Renee Cevera

"I owe the Kamari my life, yet I'm a detective for the government that wants them all killed off. Funny how life works like that."

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Renee Cevera

"This is gonna be the case of a lifetime...!"

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Role: A government detective, under orders to find out what she can about the Kamari, and find their whereabouts.


Appearance: Renee has long blonde hair and always wears glasses, her eyes a light brown in color. She is 5'7", and is in decent shape, although a bit on the skinny side. Renee has a bookworm like look to her and doesn't look intimidating, but anyone can tell how intelligent she is at a glance. Her attire and hairstyle is constantly changing due to the nature of her job, and she has to disguise herself to get information sometimes.

  • The Kamari race
  • Any brain stimulating game, exercise, or activity
  • Cooking
  • Solving investigations and mysteries
  • Helping others
  • Studying

  • Conflicts
  • Things not going according to plan
  • Disrespectful or rude people
  • Excess physical labor
  • Pain

Personality: Renee is usually mature, and tries her best to keep a calm and assertive attitude; to be a successful government investigator/detective, it's a prerequisite. She has a tendency to analyze everything down to a science out of sheer habit, and goes overboard at times. She is always willing to tackle a problem head on, especially if it involves something that needs to be investigated. She is pleasant to be around, and tries to be as polite as possible to anyone she meets. She believes in preparation, planning, and taking things slowly. She is a bit emotional, but tries not to let it affect anyone around her. She looks at life like one big investigation and enjoys life just for the thrill of finding the next piece of the puzzle around the corner.

She is almost a completely different person during an investigation. She is serious-toned, ambitious towards her goals, and absolutely relentless in the pursuit. Fiercely loyal to the government, she takes in all their teachings and move with almost robotic precision. Renee isn't sure how her personality changes so drastically when she's on the job, but she knows it's not bipolar disorder; she had herself tested for that and it came up negative.

However, her mature and composed shell shatters when she's around a Kamari, and she becomes a starstruck gibbering mess, willing to do anything to prove herself useful to them. So much for that loyalty.


Skills: Renee's mind works like a computer to analyze a situation, or get out of a problem. When she starts, she might freak out anyone watching her pupils dart around at almost untraceable speeds like a fierce game of pinball (part of the reason why she needs glasses; it's a great gift and ability, but she damaged her eyes doing it when she was young). She also knows how to make and sport good disguises, along with information collecting and spying. The government gave her this assignment for a reason.

Weapons/Equipment: Renee carries a Rapier normally, sheathed on her left hip. There isn't anything fancy about it, except it has the government's logo on the hilt; which is why she doesn't carry it when disguised. Renee isn't very strong, so she relies on speed and dexterity other than strength in a fight. She also carries a dagger that she keeps hidden, especially when disguised. Her last piece of equipment is a small ring on her left ring finger. It has a small latch that can be opened with her thumb, causing a hidden needle to stick out from it. She then simply closes her palm into a fist, which injects a lethal poison into her blood stream that kills in 30 seconds. The government makes her wear it to avoid capture and interrogation, but it is a last resort; she'd like to avoid suicide if she could.

  • Allegiance Confusion - She was loyal to the government... until she received her Kamari assignment. Due to her past with the Kamari (Which is explained in the Bio/History), she has a tough time seeing where her loyalties lie. Remain with the government, or aid the Kamari who saved her in the past? She's scared of making the wrong choice, and the consequences that follow.
  • Death - The thought of death terrifies her, after having a few near-death experiences as a child. She also fears dying in a fight, because she knows she isn't very talented when it comes to close combat, and her pain threshold rivals a pane of glass. She prefers to avoid physical conflict if she can, and if she can't, she hopes there's someone by her side, or she might surrender and beg for her life.
  • How do I hero? - Renee values life, and wishes to help preserve it. If someone needs saving and she had an opportunity to do something and failed, she might not be able to live it down.
  • Bees - Loves the honey, hates the stingers. Long story.


Bio/History: Renee was born in Arith as a middle class child. Life was average, but there was two things her parents discovered about her. She had a keen eye for detail, and she was accident prone. Renee did very well in school, and even skipped a grade because she took in all the information so well. She received honors for her achievements, and her parents thought they had a very special child. One day when Renee was 8 years old, she went to the market with her mother. A homeless man with a pistol threatened to shoot them unless they gave him everything they had. Before any harm could be done, a Kamari came and knocked the man out in the nick of time. Since then, Renee has been very interested in the Kamari's, and envied them.

Not too long after that, Renee and her parents were on a vacation in Histy, and was on top of a several story tower, taking in the breathtaking view. Unfortunately, Renee slipped and started falling. Her parents were screaming, all the witnesses were crying out for somebody to do something. When Renee thought she'd become a stain on the ground, a Kamari sprinted to the nearest rooftop, made a mighty leap, and caught the falling girl before combat rolling safely on the ground. The girl would never forget that day, and became infatuated with the Kamari race. She even wanted to change her hair white, but it impossible and she had to give up (after a long winded explanation from her parents that it wasn't possible, and hair dye didn't exist). She studied the Kamari and gathered plenty of information on them. She was their biggest fan.

When the government started weeding the Kamari out, she was deeply saddened, but she knew there was nothing she could do. When she was old enough, she decided to use her gift to become a detective. Her success in her cases reached the governments ears, and was offered to work with them. Now working for the government, her parents were more proud than they've ever been, Renee was making a lot of money, and she got to do what she loved. Now 25 years old, she's one of the government's most successful detectives, with a success rate of 85%. Due to that, her superiors felt comfortable giving her the assignment to track down the rumored Kamari, and if they exist, report their whereabouts back to them.

Renee reluctantly took the assignment. If the Kamari really did still exist, this could be her chance to see one again; the people she always looked up to and adored. She should of died twice, and they saved her, which means she owes the Kamari her life. This brought up hidden hatred for the government, but she also saved so many lives with this job. She couldn't possibly pick sides, could she?

This would be the hardest case to solve yet.

So begins...

Renee Cevera's Story

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Tara Vemica
Location: Vermellia - Port City


A warm sun shone brightly in the clear azure sky, the only clouds to be seen were the grey mist of a storm billowing somewhere over the ocean, but it would be long before those clouds would reach the hot weather that the people of Vermellia had grown accustomed to. The smell of salt and fish brushed over the port city as the marketplace beckoned for visitors to take a look at what they have to sell. Vermellia was indeed a beautiful, lightly-colored city where even the lower class could find a decent place to eat and rest their heads. However the streets of Vermellia today were a bit louder than usual.

The stopping of many boots running among brick could be heard, as well as the muffled shouting of men in the street as they issued orders to each other. There was currently a chase being issued, as a man selling potatoes reported that a hooded figure had robbed him of multiple sacks and was seen spotted along the rooftops. The local authorities were now in pursuit.

☆ ☆ ☆

Tara leaned her back against the tall chimney, the brown hood shadowing her eyes as she scanned the streets. Maybe stealing three sacks of potatoes from one vender wasn't the best idea. In fact she probably didn't even need three, but for her it was better to have and not need than to need and not have. As to why she'd need three sacks of potatoes just to cross the desert, well, she was a big eater after all. Though potatoes may not be considered to be something vital...she probably should've went with water instead but it wasn't as if she'd ever crossed a desert before. There was always fresh water for her in the forest.

The adjusted the sack she held over her right shoulder and tightened her grip around the two she held in her left hand as she prepared to step out of the shade. It was mid-day now so she had no darkness to help hide her, but honestly Tara wasn't really worried. She was way too confident in her skills to wait for the safety of night to come out. Besides in her mind she wasn't about to treat herself like an outcast, even if she obviously was. If she wanted to come out during the day then no one would be able to tell her that it would be wiser to do otherwise. Of course Tara has never really been on the wise side.

She took in a small breath before making her move. She ran along the rooftops, her boots tapping loudly on the pale blue shingles that covered almost every building in Vermellia as she sprinted. She made a few swift leaps over the gaps between the buildings, grinning as she glanced at the street behind her. There were a few men pushing through the crowd and yelling. She'd clearly been spotted but she couldn't care less. It's not as if they'd ever be able to catch her anyway.

"They might as well give up!" She stated loudly to herself as she readied herself for another leap. However, in that instant, she felt her heel slip as a shingle came loose underneath her. With a surprised yelp she slid forward, falling right over the edge and into the alley below. She crashed, rather ungracefully, into an unorganized pile of woven basket. They splintered and crackled under her weight while the potatoes, now spilled from their sacks landed around her, a couple knocking her on the head as they did so. She let out a sigh, blowing the white bangs out of her eyes with a disappointed breath of air.

She came to a realization when she heard the shouting of the men pursuing her and she quickly picked herself up off the ground. She fell to her knees and begun picking up the vegetables, but they were all over the ground now and by the sound of the footprints on her tail she didn't have a lot of time. "B-but food, I need..errgh!" She reluctantly dropped what she had and, using the bricks that made of the walls of the alley, she leaped her way up the wall and back onto the rooftops.

"What a waste of perfectly good potatoes.." She mumbled with a frown as she continued to run along the rooftops. The shouting seemed to quiet now. They had probably stopped to examine the broken baskets for evidence or something. Tara never understood that sort of thing, really, so she had no idea how authority-business worked. After running for quite a while she took refuge in the bell tower at the center of the city. With no supplies to take with her, there was no point in trying to cross the desert today now. She couldn't exactly risk snatching any for the rest of the day either. She'd call it a night.

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#, as written by CJL1290

Renee Cevera

Location: Government Facility (Arith Branch)


The sound of footsteps fills the halls of the Government Facility. A young woman with long blonde hair power walked down the hallway, brushing past and apologizing to everyone near by. "Everyone look out!" She yelled out. People nearly hugged the walls to let her past; the glint of ferocity in her eyes and her slight scowl didn't allow anyone to think twice about it. Another woman was keeping up with her, trying to calm her down.

"Detective Cevera, you don't normally act like this! What's got you so riled up?" The woman, who was following her asked. Renee didn't slow her pace, and she weaved her way through another hallway. The woman put a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"Detective Cevera, just relax! I only told you your superior wanted to see you; there's no need to act like this."

Renee exhaled and faced her co-worker, her light brown eyes barely seen through the glare in her glasses. "Sorry. I'm just... excited... to start this next case." She admitted.

"Excited enough to knock over almost everyone in your way?"

A smirk appeared on the blonde's face.

"Yes, because it involves the rumored Kamari. Sorry, but I have to go."

Renee parted ways with her co-worker and made for her superior's office. Along the way, she wondered just what her assignment would be; there was more than one way to get information on a target. Arriving at her destination, she knocked on the door.

"Come in." Her superior called from inside.

Renee pushed the door open and stepped inside. Her superior was sitting at his desk. "Detective Cevera, I've been expecting you. Please, have a seat." He ordered, pointing to the chair in front of his workspace. She obeyed and sat down.

"Do you know why you're here, Detective?" His superior asked, almost jokingly.

"I suppose you want to tell me something important?"

"Maybe? Guess."

"You want me to do something Kamari related."

He chuckled and leaned back in his seat. "Good guess! Was it a hunch or-"

"It was obvious, sir," Renee interrupted, adjusting her glasses. "Not much of a secret that the Kamari search isn't making much progress, and you need me to help."

The superior folded his arms with a smirk. "Correct again. Your success rate has risen to 85% lately, and I need my best on this one." He reached under his desk and put a file folder front of her. "Everything you need to know is in there."

The detective took the folder and tucked it under her arm. "No need to open it, I've already done my homework."


"The Kamari were supposed to be wiped out, but one or more seemed to have survived. They have white hair, red eyes, and can run faster and jump higher than any human. There has been recent activity in Vermellia, and you want me to investigate there first. I have already gotten the times for when the ships leave, and I will be departing tonight. Is there anything else you would like to tell me, sir? "

Her superior remained silent, his smirk turning into a smile.

"Sir?" Renee called to him, tilting her head slightly to the side in confusion. What was so funny?

"Detective Cevera... how long have you been looking into this issue? I can tell you have some kind of personal stake in this." He questioned, visibly amused.

Renee chuckled and rubbed the back of her head embarrassed on how obvious her interest was. "Ever since the rumors started four months ago. I'm really interested in this case, and I would like to thank you for this opportunity, sir.

Her superior's smile faded as he stood up and started pacing the room with his hands behind his back. "Since you know all the information, let me cut straight to the objective." He then leaned forward on his desk, staring Renee directly in her eyes.

"You need to track and find where this Kamari is hiding and report their whereabouts back to us, so we can send our top assassins to... dispose of them."

Renee's pupils widened for a second and she clenched her fists. Dispose of them? She feared that it would come to this. She looked up to and adored the Kamari ever since she was a child, especially since their race saved her life twice. She owes them her life, and now she has to go and hunt possibly the last of their kind? She felt the conflict burning inside, between what the Government wants, and the Kamari's life. She swore to serve the Government, but her bond with the Kamari is strong enough to have her second guessing.

She has even discovered a small, but furious hate for the Government lately for wiping out a race unprovoked. The Government was supposed to be the good guys, right? Lately, ever since the rumors started, she's been questioning that.

"Detective Cevera!" Renee snapped out of her thoughts when her superior snapped his fingers in her face a few times. "Are you okay?"

"Oh... sorry sir. I was thinking about something." She replied, brushing her hair from her face.

"Focus, Cevera. Now... this might be dangerous, and we might not be the only ones looking for her, so i'm approving the use of weapons for this mission. Only fight if you have to, and do not engage the Kamari at any cost. We don't want to lose the best detective in Arith, do we?"

Renee nodded in understanding.

"Good, now when you find the Kamari's location, contact us. I also want a progress report from you at least once a week. If we don't receive it, we will have to consider you MIA or KIA. If you're ever captured and interrogated for information, be sure to use this ring."

Renee eyed the plain silver ring her superior placed in front of her.

"Isn't that... a suicide ring?" She asked.

"Yes. It has a hidden latch you use with your thumb that exposes a poison filled needle. Inject it into your bloodstream, and you'll be dead in 30 seconds. Let's hope you wont need it."

Renee took the ring and slipped it on her left hand. She then stood up, placed her hands on her side, and inhaled.

"I... Renee Cevera... humbly accept this assignment, to help keep the world safe from it's enemies." I will serve the people with bravery and pride, and give my life so that others can live. I will stay focused, and protect the weak from danger. I will sacrifice my personal feelings for the feelings of the masses, and I will not stop until the civilians can sleep soundly at night. I, Renee Cevera, make this pledge, to stay faithful to the Government, and all of it's hard working people."

"Analyze. Perceive. Achieve. This is the motto of the Detectives of the Assailan Government, and I will be successful on this assignment, for there is no clue that cannot be found."

Her superior nodded and rubbed his chin. "Good, your pledge is getting better; less stuttering this time. Now your ship leaves soon, you should hurry."

Renee nodded and made her way for the door. After walking outside and closing it, she leaned against the wall and ran her hands through her hair. The motto they have to recite every time before accepting an assignment didn't feel as... right... as it should of felt. Now a headache was slowly forming as she made her way home to gather her things. Could she really choose between the two sides? Either way, she had her assignment. This was her chance to see a Kamari again for the first time since they were declared extinct. She couldn't turn this down and miss this opportunity.

"Alright, first stop... Vermellia." She mumbled to herself, readjusting her glasses with an ambitious smirk.

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#, as written by CJL1290
Renee Cevera

Location: Arith Port


Business was normal at Arith's main port, where ships docked and left to go to numerous destinations. Several ships were also coming in; trade ships, fisherman boats, all different kinds of transport and trade went on, reminding Renee just how much Assaila used sea transport. She checked her equipment to make sure she had everything: rapier on her side, dagger hidden away, several books in her bag, money and some spare food, her "disguise kit", several changes of clothes, a spare set of glasses, and a few more odds and ends. The detective noted she was traveling a bit heaver than she planned, but it was better to be prepared.

"Renee, wait!"

The blonde spun around and was surprised to see her parents heading over to her. "Mother? Father? What are you doing here?"

Her father took a step forward and placed his hands on her daughter's shoulders. "I just wanted to wish my daughter a safe trip." He admitted. Her mother nodded in agreement. "I know you don't like it when we baby you, but we wanted you to be careful. If your next case is about the Kamari, who knows what will happen?" Her mother added.

Renee took her parents' concern to heart. "Don't worry, I'll be careful. By the way, how did you know that I was leaving Arith?"

Her parents looked at each other and smiled. "We know how to get information," Her father boasted. "Where do you think you got your skills from?"

And then her parents burst into a fit of smug laughter.

Renee didn't know whether to feel impressed, or creeped out.

Her mother stopped laughing and reached into a small bag she was carrying. "Oh, and I also brought you a present!" She announced, pulling out a pie wrapped in plastic to preserve it. "I bought you your favorite; my apple and cinnamon pie! I even added extra cinnamon, just the way you like it, dear. Sure to keep you full if you get hungry on your big mission!"

"Oh my God, mom!" Renee whined, her cheeks flushing red from embarrassment as a few people walked by, laughing. She was a 25 year old detective for the government, not some kid receiving their lunch before going to school. She muttered a "thanks" as she awkwardly took the pie and put it with the rest of her stuff.

Her father then put on a serious expression, letting her know that he was serious now. "Alright Renee, we know that we may not see you for a while, so come back safe and sound. Also, we never had a chance to properly thank the Kamari for saving you. If you do find a Kamari, can you just give them a personal thanks from your mother and me?"

Renee nodded her head. "Of course, I'll be sure to thank them properly when I see them." She assured with a smile. Her parents wrapped her arms around her, much to her embarrassment, and squeezed tightly.

"We're so proud of you, Renee." Her mother said. "We just wanted you to know that."

After some more small small talk, her parents left, waving the entire time. She turned and headed for the transport ship that was supposed to carry her across the sea.

Renee walked over to and showed her ticket to the person standing in front of the ship; the captain. "Excuse me, this is the ship headed for Vermellia, correct?"

"That's right, ma'am." The captain answered, taking her ticket. It leaves in 10 minutes, and arrives tomorrow around noon."

"Tomorrow?! You don't understand, I need to be in Vermellia by tonight!" She yelled. The trail might be cold by tomorrow; she needed to get to Vermellia as quickly as possible. There had to be something she could do.

The captain shrugged his shoulders. "Sorry ma'am, but that's her scheduled time to arrive, and we're transporting a lot of people. Rushing like that could be dangerous and-"

"How much do I need to pay you to get me there by tonight?!" Renee interrupted, pulling out her wallet.

The captain stopped his explanation, and slowly turned to her with a sly smile.

"How much are we talking?"

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#, as written by CJL1290
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