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Molly Sherman

"I guess it takes a lot more than looks to convince someone you're not a serial killer.."

0 · 467 views · located in Jamesville

a character in “A murder story”, as played by Blood-Soaked Warrior


Molly Sherman


"I guess it takes a lot more than looks to convince someone you're not a serial killer.."

Basic Information


Full Name: Molly Dail Sherman

Age: Twenty-two

Height: 5'4 ft

Weight:113 Lbs

Hair Color: Red (Dyed, originally blonde)

Orientation: Straight

Job: Works as the lead singer and occasional waitress at 'Johnny's Bar'

- Flirting
- Getting away with things
- Money
- Alcohol
- Having 'friends'
- Children

Ethnicity: Irish

- Loosing bets
- Blondes
- Being called a murder
- Having 'enemies'

Importance: Slight Importance.


"You wanna know me? Alright. Buy me a drink."

Molly likes to make people think she's the fun loving type of girl who can easily be fooled into anything. And in a way, that's true. But Molly knows secrets in this town, and she knows people who know other secrets. In a way, her fun-loving personality is like a cover up. She's not as gullible as she looks and knows how to get information from people who are trying to get information from her. She dyed her red hair for a reason: To give a warning.

Molly has a way of saying things that sound like she's always flirting, but not once has she ever meant it. A way to surprise her at that point is to start flirting back.

Despite how untrustworthy Molly seems, she actually has a heart for things such as the outcome of other's and herself. At times, she can be found sitting at the park and watching children play. (Might seem a little creepy of her, but it's a free country.) Molly does donate a small fund of whatever she makes from her jobs and side jobs to orphanages and donation centers, just for the feeling that she's doing something right. However, when she sees a lazy bum sitting on the side of a street, she does not give out charity. If you're over the age of 16, you have to work for it.

Molly has a major love for music, but in order to keep a roof over her head she has to work more than just sing. Molly takes up any kinds of jobs she can, no matter the time or pay. Just as long as she gets to drink at night, she really doesn't care about who or what she's hired for.



"Some things are better left unsaid."
Molly lived as the eldest kid in a family of five for most of her life. Even though she really didn't babysit her siblings all that much, just being around them made her want to feel control over them. It gave molly the feeling of being in control, and it carried over even after she became an adult. Molly was one of the best control-freaks by the time she was in 7th grade. She might have been depicted as one of those bossy stereotypical girls you see on television. But the truth was, if you weren't annoying her in anyway you'd be left alone. If you were, however...

Molly had a thing for rock. Back in her day, she would constantly be jamming out to AC/DC, singing High Way to Hell in her bedroom until one of her younger brothers told her to shut the hell up. Molly would stay quite for a minute, but as soon as they were gone, she immediately went back to rocking her head off. Molly's relived this scenario so many times, shes sworn that Déjà Vu is just a common experience for her in her life.

Molly stayed in grade-school and passed the CST, but once she was out of per parents house she really didn't know what to do with her life. When she 19, Molly decided that she'd use her collage money for actually going to collage. She thought that perhaps she'd go for a doctor, but when her submission came back, it said she didn't have the A+ requirements for getting the education. Molly had to think a little more on it, the temptation of keeping the money for herself growing. Molly has the money and has the basic knowledge, but when it came to what she wanted to do, She was really stuck.

Being kicked out of her house, at that time, Molly really had a short time to discus with herself what she wanted to go to collage for. Money was being to run tight, and if she still wanted to go, she needed to go. But when that time came, an old friend came around; an angel, she describes. Johnny Harkins. The guy had just started a bar down the street and asked if Molly would like to work for him. Obviously, she agreed. Molly needed as much money as she could get her hands on for the time being. She began to take up a lot of the jobs and practicably lived there at Johnny's bar, actually starting to like it there. But when the time came that the bar needed a band, that's when she truly fell in love with it. Molly grabbed a mic and volunteered for the lead singer. There was a little competition for the role, but since Molly had been working for Johnny about a year now, he agreed to give her the spot. Molly had to take singing classes for a few weeks in the beginning though, because she really didn't have any experience for the job. She used her collage money for lessons. Molly's been working at the bar for about three years now, getting hired on and off for certain performances and certain small jobs, but Holly's happy about where her life is now and wouldn't want to change it for the world. If she can though, she'd love to meet an agent and sign a few contract.

So begins...

Molly Sherman's Story