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Kai Blackthorn

0 · 358 views · located in Modern Earth

a character in “A Mythical Hunt”, as played by BekaL101


Name: Kai Blackthorn

Alias: Changes his name frequently to avoid detection. Currently goes by the name of Damian Blake

Age: looks around 20, is actually closer to 200

Gender: male

Race: Vampire



Weapon: usual go-to weapon is knives or some form of blade

Magic: no magic as such, but can cloud the minds and memories of humans (and some Beings). Is useful for hunting

Personality: Tends to be quite calm and laid back in his day-to-day (or rather, night-to-night) life, an is generally a pacifist, preferring to settle disputes with words rather than with combat. This is a conscious decision however, to mask and somewhat control his true Vamparic nature, which is always lurking under the surface, waiting for his control to slip just for a moment. Oddly for a vampire, he has a highly artistic soul, and has dabbled with all media at some point. His main love however is, and always will be music

Likes: music, books and that rare commodity, a bit of peace

Dislikes: stupid/lazy people, Hunters, technology (particularly cars)

Fears: His main fear is the thought of losing control and killing someone. Though his extreme claustrophobia comes a close second.

Flaws: can sometimes be arrogant, and set in his ways. Then there's the split personality thing...

Special features: Nothing much of note, though his eyes change from red to pitch black when his 'dark' side takes over.

Orientation: isnt majorly fussy. Food is food to him

Crush: none as of yet

Weaknesses: sunlight, silver, religious items. normal vampire stuff. oh, and small enclosed spaces

Where do you come from: originally from London, England. Doesn't tend to stay in one place long

Where do you live: currently lives in an apartment in the city, near one of the colleges, since he used to teach there up until recently

Do you have any living family: N/A

Past: As a human, he came from a highly privileged background, though was rebellious due to this. Was turned into a vampire by a stranger, during one of his many drunken nights out with other males his age. However, despite this troubled start to his undead existence, he soon found a place within a coven and for a time, was happy. Until a group of humans found out about them. Despite his new family's claims that they were there to live peacefully, all of them were destroyed. Kai alone survived, though not without both physical and mental scars. While he is now reluctant to trust humans on a personal level, after a few decades of wandering, he took up a post at a local college, teaching music.

So begins...

Kai Blackthorn's Story