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Tara Vemica

"Yeah...I meant to do that."

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a character in “A Moon Among Thieves”, as played by LovelyAnimosity


Tarari Lucile Vemica

ERROR | Aelita Cover


☆ Nickname ☆

☆ Alias(s) ☆

☆ Age ☆

☆ Role ☆
The Last Kamari

☆ Height ☆

☆ Weight ☆

☆ Brief Description ☆
Tara is a fair-skinned, long-legged young woman with the flowing white hair of a Kamari and ruby eyes that are flecked with many shades of lighter and darker reds. Her snowy hair is long and thick, curling lightly around her hips and shoulders with bangs that form her cheeks and fall over her forehead. Her scarlet eyes are lined with white lashes, the tops being much thicker than what lines the bottoms. Although her skin is nearly flawless, she does have a rough scar that runs across her right cheek.

☆ Personality ☆
Energetic | Cocky | Adventurous

As the rumored "last of the Kamari" one would think that Tara is a mysterious soul. The Kamari who survived. Someone who is intellectual, coold-headed and elegant. However, possibly to the disappointment of a few, Tara is nothing of the like. If anything she is the exact opposite of mysterious and level-headedness.

In truth, Tara is a boisterous, incredibly outgoing and foolishly brave girl who'd threaten to punch someone just for looking at her wrong. She's on the other line of elegant considering her love of alcohol and would take the medal in an eating competition. She's loud and hot-headed and would barge in and take charge in any situation that would present itself. Brutally honest and witty, she never holds back what she's thinking and expresses her opinions and beliefs in any way humanly possible, not even considering how it might offend the other party.

However just because she's a bit of an airhead doesn't mean she's a complete idiot. She's fully aware of the danger she's put herself by coming out of hiding, she's just not particularly as cautious about it as one normally would be. After all, to go gallivanting around with nothing to hide your identity but a hood is pretty reckless. But then again recklessness has become one of Tara's specialties. She does more or less do what she can to keep her face hidden, but if someone was in danger or in need of help she wouldn't think twice about risking revealing her identity if she could be capable of saving someone.

Tara isn't all bronze, though, and she's full capable of being serious if the situation calls for her to be. Normally she prefers to be care-free and takes life as lightly as possible, but she can tell when it's time to stop joking around. Well, usually.

☆ Likes Dislikes ☆
☆ Alcohol The Governments ☆
☆ Delicious Food Uncomfortably Hot Weather ☆
☆ Comfy Beds Rich Folk ☆
☆ Forests/Green Getting up Early ☆
☆ Adventure Reading ☆
☆ Exploring Being Told What to Do ☆

☆ Weapons ☆
Tara carries no other weapon but her sword(seen in top image). It's a fine sword with a strong, sharp blade with a decorative copper handle. She keeps her sword in a plain brown, leather holster that hangs on her left side, kept attached with a flexible white belt that straps over her shoulder under her coat and comes across her chest.

☆ Skills ☆
Tara, as a Kamari, is a natural born athlete. She's incredibly agile as well as flexible and her long legs make it easy for her to jump and run further and faster than the average human. Aside from her natural abilities Tara is also familiar with many different plants that can be used for healing, food, poison and other uses. She's also quite the swordsmen. Being that a sword is the only weapon she'd ever learned to use, she spent a lot of time training with the blade as a child, though she's no master just yet.

☆ Fears ☆
Losing - Well it's not really losing that she's afraid of, but more of the consequences that will follow afterwards. She's brave but even she fears death.
Being Alone - Tara is terrified of the thought that she may really be the only one that's left of her kind, which is why she forces herself to be so optimistic about her situation that she doesn't even think that that may be the reality of it all.
Being Restrained - The thought of being tied up and unable to move makes her feel sick to her stomach. This could also be considered a from of claustrophobia.

☆ Biography ☆

The Kamari tribe lived as one big race who prospered together, but as they spread across the three continents they divided into separate clans. Tara was born into one of the smaller clans that existed in the massive mountain ranges in the lower section of Histy. Her parents were respected and her father was considered to be the head of this clan. However the joy of her birth was short-lived as the order to exterminate all Kamari was finally brought to the public merely three days after the full moon that she was born under. Fearing for the safety of their daughter, Tara's mother begged a traveling merchant who often traveled through the mountains to take her daughter.

The merchant, an older man of 43, left the clan that night with Tara and vanished deep into the mountains. His travels are a mystery to Tara, for all she knows is that he left her in the care of a small forest village three months later before never being heard from again. The village doctor, a man named Murry, took the infant in without a second thought and the village cared for her and hid her away any time the soldiers passed through. The war ended and Tara grew, spending most of her time exploring the forest around the village. Her father home-schooled her and taught her about herbs while her uncle took it up to train Tara in swordplay knowing that she may have no choice but to fight one day.

Life went on normally in the village until Tara reached the age of eighteen. She already suspected that she was different from the rest of the villagers. The man she called father had never been married before and never spoke of a mother. That night Murry told his adopted daughter the story of the man who left her there one day before disappearing, how her kind had been in a war against all of Assaila and had been wiped out 16 years ago. However Tara could not accept what her father had told her. She left her home village in search of her kin.

So begins...

Tara Vemica's Story

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Tara Vemica
Location: Vermellia - Port City


A warm sun shone brightly in the clear azure sky, the only clouds to be seen were the grey mist of a storm billowing somewhere over the ocean, but it would be long before those clouds would reach the hot weather that the people of Vermellia had grown accustomed to. The smell of salt and fish brushed over the port city as the marketplace beckoned for visitors to take a look at what they have to sell. Vermellia was indeed a beautiful, lightly-colored city where even the lower class could find a decent place to eat and rest their heads. However the streets of Vermellia today were a bit louder than usual.

The stopping of many boots running among brick could be heard, as well as the muffled shouting of men in the street as they issued orders to each other. There was currently a chase being issued, as a man selling potatoes reported that a hooded figure had robbed him of multiple sacks and was seen spotted along the rooftops. The local authorities were now in pursuit.

☆ ☆ ☆

Tara leaned her back against the tall chimney, the brown hood shadowing her eyes as she scanned the streets. Maybe stealing three sacks of potatoes from one vender wasn't the best idea. In fact she probably didn't even need three, but for her it was better to have and not need than to need and not have. As to why she'd need three sacks of potatoes just to cross the desert, well, she was a big eater after all. Though potatoes may not be considered to be something vital...she probably should've went with water instead but it wasn't as if she'd ever crossed a desert before. There was always fresh water for her in the forest.

The adjusted the sack she held over her right shoulder and tightened her grip around the two she held in her left hand as she prepared to step out of the shade. It was mid-day now so she had no darkness to help hide her, but honestly Tara wasn't really worried. She was way too confident in her skills to wait for the safety of night to come out. Besides in her mind she wasn't about to treat herself like an outcast, even if she obviously was. If she wanted to come out during the day then no one would be able to tell her that it would be wiser to do otherwise. Of course Tara has never really been on the wise side.

She took in a small breath before making her move. She ran along the rooftops, her boots tapping loudly on the pale blue shingles that covered almost every building in Vermellia as she sprinted. She made a few swift leaps over the gaps between the buildings, grinning as she glanced at the street behind her. There were a few men pushing through the crowd and yelling. She'd clearly been spotted but she couldn't care less. It's not as if they'd ever be able to catch her anyway.

"They might as well give up!" She stated loudly to herself as she readied herself for another leap. However, in that instant, she felt her heel slip as a shingle came loose underneath her. With a surprised yelp she slid forward, falling right over the edge and into the alley below. She crashed, rather ungracefully, into an unorganized pile of woven basket. They splintered and crackled under her weight while the potatoes, now spilled from their sacks landed around her, a couple knocking her on the head as they did so. She let out a sigh, blowing the white bangs out of her eyes with a disappointed breath of air.

She came to a realization when she heard the shouting of the men pursuing her and she quickly picked herself up off the ground. She fell to her knees and begun picking up the vegetables, but they were all over the ground now and by the sound of the footprints on her tail she didn't have a lot of time. "B-but food, I need..errgh!" She reluctantly dropped what she had and, using the bricks that made of the walls of the alley, she leaped her way up the wall and back onto the rooftops.

"What a waste of perfectly good potatoes.." She mumbled with a frown as she continued to run along the rooftops. The shouting seemed to quiet now. They had probably stopped to examine the broken baskets for evidence or something. Tara never understood that sort of thing, really, so she had no idea how authority-business worked. After running for quite a while she took refuge in the bell tower at the center of the city. With no supplies to take with her, there was no point in trying to cross the desert today now. She couldn't exactly risk snatching any for the rest of the day either. She'd call it a night.

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Location: Arith, a month ago..

He walked along the alley which he knew would lead him into where the dark and gloomy place he resided, he checked his pistols, knowing that they'd be full but checking anyways. Max smiled, and the bounty hunter opened the door to the shady tavern of 'The Raven's Cackle'. As the doors swung wide, the thugs looked at him... and oh how they feared him on sight. "Hello Raven's Cackle! I'm looking for a hooded figure!" He exclaimed over the ambience, yet funny thing is everybody jumped up to arms....

Well, they are all wearing hoods... he told himself. "Alright! I'd love all of you to be nice and co-operative and make a single straight line! I've got rumours of a High bounty being placed on somebody with a hood." Then they laughed, shaking their heads. "You won't find the man 'ere, boy." Said the Raven's owner, Three-eyed Jinh. "Now r'lax and get yerself a pint. I'll tell ye what ye want ta 'ear." He said, patting the counter infront of him.

Max sighed, another busted gig... He sat down on the stool, looking at Jinh. "Yer lookin' for tha' rumored Kamari? Aye, 'e be strange indeed... some say 'e be as fearless as the Reaper!" Jinh exclaimed and Max scoffed. "The 'Reaper'?!" He exclaimed as well, laughing. "Jinh, the Reaper isn't fearless, just smart." Jinh looked at Max, narrowing his eyes. "Says the man that's supposed to never fail a contract.... but failed to capture him... twice! Now let tha' Kamari go... I got t'is contract fer ya 'ere." Jinh called out for the whole tavern to hear and Max spit his drink as Jinh put a sheet of paper on the counter, the bounty hunter nodding. "Alright, you got me there you old fool. I'll check it out, but my first job is to get through with the Kamari.... the other one is if in a week, I won't see him." He said with a sigh of defeat. "Now, know of a location?" He asked. "Aye," Jinh said, "Last heard 'e be in the city of Vermellia."

Max sighed, paying and downing his drink. "Thanks Jinh." He said, walking off and out the tavern... he now needed a ship.

Location: Vermillia, present.

Max jumped down, paying the captain of the 'Gray Knight' with a rather large sack of gold. "Thanks for the trip." He said to the merchant, and the merchant nodded stupidly, still looking at the sack of gold. Max walked the streets, looking for anything that could help him. He sighed, not finding much leads... a dead trail. He had his hood up, is crazy hair not showing. Though they were quite dirty from not having washed in a week... "Might as well get some place to wash and start asking people for information...." He said, walking over to the nearest inn and paying a small bit of coin for a nice room.

He was done bathing, and then he heard it... the cries of guardsmen.... He looked outside the windown, his pants already on as the shadow figure ran over him. He looked downwards, seeing the guards pointing at something. He quickly put his belt on with all his sheathes, and looked outside his window. He saw a couple of good hand holds, easily climbing up. He then saw his target, grinning.

He ran after her, jumping and trying to follow. This guy was agile and acrobatic, much more then Max. He kept up the pace though, holding on to him as he fell down. He snickered, "Rookie mistake." He said to himself, and then his target ran off... before he could reach the ledge that he had fallen off of. He jumped down, his sword in hand and stabbing at the potatoes, not hitting anything that jutted out blood. "He... got AWAY!" He yelled, then it hit him. Not it, he... and a rather strong he. Before Max realized it, he was on the ground with a body guard ontop of him, being roped down. He grunted, trying to get out from under him. The guard slammed him across the face. He sighed, relenting. The stragglers came in, saw the bare chested bounty hunter and slapped on his back. "Good! Send word to the Government that we got him!" He said in a grin.

Max stared, then started moving again... not able to get out of the restraints. He got dragged to jail... and that was his first day in Vermillia... and also the first day he got caught for a crime he didn't do... and for somebody he wasn't...

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Gabriel Vandel

Location: Vermillia Port

The lull of the sea was quite rudely interrupted by the bustle of bare feet on wood, and the shouting of orders from across the deck. Gabriel reluctantly opened his eyes, and quickly shielded them from the harsh light of the sun. Why did the sun seem so much brighter when one was out on the water? Hotter too. With a groan, Gabriel pushed himself upright and looked around as sailors busied themselves with rigging and lines and knots and what-not. The thing he liked about sailors, you gave 'em a drink, and they wont ask you to many awkward questions. Like why you needed to hide during government inspections or why you have a sword as big as some men. He grinned as he picked his sword off of the deck and inspected the blade. Still sharp, and fortunately the salt air hadn't rusted it.

Gabriel stood, sheathing Moon Splitter on his back as he gazed out over the railings. It would seem that they had arrived while he slept, for before him lay the fishing city of Vermillia, a shining gem of trade amongst the three continents. Gabriel grinned as the ship was tied to the dock. The captain, an elderly man with a mustache that nearly touched the floor and skin like thin bronze, walked up to the fair skinned and dark haired youth and smiled behind his mustache before speaking. "Well young'n, I hope you find who ever it is you're lookin' for here." Gabriel only smiled and shook the old man's hand before making his way down the gangplank and into the fishing town, disappearing into the crowd. It's alot easier for a Kamari to go unnoticed when your hair was black and your eyes were blue.

Gabriel turned, hearing the sound of running feet and shouting. On instinct, he slipped into a nearby alley, his hand going straight to the hilt of his blade. He waited as the large group ran past, guards it looked like, and fortunately not chasing him. But if not him, who could it be they were chasing? "Well, I wont find anything out standing in this alley, will I?" he muttered under his breath as he made after the guards.

The guard seemed to be chasing someone running across the rooftops, carrying a few bags of potatoes, but it certainly was quite a few guards for just a minor theft. He looked up as the robbed figure leaped from one roof to another, and stopped dead in the street. Just then, he'd seen under the hood, just a little bit but more than enough. White bangs, white as moonlight. Only Kamari had hair like that, not including himself. It was her.

He ran as fast as he could to catch back up to the guard as they turned down an alley. There in the alley, the guards were apprehending... someone else. Gabriel sighed silently with relief and stuck to the wall as the unnamed man was dragged away by the guard. Soon, the alley was clear of guards, and Gabriel made his way inside. It was quite the mess, broken baskets and potatoes littered the ground. He crouched and inspected the ground more closely. The straws from the broken baskets painted a perfect picture for those who could see it. The robbed Kamari obviously fell onto the baskets from the roofs, then... was on their knees trying to grab the potatoes. But they ran out of time.. dropped the potatoes, and went over to the wall. Gabriel inspected the bricks, and grinned. At about knee-height, he found some dirt on the edge of the bricks, likely scrapped off the bottom of a boot as the robbed figure climbed up the wall. He smiled and found and unbroken basket amongst the rubble, and gathered the unsmashed potatoes.

"Now, if I were a wanted criminal and the last of my kind, being pursued by the guard and... have a serious potato craving maybe? Where would I hide?" he said under his breath. Well, he was the last of his kind so that put him closer to the right mindset. Someplace secluded of course, where most people wouldn't go. Tall too, to keep an eye out for the guard. He frowned and looked up at the wall. Might as well. He tucked the basket under one arm and began climbing, pulling himself up the wall with ease, even with just one hand. Once on the roof, he saw it. The Bell tower. "That's where I would hide." Without another thought, he made his way across the roofs, and while he wasn't quick or nimble he was sturdy and strong as an ox, and more launched himself over the gaps rather than leaped across. For the first time in a long time, he felt alive again, and not quite so alone.

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#, as written by reap
Alexander Die Rasch

The Vast empty expanse of the open sea was a lovely sight. The weather was calm and the wind blowing at just the right speed, and in just the right direction to give The Prosper good speed. The Prosper was a fair-sized merchant ship sailing at a luxurious pace. Its captain was a flamboyantly dressed burly man with a handlebar mustache twirled into tight spirals at the end. His outfit was adorned with vibrant colors shone brilliantly in the light as he stepped out on to the deck and took in a lungful of the fresh salty air.

His ship was currently transporting exotic clothing and small trinkets that would buy him a quick profit when it reached its destination Vermellia. Though the cargo was mostly counterfeit, few people had the eyes to discern them from the authentic thing. However his true profit, would be from the small barrel of Trefia in the hold, hidden among some of the gowns. Trefia was a rare and exotic plant that was expressly forbidden within all the continents. It had a paralyzing and euphoric effect on the mind when taken in even small doses. This was of no concern to the Captain, he had transported many a contraband in his days, all traders have. It was just, part of the job.

This trip would be an easy profit, making him back easily twice as much as he invested. Enough to fill his crews belly for a month, and maybe even make a few repairs to The Prospers less appealing features. He had only just began to think of this when his day flipped on its back and floated belly up on the ocean, because a cry from the deck had reached his ears. One that struck horror into all sailors who were unlucky enough to encounter it.
The Captain order his crew to stations, telling them to arm the cannons. Then he gazed upon the ocean to find a sight the chilled his bone to the deepest marrow. A ship flew across the waves at unbelievable speeds, any thought of fleeing ran from the Captain's mind as he gazed upon the large ship hailing down upon his own. Its sails were as black as a moonless night, and fully stretched with the wind directly into canvas. The flag was the worst though, instead of the traditional skull and crossbones favored by mostly pirates, this particular ship's flag was a skull and scythe, designed in a smoky sort of way that made it almost haze in the wind. "Half mast, turn to starboard and let her feel the bite of our iron!" The Captain called out desperately, his only hope was to take advantage of the vessel's speed by launching a sudden assault upon it. If timed right it would have no room to evade a hail of cannon fire.
The ship stayed its course, even as the Prosper moved into position to fire and the Captain marveled at his luck, his foe was no Sea devil as the legends told. No demon from the depths of the deepest parts of the sea come to wreck hell upon all those it encountered. It was just one foolish man, who's winning streak had finally come to an abrupt stop. "Fire all cannons!' The Captain called out, sure of his victory. He was unable to figure out exactly what happened next, but it seemed as if the ship blew itself apart from under him, explosions from below deck rocked up large splinters of wood and through the chaos the captain caught one blurry sight, the site of a crew descending upon the crippled Prosper, blacking out the sun with men.

The Captain awoke many hours later, tied to the mast of an unknown ship, with his crew tied to small dingys, leaning half over the rails. He tried to call to them but his mouth had been gagged by a soft cloth of sorts. A figure approached him, though his vision was hazy he could make out a tall demanding presence standing in front of him. The gag was torn from his mouth, allowing the Captain to inhale large lungfilled gulps of air. The figure said nothing at first, and when the Captain tried to speak it held up a hand for silence. Then leaned in close, close enough that the Captain could see and smell the stench of fresh blood. Later, though he would not swear by it, he would think to himself that possibly, just for a moment the figure's eyes had flashed red. Now however he had been only able to listen as a dark voice whispered into his ear. "The life of your crew, for knowledge of another." He told the figure everything, letting the words fly freely, his voice filled with cowardice and shuddering in fear of the awesome force before him, the force that had somehow destroyed his entire ship without firing a single cannon, without so much as changing course. The Captain would tell the tale many a time in the near future, mostly whilst washing away his money on cheap booze and bad card hands. He would tell it all the same, the tale of his own deathly encounter...with 'The Reaper'.

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Tara Vemica
Location: Vermellia - Port City


She'd been laying under the shelter of the bell tower for quite some time, arms and legs spread out as they rested on the somewhat cool stone that made up the bell tower and the rest of the building beneath it. However even under the shade the warmth of the sun still consumed Vermellia. Tara on her back with her eyes closed, her white hair spread out around her. She wasn't sleeping, nor was she trying to sleep. She was merely listening to all the sounds of the port city. The ocean waves that lapsed the docks as fishing ships pulled in to deliver their loads, the chatting of people in the streets and laughter of children as they played tag. There were many other sounds that she couldn't quite make out, too.

All of these bustling noises were very new to her. Though she had visited Arith for a while, she much preferred the sound of the ocean over the construction work that kept her awake at night while she was there. However these sounds also made her feel a little homesick. The city was a nice place with plenty of good food and interesting things to see, but she missed the forest that surrounded her village home. She opened her eyes and turned her head to look at the clear sky as she though. I wonder what everyone is doing....Pa's probably gunna kill me when I get home. I'll just bring him some souvenirs! he'll still kill me.

She let a small smile creep across her lips for a moment, but only for a moment before her eyes widened slightly and then she closed them tightly and shook her head. With a small huff she sat up and let out a loud sigh. "Enough of that! It's too hot to just be laying around here!" She picked herself up off the ground and walked over to the edge of the tower, being sure to pull her hood back over her head as she did so, and looked over the town, only to duck down as a patrol group made their way through the street below her. She was pretty high up and she doubted any of them bothered to look up, but she'd rather not risk it.

After waiting a few seconds she peeked over the wall. Looked like the coast was clear of authorities. She wasn't particularly worried about a regular citizen reporting her in since it wasn't as if she was the only one walking around in a hood. It was a hot day, after all, so even if it was an extra layer of clothes a hood did provide shade and protection from the sun. Not that Tara really had to worry about getting burnt, but other people did. She just had to make sure she didn't do anything reckless while down in the for instance steal food or leap from building to building. Well getting down would take longer now.

She turned to the stairs leading to the bottom of the bell tower. "Stairs suck..", she mumbled to herself before reluctantly making her way down. Forget stealing supplies. She could just hide away on a caravan or something. Couldn't be that hard to find one that she could smuggle herself onto, right? Maybe they'd even give her a free ride..? Yeah..not likely, Tara.

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Gabriel Vandel

Location: Vermillia Belltower

The walk to the bell tower gave Gabriel some time to reflect, though the only thing he could really think about is why he ran from home. Well there was the obvious answer, that he was Kamari (though a bit of botched product) and would be hunted down by the government should anyone find out. Then the less obvious, that the man who'd raised him for almost ten years as his father was ACTUALLY the man who had killed his father all those years ago, and somewhere inside his mind, Gabriel must have known that. Though as he lunged from one building to the next, the citizens below pointing up at the rooftops and gawking, Gabriel wondered what it would really be like to meet another Kamari. Likely, they wouldn't trust him one iota. After all, he certainly didn't look like a Kamari, not with black hair a blue eyes. He rummaged through his coat pocket and took a peak in the journal he found in his old home, his real home. Most of it was indecipherable thanks to the fire, but the day of his birth, that strange day with the eclipse, was in perfect condition.

Gabriel pocketed the book as he leaped to the next building, nearly slipping on a loose shingle but catching his balance with the basket of potatoes. Close call. Wouldn't want to end up as a stain on the street now would I? At least he was at the bell tower, a massive building taller than almost every building in the city and twice as ornate. It was actually quite beautiful. He stepped to the edge of the roof and wrapped his armored hand around a thick copper pipe affixed to the building, probably a water line, and slid down the pipe, his feet hitting the paved ground with a heavy thud. He quickly made his way into the bell tower before he drew and attention to himself, all to aware of the heightened security that seemed to teem the city.

Inside of the bell tower was less ornate, but beautiful in it's own way. The stairs however, seemed to stretch on and on and on and... well, there were quite alot of stairs. "I guess I should get going if I want to get up there before nightfall." With a heavy sigh, he adjusted the potato basket under his arm and started climbing the stair case that very well might lead to heaven. It certainly seemed to go high enough.