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A Never Ending Darkness


King Raylond and Queen Nienta were very much loved by their people. They were very kind rulers, and offten sought to keep their people happy. But sadly, Queen Nienta was very saddened, for she longed for children. They got more then they bargined for over the course of the next 4 years. 4 beautiful girls were born, each unique in their own way. The king and Queen both loved their daughters so, but once their final daughter was born, an ancient prophecy was spoken of.

"4 royal sisters destined
To stop an ancient evil
A darkness covers the land
The powers of light and dark tested
The bonds of sisters growing
Only one can survive
Shall it be the Darkness?
Or the Lights of our time?"

Now, both the King and the Queen did not wish for their children to have to be apart of such prophecy, so they did the only thing they thought they could at the time. They sent their daughters away.

The City of Celidina:

Celidina is a medium-sized city located in the North of Selina. Being in the north the temperatures there are extremely cold, never escaping into anything above twenty-five degrees fahreinheit. Most people who live here dress in warm attire like big fur coats, pants lined with some warm material and snow boots. That is men however, most women are made to wear thick padded dresses and warm coats, maybe even a nice hat and scarf. More than eighty-five percent of the time it snows here, this snow usually coming in large amounts.
Celidina is not a extremely flashy place at all, it is a simple area and they recently just began the usage of electricity there, having had plumming for awhile. There is a market place in the certain of the city where goods are sold. This how most people make their money. Mostly clothing items are sold because the ground in the north is too cold and hard for anything like a crop to be grown(Most food like vegetables and such are brought in from places like Janhla and Galma where it is warmer and crops are grown.) Some people chop lumber and sell it here also, and there is always the local ice fisherman! Most people here are a bit harsh like the icy weather, but there are some good-hearted people. Don't judge them all by one mean person.

This is where the Eldest daughter was sent. She was given to a young couple, her adoptive father a lumberjack and her adoptive mother a tailor.

The City of Seriphina:

Seriphina is a large city with many coblestone buildings that look almost the exact same. If there wasn't signs with a picture of what the building was hanging from a stone above the door, most who previously moved there would have to walk around aimlessly looking for their destination. This city is located in the East of Selina. It is on a big plot of land(More commonly known as a island.) in the middle of the Seas of Gola. There is a thin strip of land that connects this said island to Selina where people from Seriphina can travel back and forth to the mainland. The temperatures here are fair, staying close to eighty degrees all year around. The sun shines bright during the day, causing the east to be rather hot, the cobblestone almost unbarable on bare feet, but at night cools down a great deal to where it's just.. Nice. In between hot and cold. The people that live here tend to wear thinned clothing, short sleeves, sandals for shoes etc, unless that person is generally cold, then they dress differently. Women mostly wear short dresses which come just above the knee, or longer; Anything shorter than right above the knee is frowned upon by the elders who live there.
Seriphina is definitely not like Celidina, but not flashy like Galma in any way. They have been using electricity and plumming for awhile, and most own individual stores, yet there is a small market place. Most that live in the east make their money from selling fish(since the land is surrounded by water, there are many fishermen.), brightly colored clothing, and jewelry made of many different beads and feathers. The people here are friendly, but you find most stay off to themselves when they can get away. You will not see large group conversing on the streets.

This is where the Second Eldest was sent. She was given to a older couple, her adoptive father a fisherman, her adoptive mother a "stay-at-home" mom.

The City of Janhla:

Janhla is the absolute picture of the "simple, easy" life. It isn't even what you would call a city, more like a village. It is located in the South of Selina, a tiny little splat on the map where no more than two hundred live. Here it is blazing during the day, like you are dancing on the sun, but when night falls the temperatures are cool, almost to the point of cold. It rains a lot also, the air rather thick, a bit on the smoggy side, afternoon showers are not a surprise. It rains at least four out of seven days here. This city(or village, whatever you may call it) is surrounded by a large, evergreen forest. There is only one wide dirt path leaving out of Janhla, yet many people make their own paths through these woods. Most who live here wear paper thin clothing, their shirts with short sleeves(if they have sleeves at all) and as for bottoms they usually wear shorts and go barefoot. For the women it consists of short dresses or skirts, unless they try and go against "the code."
People of Janhla love the nature and do not try and harm any other living creatures. Most loves animals, however to make money they hunt deer, elk, and the occasional bear only for their fur to sell to the people of Celidina; Always saying some strange prayer after killing a creature. (Here, all people are vegetarians, if you eat meat, you are frowned upon. There are some who sneak it though.) Other than that, to make money they sell jewelry, flowers, crops, and the "flutes" they are famous for making out of fine oak wood in the large market place in the middle of this city. Some have tried fishing as their way to make money, but large fish do not recide in the small river beds and streams that are around Janhla. They do not have electricity, but they do have plumming(as in running water to their house-like huts, bathrooms, etc.) Their light is by flame, as is their cooking. The people who live in Janhla are as kind an loyal like young pups, curious people as to the way others live, however, there are those who rebel..

This is where the Middle child was sent. She was given to a middle-aged couple, her adoptive father a hunter, her adoptive mother a gardener.

The City of Galma:

This right here, my friends, is the city of all cities, the capital city where the King and Queen live. They have large, ancient looking buildings that they recently have started adding to, a humongeous ice-capped mountain in the very distance. When you are a ways away from the front of this city said mountain makes the perfect background contrasted. Galma is located in the West of Selina. Many people live in this large, grand city just to be in the same place the royals live, if not that for the weather. Here, it is never hot nor cold. It is always just right. They have the occasional shower, just like those in the spring time, but other than that.. It is perfect. You can find all walks of life here, since people from everywhere across the country come to this city. Galma is the other cities main trade area. For attire, people wear whatever the day consists of may it be pants, long-sleeved shirts, tee shirts, thin jackets, long dresses, short dresses, whatever. Nothing is really "frowned upon" in Galma.
They sell a variety of things in the cities"gathering area" which is a trades market five days of the week. People bring numerous things and people from other cities come here just to be able to sell more. Every year they hold a annual festival in the Gathering Area also. This city has been using electricity and plumming since it was created, before any other cities. They are well adapted to it and probably couldn't live any other way. The stone streets are usually crowded day and night, only to slightly die down in the wee morning hours. In Galma there isn't a certain kind of people. Some are rude, others exceptionally kind. You never know who you'll meet in this city..

This is where the Youngest was made to stay. She did not get to stay with the King and Queen however. She was given to a fairly old couple, her adoptive father a butcher, her adoptive mother a crafter who makes all sorts of things. They are pretty old now, the mom stays at home a lot.

16 years have passed since the seperation of the young sisters, and finally the prophecy is about to come true. Ashi, an ancient wizard has unleashed The Darkenss upon Selina, as well as sent out 4 minions each with one task. Destroy the daughter of Raylond and Nienta.

The plot is basic and pretty simple. Four daughters of the royal King and Queen of Selina are the four sisters the ancient prophecy had spoke of. When the King and Queen heard about said prophecy they knew that if their precious daughters went to fight this darkness, this ancient evil when they were older they would surely lose their children. So, in one heartbreaking decision they decided to send away their daughters in different directions. One to the north, to the city of Celidina, another to the east, to the city of Seriphina, another to the south, to the city of Janhla, and the last stayed in Galma, where they all were born, in the west. Now the sisters were sent away when they were babies, right when they were born. They do not know about being royalty, they do not know they have any sisters(unless the people they were given to had children), they were never told. They think the people they are currently with are their birth parents.

There is a old wizard named Ashi. He is almost as old as the country of Selina. For years he has tried to rule the country, yet had no prevail. So, when he found out about the prophecy, and the King and Queen's daughters, he immediately made the connection. Over the years he has watched the girls grow, and now, sixteen years later, he unleashes a darkness upon Selina, a large, slow moving cloud that will sweeps its way across the country, destroying anything in its path. This is Ashi's way to kill said "kingdom" and take over it.

When the King hears about the shadows, he sends four carriages, in four different directions to pick up his four daughters and bring them back to the castle in the middle of Galma, four practically grown up daughters who know nothing of him and the queen being their parents.

With the shadows Ashi sent four of his prized possessions, four shadow minions who can take form of a human, but only for a short while, he has sent them to capture each of the princesses and bring them back to his dimension. He plans on using them for his own purposes.

Little does he know that the shadow minions go to do said deed, but begin to form feelings for these princesses. It confuses them, because they were created without feelings. However, Ashi did something, he made them to where if they found "true love," they would become actual people instead of "just shadows," they would be able to stay in the human form they possessed. He made them this way because he figured they would never love, without any emotions how could you? He was wrong.

Basically, the princesses get brought back to Galma, the place they were born(Besides the youngest, she is just told to go to the castle.), they all get reunited, are told about the prophecy, and about their powers that they knew they had, but never really paid attention to them. They thought things that happened were just a coincidence. In the meantime they meet four guys, four guys who are shadow minions in disguise trying to bring them back to their Master, Ashi. Getting to know the princesses however, trying to earn their trust to lead them away, they begin having feelings for them.

If you have any questions please ask in OOC or Pm me.


Eldest daughter -Reserved
Second oldest - Taken by Neru.
Middle - Taken by gezzygezzy.
Youngest - Reserved.

Ashi - Reserved.

[b]Shadow Minion 1
- Reserved by Wake.
Shadow Minion 2- Reserved by KarKat
Shadow Minion 3 - Open.
Shadow Minion 4 - Open.
NPC's -
The King and Queen will both be NPC's, unless someone would like to play them. If that happens I'll consider it.
Character Skelly~

Choose a color for your character.

Appearance ~ (Anime Only please, or if you perfer Written.)
Name ~
Age ~ (Between 16 and 20 for the sisters, minions stuck between 19 and 23)
Role ~(Sister (Oldest, second oldest, middle, youngest) Shadow minion)
Personality ~(At least a paragraph.)
History ~ (Mostly for the sisters, since the Shadow Minons were created. At least 2 pargraphs.)
Ability ~(Shadows can control/manipulate shadows)
Other ~(Anything else you want to add)
Theme Song~ (I'd perfer instrumental music such as Two Steps from Hell. (Thank TwiliXDragon for my latest obession with them>>)

Abilites for the sisters~
1-Control of light.
2- Ilusions.(Taken)
3-Control over thoughts.
4-Ability to create anything in her mind.

(Follow my rules, or get eaten by my pandabear Chako! o:)

1)Only reserve a character if you plan to stick with this Rp.
2).Check the OOC and you MUST reserve a character before sumbiting anything. If I feel your character isn't detailed enough, or something makes no sense, I will reject it.
3)Absolutly [b]no oneliners

4)Romance is allowed, just keep it apropriate.
5)Cursing is alright, but keep it minimal.
6)If you have any complaints/comments/suggestions/ or anything just mention it in the OOC.
7)Stay commited, please post at least once a day, or every otherday. If you're going to be away for a long period of time, let me know.
8) Reservations will only be held for 24 hours.
9)Absolutly no Text chat.
10)And most importantly, have fun! :)

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#, as written by Wake
Once, in the ancient times when the people of the land were but hunters and tribes men, a great evil fell upon the world. From the south a great plague of beast and monsters arouse. They cast a shadow over the land as they stalked through fields and forest, devouring the hunters and their kin. The people fled in terror of this evil into the cold mountains of the north. There, freezing and starving, they hid from the beast that hunted them and hoped that the shadow could not reach them. With nothing but the cold to shelter them, the people waited, and slowly freeze and fade away into the snow.

But as they waited to die in that frozen land of the north, hope appear for them, in the form of a man who crossed the seas onto the shores of the beast infested land. With him he brought black iron, With which he made warriors. With the warriors he brought white fire with which he made light. He called to the huntsmen hiding in the mountains, with a voice like thunder and full of pride, to unite with him against the evil. They rallied under him, and together with black iron in one hand and white fire in the other they marched against the evil beast of the south. The huntsmen burned away the shadow covering the land and struck the beast with their iron. They drove the evil back to the far south and built a great wall of iron too prevent the beast from returning. With the land united as one and their people victorious, the huntsmen named the man who had brought them iron and fire their new king.

And thus was born the kingdom of Selina.

Clap was the sound as the book snapped shut. Countless times he had read the story, one that many had been foolish enough to believe was little more then a child's tale. But he knew better, and he had searched and searched until he found what it was that he sought. The seal that held the shadow locked away, as it had for hundreds of years since the day it had been built by his father. Ashi placed his hand upon the seal. The runes glowed brightly before they vanished, and the great iron wall cracked.

"It has begun." Black mist streamed out from the cracks in the great wall. The mist flowed upward, expanding as it ascended. Ashi looked up, pleased at his work. All previous attempt at reclaiming what should have been his had failed, but with this mist he could finally succeed. One of his servants, a man in black armor, approached the ancient lord of the dark shroud. "My lord, is this wise? Wouldn't unleashing the great cloud be proving part of the prophecy?" The soldier shrank back as Ashi's shadow expanded and rouse into a swirling black mass.

"I have already prepared for that." The said with a tone of annoyance. With out looking back he snapped his fingers and hissed. "Arise!" The inky black mass behind him split apart. The different pieces shifted and changed in a humanoid shape before kneeling behind him. Ashi had spent years cultivating these creature, ever since he had first heard the prophecy that would spell the final out come of the war between the denizens of the shadow lands and the inhabitants of Selina. each one was made from Ashi's own blood and fussed with a fraction of his power. To strike down the daughters royal daughters Ashi had birthed his 'sons'.

"Each of you knows your purpose. you will each find one of the daughters, you will observe them, learn what you can about them, and then you will bring them to me. I would prefer if they were brought alive, but it is not necessary. No go!" With another snap of his fingers the shadows vanished, dismissed until they completed their task.

Ashi returned his attention to the mist that continued to rise and expand, slowly blanketing the sky.


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"Mya! Breakfast!"
Yelled her mom up the stairs and she got up, wondering what her mom was doing up so early. She got up and ran her hands through her hair a few times as she went down the oak stairs, which were creaking under every step. They always did that, the family just didn't mind and never decided to fix them. Although every night she does fear when she goes down the stairs for a glass of water or something for her sister that one stair will break under her feet and she will fall down.

She got down the stairs and found her mother dressed in the clothes Mya had customized for her: White shirt with embroidered red, yellow, and blue flowers intwined at the neck and bottom and long blue skirt that she had washed in some blue die she had found in the marketplace. She brought over some bacon and she looked at her mother strangely. She smiled and said,
"Don't worry dear, I have your breakfast ready too,"
and placed three biscuits in front of her and the butterdish.
"Thank you,"
She said smiling just as her little sister came in. She rushed over to Mya with her bright, cheery eyes that she always had exept when she was going to sleep and said,
"Mya! Momma's taking me to the market to sell fruits and veggies!"

That must be why she was dressed up, and her little sister is sort of what she would call dressed up. Her hair was in lopsided pigtails and she was wearing a dress she usially wore on special occasions. She frowned as her sister looked at her and said with a grumbly tone,
"I couldn't get my piggie tails right. Can you help me?"
She asked, perking up at the last few words.
"Sure," said Mya, "You want me to do a braid,"
She nodded eagerly and they both went into her little sisters room upstairs right next to her room. little Lisa hopped on her bed and startted chattering about all her and mother were going to do,
"And we'll look at all the pretty jewels and necklaces. I might get to see somebody riding on a pony said momma! Then we'll buy some stuff and-"
Mya stopped her politely and asked,
"Fishtail or loosely plain,"
Lisa frowned and squinted with effort to decide then said,
"Loose please,"
Mya smiled saying,
"Good choice,"
Then started.

It was amazing how long her sisters hair was for a six year old. Already it was down to her waist, but that was mostly because she refused to cut it. The only thing she would do was let Mya take off the split ends every now and then. As she braided the hair she listened to her sister continue to chatter about the trip. She's so excited, always seeing the brighter side of everything. When she finished and tied it up she went into her sister's drawer and pulled out the leaf crown she had made for her sister. She had always said she wanted to be a princess. Walking over to her sister and putting it on her head she smiled,
"Now you are a princess going out on the village. You will see your faithful Selina citizens in the small, humble town of Janhla."
The smiled on Lisa's face widened and she said,
"I love you sissy!" then put on a fancy looking face and tried to talk like the royal princess in the stories she said to her sister.
"I shall go out and see my faithful citizens today, loving sister,"
Then mom called a few minutes later and her sister ran down the stairs to meet up with her. As she waved by to Lisa, she went into her own room and got dressed in a dress that reminded her of leaves because of the green layers of cloth on it. Then she went downstairs and grabbed the biscuits and left too. Passing a group of birds she crumbled one of the biscuits into little pieces and threw it out to them. Then she walked over to a stone wall and sat down, eating the reamining two biscuits.


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Character Portrait: Neboka
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A family of deer search through a sea of endless snow, looking for just a morsel of green vegetation. There are two babies stumbling after their mother and a male deer fairly close by. Little do the poor creatures know they are being stalked by the most dangerous predator on earth: Human. With a steady and well trained hand, an arrow is shot straight through the heart of the buck, sending the other deer scampering away. The human rushes out of the thick, snow covered brush and approaches the buck. This human is a woman. She is a woman dressed in a humble warm dress, of fairly traditionally style worn in Celidina. Celidina is tormented with an almost eternal winter and strong winds. The woman’s long ebony hair sways in the cold wind. Quickly, the woman ties ropes around the large buck in order to drag it to her home. She stops a moment to touch the fur of the deer. “So handsome” she said to herself, dreaming of all the things her mother, a tailor, would make from it. After hiking through the snow with the deer she nears her small log cabin home nestled in the midst of the snow. Her family lived on the very edge of town, fairly far from most other homes. Many homes of Celidina were scattered around the edge of town, far off from others. The closest one to this home could just be seen in the distance. It was a slightly larger home made from logs. If one headed toward it they would find the path leading into the heart of town, the market place. The heart of town was fairly populated with many small family owned shops and businesses, all located around the market and the semi-frozen lake next to it. The young hunter woman traveled here often to pick up supplies, visit, and take part in what schooling this town had.

“Oh my Neboka! How ever did you find such a large buck?!?” exclaimed a brunette middle aged woman as the huntress neared.

“I’m not quite sure… You scarcely see numerous animals about yet I found a whole family of deer. However, I couldn’t bring myself to shoot the offspring or their mother...” Neboka said feeling a little ashamed. People around here would never even hesitate to do so; most of them were fairly close to not being able to feed their family.

“Boka, yer always talkin like yer a royal er somthin. Folks gonna start thinkin you some kinda prick darlin. Is what I get fer letin you become an educated type with all yer dang odd schoolin n such.” said a voice from in the house. Neboka brought in the deer and began cleaning it with her mother Ottaka, the brunette woman.

“Boka darlin, aint you got yer schoolin ta get ta soon?” said the man with black hair, her father Rahee Colber. He always supported her efforts toward school, but how it made her talk differently from other people made him worry for her. Despite her playful, dreamy mentality, she spoke with great eloquence and beauty that was vastly beyond her years. This was vastly different from the highly uneducated people who lived here. He and his wife had become very protective since everything with Gaxieno; Neboka had become a lot less trusting and pure minded too. Her natural innocence and willingness to believe had become very on guard and unwilling to get too close to anyone.

“Oh my! I am tardy!” Neboka cried rushing out the door. Neboka often got lost in her thoughts and forgot things. Neboka ran out of the door into the woods to take a short cut before she realized she forgot her book bag. After running back and grabbing it, making sure her “just in case” dagger was strapped to her inner thigh she was off again. Along the way she got distracted several times because she saw vegetation or thought of something interesting but eventually she made it to town. It was a good thing she was quick and strong due to her laborious life style or she would have taken much longer. Her parents actually had the day off today but they both owned businesses in town. Her mother owned her own tailoring shop and her father a lumber supplier. He supplied the lumber for practically every building in town. This was a reason Neboka was so strong for a girl, she was constantly either studying or cutting lumber. Or she might be found out in nature, recording data and characteristics of plants or animals, drawing sketches of them in her note book for further research. However, constantly she dreamt. During the day, during the night, her imagination constantly ran wild. She was often lost in her own little world.

Neboka neared the building where only the best students in town went. It was what this town had as a version of college. Very few were able to go after their version of high school. Before she entered, Neboka brought her hands together in a cup. Inside them she created a ball of fire. The process heated her whole body that had been chilled from coming there. She smiled at the little ball of fiery light in her hands. Everyone in Celidina knew she had abilities to control, contort and produce light. Once Neboka got in her teens she found that this meant fire too if she concentrated and condensed it enough. Light is just energy after all. Fire is the same thing except a much larger quantity of energy. In the world Neboka lives in, magical things happen all the time. Magic can be found under every leaf and rock; it’s in the very air. For Neboka to mysteriously have an ability is not common (in fact it is practically unheard of) but it is not enough to cause a great upset. After all, people in this world believe in folk lore, whimsy and myth. Which legends are true and which are simply fairy tale is yet to be seen…

The young Huntress quenched the fire in her hands before she entered the school house with the words “Celidina’s Advanced Schooling for the gifted: grades 13 through 16” engraved in a silver plaque above the door frame. “Well, well, well. If it isn’t Miss Colber. Late again I see.” said the prudish and severe woman from Galma known as Miss Oberlin. She was very well educated, having studied for many years in her home town. For some reason she came to this frozen wasteland to teach around twenty years ago. She actually favored Neboka despite her having Miss Oberlin’s most hated qualities: tardiness, dreaminess and beauty. Miss Oberlin generally acted as if she hated everyone, but her advanced class was her favorite due to their intelligence. They were however treated with only a small degree less harshness.

“Certainly Miss Oberlin. I greatly apologize for my tardiness” Neboka said with a small bow. Even adults like herself where always taught extreme respect for their elders in this town. Even the most rebellious of children knew better than to show any sign of disrespect.

Miss Oberlin stared at Neboka for a long moment, criticizing her with her small severe eyes. “Sit Miss Colber. Next to Titus” she sneered. Neboka began to tremble as she walked toward the seats. Titus was the best friend of Gaxieno. Gaxieno had been a popular, handsome, talented and rich guy. He had women falling all over themselves for him but there was one he could never woo: Neboka. Not being able to have her may have been the main reason for his affixation. Neboka wasn’t very much interested in boys; she was immature in that area and found more pleasure in frolicking in the snow. Gaxieno tried over and over to gain her love but always failed. Eventually he forced his love on her, having his way with her. He threatened her with the death of her family and herself if she ever spoke a word. Therefore Gaxieno made her his girlfriend, regularly and forcibly fulfilling his sexual desires and using her for anything else he might need. One day about a year ago she had too much after doing as he wished for years with threats and abuse and murdered him. She was never prosecuted due to her evidence that he had been raping her for years. All this made Neboka very wary of people that she was not close to and especially ones she did not know. Titus being Gaxieno’s equally rich and handsome best friend since childhood knew about it all along. Both belonged to the upper most class of Celidina’s society (most in the advanced schooling usually were). Titus thought it good sport but Neboka never mentioned this due to there being no evidence. Titus was enraged about his best friend’s death. He often went on “double dates” with Gaxieno and Neboka back in the days, always publicly hanging out with Neboka and Gaxieno, the “happy couple”. The cruel and vengeful Miss Oberlin knew simply how much Neboka feared Titus while suspecting various circumstances. So she used this as punishment, often ignoring Titus’ harassment when Neboka had been late.

There were six seats in this class: three rows with two seats in each. Celina Hucher, a rich and popular woman whose father was a local banker (of the uppermost class) in her third year moved from her seat in the back row next to Titus. She moved to the empty seat next to Begonia Greene in the middle row, an intelligent middle class woman in her fourth and final year. Begonia was a fisherman’s daughter and fairly nice but highly ambitious. She had a demeanor somewhat similar to that of Miss Oberlin but less exacting. In the front by himself was a first year named Calvin Kukama that Neboka usually sat next to. Calvin almost never spoke. However if he did it was only when absolutely necessary, in the shortest possible answers and in softest most quiet voice anyone could ever find. Rumor was he is an orphan but the best writer in the region. Neboka liked to sit next to him because he sat in the front and was good filler so she would not sit next to Titus.

Neboka softly sat down trying her hardest to concentrate on the board, though she felt eyes on her right side appraising her every breath and despising every second of her life. Titus and Neboka were the two second years, growing up in the same classes alongside Gaxieno. Titus was almost exactly like his best friend in demeanor but he was a bit smarter and less discrete. Gaxieno also had an obsession with Neboka and was far more sexual. Gaxieno and Titus’ families were very close; both families adored their own and each other’s children. They often went on vacation together and both hated Neboka with a passion. The women could not believe Neboka would ever make up such lies about Gaxieno and thought her to be an angry girlfriend (as they had often taken her on vacation with them and had her over with Gaxieno). Being a womanizer was a strong trait in Titus’s family and Gaxieno’s family, so all the men thought her insolent and ungrateful.

Miss Oberlin taught on, completely ignoring the back row. The desks were neatly in their rows touching the desk next to each. “NeeNee” Titus whispered closely into Neboka’s ear. That was the nickname that Gaxieno had always called her. A shutter went down Neboka’s body while Calvin and Begonia cast a sorrowful look back at her. They quickly trained themselves back on the board, as Miss Oberlin would never allow such distraction other that in the back row when Neboka needed punishment.

Neboka trembled and kept her eyes trained straight. Titus smiled with hate deep in each dimple of his cheeks. “NeeNee, I haven’t forgotten about you… None of us have” Titus whispered, breathing his hot breath on her neck.

“You are a scum sucking rat” Neboka whispered back fiercely, not looking back at him.

“Oh don’t be so coy Beautiful, I know the filthy tramp that could kill Gaxieno in cold blood could at least look his best friend in the eyes whilst she insults him” Titus whispered as he traced the bones and veins in her neck.

“Y-you are a grimy bastard. A silver spoon fed pretty boy and a pitiful coward” Neboka managed to spit out.

Titus laughed quietly. “Oh NeeNee you are so lucky we aren’t out in the woods by ourselves… Just like when Gaxieno decided to make you his girl friend for the first time... He told me all about how… fulfilling is was. Maybe some night I will sneak into your bed room just like Gaxieno used to do… What better repayment than to make you my girlfriend. But I warn you, I am not nearly as nice as Gaxieno was…” Titus whispered as he played with Neboka’s midnight black hair. Memories rushed into Neboka’s mind of years of abuse. She didn’t know if Titus would actually follow through, he had made many similar threats before but it was enough to terrify her beyond her sanity.

After a long while class was over. Titus had spent it torturing Neboka but he left soon after class. Rich people had many important things to do. Neboka and Calvin were the last two out but before they crossed the door Miss Oberlin called “Do not be late again Miss Colber”. Neboka nodded tearfully and rushed out. Yes, this was a girl Miss Oberlin favored. She was a very harsh woman. Neboka walked side by side with Calvin. He looked at her with great pity and patted her shoulder in a rarely seen act of human interaction. Neboka nodded at her friend and smiled to show she would be okay. He rarely spoke because Calvin did not like speaking and he was extraordinarily shy. Neboka being comfortable with him was unafraid to chat up a storm but she knew how her friend was. Neboka liked to talk and with those she was close to. However she preferred to day dream when in the company of people she barely knew.

The two walked toward the semi frozen lake and sat on the shore. Neboka stared a small fire to warm them. She and Calvin often came here after advanced schooling. They only had a short while each day before they both had to get to work and studding, however they enjoyed the time they had. Usually Neboka just talked and Calvin listened. He liked conversation when it was all the other person talking about something intelligent and interesting and himself just listening. Neboka was very thankful for Calvin, she never thought of him romantically but he was a good friend to her despite his quirk.

“I don’t know Calvin… I don’t know what to do about Titus. I can’t go through what happened with Gaxieno again. Then again, I’m not sure if he has enough nerve to do it.” Neboka said across the fire. Calvin nodded contemplation in his eyes as he stared at the fire.


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It was a dance. A deadly dance of cold steel and brute force. Marcus pirouetted neatly, catching his foe's blade on his own in a sharp clang. A step back and he disengaged, green eyes carefully observing. There wasn't a tense muscle in his body and he showed no signs of stress. Again a few darting movements shattered the silence and long swords met between the two combatants. Dirt drifted in the air, scuffed by rough leather boots. It settled only to be disturbed by fancy footwork once again. Marcus's gripped his weapon surely, muscles in his bare forearms taunt to hold the blade from the ground. His arms were bare below the shoulder and a tatty dull brown tunic kept his leather chest piece from abrading against his chest. Sweat beaded in his bare flesh in the midday's sun as he exerted himself on the open ground. He stepped forwards, both arms pulling the blade in an upwards stroke as he closed. His opponent blocked, withdrawing from the blunted weapon. Marcus carried through, blade sliding off the other's and allowing him to sweep it through a neat circle. His body followed, one hand gripping the leather hilt, executing another spin. Both hands returned to grip and he brought the solid force into the others defense. Their sword knocked aside Marcus quickly stepped in, lunging his blade forwards. His foe struggled to kept the blade away and the young mans offence slowly wore through. The other man slipped for one moment and his weapon was pulled from his grip. Defenseless he stood as Marcus's blade glinted in the sun.

The young man stepped back, a heavy breath escaping him and his weapon hanging loose. He turned and moved in a the shade of the great stone walls surrounding the courtyard. Marcus cleaned the mix of sweat and sand from his skin as the other man retrieved his weapon. "Nice Marcus" His aged voice sounded "Third victory already, I think I'll take a break." The red head merely nodded as the other joined him in the dark. The pair of them lent, exhausted, against a wooden structure. "You really think you belong in the guard boy?" The elder quested "You have the skills, try for a squire." He met the young boy's gaze as Marcus replied.
"Perhaps, I'm not keen on going for a knighthood." His speech was the opposite of the older man's, smooth and distant. The trainer nodded, used to his young charge's sharp manner. The pair stood together for a moment, silently before Marcus broke away. He crossed the dusty courtyard, the sounds of sparring and other miscellaneous noises filled the air. There was never a peaceful day in the castle. However, the life of a guard was pretty uneventful.

The young recruit found his way into the guards quarters and set his blade down and slumped onto his cot. No one would think by looking at him that there was anything unusual about the boy. eighteen years of age, a village youth, an impressive figure and a rather run-of-the-mill character. Starting up a career as a castle guard in the center of the City of Cities, Galma. No, no one would see him for what he was. A dark force ran through his veins, a strength of shadow that marks him as something other then human, a shadow minion. Perhaps his attributes could reveal the truth, his unusual aptitude with a blade the most obvious. He could bend the shadows to his will, able to hide in the absence of light more then the most skilled of assassins and thieves. This he kept to himself and few would suspect that he was the cancer in the heart of the kingdom. He would wait. Wait with his brothers the princesses their master desired.

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Character Portrait: Ashi, lord of the dark shroud.
Character Portrait: Neboka
Character Portrait: Decko Massadawn


Character Portrait: Decko Massadawn
Decko Massadawn

I do not understand, there is an ilogical hesitancy in my actions.

Character Portrait: Neboka

"Your dreams are the silent thoughts, desires and fears of your heart soul and mind."

Character Portrait: Ashi, lord of the dark shroud.
Ashi, lord of the dark shroud.

I will take back what should have been mine. Rejoice mongurals! For your true king comes to sit upon the throne.


Character Portrait: Neboka

"Your dreams are the silent thoughts, desires and fears of your heart soul and mind."

Character Portrait: Ashi, lord of the dark shroud.
Ashi, lord of the dark shroud.

I will take back what should have been mine. Rejoice mongurals! For your true king comes to sit upon the throne.

Character Portrait: Decko Massadawn
Decko Massadawn

I do not understand, there is an ilogical hesitancy in my actions.

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Character Portrait: Decko Massadawn
Decko Massadawn

I do not understand, there is an ilogical hesitancy in my actions.

Character Portrait: Neboka

"Your dreams are the silent thoughts, desires and fears of your heart soul and mind."

Character Portrait: Ashi, lord of the dark shroud.
Ashi, lord of the dark shroud.

I will take back what should have been mine. Rejoice mongurals! For your true king comes to sit upon the throne.

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Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

no problemo, glad you are back (: I hope you had fun

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

I baack. Sorry the trip took a bit of time. I'll get a post out ether tonight or tomorrow.

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

Going on a rood trip so my next post will have some delay. In the mean time can someone find out what happened to TemplarWarden.

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

This is epic, just saying. Haha, anyway love how collaborative this group is. Everyone has really good ideas and attitudes about this.

Also sorry bout the wait (I said I would have it sooner), I will most likely have my post up by tomorrow though ^_^

EDIT: Sorry yall, my post will actually take a few days! I’m sorries!

EDIT2: All done with Neboka's entry post :D

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

...Wow. Ummmm, I gonna tell you guys right now that Wake's post was probably the BEST I HAVE EVER SEEN! It's like book good! Like, turman award book, which here in Ole' Missouri, is really good.

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

I'm about half way through with the Ashi's intro, but this might take a while since it's a long one.

[edit] Finally done.

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

Cool, dont worry bout it Neru :) we can all pitch in if there is empty space.
I will post soon as I get a chance. (likely soon after Wake)

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

Kay, was waiting for the go ahead. I'll kick things off some time tomorrow.

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

Oh wow..-_- I completely uh..FAIL>< Yes Wake you can do the opening post for Ashi now. Like Ash said if we need anyone else I'll look around for someon to fill in. Uh damn work >< made me a freakin zombie. SO SORRY

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

I'll just, forget I said anything.
*Mopes in the corner*

XD I don't get upset.

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

I think we should start soon. If we need to some of us can fill in for whatever other characters are needed.

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

@grezzygrezzy that's where the creating weapons thing comes from.

Anyway should we wait a little while longer for karkat (and our missing third shadow minion) or should I put in a post for Ashi sometime tonight?

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

Oooh! I have an idea for the shadow powers! You know how Ashi created the minions out of shadows? Well, since they became solid objects then couldn't the shadow minions make solid objects too? Except they probably couldn't be alive because Ashi is the great and powerful and only he can create living shadows and all that good stuff. Tada!!!! That's my idea.

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

Sorry for my sever lack in reply everyone. I really did not think I'd be getting this busy. But now I'm back.

So far all the suggestions are great. I really ike them all and think this will turn out great. Now I'm just putting the finishing touches on my girl, and waiting for Karkat to submit their character.
Anyways. For the princess's like Ash stated I was thinking we could have each do an introduction post, where they are just with those they believe are their family. Then they could receive a letter or something, along with a carriage to return each of the girls back home. Of course it's going to be diffilcut to gain the girls trust(At least in my mind it would be.) seeing how they just found out everything they thought was truth was a lie. In a sense. And of course the things Wake has planed for Ashi are okay with me.

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

Previously we started pretty much the way you described, although the process is more that Ashi's shadow is slowly spreading the dark clouds and his hordes of shadow creatures across the countryside. He has heard they are being gathered and sends the Shadow Minions out to capture the girls, bring them back to him so he can disprove the prophecy. That's what I did, just some ideas for you. I also had him as arrogant and self-righteous, which mean there was no clause.
I said the Shadow Minions were the only shadow beings capable of completely imitating a human and completely bound to his commands unless they somehow gain a ''soul" as I put it. Of course that would never happen, would it now? No, of course not, it requires them falling in love which of course is impossible.
My Ashi overlooked this small detail in their existence, he simply told them to get the princesses and bring them back. Lots of loopholes in that. Yet he actually has command of their form, able to transform them back to shadow. Again, more suggestions only, just do your own thing as long as its alright with Neru.

I agree with Ash, we can avoid the cliche. Then again, the cliche should always be avoided whatever roleplay you're in. One thing we have to bear in mind is how the Princesses and the Shadow Minions meet and such. You would think that their parents would be very cautious considering Ashi is approaching. You could even have further conflict because the Shadow Minions are trying to get on the Princess's affections so as to draw them away, then start falling for them and have the internal struggle between love and command.

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

I have a few things planed in mind for Ashi and his actions in the story. I'd like to think that Ashi put in the 'falls-in-love-turns-into-a-human' clause in the shadow's design as part of a back plain encase they ever became disloyal so they would become weaker. I guess If we wanted something to add to the drama I could say that Ashi can put compulsion effect on the shadows that 'compelled' them to obey his orders. The shadows themselves might try to find loopholes in his orders in the later stages of the roleplay (example: If Ashi says "go over there" the servant can take advantage of the fact Ashi never said when or how they had to go to that place.)

For the most part I think I would have him calling up the shadow minions for regular status updates while he's marching his army across the contry side.

(Oh yeah that's the other thing. I'm going to occasionally write out battle scenes between Ashi's army and the Selina military as a occasional reminder that 'yes he's coming, yes he's not just sitting on his hind quarters while his minions are out frolicking with his enemy, and yes things are eventually going to hit the fan)

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

I think that’s a really good idea to start the story off with so we have the main conflict from the start. So have Ashi’s scene of letting out the shadow minions, then we come to a post for each princess in her daily life as an introduction to who they are and an opening for the demons to start stalking them? Perhaps a creepy under tone, and very close calls to direct interaction. Then perhaps the king and queen hear that Ashi has sent out the shadows so they send for the girls, maybe like a post where a carriage picks up each girl and then brings them all back to the palace.

Again another good idea Wake for the powers of the shadow minions. Each minion should have their own set of powers. Also can Ashi destroy his minion if he wants to or does he have control of them no matter what? That could be used as leverage later on in the story once the couples have fallen in love.

Also, I understand a huge part of the plot is the demon’s falling in love with their princess which creates greater conflict. I would just like to say we should stay away from a “love at first sight” type of thing. Gradually ease into passionate love. Otherwise it seems very unbelievable and chemistry doesn’t come that quickly even when just writing about it.

But those are just my thoughts. What do you guys think?

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

I think we should start off with Ashi unleashing the dark clouds across the country since that's what kick starts the events I think. (And I'm not just saying that for screen time)

[edit] That reminds me, I forgot to make my suggestions for the shadow's powers. While one of the ideas I had was along the lines of what Neru was thinking (making anytype of weapon or object out of darkness) another suggestion I had was the ability to shape shape and size depending on how much darkness was around that particular shadow.

Personally I think each of the shadows should have their own variation of dark powers and be limited (slightly) by a factor of how dark the area is.

Re: [OOC] A Never Ending Darkness.

Well I don’t know about you guys but I’m super excited! I also LOVE everybody’s characters! So are the girls going to start this off in there cities or how are we starting?