You were found at the site of incident where the Kamari was last sighted. We believe you are the Kamari when you ditched out the cloak. That is why you are bare chest, no?" The noble asked.

"Born to Full Moon, their hair as white as a pearl. Their eyes as crimson as blood." He said, reciting what he had seen in a book. Then, Max looked at the noble. "Now will you please tell me, how in the world am I RELATED TO ANY OF THOSE DESCRIPTIONS?!" Max yelled at the Noble, which got him another punch across the face. The noble growled. "You think I am stupid?" The Noble asked, obviously getting furious. "As stupid as a deaf pirate that never went to school." He said, getting hit again.

Max was just hoping Reaper would come in soon... hoping his message was delivered.

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#, as written by reap
Alexander Die Rasch

The Nightshadow floated next the merchants ship. he had frightfully watched as it appeared on the horizon, drifting almost freely in the sea minutes ago. With little other choice the merchant ordered his own ship towards The Nightshadow when it had first appeared in sight. He had proceeded cautiously, fear biting into his core. The amount of money was the only reason he refused to raise sail and speed away as quickly as possible. After examining the deck of the haunting ship through his spyglass he quickly came to the realization that it was empty.
A ghost ship, no crew in sight, no sign of movement, just dead in the water. It had, regretfully,prompted investigation. His crew placed boarding planks and slowly flooded aboard the abandoned ship. even though what few weapons they had were ready, each sailor was numb with fear. The deck gave an ominous creek as they lay feet upon it. It was truly deserted, or so it seemed. The Merchant was about to order them off this unholy boat when a grim voice sounded from above them. Though quiet it seemed to echo across the entire deck. "LIARS."'.
A form dropped down into the middle of the Merchant's crew. What happened next was a blur. The figure danced from person to person, more of a shape than a physical being. The Merchant watched in horror as his crew dropped to the ground in sequence, not even capable of firing a single shot. In less than the time it took to breath, all five of the merchant's men were groaning painfully on the ground. The merchant stepped back and drew his rapier, pointing it at the now motionless figure in front of him. It was a young man, hardly more than twenty from his looks. He was tall, bronze skinned and well muscled, he wore a blood-red captains coat. Although whether the red was the color of the fabrics cloth, or the blood of former enemies, it was impossible to say. One thing was obvious though, the cutlass the man held in his right hand dangling at his side, was sharp and crudely crafted. "You trespass on a damned ship." The man said in a dark whispering voice as he slowly walked toward the shivering captain. "You fly a false flag." He was close enough now the Merchant could see the figure's scarred body. "and you DARE to draw steel against The Reaper!" the man suddenly shouted as he swung his cutlass to fast for the Merchant's eye to trace.
The Merchants sword shattered into pieces with a metallic clash, the shards scattered across the deck and the cutlass positioned itself lightly on the base of the Merchants neck. The Reaper wore a sadistic grin on his face, looking like a madman. "Fool."

Not long after..

A gypsy trading ship docked withen the city of Vermillia a lively crew began descending to the wooden docks. Grins on each of their faces as they laughed joyfully at being on solid land again. Alex watched his crew descend and fade into the large city, each with business to take care of, ands each with a deadline to keep. Only Alex and two others, three if you counted Oop, remained behind. His trusty first mate Jimmy, and his bodyguard Sandra. Oop fired off a series of high-pitched whoops and Alex looked over one shoulder with a grin on his face. "Someone is happy to be home." He said as his Firstmate and only friend; Jimmy fed his pet monkey Oop a treat.
Sandra was oddly silent as the three made their way across the city, following its winding streets and trying to avoid the bustling crowds of commotion. Alex looked at her pointedly. "Something wrong?" he asked casually. At first she seemed unsure whether to answer, biting her bottom lip as she often did when indecisive.
"Why are we doing this?" she asked hesitantly after a few minutes. Alex stopped for a moment to consider. It wasn't an unreasonable question, he had dragged his crew halfway across the sea to get here. Perhaps an explanation was deserved, but before that, There was business to deal with.
"After we help Max." He said then continued walking. The Merchant had passed along Max's message with Alex's blade poised at his throat. A message requesting the help of a man whom he tried to kill. On two separate occasions no less. Most might think this was a move that demonstrated pure idiocy. However.. "Hey boss, why are we helping this guy out anyway?" Jimmy asked from his left shoulder.
"Because Jimmy.." Alex turned on a street that would soon lead to a large castle. One containing his old rival. "I'm hardly going to let someone else kill him." He finished with a wicked gleam in his eye.