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A murder story

A murder story


Take on a dramatic murder story in a fictional universe. Who will be the next victim? it could be anyone, even yourself...

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In the rainy city of Jamesville, a repetitious story is recurring in local newspapers. A series of ongoing murders with seemingly no connection can be found quite often; however with no distinct pattern. Each person is killed in an entirely different way while having no connection to any previous victims. Alongside this, many suicides are taking place, mostly of the relatives to the victims. In every case, there is not a trace of evidence. Anyone could be the next victim.

In the meantime, the victims' bodies are missing, having been removed from their grave by the morning after their burial. There remains no sight of any corpse after they have been stolen. What twists this tale more, though is the different crimes being committed simultaneously. Sure Jamesville is always filled with crime, but there seems to be a different one every day now. These range from robberies to grafiti done in the sight of police. These crimes are done almost as if to be caught. Indeed, this is no ordinary mystery. But I know how it ends...


Welcome! Together, we will be creating a thrilling, action-packed, and unpredictable mystery. You can be whoever you want- a detective, a victim, a suspect, a witness, or even the criminal. While we devise this story through multiple events and clues, none of us (except for maybe me) will know who has committed the crime(s). This means the people rping as detectives will have to be actual detectives and evaluate evidence, make inferences, and more importantly, progress the story. Detectives will guess what to look for and look for it. Victims will tell the detectives what they know-or what they want them to know. Your character is solely your own, so have fun with them! If you don't think you'll have much time to rp, but you want to join, make a minor character like a victim or witness. There is no inactive penalty for unimportant characters. And remember; things are not always as they seem.


This mystery takes place in a fictional, large, rainy city in New York. There is a wide variety of people and cultures along with intolerance of this diversity. There is a lot of crime that takes place here, but none like the main one committed in this story. It is currently fall and a day without rain is indeed a rare one. The nights are chilly but it can get quite hot and humid during the daytime.


Every character must do things that can make them a suspect to the readers. And red herrings are always appreciated as well as clues.

*Importance- Unimportant characters are not vital to the rp, therefore it is not as necessary for them to post very often. This is convenient for those who may be busy. Your characters do progress the plot, though, so try to post as often as you can. However, important characters will be marked as inactive if they do not post for 1 week. (see rules)

*Every section of the application should be done well; however, there are some sections you should note are important to be especially descriptive in to your character depending on your role.

Detective-You ask the questions and get the suspects and observe the evidence. It's up to you to solve this crime, so you will do whatever you can to get closer to the truth, and we want to read about your journey in getting there. We'd also like to know how long you've been a detective, previous cases, why you became a detective, etc. You are important.

Victim- You are affected somehow by the crime that has been committed. You do not have to be an important character, but you may choose to be.

Criminal- You are the person or people who have committed this crime; however, this option is only available to people who are not the main criminal. Prepare to be interrogated and either assist the main criminal(s) in some indirect way or drop out of the crime completely. Otherwise, it'll be boring because we'd already know who's the criminal. Some criminals are also suspects. Your biography and ethnicity should be done well. You are most likely not important, but you can be.

Suspect- You are one of the many people suspected to be a/the criminal, but you are most likely innocent. You will be interrogated by the detectives and you will have a lot on your mind. It is important to rp your story in case you are guilty. Your biography and ethnicity should be done well. These characters are generally important, but not always.

Witness- You have witnessed a/the crime however you wish. It is essential these characters have well-though-out and developed personalities, but they are for the most part unimportant, but not always.

Other- Any other kind of person you would like to be. Please specify who you are and your importance.

(Just the basics, add any other information you think should be there as well!)

Code: Select all

Name: What is the name of your character?
Age: How old is your character. Must be 16+, but preferably older than 18.
Role: What role does your character play in the rp?
Importance: How important is your character to the story? Please note that the more important you are, the more you have to post.
Ethnicity: Where is your character from? The rp will be boring if everyone is just white.
Appearance: Describe how your character looks. This should be detailed because it gives me a taste of your rping skill. You can include pictures, but you will also need a description.
Biography:A record of your character's life up until now. Since everyone is different, we want unique stories that mold unique characters.
Personality: How does your character act and what do others think of your character? Your biography will probably affect your character's personality.

Toggle Rules

-This is not fantasy. You may not have any superpowers or be an alien or something ridiculous like that.

-Please do some BBcoding and make your app look pretty. It seems a lot more professional and it shows that you are actually putting some effort into the roleplay.

-There is no actual rule on perspective, but it would make it easier if everyone rp’s in 3rd person.

-Please avoid switching tenses. It's very annoying to see "I walked to the restaurant and order a drink." Also try to use past tense since present tense has a tendency to get irritating.

-Deaths are allowed, but they have to be discussed with the character dying, the character killing the other character (if applicable), and me.

-Your posts must be at least 250 words long.

-Perfect characters are boring and boring characters are boring.

-Don’t be shy when it comes to PMing me or the mods about ideas you have for the rp. I'd love to hear them.

-I, the OP, and the mods are the people who regulate these rules. Listen to us.

-Cursing is allowed because it makes it more realistic.

-Romance is also allowed for the same reason.

-Be respectful and follow the obvious rp rules. No god-modding, meta-gaming, power-playing, etc...

-Have fun!

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Character Portrait: Molly Sherman


Character Portrait: Molly Sherman
Molly Sherman

"I guess it takes a lot more than looks to convince someone you're not a serial killer.."


Character Portrait: Molly Sherman
Molly Sherman

"I guess it takes a lot more than looks to convince someone you're not a serial killer.."

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Character Portrait: Molly Sherman
Molly Sherman

"I guess it takes a lot more than looks to convince someone you're not a serial killer.."

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