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Edd Ramz

The warmth of his past slowly fades in attempt to tame his burning curse.

0 · 171 views · located in Modern Day Earth

a character in “A New Breed”, as played by Varanus


Age: 25
Race: Human!!
Genetically modified?: Yes
Sex: Male
Eye color: Dark Brown
Hair color: Dark Brown
Height: 6ft
Weight: 160 lbs
Build: Slim and muscular
Notable features: No notable features
Current Profession: Former Field Biologist
Likes: Outdoors, Nature, learning, teaching, traveling,
Dislikes: large crowds, cities, country music, capitalism, the cold
Powers: Thermokinesis. Edd had the ability to manipulate thermal energy from his surroundings. There are three general ways in which he can manipulate thermal energy. First, he can literally move the heat from one area (ex. side of the room) to another area (ex. another side of the room). Secondly, he can condense thermal energy. A basic demonstration of high condensation of thermal energy results in the spontaneous combustion of air into plasma (visually seems like fire). He has the ability to maintain the condensation of plasma and fire it as a projectile. Other forms of releasing the plasma vary, including firing plasma form his hands as a flamethrower. He can not only condense in through air but in other materials as well (ex. cause flammable objects to combust or metallic objects to melt).
Lastly he has the ability to disperse heat from an area, or in order words, decrease the temperature. He can quickly decrease the temperature of any object (ex. freezing water in a cup). In fact his most nonviolent tactic to subdue an individual is disperse the heat around them, causing their core body temperature to drop just "above" dangerous levels.

Weaknesses: His powers are generally limited to the provided temperature of the surrounding environment. So during a hot summer day, Edd has plenty of heat to condense and heat up, but it is very difficult to disperse heat and decrease temperature (it would require great amount of concentration to maintain a dispersion of heat in an area on a hot day. On the opposite of the spectrum, it extremely difficult to condense heat in subzero temperatures with hardly any existing heat to play with in the first place. For these reasons, Edd tries to avoid cold climates. In fact if doesn't have enough heat to play with, he's just as susceptible to hypothermia as anyone else. However, in extremely hot weather it's easier to regulate his temperature and prevent heat exhaustion (another reason why he prefers hot over cold). Also, his skills and power lie in the potentially destructive force of manipulating fire and plasma.

Other: Ironically he can't stand smoking or any other form of recreational inhalant.

Intro/Stepping back into Humanity - ... re=related

Gathering/I'm not happy doing this -

On the run/Keep going! I'm hold them off -

Fighting/Fired up and I'm NOT holding back! - ... re=related

Deep in Thought/"It's going to be okay" - ... re=related


He is genuinely an optimistic individual as raised by his family, though tries his best not to be due to past experiences with Jynthic Synthetics. Growing up as the oldest among his brothers and cousins, he was always stressed to be the good role model and look out for others. He is very trustworthy and caring toward his friends. Because he naturally upholds the occupation as the oldest sibling (practically a parental figure) he'll scold those when necessary. He never was the one have the most fun (always a hard ass) with but others look to him as the most dependable individual they know, especially because his patience. He doesn't like to talk about himself but will also listen to others whenever they need the support or just want to chat. He's doesn't care what others think of him, but is very protective of his peers. Without a second though he will always be willing to sacrifice himself for the safety of others.


A travel bag is normally what he is seen holding. He typically carries what he needs (like food) and leatherman/swiss army knife.


As a child he grew up from a wonderful family life, in a loving hometown, living a childhood dream. But his childhood was cut short when a trip to the hospital for a broken clavicle resulted in the disappearance of him from his family. Edd was not aware that he was kidnapped After waking up from his surgery, a group of adults told him that his family had abandoned him. Jynthic Synthetic chose him after evaluating the DNA an assortment of results of blood work and tissue samples from children at selected hospitals.

Living the rest of his life with Jynthic and fellow test subjects, he maintained his positive aura as he occupied himself with looking out for the friends he trained with Jynthic. After the government shut down the laboratory, him and his closest friends were taken to an orphanage in another (english speaking) country. They didn't have the chose to return to their families, many because they were already deceived that their families had left them, but primarily because their were to old to be sent back; they would not be able keep Jynthic a secret from their loved ones.

Edd grew up together with his friends until the age around college when there was conflict between them. Edd, seen as being a control freak by the others, wanted everyone to stay together and always together and never make scenes in case anyone would every go after them. But everyone wanted to go their own ways. Eventually Edd gave up from then on attempted to be as antisocial as possible; he avoided making friends as much as possible because of his tendency to make a strong attachment with people.

Edd went to college and completed his Bachelor's in Biology in 3 years and then completed a Masters. In the meantime, he traveled through various places around the world. He normally tried to go to secluded places where he would be able to train his abilities to his fullest potential.

Two notable events:
1) Edd actually managed to find his family. He never confronted them directy. Edd never held a hatred for his parents leaving them; he never did believe the story. He did find closure when he found out his family was told that he passed away on an ambulance accident on they way to another hospital.

He wanted to see them, but avoided contacted because of 2) his confrontation with trained spies attempting to capture him. Only once was he kidnapped by a group of mercenaries, but he managed to escape, burning the hide out into ashes. Ever since, Edd has been traveling, mostly on the run, but also to see the world.

So begins...

Edd Ramz's Story