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A.N.G.E.L. The Eniknight War

Planet Geia


a part of A.N.G.E.L. The Eniknight War, by XxEvil1xX.


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Planet Consisisting 70% of water, and 30% land. Is home to the religious Artomidian people that number between 4.5-5 Million people, approximately the same population of its space counterpart civilization the Stratians.
The planet has served as a refuge to an alien sentient being from the now non-existing Solis star system. The Solis' culture was later absorbed into the native Artomidian culture and introduced to its people a revolution in technology, which is the apex of controversy to this day.
Two countries exist on Geia the first and most dominant country makes up the majority of the single continent, Artomidia. The second much smaller country the Royalist Monarch exist at Artomidia's northwest isle.
The predominant religion in Artomidia is Shin Sekai, a monotheistic religion in which the deity is the sky, commonly referred to as heavens. The Artomidians do believe in demi-deities reffered to as messengers that would be the equivalent of Solis' belief of angels.
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Planet Geia



Planet Geia is a part of A.N.G.E.L. The Eniknight War.

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Abel Mercer [0] "There's only one thing on this world that can kill a Merc and that's another Merc!"

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Character Portrait: Aerionelle Franz Remil Character Portrait: Vage Leer Character Portrait: General Star Character Portrait: Kay Stone Character Portrait: A.N.G. Soldier Character Portrait: Nia Tavian Character Portrait: Raven Rookien Character Portrait: Ryunosuke Unemori
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=Understanding that he is a prisoner of his nations enemy, Vage though still angered by the rude awakening Captain Stone gave to him quickly changed the moment Nia stepped into view. He smiled to see that she was alright. He had no clue at all what had happened to her after being rendered unconscious by the A.N.G. soldiers that have captured him, and is now fortunate to know her fate was more promising than what she had feared. Still not knowing the young womans name he simply replied with a few words and a smile=
You are alright

=Captain stone then nodded to Nia and then with a head gesture signaled for two of the A.N.G. prison guards to come forward. One of the soldiers pointed a rifle at Vage to insure he didnt try anything funny while the other soldier unlocked his cell and had his wrist and ankles hand cuffed. Both soldiers then pulled Vage out of his cell and stepped behind him their weapons at the ready in the event he tried to escape. One of the soldiers looked to Captain Stone and spoken=

Sir the prisoner is secured and is cleared to egress the holding cell to the desired location

=Captain Stone looked at them and nodded=
Acknowledged proceed to escort the prisoner to our destination while Ms. Tavian and myself accompany you.

=With that Vage, being carefully escorted by the two soldiers exit the prison with Captain Stone next to him and Nia to the outside of the Captain.=

=As they all exit the prison Vage finds himself at the A.N.G.s main military base named after the capitol city it resides in "HolyGrounds." Vage looked to the sky and can see his former home stretching across the sky from one horizon to the next, resembling only a small line that from where he is standing only appears to be a few millimeters thick. Around the ring he sees tiny lights that fade in and out like lightning bugs in the sky however he knows such lights are from aerial explosions of aircraft being destroyed in combat, presenting a morbid beauty for the planets ambiance . He looks down and he can see A.N.G. soldiers everywhere, in one area off in the distance he can see them doing weapons qualifications on a shooting range, off in another location he can see them sparing hand to hand in close quarters combat training, and in another location he can see an instructor barking orders at his men to scale an obstacle course. Seeing all of this really opened Vage's eyes up to realize that he had underestimated his enemy, now seeing that they go through just as much intense training as he did.
After about seven minutes of walking and silence they enter a large building that has been ordained by statues of heroes from Artomidia's past, once they have stepped foot on the freshly polished floor Vage decided to break the silence and speak up=
Excuse me for asking but where are we heading

=With that said one of the soldiers behind him struck him in the back with the butt of his gun=
Silence dog!

=Captain Stone raised his hand to command the soldiers to stop and faced him=
If I wanted you to strike my prisoner I would have issued you the order to do so. Now again soldier, ESCORT the prisoner to our destination.

=The soldier paused a moment and rendered a salute before proceeding=
Yes sir, very sorry.

=Captain Stone sighed a moment as he pinched the bridge of his own nose in frustration then he decided to reply to Vage=
Stratian, we are currently located at my division's commander's building. It is here where we will hold the last portion of your military tribunal to determine what is to be done with you now that you are in our captivity.

=the group enter an elevator and as the elevator doors closed to move up to the desired floor Vage replies to Captain Stones statement=
Is that to include execution?

=A pause falls over the group in the elevator as Captain Stone pondered a moment on whether or not he should reply since they where in such an enclosed space and he didnt know how Vage would react, however once the elevator doors opened up and they stepped out Stone then replied=
Yes, in fact I was the one who argued the validity that you should be executed for your involvement at Arkacello as well as your cardinal sin for residing in the heavens which prompted the catastrophes we all now endure.
=his tone of voice then changes to a frustrated yet tolerable one as he continues to speak=
But.. however, Senator Tavian's daughter here for some reason wishes to play devils advocate, and had argued against me for your pardon.. So we shall all find out what becomes of you

=Vage very humbly replies with an "I see" as they continue to walk down the hall. As they do so Vage can look through the window of an office seeing two officers yelling at each other, presumably over a battle strategy while another officer is rubbing his face, no doubt stress before walking to the window and shutting the blinds. In another office window Vage sees a woman cleaning out the office of what he guesses is her husband, tears in her eyes leading Vage to believe the man might have been killed in combat. After passing the second office the group comes to a door guarded by two A.N.G. soldiers on the front of the door it reads "A.N.G.E.L. Commander B. General Star."
Captain Stone steps forward to address his business before the guards as they salute him.
I have come with the Stratian prisoner Leer to conclude the mans tribunal.

=The two guards then stand aside to allow them to enter=
Very well Captain Stone, General Star has already given you permission to enter.

=The doors then open and the group enters. Before them they see a woman sitting at her desk, off to the side are three other A.N.G. soldiers wearing their dress uniforms and sitting in comfortable chairs as if they have something also to do with this meeting. The three soldiers before them sitting down are Aerionelle Franz Remil, Raven Rookien, and Ryunosuke Unemori. =Vages eyes glanced at all of them a moment before returning back to Captain Stone who walked towards the womans desk, stopping a short distance from it to salute, and speek=
General Star, before you I have brought the Stratian prisoner Leer, for whom you wish to conclude his tribunal.

=The woman sips what appears to be a glass of scotch before setting it down and standing to return Captain Stones salute=
Very well Captain Stone, you may be seated as the prisoner steps forward.
With that Vage takes Stone's place while the Artomidian officer sits down.=


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Character Portrait: Aerionelle Franz Remil Character Portrait: Vage Leer Character Portrait: General Star Character Portrait: Raven Rookien Character Portrait: Ryunosuke Unemori
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It had been a brief wait under the rubble pile until the Stratian fighters had finished making their passes over the area. Finally, they had pulled out, and Aerionelle had taken her chance to escape before a search squad came in to find and capture her. She'd had some trouble getting out of the ruined city, considering the number of Stratians moving through the streets, but aside from a few small scrapes with the enemy, she'd managed to get out relatively unnoticed - just the way she liked it.

Fortunately, her squad hadn't quite made it to the evac point by that time, and it had been a simple measure to catch up with them and join them on the way to the Dracos. Then, it had just been smooth sailing away from the city, since the enemy's aerial patrols were still regrouping after the hit her squad had done on them.

And, after a few days recuperation, she, the commander of the newly nicknamed "Richmont's Hawks" - whose actions in the battle of Arcacello, while minor, had been one of the few decisive victories on the field - had been called to the office of one of the higher-ups. Honestly, it seemed to her that there was only one option for what this meeting might pertain to. After the Artomidian media had started focusing on her and her squad's efforts, latching onto it as a sign of hope amidst a crisis, she had been promoted almost immediately, and awarded with a medal known as the "Hawk's Feather," given for extreme acts of bravery and skill among the AAST corps. Sure, it was a PR measure to garner support for the military, and Aeri realized that. But the fact that she'd been given a fairly prestigious medal and a promotion still gave her at least some right to pride in herself, didn't it? Anyway, since that was all said and done, it seemed to her that this would be her next movement orders, and her objectives. They were going to move out again. While she wasn't battle hungry by any stretch of the imagination, she still had to admit that she couldn't wait.

She entered the General's office early, and, after saluting and reporting in, seated herself in silence. As the proceedings unfolded around her, she had to admit, she was curious. She had been called there amongst an odd bunch, to be sure. Raven Rookien, someone she recognized by reputation, if not by acquaintance, was a rather infamous assassin who had been caught during a botched takedown of an A.N.G. Intel agent. The murderess now worked for the Artomidian government, she understood, but she couldn't help but wonder why she, a regular soldier, would be working alongside a mercenary killer. Then, there was some weird guy named Unemori, or something, who she had never even heard of. Judging by his outfit, he wasn't a ranked member of the military, although he might have been some sort of rookie, or something. But what topped it all off was who came into the room next: Vage Leer, another person with a reputation.

His trial had been all over the news. Evidently, he was some sort of Stratian soldier who got cold feet when ordered to kill a civilian, and had gone rogue. While this normally wouldn't have been enough to exonerate a POW, apparently, the girl he rescued from his comrades had been pretty important, and he'd sustained heavy injuries while doing it, giving him both a powerful argument and a powerful ally. Aeri didn't really care how it turned out, but what she did care about was why in the hell she was apparently going to be assigned something involving a POW.

Only one way to find out, she supposed.