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''Yo, better get that uniform on-point..''

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|| 24 | Heterosexual || Kiritine

Edwards a very broad man, standing at a whopping 7'ft 1. His kind had evolved a lot from their original time at earth, he's very athletic meaning his got plenty muscle to spare, in fact he's so muscular it often rips his jacket. His messy black hair is rarely combed it's usually left for the wind to do it, he goes to visit some pretty harsh places so why dress up if it's gonna be ruined that's his mindset anyway. Being so tall he often bangs his head on doors and that much, which is why often you'll see a red bruise on his forehead. His eyes being a very murky brown, the girls never find it attractive if only he had the blue eyes of a angel. His uniform though is a total different story, he always keeps the black cotton jacket neat and tidy, and will always brush off any gunk or dirt his meets he belives it's good pride to have well shown uniform. His uniform consists of a red outlined black leather jacket, black (sometimes leather) pants and knee high or higher boots. In winter times, he can swap out the jacket, for a coat of type but he will still wear his jacket under the coat just in case anyone to impress shows up.



The X-15 one of the best mechs the Kiritine have to offer it's defensive power is so high, that it can withstand a blast from a vessel. It's not the quickest nor the newest mech around it lacks movement speed because of it's date and build the X-15 is used to protect it's allies and deal large scale of damage through time. The chain on the X-15's hand is used to grip enemies and pull them back to him and his allies, when it catches somebody it starts to go back into the hand making it extremely hard to escape. The chain also has security measures, if the target struggles too much it will release a electric current strong enough to fry a piece of mech off, though this takes time to reload again. The missiles on the back of the X-15 are designed to look like nukes, to scare the opponent away from it but they aren't just for show the 2 missiles are able to deal a decent amount of damage if both landed on the target , anyone smart enough to overlook it would know to get close to the X-15.

But it has a card up the sleeve, the X-15's right hand has a Plasma blade, it's wielding of it is award winning as it can do multiple things with it. It would stab the opponent up close, but not just aimlessly stab it would go for where it would think the nucleus of the mech is to fry it up. The X-15 is fitted with Inukaitu intelligence making it a lethal mech overall, the Inkuaitu was transformed into a artificial intelligence inside the mech called ''Clare'' it is a very smart intelligence capable of piloting the mech on it's on though it wouldn't be as good as the original pilot. Because of the Inukaitu intelligence with in it, the X-15 has very few flaws, but that's not to say it doesn't have any.

Because of it's build it's a very slow at running, keeping up with faster mechs etc etc. If taken advantage of that the enemies could spin circles around him , but it would be very hard as he's heavily guarded by other mechs. Then there's the machines date, because it was made so long ago the X-15 lacks tight security systems which means it's very possible to shut it down from outside the mech using hacking systems eg phones, computers etc etc. As the X-15's defensive power is so high it would be very hard to break it, that's not to say it can't be done if by somehow it was broken the pilot would be totally vulnerable and defenseless. It's appearance is very standard, heavily plated with Inukaitu armor a long chain going down near it's leg. A small helmet where the pilot resides.


Edward has been know to be very forgiving to his enemies, and not so forgiving to others, it all depends on his mood whether he had worked out that day, did he skip breakfast or not? Minor things influence him greatly.Being so tall and muscular is partly the reason he was chose as being captain, but it's not just brawn there's also brain.

Strength: Edward being the definition of a brute, tall and greatly muscles isn't just for show he is able to lift many heavier things then average soldiers.

Combat: Edward is trained in a forgotten art of Fung-Qushay, it's a style that encourages you to finish your opponent in as less blows as possible, and Edwards build goes hand in hand with this type of martial arts.

Sword-Wielding: He wields a plasmatinated katana which his father had gave to him, the blades a very capable one and Edwards trained with it from a young age he wields the sword better then he wields his own 2 hands.


Lack of stamina: Despite his great physique, Edwards suffers from huge loss of stamina over periods of time which can often land him into sticky situations.

Pills: His size torments him a lot, so he keeps a handy case of pills by him every time he goes out, if he couldn't take these pills under any circumstances he'd end up writhing in pain.


Overall, mixed guy. At first look, Edward can be a cold looking fella he'll give you the cold shoulder at first, and talk to others leaving you out on your own. But once he gets to know you and accept you in his circle he'll be counting you as one of his own, and from that point on he'll be looking after you. Edward's leadership instincts count over everyone he knows, even his mother and father it's a habit one might say. He'll always try and protect something he's devoted to protecting, even if it's a small thing like his pet he will lay his life down to protect it. You might call it insane, but he'll always reply the same thing to anyone who says it ''It's not insane no..it's a habit.'' Because after all Edward is a creature of habit. He can keep his mouth shut if it's for the good of others, and he always knows when not to tread on someones toes. Overall, Edward is a mixed guy. Edwards prefers to keep quiet about his past.



So begins...

Edward Roaden's Story


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Back to work again. Edward was working on the mech he's recently upgraded. He's had this mech since he joined the Kiritne forces, and newly found technology allowed his mech to be fitted with Inkuaitu intelligence. After all, he was the captain of a elite group of forces. Edward picked up his wrench and started to work on the voice box for the Inukuaitu system, he had started to work on a wire when a pipe burst on him thus causing him to drop his wrench below. ''Tsk what a pain..damn it..'' Edward slid down a pole going from his mechs head all the way down to his feet, when he was sliding down the pole he often thought of himself as a hero coming to someones rescue, so much for that now he thought working for the most evil nation around tsk..

Edward bent down and picked up his wrench, as he stood up he heard a alarm going off around the building, the alarm was dull nothing like a fire bell but it was good enough to alert most of the people on the vessel. Edward debated on whether he should go or not but in the end he decided to stay, why go when other people have the time to do it. Besides, it can't be something that big like a threat to the nation, could it?

Na forget, it he thought best get back to my mech. He climbed up a set of stairs beside his mech which once again lead him to the head of the mech, he crossed a small metal bridge he made from the stairs to the shoulder of the mech then he put back on his goggles and started to work on the leak which had formed recently. He was starting to put in a screw when he dropped it because he could hear shooting, the screw once again fell into the abyss of the mechs legs he didn't bother with it this time he'd get it another day or something.

''Must be pretty rowdy up there, i wonder what happened...'' He continued to fit the suit with the Inukaitu intelligence, this was a secret project that he and the higher ups had decided to do and he got permission for him to put Inukaitu inside his mech, and if all went well he'd be once of the strongest users in this small universe. If the other nations knew about the 2nd Inukaitu fitted mech there would certainly be chaos. Edward was confident that his Inukaitu would work, unlike the past ones he just had a gut feeling that it would accept his mech and they'd be one together.

Finally he put the finishing touch onto the head and added some spikes between them, it made the robot look more vicious or atleast that's what he thought. ''I'll turn the mech on tomorrow it's been a busy day...''' Edward gave a large yawn, before wiping his salvianatied mouth.

BAM! Edward instantly switched back on, the crash was loud as if something fell over, the next thing he knew there was a mech flying out of the vessel at this time of day. '' There's definitely something going on then..'' He said to himself as he watched the other Inukaitu fitted mech fly away, no way of catching up to it nope.. It's fitted with technology beyond our simple minds.

A soft sound of running, that's what Edward heard as a man ran down the long corridor to his work room the man was panting heavily as if he just ran a marathon, he must be here about that mech then. The man pointed a slow finger at Edward then pointed at him to come closer, Edward obeyed the man even thought he seemed to be a smaller rank then him. The man said heavily ''Sir! the commander wishes to see you upstairs in the main part of the vessel! He's called together all of team kiritine! He's gone to call together all the team!''

''Looks like we have a mystery on our hands gang...''
Edward sniggered to himself before putting his uniform back on, and heading to the main vessel at his own pace. When he finally got there he buttoned up his shirt and lined up in front of the commander, waiting on the other members of his crew to join him.


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"Ensign Arlan is down!"

As Jiorvia made her escape in that mech, taking whatever she stole with her, Nee was summarily rushed to the medical bay by one of the greener staff members at the lunar base. Nee didn't make much of a move - she sooner she was taken away, the sooner she could drown herself in video games. Honestly, thinking about Cecil's betrayal hurt her head and it only piled even more stress on her shoulders that she really didn't want to mull over. She knew procedures - eventually Kalsheed and Roaden would be waiting for her for a meeting...

But Nee really really wanted to just hole herself up using her stab wound as an excuse. Plus, Nee was in a bad mood because pretty much her only human friend more or less went off to be an enemy. If Nee ever bothered to look over the data she stole over the months with her bugs and viruses, maybe she could've prevented it somehow. But to what end? Get Cecil captured and interrogated and eventually executed? Was that really what the gamer girl wanted? That wasn't exactly an option either.

After getting a check up and having her wound dealt with, Nee huddled under the covers with her retrieved Negasis Portable V. She clicked on the power button, humming a little tune to herself and logged into Ultima Fantasia immediately, signing into her account, "Hornet".

Almost immediately Nee ignored powerleveling requests, instead switching to Guild Chat, where she once again reconvened with her guild, the almost legendary Super Snail Guild. They were the best of the best and were always high on the leader boards in inter-guild wars as well as completing raids and other missions with extreme efficiency. She started idly farming metal slimes to get the mats needed upgrade her sword when the chat started up.

BlueSphere: Oh, it's you, Hornet! Where were you? you missed the fun!
Hornet: Sorry, overslept. Any good loot?
Rivers: Oh yea, got mu Elfang Armor!
Rivers: *my
Hornet: Grats!
Darin: You just missed Poppy, Hornet, she went off a few secs ago
Hornet: damn, wanted to talk to her about something
BlueSphere: everything OK? You never mess a new event
BlueSphere: *miss. sry, typo
Hornet: I'm fine.
Rivers: Really could've used your DPS, we almost lost
Rivers: Like seriously we were counting on you
Bluesphere: We still won so its OK
Darin: Viper Guild almost stole it from us
Hornet: I'll be here next time.
BlueSphere: Dont sweat it, RL comes first Hornet
BlueSphere whispers you: Sure you're okay? You're not bubbly like usual
You whisper BlueSphere: Don't worry, just upset I missed it ^.^

Those were the regulars of the Super Snail Guild. BlueSphere was the Guild Leader, who pretty much everyone seemed to like. He was always patient with newcomers and made sure no one kept an elitist attitude about being better than everyone else. Nee got along with him quite well.

Rivers was what you could say a strategist type. He has mainly utility based skills and often ordered the party around to make the best use of their skills. He was very good at what he did, and Nee wasn't sure he ever logged off. He was pretty much always on.

Darin's the tank. He's kind of shy and doesn't talk as much as the others, but he's very reliable.

Poppy's the primary cleric of the Guild, and the only other confirmed female (other than Nee and Poppy, no other 'girls' use voice chat, so there's no real way to know, not that Nee really gave much of a shit either way). She and Nee got along really well and were almost always having separate private whisper conversations separate from the boys. The game wouldn't be half as fun without her.

That was when Nee's peace was interrupted by familiar footsteps and the aura she grew to fear. Daddy had tracked her down, and according to the look on his face, he wasn't even almost pleased. Nee felt the safety of the covers rip off of the bed, and Daddy's fist raised into the air. Nee just stared at it passively - she'd already hidden her Negasis under the pillow and bodies healed over time so that was fine.

"You're supposed to be a pilot, Nee." Daddy boomed. "An enemy just escaped with vital information and you're just laying here, playing your stupid games again?! When will you take any of this shit professionally?! You're a shame to the Arlan name!"

Apparently the doctor on board would have none of this. Nee almost applauded him for his bravery if she wasn't busy waiting to be hit.

"Hey, she's injured. She should be resti-"

One look from Daddy was enough to scare the doctor into silence and he hid back in his office without another word. Nee's arm was grabbed roughly and she was dragged out of bed to her feet. He bent her arm back behind her and Nee felt intense pain shoot through her joints. Her eyes glazed over - it was pointless to try resisting, anyways. It was always best to remain silent and wait for it to be over. Pain wasn't a stranger to her. It was nothing she couldn't handle.

"You will go and meet with Roaden." Daddy ordered. "If I hear one complaint out of you-"

"Yes sir." Was Nee's emotionless response, passive and subdued. "Nee won't disappoint you."

Daddy's face bristled with rage. "Don't talk like a child! And don't interrupt me when I'm speaking!"

His grip on her arm grew stronger and he pulled harder until the gamer was forced to the ground to avoid having her arm broken. Satisfied, Daddy left the medical wing. Nee sat on the floor for a few moments before standing herself back up, forcing her arm back into position. It was dislocated, but she learned long ago how to fix it without any help. The doctor was doing his best to simply avoid her gaze, so Nee left without a word to meet with the rest of her team.

The first one there standing in front of the Commander was Roaden, the captain. Hoping the bandages weren't visible bulges in her newly-changed-into uniform, Nee stood at attention as lazily as she usually did.

"Arlan here." The gamer said in a quiet voice, almost yawning. She was sucking on one of her candies again. "...I'm tired."


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#, as written by Qaida

Cecil woke to a blaring alarm. When had she fallen asleep? A shiver coursed up her spine as she opened her eyes. A groggy headache assaulted her and she wanted nothing more than to go back to sleep. But the alarm wasn't going to let her. The sound was making the pounding of her skull even worse. Groaning, she reached out and hit several buttons trying to make it stop. When it did, a voice filled the cockpit.

"Ensign Jiovia? Please respond. A team is being sent out to retrieve you and bring you safely aboard the Nightengale. Please respond."

It took Cecil a long while to figure out how to answer their hail. When she found the button, she had uncurled from where she'd pulled her legs up and winced as she felt the pull of several wounds. "This is Jiovia." It was all she could coherently think to respond with. A chaotic mess of noise filled the cockpit and she winced as she rubbed at her head with her good arm. The other was limp across her lap, stiff from the knife wound. Droplets of blood floated around the pilots seat lazily and she herself was even floating a little off of the seat.

As she waited for a response from the ship, warnings popped up all over the screen that showed her a black expanse ahead of her and to the left and right. The A.I of the mecha materialized again in the cockpit and hovered near the screen. A box opened up and showed an image of several machines gathered up in formation. Judging by their colors and insignia's, they were Kiritine's. Cecil cursed softly.

Pushing the button again, she interrupted the one who hailed her. "I suggest you hurry their deployment, Captain," she said weakly, speaking directly to the man she knew would be in charge. "Kiritine's army from the science station has mobilized."

Silence answered her for a moment until the com's cracked and the Captain's voice came over the link instead of the ensign who had addressed her first. "Can you hold out until they reach you?"

Cecil considered the question for a moment. She didn't know how exactly to operate the mecha she'd stolen, but she was certain she could learn rather quickly if she needed to. The problem was her wounds. She doubted very much she'd be able to stand against the army as they chased after her and stay awake long enough to fend them off until the team reached her. Cecil shook her head. She'd have to run and hope that she was faster. After all, she'd gotten a head start.

"No, Captain. I was attacked before I could leave. I doubt I could handle fighting for long. But I can see just how fast this mecha is."

"Understood, ensign Jiovia. You're almost home.

Almost she thought as she cut off the com and set to work on figuring out how to go faster. She hoped that she could stay awake longer this round to actually succeed in flying the mecha. Despite having the A.I technology, the mecha still required a human touch to keep it going. And drifting off wasn't helping her. As her consciousness came and went, the mecha sped up and slowed down in bursts.


Iriyn lounged against the wall of the Captain's quarters. He'd been summoned to meet with the new pilot that had transferred over. Apparently it was a last minute deal and she was just now arriving. Iriyn tried hard to keep the scoff off his face. After all, they had been deployed out into the middle of a neutral zone with no substantial reasons as to why, and had to deal with a newbie coming on in the middle of what was already chaotic. In short, it pissed Iriyn off to no end.

Which put him in a very sour mood when she finally showed up to the Captain's quarters. He leveled her with a cold, hard stare that was close enough to glaring, but wasn't so obvious as to be outright rude. As she introduced herself, Iriyn clicked his tongue in annoyance.

"Good, ensign Shironoa. This is your team captain, Captain Iriyn Koatyn. He will be taking you under his wing while we get your mecha settled in. Koatyn, show her to her quarters, if you would."

Iriyn had half a mind to ignore the order. It wouldn't have been a first, and certainly not a last time either. Shoving off the wall, he brushed past her and into the hall where he waited for her to join him. Once she joined him, he set off at a brisk pace. "Once you're settled, Shironoa, come directly to the docking bay. I want to see this mech of yours, its grandeur has been blown out of perspective. I'll be the judge of how great it is." He told her coldly, though the pitch of his tone never changed.

He stopped at the beginning of one of the intersecting halls on the Viper and motioned to his right. "Your room is 15. I don't think I need to show you how to work the system. You have fifteen minutes." Iriyn turned on his heel and left her to her own devices. He had taken approximately five steps before red lights flashed and sirens rang. The coms crackled as they turned on and a voice hollered over the speakers.

"All teams to sortie! All teams to sortie! Launching counter attack!"

Iriyn ground his teeth. Figures Looking over his shoulder he frowned at her. "Now you have five to put your stuff down and get your ass moving." He didn't say anything else, nor did he wait for her response and simply quickened his pace to the mecha bay.

A grin slowly replaced his frown. Finally, something to ease his growing agitation.


"Nee!" As soon as the doors opened to the command bridge. She flung herself forward and pulled the girl into a hug with her arms loosely around Nee's shoulders, holding her against Riley's chest. Her smiling was bright and bubbly, at least until the Captain leveled her with a dark glare. Riley felt her heart squeeze and she quickly released her comrade to stand at attention. She hadn't noticed the Captain to be on deck. A dark flush rushed over her face as she saluted the man in the hopes that he would be sated with it as a kind of apology.

"You're all present. I have special orders for the three of you," he said coldly. He was a large man, in muscle and height. The uniform did little to hide his threatening presence on the deck of the vessel they were on. The Vigilanti had detached itself from the hangar bay on the opposite end of the science space station. Only a few knew of the bay or even that the Vigilanti had been stationed there the whole time.

"As we suspected, there was a traitor in our midst. A spy. She took the bait. And fled the station with our latest design. You are to capture her with the mecha and bring them both back. Her for detainment, and the mecha to reclaim as our own. If you fail in capture. Kill her and destroy that machine. They cannot have it."

Riley lifted her hand slowly, eyeing the Captain as he turned his glare on her. "Captain. Who was it?" she asked. She was trying to think of anyone who had shown signs of betrayal, but nothing was coming to mind.

The Captain tapped a few keys on the controls next to his chair, and a screen opened up in front of the four of them. "You would know her as Lieutenant Cecil Jiovia. She is a Drastonian pilot. We had our suspicions, but nothing ever came of it. Until now. Seven years..." he trailed off as he glared at her picture, the woman with long brown hair dressed up in the uniform of a Kiritine army official. "She's good. But not quite enough. You have your orders. I expect it to be done in a timely fashion."

The Captain waved his hand at them in a dismissive manner. Riley saluted him again, though he wasn't looking. She left the bridge with her team and once in the hall, was looking to Edward for more precise orders. "How do we go about destroying that bitch?" Riley asked, all semblance of her bubbly nature long gone after receiving the disgusting news from their Captain.


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Nee flinched visibly as she saw Kalsheed. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could've done to avoid the massive hug aimed her way. If that wasn't bad enough, the Captain leveled a dark glare in both their directions. If Daddy were to hear of this, he'd only be angry again. But still, the gamer was way too tired to bother fighting Kalsheed off or explaining that she was innocent. Surely everyone could see that she hadn't asked for the hug nor participated in it, right? Nee stared at Roaden with silent, begging eyes, for him to understand. It was probably hopeless, anyways.

Most of what the Captain had to say was old news, to say the least. Nee was at the scene of the crime as it happened - and the wound in her belly burned, as if in affirmation of her role. Guilt churned inside her - if Kiritine were to lose in the coming war, Nee would almost definitely be culpable. But is something like a nation worth protecting over a friend, though? Other than her old and gone friend, Bell, there weren't many people in Kiritine Nee really felt much of an obligation to. Abusive daddies, overly-hugging girls, and not to mention the cold looking Roaden who always seemed to intimidate the gaming addict. It was a nation of cowards who were unable to stand up to her father, so did she really have a need for them at all?

...Still, it did nothing to help assuage her burning guilt. She was, after all, a member of Kiritine. So, Nee gave the Captain a silent but polite stare, nodding slightly. Most likely, Drastonian and Orvanti reinforcements were incoming to help protect Jiorvia. Luckily, the little hacker had a little device that might help out - it was one of the only reasons she was allowed to play with her hacks within the Vigilanti, anyways. As Roaden and Kalsheed began to head to their mechs, Nee made a beeline for her room to gather her new favorite invention, and shoved it carefully into her pocket. It was small and pink, just like her, but it'd suit the purpose quite well. She also made a quick detour at the medical bay to retrieve her Negasis Portable V and typed in a quick apology for leaving to BlueSphere before shutting it off. With that, the gamer was ready for a battle.

The WASP seemed to be whispering to her as she approached it. Honestly, the insect-like mech felt less like a war machine and more like an extension of her own body when she was piloting it. Nee hopped in, the smallest of grins on her face, and revved it up, enjoying the low hum as it started up. The WASP was the first mech to rise in the Hangar, ready for ejection. She ran a quick diagnostic of its systems - all weapons were ready for use. Nee then removed the radio and attached the pink version with a monitor on it. Luckily, ages ago, she memorized the Addresses of the Drastonian and Orvanti radio comm channels years ago. First, Nee shut down her connection to Kiritine radio chatter, tuning in directly to where she calculated Cecil was based on when she left and knowing the fact that she was headed to the Nightingale. It was a private connection that bypassed the stage where Cecil had to accept it, directly connecting in - one for only Cecil and Nee.

"...We might see each other soon." Nee's voice was friendly, but also focused and serious. "I won't go easy on you this time, Cecil, so I hope you're prepared."

Nee then disconnected from the private comm, then input Orvanti's in particular, before turning on "undetectable" mode. The hacker's eyes shone as she saw it went through. Nee then pressed a button to stream the Orvanti radio chatter directly to Roaden and Kalsheed's mechs to make sure they heard.

"IFF codes updated, weapon systems normal, systems all green. Kalia Koizumi, Unit 06 heading out!"

"Orvanti Radio hacked." Nee declared in a self satisfied voice. "Triangulating Orvanti Pilot locations now, please hang on a moment."

A few more moments, and Nee added the new bips to Roaden, Kalsheed, and of course, her own monitors, showing the exact location of the Orvanti mechs. Nee also saw where Cecil was, then checked the coordinates. She input a proposed flight path and sent it to Roaden and Kalsheed. "The Orvani pilots are... there, so if we fly like this, we should be able to separate Jiovia... from the Orvanti allies. We can enclose upon Jiovia and the Drastonian pilots, and if I disrupt the engines of the Orvanti ships, they'll... be unable to attack us from the rear, making it a more even fight. Of course, if... one of you has a better idea..."

Nee then looked over the security systems in place to protect the Kiritine radio. She dug into it, adding a few lines of code here and there to buff it, as well as show Nee the location of anyone attempting to hack in. Sure, she was a great pilot, but everyone knew that cyberwarfare and intelligence were Nee's strongest suits. Eyes full of anticipation, she flew out the Hangar Bay doors in her WASP, excited to enter the fight.


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Edward put his hands in his pocket, waiting for his team. ''Dammit why can't they be punctual.'' Edward mumbled to himself, was he cursed to have 2 such lazy comrades. Moments later, a door slid open and Nee came through. Looks like she had a run in with her father again, judging from her bruises that damn captain. Edward threw a small wave at her and then continued to wait. He put some gum in his mouth, thinking it was the appropriate time to get hungry after-all no one was doing anything were they. He looked at the time, and all of a sudden a Young Riley appeared out of no where she went to hug Nee which was later dismissed by the Captain. Edward let out a small sigh, as Nee looked to him for support he pretended he couldn't see it, after all it would only increase his talks with The Captain.

After a while, Edward tuned off from the talk the Captain had with them. He's mind started to dart around like a ping pong ball, place to place side to side. On the outside he was nodding pretending to listen to the Chief but on the inside he was thinking about a deeper subject. The other Squadron Leaders. Both nasty bastards, hopefully he didn't go against one of them although the chances were high since they really want this Inukuaitu fitted mech. Word is that they were allied together, but that was fine because The Kiritine had already sent down a squadron to stop the Inu-Mech in it's tracks. It would buy them enough time to get to the Mech and hopefully take it back.

After hearing all the main bits the commander had to said, Edward summorised it in his head ''Get the Mech, or destroy the mech Simple.'' But he doubted it would be that easy on the ''Battlefield.'' To be truthful, Edward didn't really want to destroy the mech, he'd much rather take it back from the women even if he suffered abit of damage. Any other mech, he'd have blown to bits, but since the Kiritine had worked on this for 7 years and he's been there from day one he had a small attachment to the big girl. After the Captain had dismissed them, they went into a small metal hall where the door slid when they came into contact with it. Riley, being the feisty pepper she is makes a statement

''How do we go about destroying this bitch?''

Edward touched his chin, and thought for a moment. Then came up with a way to explain it to his fellow-comrades
''Listen up kids, i don't plan on blowing the can to pieces i think it's not worth it we've worked on this mech for so long and it'd be a shame to end the project around this time. What we'll do instead is get her out of the mech, most likely kill her and bring the Mech back to HQ. Inflicting some damage onto it is not a problem, she can handle it she's a Inkuaitu type of women after all. BUT! this doesn't mean if all goes to shit you shouldn't load her up. If it does come down to it, and you can't see another way out we can't let the other nations get there hands on it so my bet would be KABOOMY! Understood? Great!''

Edward then walked off to his sector, leaving his comrades behind. He sped walked this time, eager to get into his mech and test out his Inkuaitu one. After all this would be her first time outside of testing perimeters. Edward wasn't sure he'd get this Captains backing on letting her loose this time, but it was a code red i'm sure if he had to explain himself he could put it all into a good context. ''TURN HER UP BOYS!'' Edward shouted down the halls, as he ran down the corridor. There she was the glorious X-15.''Ah, i love the smell of a fresh mech!'' He went down to the feet off the mech and climbed up the ladder. He was taking his type on it, making sure his grip onto every step was tight. It was his first time in a Inukaitu machine on the outside, he felt like a newly wed. Edward rushed to the Cockpit of the mech, hopping into it and turning her on. The steam came off the mech like a large cloud, she was a big girl after all. Edward fired up his engines, and started to walk around inside his sector.

The doors cleared open for him, and he fired up the thrusters and made lift off. ''Welcome Captain Roaden, where are our co-ordinates?'' Claire told him, in a very creaky voice. Damnit he forgot to fix the voicebox earlier, oh well this would have to do...

Moments later, A co-ordinate appeared on Roadens screen showing the exact location of the Mech, ''This must be from Nee then, i guess all those video games are good for something.'' Nee then explained her plan to the team, which Edward agreed with. Edward turned on his earpiece and said to Nee ''That's pretty good, you've got it all the co-ordinates the plan hell i might tell your dad to give you a promotion.'' He laughed shortly after making the statement, then waited outside in empty space for his fellow mechs.
''Co-ordinates uploaded Captain Roaden, on your mark sir.'' ''Hang on there Clare, we'll be waiting for our comrades first.''
Damn he was so excited to break the news to his allies, he also had Inukaitu intelligence he'd say it later to them. Keep it a surprise.


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Nee nodded at the instructions given to her by Roaden, deciding not to say anything. Instead she turned her WASP on to top speed, maximizing engine output. She considered changing her IFF codes to match those of Drastonia, but her hacked copy was most likely out of date. It'd also be difficult pretending to be a friendly with the Kiritine fleet all about her. Then the Captain mentioned her father and the girl shivered a little in her mech.

"I don't... need a promotion." Nee insisted, staring at the map and listening in on Orvanti radio chatter as they moved to rendezvous with Jiovia. They'd have to move quickly if they wanted to separate the two enemy fleets. The Kiritine Aces were mostly hard hitting melee mechs, so getting in close range safely was key to their plan. Once in close range, they were nigh unstoppable. "Please don't tell Dad- father anything, Captain."

She checked her radar as she sped ahead of Kalsheed and Roaden, forcing emotion out of her mind. The gamer was nearing the battle now - the Second Platoon was already in combat, though were being slowly beaten back by the Drastonian Aces. Of course the small fries were being eliminated - they were cannon fodder. Expendable lives - but on any chess board, good pawn maneuvering was key to a good victory. Sure, the idea of capturing Jiovia was troublesome... but her loyalty was primarily to Kiritine. Friendships were secondary to her goal, who cares about the hollow feeling in her chest? Glory to Kiritine and all that. She could mourn her friend after all was said and done, though perhaps killing Jiovia would be a better fate. She felt the prongs of her father's influence snaking into her mind, forcing her to speed up her little WASP yet again, positioning herself in the direction Orvanti was set to approach from, pressing forward to force more distance between Orvanti and Drastonia.

"Arlan ready to... engage." She said into the radio, voice a low monotone. Her eyes were wide and staring and her mind was already shifting from reality to a video game mindset. Blood pumped to her fingers in anticipation. Every movement tingled and crackled, her insect-like reflexes ready to serve. No one could beat her in a game. "Kalsheed, can you back me up?"

Nee went to her pink device, inputting a series of codes to hijack the Drastonian fleet's lock-on statistics. It was a low level hack to be sure, and it was ineffective against Aces such as the Drastonian Captain, pilot of the animalistic beast-like mech. So with a small girn, the hacker reset the lock on to target Rastin's mech, drawing fire away from her own allies to give them time to fall back if needed, and press their advantage. She tuned her pink device to a global channel, so everyone could hear her.

"No one touches... my pawns." She declared with a laugh. She switched the pink device back to the Kiritine comm channel. "Fall back if need be, but if at all possible, go on an all out attack." With the girl's declaration, several enemies aimed at her, according to the pink device. This, of course, was exactly the situation she wanted. Her specialty beyond cyberwarfare was, after all, speed and agility. She flitted here, there, above and finally dove straight into the bulk of the Drastonian mechs, sending their homing missiles aimed directly at themselves, clearing out what seemed to be a vanguard squad with little effort. Lasers and beams were also fired at her but she weaved and dodged through them with minimal effort. She's played many bullet hell games before, where the enemy projectiles literally swarmed the screen and never once lost. An attack of this scale was almost a mockery of her skills.

Now came the more difficult part. Nee used the pink device to put her engines into overdrive. Cecil had gone into jet form and was quickly fleeing the battle, but she couldn't let that happen. Who knows what Daddy would do if she were to allow her to simply flee? But of course Nee's pursuit was blocked by two mechas: the primal beast owned by Rastin, and the low mobility space fortress piloted by the elder Jiovia.

Nee shot the WASP forward towards the tiny gap between Rastin and elder Jiovia, activating her disruptors at the last second before doing a swift up turn to avoid them and charged directly towards Cecil Jiovia's fleeing mech. A wave of energy blasted out in short range around her, hopefully hitting the two Mechas and disabling their engines, shields, and weapons systems for a few minutes, which was more than enough time for Kalsheed and Roaden to catch up and hopefully force them to retreat, or even more optimally, kill them altogether. However, they were aces as well and weren't to be underestimated. Unfortunately she didn't have time to confirm that she hit them - she had to focus on the upcoming reunion with her old friend. The WASP was quickly gaining on the jet-formed mecha piloted by Cecil Jiovia.

"Arlan in... pursuit of the target." Nee said with a hint of pride in her voice, keeping careful eyes about her in case the fourth Drastonian Ace - Spectre - were to ambush her. "Captain, Kalsheed, take care of anyone at my rear, please. But be careful. Orvanti is incoming. I'll send... you their current positions, so re-position yourselves for them."

She wouldn't let Jiovia make it back to the Nightingale. Once she was in range, she could use her disruptors yet again - a perfect tool to force Jiovia into submission without risk of lethal damage, or dealing any lasting damage to the mech whatsoever. Nee opened the private channel between her and Cecil again, keeping an eye on the radar as Cecil's position was confirmed - still out of reach but not impossible to catch up to.

"...No words for... an old friend?" Nee said, this time in a much more friendly tone, ignoring the sucking sounds her voice made as she unwrapped and popped another sweet candy into her mouth. "Whether I catch you or you escape... I'm going to... miss you, after all."

Hopefully this could be quick. Nee really wanted to curl up back at her bunker and dig into Ultima Fantasia, and hopefully see Poppy again. Too bad she didn't have a third arm so she could play and pilot at the same time. Life truly was terrible.


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Edward was flying in front of the Vigilanti ofcourse being able to here his allies being torn apart infront of him. Who couldn't the racket they were making missiles plasma rays or what not.''Tsk nuances, well they brought their aces, so were about to bring our Elites.'' Edward said the phrase with a slight grin on his face, before putting his hand on the wheel controlled mech. Edward turned his thrusters up to full power but he's heavy mech was still not enough to keep up with the girls. Speaking of the girls, Nee reminded Edward not to say anything, unfortunately Edward would be unable to not tell anything to the Commander if anything critical happen. Instead of replying, Edward just left his speech box untouched pretending as if though he never heard the plead.

Edward saw the aces up ahead, and they certainly lived up to their name. Naturally they were tearing through Kiritine machine like it was made of junk, slash bash clash. Though Edward wasn't to disturbed by this, after all they were pawns but their name will be remembered for defending him so bravely, of course not by him. The girls had already come up with a plan, and it seemed like it wasn't to bad at all Edward just added one finishing touch to it just so it could make his life easier.

''This is Edward, To Nee if you have the time i'd like you to disrupt enemy communication systems they seem to be very organized in what there doing. ''

What Edward was mostly focusing on was The enemy Captain. ''Captain Ebenezer Rastin'' He was, looks like it was up to Roaden to immobilize his mech, big and heavy machinery perfect target for Edward's type of mech. Edward wasn't spending another second letting this bastard tear through another heap of hard made mechs, besides if all did go to shit Edward has the Vigilanti right on his tail. But then he stopped his mech in it's path, oh boy is that energy gathering at the Viper shit he was gonna have to take one for the team this time.

Edward looked at the shot incoming, it was a pretty big one definitely bigger then Edward's mech.
''Clare, fire up defensive protocols to 100 were gonna need everything we have to block this bad boy.'' The X-15 defenses kicked in a matter of seconds, his shields came up the mechs body covered in Inukaitu armor energy shields on the sides and fronts. ''There's no way this bitch's getting through.'' The beam came into contact with Edward mech, immediately destroying his energy shields and any of his average armor. Though the shot was blocked, anything that came into contact before it was blocked was immediately annihilated. The heat in Edward mech cracked up to 50C in no time. He's windows cracked but the beam still wouldn't fade, no time before it got into his mech.

''Clare, cover the body with Inukaitu Armor.'' This was a risky move, as it gave Inukaitu most of the control to the mech, but at least this way he would be able to live. The beam gradually showed signs of fade, as it started to turn into particles floating around. Eventually it burned out, and left one nasty looking mech behind. The shot was powerful enough to take out most of the body infront, except from the Inukaitu armor which wasn't itself looking to clean. Though in very bad condition, Edward was sure he would be able to aid this battle.

''This is Captain Roaden to Command Center, fire Beam Cannon in retaliation to the Viper full power gentlemen.''
''Yes Captain Roaden.''
''See how they like this one.''

So far the Inukaitu showed no signs of rebellion, certainly was a machine to be reckoned with. Edward got news that there were machines inside the ship, tearing up the place. Some form of robotic machine they were suppose to be, most likely not permitted amongst nations. ''Cheap Bastards, well see how you like this, this is Roaden send out Fire Squadron 1, please equip them with plasminatined weapons. Good luck punks.'''

Over time, the Inukaitu Clare had managed to fix most of the most fatal wounds caused to the mech, making it able to join the fight once again. ''This is the best woman in my life.'' Edward flied over to the heat of the battle, finally able to do abit of damage. There he saw Captain Rastin, the Kirtine troops split aside, when Captain Roadens mech had arrived. Ofcourse they knew only one thing could happen, The Captain's having a battle. Edward sent a communication request to the enemy Captain. Hoping to hear his voice, before decimating it. Ofcourse he's mech was not in perfect shape, but it was covered in Inukaitu which is just as good as a perfectly good mech. Although this was partly to distract their Captain while the girls cached the traitor, it was also for his own personal gain after all, it's not everyday you get to fight Ebenezer Rastin.

''Hello Captain, how about we link up?'' Edward sent a message to Rastin, hopefully he would receive it before the communications were shut off.

Edward received confirmation that the Plasma Canon was ready to fire, it was all on his command. Naturally as soon as he got confirmation he gave the order to fire. The Canon didn't need to gather up any more energy, as it fired a bright red beam the Vipers Way. Burning anything in the way.


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Immediately after the first shot made impact, Naomi scanned the area, checking to see if her ingenious plan had worked. Most of the opponent's front line forces were annihilated, as expected while some machines near the Vigilanti itself were badly damaged. "Not too shabby, considering they have the technological advantage. One-eye, when can you fire the next shot?"

"I'll need another five minutes before I can fire again." Kalia responded as Unit 06 closed its mouth to recharge.

"That's too long, I'll need another shot soon."

"Hey! This isn't like your useless Vulcans that can fire anytime you like!" Kalia protested. "Besides, if we use up all our shots now, you'll be rendering this unit unoperable."

"Relax." Naomi urges Kalia to calm down. "Concentrate on the recharge and defenses. In the meantime, we'll use the Viper's long-ranged weapons to compensate. This is Naomi Shironoa speaking. I'm also taking command of the Viper's firing instructions. In order to take full advantage of the automatons, we'll need to distract the people inside with repeated attacks. Load all launchers with hi-speed rounds."

"Oi! Something's heading our way!" Naomi looked up at what Kalia meant and realized that their enemy ship fired their own Plasma Cannon at their direction.

"All hands brace for impact! Kalia, put up your E-shield around the bridge!" Immediately upon giving the order, Naomi fired both of her smokescreens at the incoming beam. The graphite within the screen caused interference to the beam's trajectory and composition, reducing it to several isolated shots that rained down on the ship, causing fragments to fall off. "Status?"

"Armor of the ship seems to have been compromised by 30%. No damage to our weapon's firing mechanism. Combat is still possible. Oh, and 06's fine as well--thanks to you. However, some of our retreating forces were destroyed."

"That was close though. Have the Viper steer 35 degrees to port and aim all hi-speed launchers and right mounted missile tubes at the Vigilanti. Fire off graphite shots first before switching to hi-speed solid rounds. Fire it through our primary weapon turrets. Anti-air, prepare for interception. Naomi made a quick circle around their maneuvering battleship, to check if there are anomalies brought by the dispersed plasma damage. "After all this--I think I might demand a promotion. Set graphite shot timers to detonate after 30 seconds. Fire!"

The Viper's missile launchers blared, sending out graphite shots as planned. The shots that had been intercepted blew up early but most were able to detonate on-schedule, covering a large portion of the sector into a radar-dead, smoky field that can interfere with plasma and beam weapons. "We'll need to compensate... Naomi thought as their solid shots came after, firing projectiles traveling faster than the speed of sound. "Use a higher caliber round on our primary turret. Target is the Vigilanti's primary engine gear." After the Viper had fired on her command, Naomi issues another order. "Viper will ascend 200 meters. Adjust our weapon angles accordingly. 06, status of the Convergent Particle Cannon?"

"Three more minutes. But, something's headed right at the Drastanian fleet." Kalia sent her visuals showing a beaten up machine headed to the Nightengale, its Inukaitu armor almost covering the entire machine.

"Well we can't let him have that now, can we?" Naomi conjures up another maneuver. "All battle-worthy forces are to re-position themselves at our two flanks relative to the Viper. Right-hand flank, take up a wedge formation and arm yourselves with solid heat rounds. Fire at that damaged machine in intervals of 10 seconds. If it gets too close, push it away with a missile set to detonate after 30 seconds.

"Regular weapons don't have much of an effect remember? Send 06 in. My Laser Blades might be able to--!"

"No. 06 is to remain anchored to its position. Prepare to fire the Convergent Particle Cannon again. As you still have sufficient energy, a sweep should be possible."

"Theoretically. But that maneuver's never been tested in real combat--!"

"Well now's our chance. Anyway--" Once her allies are in position, Naomi ascends higher, keeping the stealth system on as she tilted her machine at an angle facing the damaged Kiritine machine (Edward's). "All weapons fire!" The right flank, coupled with Naomi's Howitzer Cannons fired off in intervals, maintaining a constant volley towards the Inukaitu machine (Edward's).

"Inukaitu, being the metallic-based organisms they are, serve as a great conductor of heat. Sure, its armor can take it but, it's going to be one scorching inferno inside that cockpit. Though, I suppose you could try dispersing the heat to your other body parts but--with that state, I wonder how long will it be before your components overheat and explode? Also, you chose a very bad time to leave your ship's side..."

As Naomi's established formation continued their barrage, the Viper continued with its volley, pinning down both the enemy ship and its captain. Kalia watched the scene from inside her own cockpit. "This woman--just, who the hell is she?"