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Kira Senou

A.N.G.E.L. Combat Intelligence Officer

0 · 332 views · located in Sci-fi fantasy

a character in “A.N.G.E.L. The Eniknight War”, as played by XxEvil1xX


Age: 22
Race: Artomidian
Rank: O-1 2nd Lt.
Designation/Callsign: Enigma
Sex: Female
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 110 lbs (including arm.)
Skin Tone: Dark
Body Type: petite

Level: 1
HP: 6
Dice: 1D26


For the most part Kira operates behind the scenes, assessing all that is going on in the battlefield via a series of small unmanned surveillance aircraft, as well as feeds that the eniknights are sending back to her at Holygrounds.
Eventually she too gets into the combat scene from time to time, however more so as a supportive based eniknight where she must handle hacking and intel gathering scenarios that she is unable to do from behind her monitors at Holygrounds Intelligence Wing.
Kira is a bit of a prim and proper sweet girl, who is very devoted to her line of work. Because of her mannerisms she is very well liked among her fellow peers at ANGEL, and returns the warm reception. She is often times seen as very helpful both in combat and during down times.


Kira operates the eniknight that goes by the same name as her comm frequency callsign "Enigma." Enigma has been modified to perform more of a supportive role for other eniknights. Where other eniknights houses eniphotonic gunpods, Enigma houses four hacking cables two in each hand. These cables are very diverse in their operations. Primarily used for hacking into machinery for intelligence or manipulation, they can also be used as both tools and weapons. At the tip of these cables is a tiny barb that generates a thin concentration of eniphotonic energy giving it the capability of piercing through eniknight armor, if the barb comes in contact within a persons nervous system, it can manipulate that user into believing anything Kira wishes for it to, either believing the user is in such traumatic pain to the point they actually feel it, to even having the victim fire on itself or the targets fellow allies.
Enigma also houses small nodes that can be dispatched generating holographic copies of itself as decoys. These nodes are so tiny and generate such a clear image, that they are just as effective of messing with the enemies minds as the hacking cables.


Kira comes from the South Eastern prefecture of Lagoonahs (D10) both a port and starport city that thrived on Stratian trade and also fishing. Before joining ANGEL, Kira helped out her family in the fishing business, until the Star Maiden tragedy which occurred only 10 miles from her home. Kira and her father too were almost casualties of that tragedy as they were attempting to escape back to shore from the falling debris of the Star Maiden that came crashing down all around them. Their boat even capsizing from one of the waves brought on by a large mass of the wreckage crashing down next to them. Fortunately another boat was able to rescue them and bring them to shore. With a sunken fishing boat that was the families primary source of income, the Senou family needed to rely on additional income. It was then Kira decided to enlist into the A.N.G. military under the never heard before ANGEL division.

So begins...

Kira Senou's Story


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=Soon Capt Kay Stone appears on the eniknights coms=
(> Richomonts Hawk squadron, stand by for incoming communications from ANGEL military intelligence.

=Soon afterward a young womans image pops up in a small window at the corner of the eniknights visors, along with provided map visuals used to assist her=

(> This is A.N.G.E.L. Military Intelligence Analysis Officer, Lt. Kira Sen'ou. I will be coordinating with you during this mission to ensure you are provided with the fullest extent of given information, via deployed UAVs and streaming visual feeds from eniknight visors. As it stands right now North bound team is within 25 nautical miles from the Sultan battlezone. ETA 5 minutes. Estimated ground forces in the Sulta area is approximately 300 infantry, 23 armored vehicles and 5 hostile aircraft now moving south.

Southern bound team is within 75 nautical miles from designated battle zone, ground force analysis is still pending however it appears 5 hostile aircraft from Sulta are moving to intersect. Proximity from enemy aircrafts combat range is 30 nauticle miles. Estimated encounter time with hostile aircraft is 5 minutes.

=Vai listened on with a low groan not hearing the comforting news about the Stratian Arrow piercers out to flank Laymin and himself as he continues on course on the underside of his draco. He looked up and spoke with his comrad being transported up top=

(> Shyvell I hope you aren't sleeping up there, be ready should we expect company.


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Horatio watched as Seriph ran off, and a sinking feeling began to form in the middle of his gut. He had the worst feeling that he was going to regret promoting that arrogant fool, but it could not be helped - standard protocol reminded him that each section needed at least a commanding officer, and Azmeen Seriph was the only one to return with the coordinates. Regardless of how he felt, it was necessary. Thing was, the Generals would probably flip when they heard that he was forced to promote a Basic Soldier - Seriph, no less - to a 2nd Lt. Boy oh Boy are they going to flip their shit when they find out... probably at me too. Horatio rarely swore - he found no need for it - but this seemed like an appropriate time to.

It was then that the Piercers flew over head, and an explosion was heard in the background as the coms soundly came back online for all the ground units. Instantly his head was filled with massive amounts for chatter, for he just had to have an earpiece on that linked all radios. He gave a sigh, until an actual message was radioed through for him. Now THAT'S a fireworks show! Hey, Garlon? Radio's should be back online. Tell the ground pigs to pick up there game and keep up with us aerial aces. Jorge sighed once more, giving a tired chuckle at her comments. He was slightly annoyed by her sense of arrogance towards them ground pounders, but he could get over it. She was just a girl that seemingly loved her job. If only he did too.

"Will do. Thanks for the support Flay, though if the us 'ground pigs' could keep up with you aces, would we even need you guys?" He chuckled through his smirk as he turned back to the action to radio the rest of the troops.

"Alright Ghost Platoon, time to make up for lost ground. Now..." He stopped and paused to look forward, as a sinking feeling returned once again to his chest at the sight of ships leaving the stronghold. "You cannot be serious..." He mumbled to himself. In the distance he saw the ships heading off out of the stronghold, and he swore loudly into the com for the Platoon to hear. He hadn't meant that, he had just accidentally turned the com back on. "Ghosts! Double time it, stat! If those ships all evacuate without us taking the lines, this entire battle was for absolutely nothing!" Horatio was annoyed now, that an entire battle would be scrapped because the Artomidians had thought of an escape route.

If that happened, Horatio didn't know what he would do. Or how to explain that to his superiors.


For once in his entire life, Corpse wished that he had sat this battle out.

He was currently flying in a Draco using some weird form of double buddy system, only he had gotten the shaft and was flying with some AAST rubbish. They hadn't said a word at all to each other throughout the entire flight, and Corpse was eager to keep it that way. It wasn't that he hated the AAST - they weren't bad, he guessed - it was that the ones he had the pleasure of beating the shit out of were usually the cocky, annoying type - everybody knows somebody like that. They wouldn't just shut the hell up about how they were the 'best of the best in all the ANG'. So Corpse sometimes had to do the mouth closing for them by beating in their face if they were stupid enough to be at the local bars that he was at.

Moving past that, a face appeared on his screen as he was having a smoke (he had ignored Stoner's face when he spoke his normal crap). It was that pretty face girl from ANGEL's Intelligance office, Kira something something - her last name was so damn confusing. After he remembered that he was in the North team with that punk kid and the lady Aerionelle, Corpse gave a smirk. A lot can be done in just five minutes, you know... He leaned back in his suit, running over those numbers in his head again. Obviously they would send him to the front lines, he was a damn field medic. He wasn't really useful out in the middle of nowhere doing stealthy shit.

Excellent. Form up, everyone, and get yourselves ready. We're just about ready to make our move." "Oh Joy. I guess its time to fight then." He cracked his neck, and awaited his deployment.


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"Ah. So they're in the Southern team's airspace," Aerionelle said, grinning. "Intelligence Officer, could you transmit some orders to the other team for me, and to the fleet? Those fighters are probably headed to attack the fleet as it heads south, and not our stealth team. Have the southern wing pull off and deploy one of the Eniknights, then jam communications from our support boats just as the fighters near engagement distance. The Eniknight can eliminate them before they can get a shot off, and they won't even be able to tell their friends about it until we've already made our big debut. As is, it'll look like they got careless and were just shot down by our gunboats' anti-air turrets. That'll keep them from noticing the infiltration force, too. You got that, South team?"


Judging by the rather loud cursing coming over the radio from that Major they'd been transported along with, Aster had a feeling that her own observation as to the Artomidians' flight hadn't been a unique one. By the time they received orders to double-time toward the city, Aster was already on her way, leaping down from the top of the tower she had occupied and rolling behind cover, then proceeding to scramble down a ledge, motioning for her partner to follow.

"There's no time! Let's get going! Those exploding mortars have punched plenty of holes in their walls, so we can climb over and skirt around the edge of the town until we find a good firing spot while the A's are busy running for their lives!" She called over the radio.


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#, as written by Tanman
“Who could sleep on one of these things...” Shyvell muttered, before remembering that both her comms were on, and she was speaking to a superior officer. Uncomfortably shifting her footing on the surface thanks to the magnetic attachment, she decided to clarify a little. “Either way, I'm ready. Not that I'm an expert in aerial combat...” Which was precisely why Vai was steering the Draco and she got the fun position of being on top. She wasn't a pro gunner or anything either, but the pulse-cannon she'd received from the AAST soldiers would do the trick. After all, it'd be kind of hard to blame her aim with a computer targeted sight.

Turning in the direction those fighters were supposed to be coming from, Laymin levelled her weapon, hefting it onto her shoulder. Hopefully the wires wouldn't get tangled or anything like that, as it'd taken an embarrassingly long time to find a way to connect the wires into the power pack on the back of her suit. It was then that the orders were relayed from the intelligence officer – Shyv has never met her, but from the brief chatter she'd heard, she sounded like a cheerful enough person. The news she received wasn't nearly as well received, as Vai and her were ordered to split up – One to deal with the incoming air-force, and the other to continue the primary mission. Seeing as Vai was team leader, he'd be heading with the AAST's to the battle point... Which meant she'd have to break off and take on those birdies. Fun.

“Alright, alright, I'm going...” Laymin responded to Vai, the urgency of the stealth team making it away before the enemy spotted them critical leading the team boss to get a bit snippy. Disengaging her magnetic attachment and sliding backwards on the Draco, Shyv jumped when she reached the edge, taking a moment to free fall before engaging her suit's thrusters, slowing her descent to a steady hover, before lowering closer to the ground, perching herself on top of a large tree. Checking her suits energy levels and specs, she waited, watching the sky for the enemy as Vai trailed off into the distance. Five on One, even if she was backed up by the battleships – If she got shot down, not only would she be dead, but those frigates wouldn't stand a chance. “No pressure...” She muttered to herself, wondering if the faith to carry out the assigned task was with her or her suits capabilities. Either way, the lack of any real support wasn't comforting.

“Alright, I can do this. Enigma, keep me updated on things alright? Last thing I need is getting sandwiched by ground forces while taking these things on...” Turning her eyes skyward, Laymin spotted the glint of metal in the sky, tracking her sights on the lead aircraft. Hmmph, it was kind of obnoxious having a red paint coat like that. Made her job easier. With a slight chuckle, she wondered if people thought the same thing about Vai's Eniknight. Easing her finger along the trigger, she decided to take her shot, capitalising on the element of surprise...

“Alright team, we've got our orders – Let's go sink us some battleships.” With a wide smirk, Flay began guiding her team to the battle area, tracing along the outline Sarah had forwarded to them. With her overclocked ship, it didn't take long even over the short distance to end up blazing ahead of the pack, already intent and eager to wipe out the naval force all on her own. With a somewhat annoying buzz, Trent's voice filtered into her headpiece. “Come on Mia, Sarah wants us to stick together. Let us get in the action too, y'know? You'll need cover if something goes wrong too-”

“Something goes wrong? With moi? Trent, when has things ever gone wrong for-” The warning alarm blared out as ground fire streaked towards Flay's aircraft. Swearing, she turned drastically to the side, barrel-rolling and lowering her height to help destroy the anti-air's angle of fire. What the hell was that? She wasn't even at the friggin' target point yet! “Intel needs to work on their shit more than the freakin' monkeys...” Flay growled over the radio, ignoring Trent's calls of concern and switching her focus to Sarah's channel. “So boss, next time give me some warning about the ground forces.”
“Ground forces are still pulling back from the other outposts – whatever just attacked you is likely an ambush that anticipated your arrival and planned to intercept and protect their fleet. I can't be certain of their numbers, but you should wait for your squad before getting in their recklessly-” Flay glared a little, pulling up drastically as another shot blasted her way. Pulse fire like that would definitely put a big dent in her hide – And she wasn't about to let her shiny baby get damaged after cleaning it for today's victory celebration. Still, they were definitely ground based – and the fact she hadn't encountered any other fire meant it was probably a single installation...

“Pfft. You don't know me very well Sarah, reckless is my middle name!” Charging forward, Flay fully intending to bomb whatever anti-air facility they had out here, triangulating their position based on the last shot...

“Shit, I think it's spotted me.” Shyv grumbled, grinding down the tree to ground level and shaving some bark before taking off at a run. If she kept her energy systems low, they wouldn't be able to spot her until it was too late. Closing in, a nice clean shot to that ship's underside should take it out...


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"Ah. So they're in the Southern team's airspace," Aerionelle said, grinning. "Intelligence Officer, could you transmit some orders to the other team for me, and to the fleet? Those fighters are probably headed to attack the fleet as it heads south, and not our stealth team. Have the southern wing pull off and deploy one of the Eniknights, then jam communications from our support boats just as the fighters near engagement distance.

=Kira promptly responded complying with Aerionelles request=
(> Right away Lieutenant, relaying orders to southern team now. Enigma to Hawk 2, you are to dispatch one eniknight to hold off advancing hostile aircraft entering your airspace from the North West. Upon entering your proximity their communications should be cut off by one of our naval vessels within your proximity, the communicatiosn jamning and the suprise eniknight ambush should throw the formation in dissaray.

Only 1? =Vais echoed eniknight thought out loudly as he flew their draco towards its location before establishing communications with their intelligence officer=
(> Enigma this is Blaze, I need to confirm the order given, that we are to deploy only one eniknight at this time.

=Kira then sends her reply= (> That is correct, it is Lindwurm's confidence that a single eniknight is needed to fend off against a wing of five arrow piercers. The Draco harboring the other eniknight is to remain on course so as not to jeopordize the mission.

...(> Copy Enigma, deploying 1 eniknight at desired location.
=Vai says as he then speaks to Shyvell =
(> Here's your moment to shine Laymin good luck to you.

=As the pulsed blast ripped through their formation one of the three arrow piercers accompanying Mia and Trent shouts over their radio=
Shots fired, scramble! Scramble!

=The Stratian arrow pierces then break away from each other
(> Nothing is coming up on radar from where shot was fired. =said one of the other Arrow Piercer pilots

=The other pilots decided to take Flay's lead in either pinpointing or destroying whatever attacked them by forming a V formation behind the red arrow piercer and began blanketing the ground below with rapid burst of railgun fire.

=Meanwhile back at Sulta Vincent Cairo quickly followed Aster into the city. He found it akward that a moment earlier they were putting up the fight of their life and now all of a sudden they could practically stroll into the city with little resistance as the Artomidians in the area are quickly retreating=
This can not be this easy
=He says to Aster=

=Seriph soon returns back to the trench he left earlier. It seems his men have already rushed into the city, as only the dead remained in the trench with him. He was about to climb out and join his men but stopped a momment and walked to wear a carefully place Stratian flag draped over the body of Lt. Horus. He pulled the flag off and pointed the gun at the dead officers chest and fired a round into him=
That should cover some loose ends.
=He says as then climbs out of the trench and joins his men alreadying in Sulta.=


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=Vai was flying on course when suddenly the Draco he is tethered to burst into flames as a massive ray of blue energy rips through the hull. Vai's eyes widen as the combined damage from both a direct hit from H.I.P.C belonging to the Stratian ace, and the explosion of the Draco on his back, ends up blowing off Vais left arm=

=A blood curtling yell of pain and panic comes over the open eniknight frequency, and would alert the attention of all those listening in on that channel.=

=Standing in ANGEL's intelligence war room, General Star and Captain Stone were themselves alerted at what has just happened=
What the hell just happened?

=Kira Senou looked away from her terminal and addressed Captain Stone=
Sir, Blaze' Draco II, took a direct hit by an enemy arrow piercer, The Draco unit is appearing unoperational.

=General Star quickly approached=
What is Blaze' condition?

=Kira looks up to General Star and replies=
Blaze overall condition is at 62% however it appears it is steadily dropping. Likely the pilot sustained internal injuries.

=General Star gets on Kira's comlink and attempts to contact Vai, unfortunately for the other eniknights, they too have no choice but to listen in.=
(>Blaze? This is General Star, are you there, please respond.

=Vai is finding himself spiraling with the wreckage still magnetically tethered to his back attempting to first get the Draco to fly stable before he can eject from it. Not even aware presently that his left arm is nothing more then dangling blood soaked cables, all of attention is focused on getting the Draco out of a spiral. Eventually though he is at the very least able to respond back to General Star=

(> errr... Blaze here, I've been hit. Arrow Piercer had to have come out of no where.. cant.. maintain.. control..

=General Star, Captain Stone, and Kira are both monitoring his broadcasted perspective on their terminal. It would almost make anyone watcing nauscious as Vai was constantly spinning around and his head quickly moving from one direction to the next to find ways to get things under control=

> Okay listen to me Blaze, you have been hit pretty badly. You are going to have to ditch the Draco right away if you have any hope of making it out of this.

=Captain Stone is looking at his destination path on the map and sees he is not at all where he needs to be=
Ma'am, hes flying way off course.[/
=General Star nods acknowlding Captain Stones observation as that in itself presented an additional concern= [color=green]
There is little we can do about that Captain.

(> Would love to General, however it appears I am over land, errrr... trying to stabalize the Draco so a safe jetison will be possible. =he says as the sprialing mass of flames and metal, deviate far away from his projected path and begins shooting over enemy territory.

=General Star replies back a concern tone in her voice=
(> You are going to have to chance it Blaze, your altitute is rapidly dropping if you do not eject now, the Draco on your back is either going to crush you or blow up again around you when you crash. Eject now!

=Vas response comes in as he sees himself flying over a thick forest of evergreens, something he cant deny he is scared to do=
(> Copy, ejecting.
=With that said Vai disengages from the Draco. free falling slightly, as the Draco flies off his back like a rocket and slams into ground blowing up shortly there after. Falling Vai attempts his wing system however, his trajectory when he disengaged has him turning his boosters on while heading strait to the ground. Vai ends up crashing through limbs and whole trees, knocking him around violently as the percentage of his armor and health condition begins dropping fast 50%.... 38%...29%
(> Errrrrrraghhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!
=Vai eventually makes it through the trees his suits unflyable as he hits the ground , body scraping against it at a good 40 miles per hour. His armor being shredded off of him as waves of dirt and wreckage traces behind him. 15%.... 10%..... =Eventually Vai finally comes to a stop, his back propped up against a thick tree. Two thirds of his vizor shattered with pieces of it sticking into his face, his right eye swollon shurt from the injuries he sustained. The only two things he sees is a blinking red number at the bottom of his vizor that says 03%, and then the discovery that his left arm is gone=

=Back at Holygrounds, Kira assesses the scenerio as the Camera on Vai's vizor went offline=
Ma'am, sir, Blaze location appears to be at a standstill however his overall condition is at critical, the eniknight looks to be no longer operational for this mission and the pilots health looks like it is needing immidiate medical treatment.

=Captain Stone speaks up=
What is his current location?

It appears Blaze deviated off his mission route quite a bit. He appears to be in the middle of the Artomori Forest, 25 miles east of Caltus.

=General Stars hand begins shaking as she begins to reach down in her pocket and pulls out a flask=

=Captain Stone looks at General Star= That is way off course, and deep behind enemy lines General, Should we call of the AAST's and have them bring Vai back?

=General Star staired out into space a moment as she weighed her options= We can not afford to call off the AASTs , doing so will jeopordize the lives of our troops at Sulta. We can not sacrfice a thousand lives to save 1, if it is an eniknight.
=Kira looks up at the General with concern and empathy=
But General?
We aren't even aware if he is going to survive his injuries, it is far too risky. We will have Laymin try to head after him after she is rid of the arrow piercers and the AAST's are in possition
=She says as she unscrews the cap of her flask, holding it with a shaking hand. She gets on Kiras comm again=
(>Blaze are you there? Blaze? Vai.. answer me.

(> errrr.... This is Blaze.. hurt bad..
=the battered eniknight says as he lays in a tranquilly beautiful yet slightly destroyed forest=
(> Listen to me Blaze, we are going to do ourbest to get you out of there as quick as possible. Im going to have Laymin get you out of there once she can alright? Until then keep a low profile and stay put. Okay?

=Resting his head back, blood seen dripping from his lips from the exposed part of his helmet he gives out a painful laugh= (> no worries, I aint going anywhere.

(> Hang in there Vai, you done all you could we're going to get you out of there buddy
= Captain Stones voice is heard as a reasurance. However when Captain Stone is there to reassure you, you know things are fucked up. Vai sits there and sees his 3% drop to 2%=


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=Vai drifted in and out of conciousness as managed through great effort to make a tournaquet to stop the blood flow from his severed arm, using one of the wires that dangled from the underside of his shattered armor, and a near by stick. Still though the blood loss was great and he felt very weak ontop of the pain.
As his eyes opened once more he heard the sound of yelling near by. "This way, it crashed somewhere around here!" said a voice. Soon after one by one red lazer lights began to appear, no doubt this could not be a a hallucination, no this was bad. Vai closed his eyes a moment and gone on his com once more in a slow weak voice.=
(> Enigma, this is Blaze... I have been comprimised... Stratians are beginning to close in now..

=Only able to listen in now on Blaze' communication Kira bit her bottom lip before responding back=
(> Attempt to evade if you can Blaze, Shyv will be able to be dispatched to rescue you very soon.

=Vai responded back=
(> Thats a negative, Enigma, loss of blood and broken limbs have made any hope of evasion impossible. This may be it for me...
=Vai thought of what fate awaited him, and then thought of his father at home. He knew likely the Stratians would probably torture him for information, something Vai was pretty certain he wouldn't survive in this state. He thought this news would be a terrible burden on his father and could not allow it.
(> Enigma, one last thing..

(> Go ahead Blaze
=Kira responded back=
(> Take good care of my father..., Tell him, I perished in the explosion..., and it was a quick.... clean death. Hozanahs protect you.

=With that Vai closed his eyes and deactivated his health monitoring system so no one would know his time of death. He looked up and over a dozen fully cladded Stratian soldiers slowly approached him, each with their rifles trained on him. He smirked and with a bit of his remaining strenght left he managed to salute them with his middle finger.=


=Kira attempted to reach him but with no response back
(> Blaze, your state of line just flat lined, come in Blaze., Blaze respond.

=With a sigh General Star spoke up=
It's no use Lt. Sen'ou, he likely isnt going to reply back, its showing his health monitor was manually switched off.
=Kira looked up to General Star and Captain Stone=
General, Im picking up a Stratian transport ship touching down by his location

=Captain Stones fist tightened and his knuckles whitened.=
damn it all to hell...
=A mix of anger coarsed in his veins as the Stratians delt twice the blow to them on this mission by both taking out one of his finest officers and also obtaining the A.N.G's trump weapon. =
Damn it, damn it , damn it , damn it. Sen'ou get up.

=Kira got out of her seat and Captain Stone got on the squads com=

(> Richmont Hawks, this is Captain Stone. You're only focus on this mission is to make an example of every Stratian soldier you come across. Your comrad in arms, callsign Blaze has been comprimised and has fallen into Stratian captivity. Attempts of rescue are now no longer a factor. Honor this man by putting the fear of hozanah into every soulless body of your enemies. Pour your rage out on them for the glory of your fallen comrad.


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ANG Battleship -1/5 DESTROYED

=The battleship trying to maneuver for evacuation was cut down before it could fully turn around. The arrow piercer piloted by Trent peppered the ship with his weaponry. The remnants of the shio began to steadily sink into the water shortly there after.
Trent really didnt know how much of an achievement he got out of downing the naval vessel, as it was the source for their communications being jammed. Almost immediately did the stratian pilots regain their communication.

(> Our battleship near the south team has been sank, our jamming capabilities have gone offline
Enigma reported.

(Redtail 4's turn: Tsuiakari)


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(Sorry about missing my turn as the other piercer. I'll hopefully make it up by kickstarting Aerionelle's evil plans.)

Aster grimaced slightly as new orders crackled over the communications link. No prisoners, huh? So this would be a massacre, probably the first of many. The sniper, while she had long since come to terms with the inevitability of such casualties, still felt a taste of bile rising in her throat at the thought of it, a taste which was, however, promptly discarded as, taking aim once again, she fired the last round in her clip into the head of the last of a small enemy squadron. The way things were now, the ill-planned enemy evacuation would just lead to even further casualties. And, with their current orders...

Aster was just about to rise to a standing position and follow her squadmate, the unusual lad named Cairo, when suddenly something stopped her. A faint flicker of movement on the edge of her vision halted her advance, and in the next instant, her fears were confirmed as a small red flash locked straight onto the man standing next to her. That was a sniper's laser sight! In an instant, without thinking, Aster sprang into action. "DOWN!" She cried frantically, throwing all of her weight forward and slamming into her comrade as he himself prepared to stand up. At the same time, a loud roar rang out across the plaza, followed by a shriek of tearing metal as the shoulder plate of the sniper's armor was ripped apart by a high-calibur bullet, one which thankfully only grazed her. There would be a bruise, for sure, but at least her arm hadn't been disabled by the shot.

"This is Elionsvie! We've been ambushed by enemy snipers! Repeat, it's an ambush!" She cried into her radio, only to hear nothing but static in response. Her eyes widened in understanding as she rose, darting behind a piece of crumbling masonry as a second shot resounded across the courtyard, followed by several more, small clouds of dust rising all around her as countless projectiles thudded dully into the ground nearby, keeping her pinned down. They were being jammed, which could only mean one thing. The entire city had been a trap, one they'd been overconfident enough to walk right into.

At that very moment, concealed within hidden nests across the city, countless Artomidian marksmen were lining up their shots and opening fire on the hapless Stratian invaders. At the same time, a renewed shout from the docks rang out across the city as the first wave of reinforcements, having landed with the now sunken ships that had gone to the aid of the ill-fated strike team, leaped from their own hiding spots and sprang into action, advancing under covering fire from their concealed snipers and assaulting the main enemy attack force while they were forced to search for cover from the omnipresent enemy marksmen. But this wasn't all, for in the next moment, the task force sent after the "evacuation" transports was also attacked, abruptly fired upon from several machine gun nests, while more snipers attacked the startled stragglers. In an instant, the enemies who had seemed to be routed turned about, and attacked with renewed vigor, turning the scene of a would-be massacre once again into a battlefield. With their communications down, their line of retreat cut, and their men surrounded, the numerically superior Stratians were thrown into momentary confusion, which was all the Artomidians needed to strike back. And, with their air support squadron occupied with the southern attack team, they wouldn't even be able to call in airstrikes to once more turn the tide. It wouldn't be enough to defeat them - their forces were far too vast for that - but it would buy enough time for the second wave of reinforcements to land, which would in turn buy time for the third and final wave. Although even the one who had orchestrated this plot didn't expect to achieve assured victory, she didn't doubt that three platoons of fresh, eager troops would be able to hold off the main enemy forces long enough for her real coup de grace, the charge of the main force of the Artomidian army which was already at that moment being ordered. The south team, despite being split, had at least made it to the enemy anti-air position. And, if they couldn't reclaim the turrets, they were under orders to at least destroy them. But AASTs, even in small numbers, were a force to be reckoned with, and Aerionelle had a feeling that the four remaining soldiers would be able to complete the job.

Meanwhile, she herself had work to do. She smiled grimly as the distance to her target finally reached the ideal position, and, opening communications, at last made her move.

"This is north team. We're making our move," She said quietly. "We won't let the men we've lost have died in vain. Now, all units, DIVE!" As she spoke these words, a tremor shook the wing of Dracos as they turned their noses downward. Like one single body, they began to plummet earthward, their many weapons already unfolding in preparation for the fight. Fifty meters till optimum range, and the young commander knew they'd been spotted. 25 meters, and she could hear the first peals of the alarms. But that didn't matter. They had the advantage of surprise, and, she mused, they were in range.

"WEAPONS FREE!" She bellowed, at the same time locking on to several priority targets and releasing a hail of missiles, ones she'd enhanced herself with trace amounts of eniphoton and chi. A black cloud descended upon the enemy facility, and, with an ear-splitting roar and a flash of crimson light, several small defense turrets vanished into flames before they could even come on line. In another instant, the other Dracos were releasing their own attacks, carpeting the surface of the defense post with a hellish, searing rain. Men screamed below as they were engulfed by countless explosions, and by the time the formidable anti-air gun had begun to unfold, the landing zone had already been cleared.

"Bail, bail! We're going in hot!" Aerionelle cried, dropping from her own ship and landing in a crouch on the ground, unfolding her suit's built in chaingun in the next instant and opening fire on a small squad of men scrambling to defend themselves, gunning them down before they could even find cover. She smirked. Those schmucks were only using their sidearms. So they really hadn't seen this coming, had they? This position was behind enemy lines, far enough to seem fairly safe. Well, that just worked in her favor in the end, since she was fairly sure she'd hit the armory with that last attack.

"Head for the main building. Clear security stations on your way up, and head for the control room. There's not much time, so make it quick! Redtails Six and Seven, you take point. Eight and Nine, you're vanguard. Everyone else, form up on me."


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#, as written by Tanman
The hail of bullets flashed over Laymin, shredding into the armor and debilitating even more of the suit. Though effectively protecting her body, there was only so much the suit could take. The inevitable happened as a couple of bullets breached the defences, Shyv swearing loudly into her helmet as explosions of pain ripped through her left arm and thigh. Staggering to that side as fell towards the floor, another slice of wind rushed by her as further covering fire shredded the space where she had last been. Hitting the dirt and rolling hard, Laymin forced herself up against a trunk, pivoting to look up at the sky. She couldn’t see either of her assailants, not for the moment. And if she couldn’t see them, chances were, they couldn’t see her. Bracing her weight on the injured leg, Shyvell nearly lost her footing from the pain. She nearly couldn’t support herself, but she had to take this chance. Charging up the cannon once more, Laymin prepared herself, mentally counting down before she made her move.

Flipping out from the tree she’d been hiding behind, she quickly located the nearest enemy craft and opened fire, a laser stream erupting upwards and shredding through clouds towards its target…

Tanman rolls 1d36 and gets 14(14). -_- Miss.

As Laymin’s shot seemed to be on target, everything seemed to be fine. Finally however, the wounds took their toll. As her leg gave way to the pain, she slumped to one knee, her shot careening off and downwards, slicing through several trees before she managed to shut it off. She was at her limit. She was done. Collapsing back against the trunk of the tree, she let out a hollow sigh. She could barely move anymore and she had the sinking feeling in the pits of her stomach that this was the end of the line. Focusing herself on her communicators, she made a call to her operator.

“This is Shyvell to Enigma… Pretty sure I’m not making it out of this one… I still have the opportunity to destroy the Enicrystal before I’m down… Permission to terminate?” Panting as she made the request, Laymin wasn’t sure she’d even get the chance before the next volley of fighter bullets riddled her. Still, she was a soldier. Her duty was to follow orders. Up until joining the army, she’d felt out of place, and without purpose. If this was how she was going to be finished… Maybe that wasn’t so bad.


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Music: Apocalyptica "Worlds Collide"

=While Laymin was in hiding in the forest and retaliating through her best efforts Kira was reporting in all of the status over ANGELs frequency both to General Star, Captain Stone, and all of their subordinates=

(> Shyvell's armor integrity is at 10% with sustained minor injuries. Aerial threat has dropped by 80%. However Southern teams success rate is less than 25%, with combat forecast expecting to drop to 0 in a matter of minutes.

=With a heavy panting Laymin comeson the com= “This is Shyvell to Enigma… Pretty sure I’m not making it out of this one… I still have the opportunity to destroy the Enicrystal before I’m down… Permission to terminate?”

=Kira looked up to Captain Stone= your orders sir?

=Captain Stone attempted to bury the frustration that the Southern team operation was a bust, especially with losing one of his officers, however they were put at a disadvantage from the beginning when ambushed and could no place blame on anybody on southern team. Hell if anything Southern team was able to show ANGEL the effectiveness of their prototype weapon. General Star would have never signed off on an eniknight engaging in a solo sortie like this, however seeing as it couldn't have been prevented it was a hell of an eye opener to see that one eniknight could hold their own against a squad of arrow piercers for this long, and in fact take out half of them. Captain Stone looked down at officer Sen'ou sitting at her console=

Shyvell has the approval to fall back, however that enicrystal serves as a beacon, she is not to destroy it unless she is a hundred percent sure she will be captured or killed.

=Kira nods in compliance= Yes sir.
(>Enigma to Shyvell you are granted clearance to fall back at once, be advised you are behind enemy lines and your enicrystal is vital to your recovery. Destruction of your eniknight is prohibited under orders from Captain Stone unless certainty of KIA or capture. Destruction of your eniknight will call off all search and rescue operations.


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=Back in the war-room at Holygrounds, General Star, Captain Stone, and Lieutenant Sen'ou closely monitored the entire situation and listened word for word of the radio chatter being relayed to them. Things have just gone from bad to worse, The Ark's failed to link up, and has left the target zone. By the look of things, that brat's headed for enemy lines. This op's almost complete. I can finish the mission, even with only my own Eniknight and the commandos. Request permission to divert Undead Guardian to recover both the stray and Shyv, over." =came the voice from Lieutenant Remil followed by the chatter from Corpse Little fucker IS deserting.

=Captain Stone's eyes narrowed some has his hand slowly moved to a detonator fastened to his belt that required a flip of the cover and a push of a button to detonate the explosive collar underneath the Ark's armor and around Vage's neck. He looked up at the overhead screens which mapped out everyone's proximity in Sulta seeing that Vage is infact a klick off course though not moving. Captain Stone then gives an order to Lt. Sen'ou. Bring up Vages vizor cam on the overhead.
Yes sir Kira said bringing up the visual with a click.

=The three are seeing Vage's view fixated on the sleeve of a dead Stratian, the ghost platoon badge at the center of the view. Captain stone studies it himself a moment thinking back. In an almost grayscale flashback he recalls the scene where he woke Vage by throwing a bucket of water on him, and the responsive hunched over posture he made coughing for air. His memory hones in on the patch on his sleeve, it was the same as the one he is presently glancing at. Captain Stone looks over to General Star "Ma'am that patch belongs to Leers old unit
=General Star replies in turn= hmmm... likely he's in shock, I've seen this in the field before. Try to establish communication with Leer first and if hes unresponsive have Revkel snap him out of it. Unless he does show signs of defection the only use of force should be to incapacitate him. Right now I am more concerned with someone bringing Shyvell out of enemy territory

=Lt. Sen'ou nods= Right away General. establishing communication with Soldier Leer now. =Kira says as she brings up the mic on her head set to speak= (> Enigma to Ark of War come in Ark of War..... ......... Enigma to Ark of War come in Ark of War. =Kira speaks out loud before moving on to the next measure= no response...

=Vage was not purposely ignoring anyone his mind was in deep thought, no doubt a by product of a slight psychological trauma. His internal voice echoed outloud as he thought to himself. Just a short time ago I was fighting in this uniform, now against the ones who wear it.. Is what I'm doing wrong? =Vage re-envisions his battle at Arkacello, running to help out his Stratian comrade who was wounded in the leg. And exchanging fire against his now allied A.N.G. soldiers=
Is anything we all are doing right? =He recalls the scene where Seriph executed surrendering A.N.G. in cold blood. Then Vages eyes blink a moment then replaying the scene where his own friend Aster shot him for aiding the Artomidian children to safety. = Well no matter now.. If those actions are grounds to label me an enemy, then it makes no difference who I'm fighting, Strata must be stopped. =Vage pondered as his head slwoly tilts back looking up. = Hmm... If this is Ghostplatoon perhaps I could gather some intel, hopefully they didn't change their frequency.. =he thought as he then gave a mental command to his armor. (> Switch frequency. Adjust frequency to 12.741.009. =Vage begins picking up white noise and then surprisingly some chatter= ........... sir? I've got a clear angle from here out of the enemy's L.O.S.,"
That's Aster's voice. Yes! I'm in. =he thinks to himself before listening more intently=

=At the same time Vage's attempt to ease drop on the enemy's frequency clouds the frequency coming from Enigma.= (> Enigma to Undead Guardian, you are to investigate Ark of War's behavior and attempt to have him resume the mission. Use minimum force to subdue him if he remains unresponsive, report signs of defection if you witness it first hand. Ark of War will be terminated from HQ upon report. Quickly move on to recovery procedures for Eniknight Shyv as primary objective.


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Corpse finally got the words that he had been waiting long enough to hear. Like before, he would have just left, but apparently this was a high priority mission, so he really didn't need to fuck things up at the top more than he normally did. Yeah, he could admit that he messed up quite often, especially in the eyes of his superiors, but he didn't give two shits about it. He did what he believed was right, and they let him: that was what doctors did.

Enigma to Undead Guardian, you are to investigate Ark of War's behavior and attempt to have him resume the mission. Use minimum force to subdue him if he remains unresponsive, report signs of defection if you witness it first hand. Ark of War will be terminated from HQ upon report. Quickly move on to recovery procedures for Eniknight Shyv as primary objective.

Corpse narrowed his eyes at the first sentence and checked back on Leer's Eniknight, or the 'Ark of War' as they called it. It still hadn't moved from that stupid spot, and it seemed that a few enemy troops were moving in on him. He gave a hard sigh, knowing that the kid would be killed with a perfect shot to the head if he didn't move. What threw him off the most, however, was how Command was wording his objective: report signs of defection. Was the kid defective after his first fucking run? That would be sad to no end, but Corpse didn't think so - it looked more like a mild form of PTSD than anything, so it was curious that they would make him report defects.

Corpse shook his head clearing it. "Yeah, on it." He said bluntly, and ran out of the building while watching his navigator/'friend finder.' Shyv was a decent distance away, and would probably take about 5 minutes to reach at top speed. The kid was back where they first started, in basically the opposite direction - well, sort of. He was to the East of them. Since his target was Shyv, he turned towards the South and began to move, jogging and then into full fledged running. Corpse would have just put it on autopilot then if he hadn't noticed that Vage suddenly moved from his Shock position towards enemy lines.

Corpse wasn't one for checking in on Command, but he made sure he did this time. "Enigma, this is Corpse here. What in the fuck is Leer doing." He spat out while continuing his running. He then began to analyze Vage's movement patterns, and the computer brought up an estimate of his course with a few vectors. "Newblood is running towards the enemy. Heading west at weird angle though." Corpse narrowed his eyes, and did what he did best: he gave the kid a call.

"Kid. Don't know what the fuck your doing, but if you want to keep your head, stop moving and turn the fuck around." He then kept that channel open, but basically 'minimized' it so that he would deal with it later. He then opened one up to Shyv. "Shyv, Corpse here. Coming at ya from the North. 'bout 4 minutes tops. Get out of the water by then - swimming ain't my favourite past time." Now, the only reason that he added that last part was actually because of his inability to swim. In reality, since his leg is all screwed and such, his ability to swim went from slim to none. It didn't help that he rarely swam as a kid, and found it to be quite scary. But he was pretty sure only a handful of people knew that, with Shyv being one of them. At least, he thought she knew.


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A lot happened after Garlon radioed over to the Generals and got a response. The good news? The response itself: Major Garlon, you are granted clearance to attach to the tank units in your A.O. Ensure you provide video feed of the blue flamed units you speak of. MT-01 Hell Minions unit 560 and 561 will arrive in coordinates X301 Y760 in less than 2 mike. You will be granted full command of all units. Hail Strata. Garlon smiled, and hoped that his response would get through. "Copy that. Hail Strata!" He was finally getting some actual results on the reinforcements just as the first tank unit arrived. A large - wrong word, MASSIVE - shadow covered the tank units, and Garlon looked up content with the sight: the Hell Minions were arriving. The most deadly war machines in this battle were about to be deployed under his command.

Now if Garlon had to be honest, he didn't like the Minions that much. They were quite large and highly bulky - while extremely effective weapons, if this 'blue flame' weapon the ANG have is as fast as he has registered, then it would be too slow to keep up. Speaking of that blue flame, against the looming shadow Garlon noticed it once again speeding through the shadow. He instantly turned on the video feed in his com, but didn't catch much as it seemingly stopped.

The ground then shook as the Hell Minions made their not-too-graceful landing. Even the tank unit shook from the intense weight of the Minions. The dust cloud that followed was soon upon him, and Garlon quickly shielded himself from the debris. When Garlon looked up once again, he saw the blue flame again, and this time he quickly grabbed his binoculars and used their video feed to capture the object, and he nearly dropped his binoculars when he did so. What Garlon saw through his binoculars looked nothing like the ANG of the past: a sleek, metalic, robotic-humanoid hovering near the one Hell Minion. It was only a few seconds, but Garlon couldn't believe anything he saw - that ANG had embraced technology completely destroyed any ideas that he previously thought he knew.

The left Hell Minion then shot at the coordinates specified by Seriph and proceeded to assist, just as he had asked for, and the shot shook Major Garlon out of his stupor. The Right Hell Minion also sends out a shot towards an area of massive resistance, and Garlon speculated that it decimated the entire area. Garlon then watched as the Hell Minion turned towards the robot, which seemed awkwardly small in its presense, but Garlon was not fooled: that thing moved fast. This would be a bad area to stay.

"Driver! Get out of here! I'll command the tank unit while you head back!" The Driver nodded and got in his vehicle to head back while Horatio jumped onto the tank, his left arm fully equiped with his chain gun before the hatch of the tank unit opened to reveal on of the soldiers. He then spoke through the coms as well as to the soldier, so that all would get it. "Tank Unit, this is Major Garlon. I'm taking control of this unit. Head towards the city to provide relief for the soldiers stuck in the streets, and make it pronto! We do NOT want to be hanging around when those two go at it!" The soldier understood, as the lead tank jolted forward and started a quick pace towards the city as the others followed suit. Horatio had a worried face the entire ride there, so he used his binoculars and caught more feed of the blue-flaming robot to send back to Command.

Horatio knew that the ANG stepped up their game: he just wished he had seen this coming earlier. Now he had a sinking feeling in his gut that this battle wasn't going to end well. He attempted to radio contact command, and hoped that the live feed was getting through to them as he spoke. "Generals, this is Major Garlon reporting in. The blue flame is a robotic soldier, I repeat. The blue flame is an Artomidian robotic soldier. Unsure if it is being piloted directly, or if just a robot throughout. These things are not to be taken lightly, as they move incredibly fast. Amount of these soldiers is unknown, as you can see this is the only one reported on so far. Once radio contact is established once again we will know."


“Copy that. Hate to have you get your feet wet, Marlo.” Corpse sighed at her comment, already hearing the silent laughter she was probably barely containing. Yeah, she knew he couldn't swim, but he didn't give a shit. Leave it to Shyv though to lighten the crap out of a serious situation: “I’ll just be sunning myself on a beach somewhere – Feel free to bring a towel and lotion.” Another sigh from Marlo this time, but he managed to crack a rough smile. He simply shook his head, and buried his head back into his run.

Since it seemed that command had their head's up their asses at the moment, he decided to focus on getting Shyv outta there and wait for any possible response later. True, he really wasn't expecting much of a response, since he was just making an obvious comment - it wouldn't them if they would just give speculation though. So, as he jumped into the air when he got halfway, Corpse watched Leer's little icon while also keeping an eye on Shyv and command. Didn't need them just disappearing or something. He took a moment though, to relax while he glided through the air - it was times like these, right in the thick of battle and yet not at all, that Corpse enjoyed most.

------------- On the other side.... ------------

AP2 was desperately searching for that piece of crap robot so that he could blow it sky high for killing off one of his friends. After finally stabalizing himself, he went on a search around the lake, trying to locate the missing metal thing, and yet couldn't find it. Like it had vanished or something. He nearly gave up hope when, out of the corner of his eye he saw a little flash near the shore. Instantly, he turned the ship to see what it was, and nearly lost it: the metal was disappearing, and an Artomidian woman was there instead. His eyes buldged as thousands of ideas ran through his head, with one main one sticking out: That... thing was a suit of armor?! AP2 didn't know how in the hell the Artomidians, the people of religious douchebaggery, came up with something so damn high tech. So, he did the only thing he could do: he began to get a closer look before deciding on peeling off. He grabbed the radio, knowing that it was jammed, but tried anyway as he descended.

"Stratian Command, and anybody listening, this is Arrow Piercer 2! The robots, they are actually su-"

JokerofSpades (Marlo Revkel) rolls 1d36 and gets 34(34).

Something smacked into the back of his Arrow Piercer, and he gave a startled scream as the ship spun clockwise. He could only manage a glimpse, but it was enough to see the hand of another robot - this one red and larger - grabbing hold of his ship on its descent. That was the last thing he saw before his ship was thrown downwards hard towards the water. If the impact hadn't killed him, then the robot landing on the ship certainly did - nearly crumpling the thing in two.

-----------------------Back to the original story... -----------------

Marlo had seen the little black ship on his descent, and decided to pop by for a visit by grabbing hold of it, throwing it into the water, and landing on it. It was a nice greeting by his standards, anyway. Knowing that Shyv had powered down not far from his landing, he jumped off the ship quickly before it began to sink into the water, avoiding any idea of him swimming. Not that much later, he landed a bit from Shyv before doing the stupid thing - powering down as well. He needed a little bit of a break, and he didn't like explaining or discussing a lot over a com - it was also a lot harder to give out meds when in eniknight form. So his stature went from almost 7 feet to under 6, and he hobbled over to Shyv before lighting up a cigarette.

"Guess you weren't kidding." He breathed in and blew out, a small chuckle released before grabbing the painkillers she seemed to had grown fond of and throwing them at her. He hadn't guessed that she would take her statement so damn literally, but he shrugged. Shyv was Shyv. He then got down to business after taking another puff. "Newblood is ditching - I'm supposed to go get him." He gave a sigh. "I'll drop you off a decent distance away, beat the shit out of the kid, and we'll head back." He then cracked his neck, when a massive explosion went off. He instantly powered himself back up and radioed command while picking up Shyv. "Command, what in the Fuck was that?!"


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"Command, what in the Fuck was that?!"
=Enigma quickly responds back to Corpse=

(> We are viewing Ark of Wars feed now. Two enemy MT-01's have touched down West of Sulta. Both mecha have fired upon Indigo Company in the north, and Sniper Team 4 in the south central part of Sulta. Indigo company is still holding the line however they have sustained good number of casualties and that hold has weakened. Sniper Team 4 has been wiped out. Radar shows one of the MT-01's heading toward the northern battlezone. Ark of War's feed is showing the other MT-01 is still stationary at it's dropzone. You are to transport Shyv to a safe location for her injuries to be treated then quickly head back and assist Ark of War.
=Captain Stones eyes remain fixated on the video feed from Vage's vizor cam. His concealed grip on the detonator to Vage's explosives relaxes as he watches the live streaming footage from Leer, as it doesn't quite appear that he is defecting back to the Stratians, not yet anyway.=

What are you doing Stratian...?

=General Star takes a swig from her flask and then replies= Looks to me, he's about to go toe to toe with that thing.. Gotta say I'm a little surprised. Usually this is the sort of temerity we see from Shyvell, wouldn't have guessed our new friend had it in him.

=General Star looked over to her communications officer= Lt. Sen'ou, contact Lt. Remil tell her the objective has changed. I am wanting her to assist Leer with the Hell Minion. I have faith one of our eniknights can take them on but with two of them we might be able to wipe it out in time before the second one does any real damage.

=Kira nods= Yes commander/

=Captain Stone speaks up= Are we just going to let the other Mecha and tank unit walk right into our northern AO, General?

=General Star swishes her flask around speaking in a tone with a slight sense of arrogance= Time will be on our side on this one Captain Stone. Indigo may be able to hold the onslaught briefly once they get there. I will contact General Falon, and tell him to move Indigo's anti tank team to the front to hold them at bay, until our Eniknight team makes short work of the first mecha. Besides, Leer is seeming a bit unpredictable right now, if something were to happen to allow this unit to get into Southern Sulta our mission will be a bust.

=Captain Stone moans in discontempt=

=General Star assures him as she pulls out a radio to contact the other general= Also look at it this way Captain Stone, Those two mecha tanks are the Stratians trump card in this battle. If we defeat them, then likely the Stratians will retreat and grant us victory, put some faith in the new guy.

=Kira goes over ANGEL's main channel= (> Enigma to Lindwurm, you're objective has changed. You are to proceed to Ark of War's location and assist him in eliminating the threat within that AO before proceeding North to eliminate the other remaining enemy advancement.

=Captain Stone resumes his concentration on Vage's feed on the monitor, noticing Leer's view is fixated on the MT-01's head unit. The giant red glowing eye quickly slides right around towards Vage discovering him. Missile pods on the MT-01s back opens up. And Vage's eyes dilate as he see's the mess he's in, echoing cursing becomes audible=

(> Shit.. =Vage unsheaths his photon blade and boost back and climbs in elevation. The MT-01 fires a barrage of missiles at him. Vage boost up in the air and struggles to fly evasively like a wounded bird as the missiles trail him, the smoke trails contorting and some of them colliding into each other blossoming into an awesome fury of explosions = (> Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit! Shit!

=Captain Stone mutters under his breath as he watches the embarrassing display= Stop flying strait up you dumbass...


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Asher had been about to shake her head in response to the officer's question, when, suddenly, an answer was given for her. With a tremendous explosion and a roar of collapsing masonry, the sniper nest was abruptly annihilated by heavy weapons fire she thought she recognized as a tank round. Breathing a sigh of relief, she, too, slowly rose, still scanning the skyline warily for any sign of enemy shooters.

"It seems that the armored corps have finally arrived," Aster concurred much less enthusiastically than her commander. "I still can't establish communications with either command or the main force. Nevertheless, I'd say our six is clear to pull back for now." Lowering her rifle, she nevertheless kept it at the ready, keeping her eyes and ears peeled for any sign of another ambush.

"I'll follow your lead, sir."


Aerionelle had been following the course of the battle in Sulta as best she could via squad command. Although she'd been trying to focus on her own operation, she'd found it rather difficult to when she couldn't help but notice flashes of red abruptly consuming the dots symbolizing the allied squads on the ground. A feeling of guilt, dread, and horror began to build up inside her gut as she realized that each and every one of those dots that disappeared into light were people with names, faces, memories, and families... and that they were dying on her orders. Perhaps, she wondered, maybe she wasn't cut out to be an officer. As a squadron commander, she'd had so much more direct control over her men's safety. But, like this, how was she supposed to ensure the survival of everyone in her command? People died in war. Nothing she could do could change that. She felt so... helpless. It both disgusted and infuriated her.

When orders abruptly came telling her to break off from her already largely complete operation, then, and rejoin the battle on the front, she gave a simple, two word reply of "Understood, Ma'am," trying to sound as composed as she could, and then, hastily ordering the AASTs to continue without her, she swiftly powered up her chaingun and, blasting out of a window, unfolded her Eniknight's wings and swiftly took off. Powering up the thrusters to full, she wasted no time in rising away from the facility, not wanting to be targeted by the auto-defenses that were still on standby, and, acquiring her target based on Leer's location, immediately setting a course and moving towards the objective as quickly as she could. At her current distance, it would take her a matter of minutes to arrive there. She just hoped that she showed up in time to prevent further losses at the hands of those enemy armor units...


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Garlon had no choice but to watch as the massive Hell Minion rolled on past him. He was hoping that the tank unit could have gotten more of a headstart, but those Minions could move pretty damn fast in straight lights. It certainly helped that they were flippin huge. He gave a grim sigh as he turned his head back at the other Hell Minion that was starting to zero in on the little Blue Flame (That was the code name that Garlon decided to give the robot, as he really didn't know what else to call it). The Blue Flame, however, suddenly released some form of electric blade from its arm, and that was when Horatio got slightly nervous. The little guy had yet to look like he had flinched at all - was the thing that confident in itself, or was it just a robot, so no emotions could be surveyed?

Regardless, Jorge kept his ear open for any communications over the coms from either his Platoon or the Generals. He wished something would be done about the jammers, but the problem this time was that nobody in the entire damn Stratian offense had a clue as to where the jammers were located. If he could relocate back up with the Ghost platoon, Garlon knew that he would be changing up their primary objective with an 'S&D' mission to find and destroy that damn jammer.

While the Minion began to pull away from the Tank unit, Garlon attempted to reach out to any of his platoon while keeping his eyes locked. "Ghost Platoon, this is Major Garlon, over. Ghost Platoon, do you copy?" He would then pause, and attempt again ever few minutes or so, hoping that somebody would 'pick up the damn phone' as they used to say.


We are viewing Ark of Wars feed now. Two enemy MT-01's have touched down West of Sulta. Both mecha have fired upon Indigo Company in the north, and Sniper Team 4 in the south central part of Sulta. Indigo company is still holding the line however they have sustained good number of casualties and that hold has weakened. Sniper Team 4 has been wiped out. Radar shows one of the MT-01's heading toward the northern battlezone. Ark of War's feed is showing the other MT-01 is still stationary at it's dropzone. You are to transport Shyv to a safe location for her injuries to be treated then quickly head back and assist Ark of War.

Corpse nearly had a swear count longer than the explanation itself. Things just seemingly went from mildly annoying to horribly disasterous. First, two MT-01s have landed? Not good. Those massive fuckers would level the entire city if they weren't taken out stat. Before the ANGEL program, the ANG had nothing that could stop those damn things from just chugging away and destroying everything. Now.. well, now Corpse hoped that these little suits could do something. Indigo company had some good men on there, some of the veterans that Corpse still knew ran with the ground pounders. It wasn't like Corpse to pray, or do anything sentimental, but he hoped those assholes hadn't kicked it yet. Some of them owed him enough drinks to flood the bar.

Next was the fact that dumbass newbie was right in front of the fuckers. Now, Corpse didn't know what in the hell the kid was doing, but he was being bold. Or pretty fucking stupid. One or the other sounds about right. Regardless, judging by the kid's feed it seems that he wants to take the thing head one, which is quite a bad idea. What was more of a bad idea was having Command suggest that he go assist. Sure, he was an assistant type fighter, but they would be going against Hell Minions - ya know, the things from children's nightmares.

"Don't like assisting suicide kid, but alright." Corpse muttered into the com - he hadn't bother to see how the kid was doing, as he knew it would be painful to watch - and then turned to Shyv, who had more or less stayed put. "Newbie's fucking up, Command needs you out of the way, and me to go assist the asshole. Ready?" Not that he gave her much of a choice - once he said ready, Corpse gently - sort of - picked up Shyv from the ground, and together they jumped off towards one of the bunkers on his map.

Before landing though, he sent out a transmission at Lt. Aerionelle. "Remil, you going front?" Corpse normally liked to shorten up sentenses, so this was basically ground pound code for heading to the front lines. "Make sure asshole doesn't get killed."


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"Move before it fires again, Soldier Leer!" This roar from above was, perhaps, the only warning Vage would get before abruptly, a blue-tinted bullet came dropping out of the sky just as the Hell Minion's missile tubes released another shower of missiles, only for these to be intercepted by a brilliant display of azure energy that rained down from the sky above, precisely targeting and destroying several, which in turn caused the others to detonate long before they reached their target. At the same time, the shape of the Lindwurm, wreathed in the light of its thrusters, streaked down beside Vage, its arm-mounted chaingun still glowing from the barrage it had unleashed.

"Turn your comms back on before command gets antsy and blows you sky high, you idiot!" Aerionelle scolded, turning to face her fellow Eniknight and shouting this command over open audio, since Vage had disconnected the squad's communications feed. "We have new orders - take this big lug out, then move on to pick off the next one - so get your act together, and we'll knock these Stratians down a few notches, alright?!" Her words were spoken in an angry tone, but her voice seemed less scolding than it might have. That, and considering the fact that she had bothered to help him, it didn't seem like she was suspecting him. Still, she had a duty as a commander to set him straight when he went astray.

"Command, this is Lindwurm," She hailed. "I've engaged the target. I'd like to request any design data we have on these. Prominent weak spots, things like that. I need to know what I should be aiming for, or else this is going to be a long fight."


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(> Uploading information to you now Lindwurm.


(> There are four key weak spots for the MT-01, however all of them are rather difficult to get to unless you are able to get in close. There is a very slight opening exposed at the top of the units back that is canopied by the MT-01s armor plating, roughly 3.5 centimeters in diamater by 3 meters. This exposure may have the potential to allow you access to the inner workings of the unit to include the rail generators that allow it to fire its primary weapons.
The next weak spot is the eye unit. It is heavily protected by a short range strafe beam which is similar to your eniknights photon blades. Destruction of this pinpoint will not render the MT-01 inoperable however will render it blind to direct targeting.
The third weak spot is located to the back of the MT-01 Just behind the railguns and infront of the units missile pods. This area has no exposure however is believed to be the heaviest point of the unit and its center of gravity.

The final weakness is the two bendable portions of the MT-01s legs that serves as its knees. Though they are highly reinforced with armor the destruction of one of them could substantially alter the units mobility if not render it completely immobile all together.


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=Vage watched as the next wave of missiles were detonated a quater of the way from the Hell Minion and them. He looked sharply to the blue streak and identified it as his commander Lt. Remil. He didnt really have much time to celebrate as she quickly reminded him they were in the middle of a battle=

"Turn your comms back on before command gets antsy and blows you sky high, you idiot!"

=Vage blinked just now realizing he had forgetten to switch his squads comm back on= shit..
=Vage made the mental process to switch back and the small windows off to the sides of his periphial vision reappear. Hearing Enigma's chatter of sending infortation to them. A small window overlaps the window of Corpses perspective with a stimatic of the MT-01s weaknesses.= (> Ark of War here, I have tapped into a Stratian channel. Frequency 12.741.009


=General Star looks over Lt. Sen'ou= Any chance you can tune into that frequency?

=Kiras fingers dance upon the keyboard of her terminal a moment and a red x window pops up= Negative commander, Headquaters is either too far out of range, or being walled off by our jamning boats

Or... the Stratian could be lying to us... =Remarked Captain Stone=

=General Star swigs from her flask a moment tapping its metal exterior with her fingernails while thinking, then looks back to her communications specialist.= Lt. Sen'ou


See if you can get a hold of Shyv and ask her if she is well enough to see if she can pick up the frequency Ark of War reported.

Right away commander. =Kira adjust her headset and attempts to contact Shyvell=

(> Enigma to Shyv, are you there?

(if picked up)

(> Are you well enough to perform a non combatant task? We need you to see if you hear anything from frequency 12.741.009