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Full-name: Marcus Edgar Lowth

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Blood-status: Pure Blood

Sexual-Orientation: Heterosexual

House: Gryffindor

Personality: Marcus is very out there. He isn't afraid to speak his mind. But at the same time he is a gentleman. Loves hanging around with his friends and excels at most sports. He struggles a little with the academic side of things which frustrates him. He doesn't know what he wants to do after school, he prefers living in the present and decides when it happens. He is a very proud young man and doesn't like being showed up.

Pet: A Bengal cat named Cleo

Other: Blue

8:00-9:00am: Break fast
10:30-10:45am:Tea Break
10:45:11:30am:Muggle Studies
11:30-12:15pmHistory of Magic
1:00-2:00pm:Lunch Break
2:45-3:30pm:Care of Magical Creatures

Length: 10 3/4 in
Core:Phoenix Feather

So begins...

Marcus Lowth's Story


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#, as written by Adantas
Usually dead to the world Marcus was snoring peacefully until there was a light tickling under his nose. The touch woke him up with a fright and he found Cleo, his beautiful Bengal cat perched on his stomach, her tail waving precariously in front of his face. He groaned, this was way too early for him. He glanced at his Patek-Philippe watch, a gift from his father, and groaned again. He awkwardly sat himself up onto his elbows his hair a complete birds nest. He might as well stay up he figured. Cleo was still comfortably lying on his stomach and ever so gently so as not to irritate her he picked her up and cradled her. With her still in his arms he flung the sheets off and twisted his legs over the side of the bed. It was a bit of a chilly morning and Marcus shivered. Thankfully the cats body heat was a welcome warmth. His feet on the other hand protested the cold floorboards. He quickly and not too quietly shuffled to his wardrobe to find some socks and clothes. He was having trouble getting the small cupboard door open so put attempted to put Cleo down. She was reluctant and dug her sharp nails into his shoulder. He winced but managed to pry the cats claws off. She wasn't to pleased with the cold floor either, so quickly scampered back to the warmth of his bed. He shook his head at the spoilt cat and turned to get his clothes.

He dressed quickly and made sure to put on some of his fluffy socks. There were a bit embarrassing but they were a gift from his autistic little sister and it was still early so he didn't figure anyone else would be up. He lethargically made his way down the steps, his feet landing heavily on the stone. On his way down he attempted to tidy his ruffled hair. It was pretty futile but it did help. As he entered the common room, the blissful warmth from the fire greeted him like an old friend. Casually he made his way to the good old fashioned couches, the kind that were so comfortable that you could believe you were sleeping on a marshmallow. He was completely unaware that there was someone in the chair beside him. He plonked himself down and proceeded to place his heavy head into his hands.


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#, as written by Adantas
The warmth of the fire and comfort of the sofa was sending Marcus back to sleep. He was beginning to doze off when all of a sudden there was a loud clang. Marcus startled awake, his hair whipped into his eye causing sudden pain. He pressed his hand firmly against it.

"Dammit..." he muttered to himself. Once the pain subsided which was rather quickly he looked up to see what had caused the sound. He noticed another boy kneeling on the floor, his back towards him so Marcus couldn't see what he was doing. He had no idea where he had come from but he looked like he needed a hand. Wearily Marcus got up and went to the kneeling boy. As he neared he saw that it was the goblet that had fallen off of the small end table.

"Hey mate, you alright?" He extended his arm to help the guy up.


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#, as written by Adantas
"Fine, thank you," the boy said somewhat reluctantly. He eventually took Marcus' extended hand, stuffing his wand into his pocket.

"I'm sorry to wake you, b-by the way," He stammered and ran a hand through his hair as an attempt to ease some tension. Marcus could see that the boy was shy, clearly not too good with people. He wanted to reassure the boy that it was alright. He started to open his mouth to say something but the guy took a quick breath in before speaking again.

"I'm Daniel, I've - er, I've got to go. Breakfast is going to start soon, you know. I'll - erm, I'll see you around." He was rather abrupt and without waiting for Marcus to reply started gathering his stuff and made for the door. Utterly shocked and surprised Marcus just stood there. He was confused at Daniels hurry to get away and couldn't figure out why he was so nervous around him. The name actually rung a small bell in Marcus' drowsy mind. Of course he had seen him a few times in the common room but it was the fact that he was never with anyone and that's why he had stuck in Marcus' mind. To him he found it strange that he didn't have a single friend. It made him feel slightly guilty. He felt that he should redeem himself and make amends with Daniel. Maybe even make friends with him. Marcus' stubbornness would not let Daniel get away that easily. Determined to talk to him again Marcus quickly ran back up stairs took off his fluffy socks and put some decent socks on with shoes and completed his uniform with his robe. He glanced over to his bed and saw that his sweet Cleo was still curled up in a ball, mixed in with his blanket. He was about to run back down stairs and head to the Great Hall when he halted just at the top of the stairway as he remember to grab his wand, bag and books for his first lessons. Doing a quick double check that he hadn't forgotten anything he headed to the Great Hall.

As he entered the Great Hall there were only a handful of people scattered around each of the four tables. Of course the tables were all set ready for the students. As Marcus scanned the room he saw that Professor McGonagall was staring intently around the room and as her eyes passed over him he gave her a quick nod and a tip of his imaginary hat. He started to walk towards the Gryffindor table and easily spotted Daniel. Casually he dumped his bag right next to Daniel and sat down next to him.

"You left in quite a hurry before. I didn't get a chance to introduce myself. Marcus. Marcus Lowth." He was probably being a bit forward for the shy boy but he wanted to get the guy out of his shell, especially since it was their last year. Daniel didn't really acknowledge him at first and dipped his nose a little bit further into his book, which Marcus noticed was a grade 7 book of spells. He was impressed. Marcus was actually have a bit of trouble learning all of the spells and was falling behind in his classes. That's when he got the idea. This guy was smart. He always had his nose in a book and got top of his classes.

"Say, that's quite a high level book you've got there. I'm..." He found himself actually reluctant to say it aloud. To admit he needed help wasn't something he did often, "I'm having a bit of trouble with some of my spells. I- I was wondering if you could possibly help me? I can give you something in return if you want."


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#, as written by Adantas
A steady stream of students were filling in. He saw Daniels face cross with the thought of escaping before someone sat down on the other side of him. As more and more students sat down the table started to fill with food. All kind of tantalising aromas filled the room and Marcus' stomach began to rumble, so while Dan started to talk he steadily piled up his plate with a bit of everything. Two slices of toast, some boiled eggs, definitely bacon and a nice beef sausage.

"Oh - well, Hello Marcus," Daniel began nervously, "I'm sorry about before, you see - I - I wouldn't mind that, yes, that's fine, I-I'll help you... Erm, any - any spells you're having trouble with in particular?" The poor guy was babbling just a bit and still continued on, "I l-learnt this spell this morning, and according to my book we're g-going to be learning it very s-soon... A-aguamenti!"

Marcus raised his eyebrow as a steady stream of water expelled from Dan's wand.

"That's pretty impressive. You learnt that this morning? It would take me at least a week to remember the proper pronunciation and wand movements. So you're really willing to help me?" Marcus let a little bit of hope slip into his voice before he quickly covered it with a cough and stuffed a quick mouthful of bacon. Still with his mouth partly full he enquired,

"So, Doeu have any fwree periods? I'f got one before lunch." He swallowed the thick lump of meat and quickly gulped some pumpkin juice, "If not how 'bout after classes?"


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#, as written by Adantas
"Oh, no, I-I've got potions before lunch. Sorry, Marcus."

Marcus heard the slight tinge of disappointment in his voice. The poor boy definitely needed a friend.

"After class sounds pretty good"

While Daniel muttered this he could see that he was in fact eyeing something else wearily. So as not to be incredibly obvious, Marcus discreetly turned his head to see what was so interesting. To his surprise he found a Slytherin girl had taken a seat at their table. Confused he glanced over at the actual Slytherin table and found that nobody was there. That's why she's over here, Marcus supposed. But it wasn't long before some more Slytherins came in and she took off. It was rather odd. Anyway, turning back to Daniel who had taken out his timetable he proceeded to examine his lessons.

"Hmm, I've got charms first" They mused over it for a bit and Marcus had to take out his own timetable to find out what he had. He aligned it next to Dan's and compared it.

"Hey, look at that. We have Transfiguration together," He scanned further down the list trying to see if he had any other lessons with him, "unfortunately that's all we've got together mate."

Just then the familiar screeching of the owls were heard. There were dozens of them, most different breeds. Their gracefulness at flight, excluding a few dodgy ones, always had fascinated Marcus. He looked to Daniel who was also admiring the owls.

"Mail's here," He said cheerfully

Just then one of the more clumsy owls, dropped a package into the pile of bacon a few seats away from them. Clearly the owls were something of a pleasant thing for Daniel because he was obviously a lot happier. He didn't even stammer when he spoke,

"Do your parents ever send you any letters?"

Unfortunately it was a question that Marcus was reluctant to answer. His parents were from quite a wealthy background and were often away even during the holidays. Marcus rarely saw them but on the rare occasions that he does they showered him with gifts inspired by guilt. They never sent him letters. But not wanting to come off hostile when the guy was finally relaxing a bit he just simply said,

"Nah, they're too busy to." He hoped that Daniel wouldn't push the point. To reduce the risk of him asking further questions he changed topic.

"So are you apart of any clubs? You could probably join the duelling club. I bet you would be unstoppable since you have a knack for remember spells."


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#, as written by Adantas
"Hmm, I might," He seemed a little distracted and not completely interested, but Marcus wasn't too bothered.

"A-are you any good at Quidditch" Daniel stammered a little.

Marcus smirked, this was a good topic. He loved Quidditch. It was one of the things that he excelled at. He loved the freedom that it enabled him, the speed that he could go and the risks that he could take. His parents didn't even know he played Quidditch. When he was home though he would talk endlessly with his sister and her carer about the games. She would clap and cheer when he described the highlights, even booing when he talked about the games against Slytherin. He loved his sister and was in a way greatful that his parents were rich and could offer her the best help, despite them not being around.

"Quidditch is the best man. I'm the Captain of the Gryffindor team! Bout the only thing I'm really good at."

He did a quick check of his watch and saw that classes were going to start soon. When he looked back up Daniel was already getting his gear together. Marcus though what his family was like. He noticed that when Daniel asked about the letter a shadow of a smile had graced his lips. They probably were close. In a way Marcus envied his imaginery theory about Daniels family but didn't let it get to him. He had never been the jelous type. Scoffing down the last mouthfuls of his breakfast Marcus made to stand up.

"I'll see you in Transfig." He gave him a smile and a nod of his invisible hat.

On the way down he noticed his buddy Jake, he walked over and started a small conversation with him. They ended with a good handshake and bro hug before heading off to Potions.


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#, as written by Adantas
Marcus made his way through the hallway, passing students and often stopping for a quick chat. As he reached the stairs he often enjoyed when they moved and took him somewhere else. He was at the last stairway until his floor to get to his potions class until the thing started to move and take him away. He wasn't particulaly bothered as in his class they were mainly just studying for N.E.W.T's. The potions where getting harder and required more study in which Marcus didn't really want to give. As the stairs halted and he stepped off he realised that he was dropped off near the newly hung portraits of Harry, Hermione and Ron. His jovial mood darkened slightly as he remembered the dark time.

He still couldn't believe that it was only last year that they had defeated the Dark Lord. He had known Harry, not particularly well but because they were on the same Quidditch team he had chatted to him. In that time he and his sister were moved around the world constantly. He couldn't believe that it took the destruction of the wizarding world for his parents to take an interest in him and his sister. Thanks to their wealth they were able to go to different places which wasn't too bad. His dad tried to make it sound like a holiday but it was too stressful knowing that people he knew were going to die. It was devastating knowing that one of his good mates in his little posse had been killed. It struck him again at how fortunate he was but at the same time it had seemed cowardly. That his parents would rather escape then bother to help.

He started to move his feet towards the other set of stairs that would take him to the right floor but never left his eyes from the portrait until he reached midway. He glanced at his watched and realised that if he didn't hurry he would be late. It didn't really prompt him though so he simply walked slightly faster than his usual steps. He was the last one to enter his class room and Prof. Slughorn had already set up.

"Morning sir." Marcus acknowledged and casually walked to his seat next to Jessica. She was a mousy looking girl but had quite the cheeky tongue and would always make the lesson much more fun.

"Why, how kind of you to grace us with your presence Master Lowth." Slughorn replied in his pompous tone. It was sometimes difficult to determine whether he was being sarcastic or not.

"Of course Professor. I wouldn't miss your class for the world." He backchatted with the class responding with some covered laughs.

Professor Slughorn just sighed and went back to what they would be learning this semster and what potions they would be taught. Marcus was only half aware and instead entertained himself by talking to Jessica who had an opinion on everything.