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A.N.G.E.L. The Eniknight War

Sci-fi fantasy


a part of A.N.G.E.L. The Eniknight War, by XxEvil1xX.


XxEvil1xX holds sovereignty over Sci-fi fantasy, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Sci-fi fantasy is a part of A.N.G.E.L. The Eniknight War.

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Vage Leer [146] I was always led to believe there would be glory in what I do, but I was wrong... so very wrong.
Aerionelle Franz Remil [138] "Thrusters at full. Alright, let's do this, Hawks! Diving in five!"
Laymin 'Shyv' Shyvell [115] "Let's just do our job."
Azmeen Seriph [96] "Mercy is just an extension of a person's damnation."
Marlo Revkel [89] Look. Either I heal you, or I kill you. You only get one option.
Aster Rei Elionsvie [86] "Artomidan scum! You kill thousands in the name of your own greed, and you call yourselves people?! I fight for my father, for my mother, for all of us...! I won't let you just take all of that away!"
Kay Stone [78]
Horatio Garlon [75] Man, do I wish I was farming right now...
Vai [54] ... I hope it's not too late...
General Star [48] A.N.G.E.L. Commander

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Character Portrait: General Star Character Portrait: Dr. Hugo Splietzer Character Portrait: Petra Lanier
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=Vage panted a moment as he looked over to sleek black wingless eniknight that his hud has labeled Bombay and has confirmed as a marked allie= (> Not sure who you are but glad you showed up, names Vage =The Arc said as he extended a hand in gratitude. The sound of eniknight wings once more roared in the distance sounding as if their destination was where the red Stratian eniknight evaded to=
=Petra would tumble violently when he hit the ground. His body would bounce, kicking up fresh tilled mud as his limbs were thrown about before rolling into a ditch. He would hear the sounds of flies buzzing, and the aroma in the area was putrid. When he opened his eyes he would see a grizzly sight, the face of a woman, jaw open, one eye open yet rolled in the back of the socket that now loosely held it in place. A fly planted itself on her forehead, crawling over it with scavenger legs. Petras eyes would adjust to reveal his slain guest in the trench was not his only company. A forest of limbs caked in mud and tempered with blood, blotted away the horizon of the trench, the fingers contorted as the bodies have all well contracted to rigamortis. There were hundreds of them in the hole he was in, indiscriminately piled in on one another, men, women, soldier, civilian, elderly, and children, they were all their in their final resting place, lying underneath the shiny robed armor.=


=Back at Holygrounds within the halls of the eniknight development facility the sound of clicking heals like that of a high paced metronome echo. The fast tempo steps belonged to General Star, there was no flask in her hand, nor smile on her lips, only fire in her eyes. ANG guards standing post at a door spot her and snap to attention, holding their rifles vertically, both as a salute and granted clearance to pass. General Star paid them no attention as she held her access card to the doors scanner which slid open from which she stormed in.
Before her is Dr. Splietzer jotting down some findings on paper from behind a desk. He looks up and smiles toward General Star. Ah good afternoon, if you would not mind please wash your...

Doctor, who has visited you in the past month

Visited? =Dr. Splietzer adjust his glasses= why.. Im a pretty busy man I get visitors all the..

Dont get cute Doctor, I havent the time nor patience for detective games, you know exactly what Im talking about and why I am here.

Dr. Splietzer looked puzzled and bewildered at the anger that was seething from the otherwise friendly General. Good heavens, I really wish I did.

=General star stared at him, a pause filled the area as she did not say a word in response yet her fury was all well sensed. She stepped over the doctors taped off lines on the floor, something he would never allow anyone else to do. She walked around his desk and stood right next to him and looked at him still, in a manner of giving him a final chance to tell her what she wanted to hear. He looked back at her, his lips opened yet words didnt come out, in a response the General drawn her attention to behind him where a counter full of beakers , tubes and jars that glistened from anal retentive sterilization were displayed. General Star's right hand came up to her left shoulder and then all of a sudden she back handed the entire display of chemistry equipment on the counter. Alerted Dr. Splietzer pleaded that she would come to her senses= Ah! General have you gone mad?!

=General Star paid him no attention as she flipped over the doctors desk, papers flying in the air. Ah! my work! General Star then stormed to the other wall and began tearing up some DNA and chemestry models. If I do not have access to all the information within this building, then this lab is no use to me =she would throw one of the models to the ground while the Doctor still pleaded for her to stop. = Not for you... = She would kick a trash across the room= Not the ANG Bureaucrats... =she would push over a locker, once again with the sounds of the doctor asking her to stop= Not, anyone! =She said as she grabbed a coat wrack , picked it up and thrown it near Dr. Splietzer's general direction, which he crouched with his hands over his head in hopes of not being hit by it. The two soldiers standing post outside the doors can hear the muffled cries of the doctor and the sound of carnage that the general is wreaking within his lab. The eyes of the soldiers shift to where they glance at each other from their peripheral as they hear the chaos from within, likely questioning if they were in the right to just stand post.
=General Star pants a bit from her rage as she looked on the floor over the mountain of scattered papers and sees the doctors access card to the further restricted bays of the lab=
Well.. on to the next room. =
=General Star picked up the access card and walked over the destruction to the back doorway scanning the card, triggering the door to slide open=
Gen...General Star wait.. Dr. Splietzer then did something he otherwise would never think of doing. He grabbed General Star's wrist with his bare hands, without washing them. He then looked her in the eyes knowing he could not allow her to destroy the vital and strenuous work he has done for the eniknight projects Its about the recent eniknight candidates you were not informed of isnt it, alright I'll talk.

=moments later General Star steps out Dr. Splietzers office, adjusting her tie tab in a composed manner, and walks away elegantly while the sound of a running sink is heard where Dr. Splietzer can be found scrubbing his hands feverishly. As she walks away she pulls a flask out from her inner coat pocket and unscrews the top=
Reasons like this is why I drink =she says before taking a swig, walking back to her command post=


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Character Portrait: Petra Lanier
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#, as written by dethlok
:::the blast did not do any real damage to his body. But it played hell with his cybernetic parts.etheir they did not work at all or they just went crazy as he laid among the dead bodies.with his man made eye all he could see was static shooting in and out but with his organic eye he can see clearly as a crow started to peck into a rotting skull..::he would then try to get to his knees as he started to hear whispers in his head. With a great amount of pain he would cradel his head rather large spike of memorys would begin to surge into his mind:: AAHHH!!!::he would scream in pain as his last mental block would break away .the memory of the night that he was neary shot to death with then being rebuild into the killing machine he was now.the pain of torcher that strip his human side away.the pain of the surgery to replace his body parts.the burning hate that they did this to him.they burning hate for the ANG as they left him behind.the burning hate as he felt betrayed by kat stone::RRRAAAHHHH!!:: his last scream of pain would echo over the his strange black aura started erupt again.this time throwing dead bodies,guts and filth off him In to the air::...::he would then slowly make he way out of the mass grave .a strange orbs of cold blue light stared to drift off his armor as he came closer to his so called allies one of the orbs would fly up to a mans face.He would begin to scream and claw at his face, drawing blood as with chucks of meat.this was before he found that petra scyth impaleing him into his body army like a hot knife in butter::...betrayers will all will die:: he will snap the scyth back to rip the man inhalf with enough force to send a slash spray of blood over the reapers armor::....::he would would turn his head to both army's:: you all will die here today...::his right eye would flash under his visor.::...your souls belong to me..


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Character Portrait: Aerionelle Franz Remil Character Portrait: Aster Rei Elionsvie Character Portrait: Azmeen Seriph Character Portrait: Kay Stone Character Portrait: Amelia 'Mia' Flay Character Portrait: Horatio Garlon Character Portrait: Kira Senou Character Portrait: Petra Lanier Character Portrait: Raven Rookien
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#, as written by dethlok

::petra aura would blaze around chaotically as more of the strange dark orbs floated lazy around his body::C>everyone dies::the strange whisper would be heard over everyone on his teams coms .he would then lower his his scythe down to this side and moved into another stance but this time the metal blade would charge up with his own chi as he would charge in on aerionelle to try and kill the weaker one off fist as his armor would move him at a blinding speed..he would bring his scythe down at her one more time.

Game Master (GM)
dethlok rolls 1d38 and gets 23(23).

this time again kay would intervene to take the damage as his sword would catch the scythe again but the blade would curve around his sword slash down kays shoulder.The attack would barely miss his wing but the armor would take most of the damage.sending mostly sparks into the air but if you would look on his back you would see a deep cut with blood running out::...::the real question was petra in control or the armor.::....starting with you kay stone..and traitors burn in hell!!!

kay 45/50


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Character Portrait: Aerionelle Franz Remil Character Portrait: Kay Stone Character Portrait: Kira Senou Character Portrait: Petra Lanier
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#, as written by dethlok
::kay would winces as he felt the blade cut past his armor and into his flesh as well the energy that run down his back would push him to his knees but the real shocker when he heard the reaper call his name and heard a old familiar voice that stunned him to his core of a warrior::....petra?...::he would grit his teeth and us his sword to snap the scythe away from him and sent a volley of slashes and stabs at the specter that seem to be blurs to anyone else but with a high pitch that seem to cut the air::

Game Master (GM)
dethlok rolls 1d38 and gets 14(14).

::but his blade never found his mark as the petra would bring up his cybernetic arm into a block to stop a stabbing motion to send a shower of sparks every::....~this one is more than just armor as he notice the MDS tag hanging under the cloak:: C> Kira...i need a battle plan to fight this one .he is a MDS under that armor..::not sure if its petra or not...not sure if he wants to kill him or not::......petra....what devil science and how are you alive?....::not the young Lt has time to fall back as now all eyes are on them to now::....C>..Aerionelle get the hell out of here!...

Petra 45/50


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Character Portrait: Vage Leer Character Portrait: Aster Rei Elionsvie Character Portrait: Jane Doe Character Portrait: Argyle
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An explosion rang out as a random building toppled in on itself on the other side of the city as a low flying black armor blasted through it screaming "Heeeeeere little piggy! Don't worry!! I won't hurt you!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!". It jettisoned recklessly towards the battle zone smashing anything in it's path as Argyle laughed riotously from within it.

Jane looked up at the building the sniper had run to "Oh no you don't!". She moved a pace towards it before turning towards her comrade "Will you be okay here??".