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Fane Wurthers

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a character in “A New Dawn Rising”, as played by ChristyLovesYou


Fane Wuthers
The Vampire


At A Glance
Full Name: Fane Wurthers
Nicknames: No nicknames
Birthdate: October 30th
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Role: Vampire (possible slave owner)

Likes: List at least five, but feel free to add more!
Dislikes: List at least five, but feel free to add more!
Fears: At least two

Personality: Fane is careless and indifferent. He requires nothing from anyone and merely goes about life without hope or ambition. He is not dangerous to anyone and he does not look for trouble, until trouble finds him and he does not back away. His facade is boring, seemingly dull and uneventful. His face is unreadable, and could be described as stone cold. His eyes lack any glimmer of hope, and his general demeanor is calm in it's own depressing way. Though, he is not sad, lonely, or depressed, getting a vibe like that around him isn't uncommon. Because of his lack of compassion with anything, others find him a bit sad to be around him, as it seems he's going no where. Those who know him better have gotten used to that fact, and tend to ignore it, or they understand his feeling. His sin, sloth, separates him from the rest of his group. The other three seem to have motives as to why or what their goal is, while he is just getting by. He does have the want to be human, but his motivation seems to disable him from trying as hard as the others. On top of it all, you could guess he doesn't care very much about anything.
Which is very, very wrong.
In his own way he's very respectable. Though he lacks motivation, he makes up for it in ethics. He's a gentlemen, easily that could be given to him. He respects others unless they have given him a reason to not. But even then he's polite and calm. He doesn't take an undue advantage of his power or the weaknesses of those around him. He is a man who does not compel others to do anything against their wish. He never intentionally offends others physically or mentally. He never inflicts pain unless he feels it's right to do so. He often displays his humbleness, his prudence, his calm, his patience and his principles.
He's generally quiet, but not necessarily shy. He doesn't ever talk to hear his own voice, or just for the hell of it. He speaks when he has something meaningful to say, or when he's spoken to. He may come off as reserved because he often stays a bit back from the crowd. He usually watches and listens to debates and arguments, rather than joining them. Even then he doesn't seem to form opinions or take sides. You could call him mysterious, but after talking with him you may just decide he lacks depth. Honestly, it takes patience to get to know anyone, him especially. He's no open book, but he is kind. His kindness sticks him out from the others, but then again he doesn't speak up much.
He has another side to him, one that may seem odd. He has a protective nature about him, maybe even a peaceful keeping moral. His protective side isn't spoken, more shown in actions. Even though it goes against his general idea of courtesy, he will physically harm those he's protective over. Though he hasn't had this feeling or issue in hundreds of years, it's still there. The others in his group he wouldn't consider them close necessarily, they just have more of an understanding. He's protective over the ones he loves. If anyone in the group was indeed in trouble, he would maybe stand up for one of them, but that happening, or them needing his help is unlikely.
As for quirks, he has a few. He regularly looks up at the sky to check the position of the sun/moon and occasionally comments on it, he finds stars and the atmosphere fascinating, though he knows little about it. He also always knows the direction he is traveling in, mainly because he has a compass, but he also remembers by where things are facing. He has a habit of saying things in rhymes or making mini poems randomly.
Overall, he's deep in his own way, has a gentlemanly manner, low motivation, and a protective side deep within him.

Normal Clothing: Dark clothing. Mainly classy, fancy wear. But occasionally outfits that are just dark and black.

Favorite Weapon(s): Sword. Sharpest weapon he owns, can easily cut the head off of anyone, and anything. His fangs come in handy as well.
Skills: Fighting technique, "poker face", manipulator, speed, strength.
Weakness: Other than basic vampire ones, maybe his sister.
BiographyFane was about 17. He had a family, and they lived in a small village about 3 miles outside of a bigger town. His parents were tailors and shoe makers, and ran a small business. They met when a traveler was passing threw Fane's father's house. The man was a traveling shoemaker, just like Fane's grandfather was before Fane's father. They talked business mainly, but Fane's father was helping them one day, when he met the traveler's daughter, the soon to be love of his life. They were married, and though her father continued to travel, she stayed and bought a house with Fane's father. They began a business of making clothing, and took off pretty well. Then, they had their first child, a boy.
His mother decided to name him Fane. They lived a floor above their shop, because they couldn't really afford another house. In the upstairs, there were three small but cozy bedrooms. On for his parents, one for him, and one for his sister, Angelica.
In Fane's eyes his sister seemed to truly be an angel; which is what they called her. The way he felt about her was never envy, like some children would. He was never jealous that she seemed to be the perfect little girl, and he always had a close bond with her that couldn't really be understood. She was two years his younger, but he'd looked after her since she turned 6. Ever since then, they were very close and spent almost all of their time together. She looked similar to Dyer, their hair and eyes were almost identical, but she looked younger than him. They were mainly inseparable, until he was 13, and she was 11. At this age, he began working at the family's shop, while his sister went off to play with her other friends. Though he was a bit lonely, he never blamed her for that.
He was around 15 when Angel caught a bad cold. She was violently ill for about two months and things were looking pretty terrible. Everyone expected her to die any minute, and Fane spent most of his time by her bed side, not caring if he got sick as well. The family mostly spent money on doctor bills, and didn't have as much time to run the shop while they were caring for her. They seemed to keep losing money.
His father asked him to run an errand for him late one night, and Fane agreed to, taking orders. On his way home, he ran into a strange mysterious figure. Though he couldn't specifically tell if it was a man or a woman by looking, mainly because it was dark, the voice was deep like a man's. It was velvety and tempting. The man offered him a deal, saying that if he signed a contract he could make his sister better, and not sick anymore. He also promised enough money to put them well off.
With the amazing offer, Fane didn't even think twice when the man mentioned there would be a price. He quickly signed the contract, and within the next day, his sister began to get better. Fane was thrilled, and a letter in the mail addressed to him, saying that a relative had died and left him a large sum of money. His parents were slightly confused, because they'd never heard of the person who'd died, but gratefully took the money.
The next years came quickly, and another bad obstacle approached. This one more morbid and deadly fated. His parents with both involved in a very religious cult. They took it extremely seriously, and didn't seem at all very upset when they told their son and daughter that Angelica was going to be given up as a sacrifice. she was a main candidate, the perfect age from all of the group's daughters, and the group decided that her sickness was caused by an "inner evil." The sacrifice was to get rid of any evil, and give it to their god, and their devil. They gave the offering to their god, of a beautiful girl, but the life to the devil, because she cheated death before. Horrified, he quickly ran away, and took his sister with him.
The man then returned to him, and turned him into a vampire. The process was long and painful, but it was done. His sister remained human, and she still lives with him. He served his "master" until the old man died, leaving his wealth to Fane.

So begins...

Fane Wurthers's Story