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Felicia Florentine

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a character in “A New Dawn Rising”, as played by ChristyLovesYou


Felicia Florentine
The Vampire

At A Glance
Full Name: Felicia Florentine
Nicknames: Fell
Birthdate: December 16th
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight (occasionally bisexual)
Role: Vampire (possible slave owner)

Likes: List at least five, but feel free to add more!
Dislikes: List at least five, but feel free to add more!
Fears: Love, her father

Personality:She is untouchable, uncontrollable, and unidentifiable. She's an electron, hurriedly bouncing around the nucleus of the city. You can't put a definitive finger on who she is. Or rather, who she is at one moment. See, Felicia Florentine is not one singular being. She's an urchin, a trust fund baby, a muse, a scared girl, a deranged drug-addict, a school girl. And, almost anyone who's met her will describe her with a different word.
She's a rebel, she's a saint, she's salt of the earth, and she's dangerous. Her controversial attitude can confuse people, she's unwritten. Bold, she doesn't care what others think of her. Would she put herself above others? Not necessarily. She doesn't really involve to many others in her life. She'd like to think she's independent but there are definitely times she wishes she had someone to lean on.
She's seductive and easily manipulating. She's an actor, and will except nothing less. Lying if is an art, then almost everything she says is a masterpiece. Yes, she has her moments of truth, but most never get intimate in that way with her. She plays with the mind, likes to keep people hanging on a word. She holds you captive in the palm of her hand, sly and quick you won't even notice the chaos she's already caused around you.
Now, she's not necessarily trying to destroy the lives of everyone, no. She's just in it to survive. Simple as that. She shows no remorse, her pain is deep within her. She sells her body, and takes her own, disturbing revenge. But really, is she punishing herself? Is she so disgusted and filled with guilt for her adultery, that she has to kill the men once she's paid? Or is she just a heartless whore, only seeking love for a night before killing them off, drinking their blood. Just an evil temptress.


Appearance Notes: Felicia has light pink hair, that used to be long, elegant, and flowing. Around when she turned 18, she decided it was getting in the way of a few things she did. One, she's one of those girls who would always wonder if it looked alright. Two, it was always getting tangled and hard to manage. And Three, she hated washing blood out of her hair. Murder was at an all time high, and she didn't want anything making her weak. Cutting it herself with a knife, it's slightly jagged and uneven, but not to a point where you can really tell. She has a piece on the right side of her face that she left long, and she gave herself a side bang, which turned out perfectly, and she can't help but be proud of it. She doesn't really know how or why her hair is pink. She doesn't remember childhood much nor her parents or talking to them. She doesn't question it.

Her eyes are a blue-grey. Well, either or. Sometimes she finds them a deep blue, dark like the ocean. But other times they are a silvery cool grey. They're the kind of pretty eyes that don't make a big deal of themselves. Usually wears a dark, almost natural looking shadow-brown for around her eyes, giving them more depth, and some sort of mascara. Though make up is much more uncommon these days, she finds it essential. Good thing she has connections. Mostly your eyes are drawn to her lips. They're painted a dark pinky-red, highlighting the perfection of their shape. She knows this, and uses the dark color to show it. She tries to be as seductive as she can.

She has a lovely figure, sexy curves that men drool over, and women would die for. Her shoulders are small framed, and she has an hourglass figure that works in her favour. If only looks could kill. She stands at about 5'7", with long legs and a nice posture. Shoulders back, chest slighty out, lower back arched. She has a few markings on her body, which are debatably either Xs or crosses. one below her left eye, one in the back of her right hand, and one on the left side of her neck, one of the lines reaching down towards her chest.

As for clothing, she doesn't wear much. Anything showy, racy, or along those lines. She loves corsets and how they show her curves, or just tight clothing at that. When it's cold she prefers extremely expensive fur or faux fur coats. Either way, they aren't made as much. She likes to wear formal clothes, only because she likes the idea of sexy elegance.

Favorite Weapon(s): Herself. Her body. Her voice. Her fangs.
Skills: Oh Felicia, so seductive, persuasive and conniving. She's a wonderful actress, meaning an incredible liar. If you have the right fake details, anyone will believe you. She uses her attraction to her advantage, and being confident she'll easily enter your comfort zone. She's not afraid to be touchy with anyone, and may do anything to get her way. She's quiet brilliant when it comes to being a con-artist actually, she's probably mastered the talent. She's charismatic, and can talk her way in and out of anything, don't test her or you'll end up feeling confused and agreeing with her. Also she doesn't show much mercy or remorse, so killing someone is a quick easy job, unless she wants to torture them. She isn't necessarily cruel, well, not to people she doesn't hate.
Weakness: She honestly hates feeling weak or inferior to anything. She plays by her own rules, and controls whatever she can in her life. The only thing she has actual trouble with, is love. Lust is her everyday life. She's practically a nymphomaniac. But love? That's unknown territory. Being in love is a feeling she hates to love. Butterflies, that feeling when your heart stops, it's exhilarating. And also terribly overrated. She absolutely hates the feeling of being vulnerable.

BiographyWhat can she say? She's almost spitting image of her mother, but shares a similar personality of her father.. In a female version of course. Her father was a vampire, her mother was not.
Her father was basically a sadist. In his own sick twisted mind he liked to play with others, never letting anyone really feel comfortable. Now, the story goes that he met her mother. In a love story, this would be the point where he turns his life around, realizing the woman makes him a better person, and he loves her unconditionally. That however, was not the case. Pretty much, he wanted to live on through generations.
She was actual a smart woman. Intelligent, bright, witty. Beautiful as well. She was going to be married soon to another man. Being who he was, he raped her, and she became pregnant with a daughter. At the time, he was unaware of this. When her fiancé found that she was indeed carrying a child, everyone found out, and he was disgusted with her. There once lovely relationship was shattered, and the vampire watched, entertained. Being thrown out of everywhere, known as a whore, her mother wandered the streets aimlessly with a swollen stomach. He took her in, not because he felt bad, but because he wanted his son. Obviously he soon saw that he did not have a son, when she was born. He planned to kill the girl at first, but the helpless woman begged and cried, pleading to keep her and she'd give him a son one day. He agreed, deciding the girl may be put to use later. They named her Felicia, after his grandmother.
Six years later, her mother had given birth to 3 other girls, all killed gruesomely by her father, who drank their blood. The young girl watched her sisters die, and her mother suffer. There wasn't much she could do of course, she feared her father as well. It was when she was eight, her mother had finally had a boy. Around this time, her mother also told her the story of her childhood. Though what the girl knew already, what she'd seen, would be burned into her memory forever.
The boy was named Dyer, and things seemed finally to be falling in place for the disturbed man. He seemed more maliciously sinister, but that always put him in a better mood. Her no longer took it out on his so called family. It was two years later when the boy died, somewhat suddenly. A disease that quickly killed him, some sort of plague. Enraged, her brutally murdered Felicia's mother. She was ten at this time, and he decided she was good enough.
He began to bring her along with him, and showed her how to kill and inflict pain, and then drink the blood of others. At first, she was scared, terrified, disgusted with what was going on. If she said anything against it, refused, or cried, he would just torture her as well. So she obeyed. She was a vampire as well, after all. The thirst got to her.
When she turned 14, she decided she was tired of him beating her, and his constant disturbing pleasures she wasn't fond of. She ran away, learning to live on her own. He tried looking for her once, but died somehow, unknown to her. She was just glad for once to be rid of him. Because she was on her own, and had no skill other than deceiving and murdering, and drinking the blood of mostly men.
And that brings us to the lovely, present..

So begins...

Felicia Florentine's Story