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A New Elm Street Nightmare: Halloween

A New Elm Street Nightmare: Halloween


Freddy is looking for a New Elm Street and he's found one in Haddonfield, Illinois! The home town of Michael Meyers the Halloween Killer. Will the High School and College students survive if these Titans clash?

795 readers have visited A New Elm Street Nightmare: Halloween since RydeDawg created it.


10 years Ago:
Krueger was unable to escape the boundaries of Hell, thanks to the complete ignorance of his existence to the people of Springwood, and the use of Hypnocil to prevent those in Westin Hills from dreaming. Due to the fact that no one so much as knew of him, much less feared him, Freddy was unable to gain enough power to escape. Thus, Freddy hatched a plan to resurrect the undead, immortal killing machine Jason Voorhees. Freddy pulled Jason's abandoned mask into the ground. Then, in the disguise of Voorhees' mother, Pamela, Freddy manipulated Jason into rising from the dead once more and going to Elm Street to kill more teenagers. Jason committed a few murders, which were then blamed on Krueger (as planned). As a result, Krueger began to get his equilibrium back. Enough fear fell over Springwood to make Krueger strong enough to haunt the town again. The problem, which Krueger had not counted on, was that Jason would not stop killing. He became irritated when Jason continued to slaughter "his kids" before he could. Thus, a bloody fight ensued between the two murderous icons that raged from the dream world to the waking world at Jason's old haunt, Camp Crystal Lake. The film ends with Jason walking out of Crystal Lake holding Krueger's decapitated head, which he winks, followed by Krueger's laughter, indicating his reign of terror may not yet be over.

5 years Ago:
Freddy is trapped inside Jason's mind and seeks out the Necronomicon (book of the dead) to escape and to become more powerful. Freddy is able to do this, and fights with Jason and Ash Williams (Monster Killer and keeper of the Necronmicon) before Caroline uses the Necronomicon to open up a portal leading to the Deadite (demon) dimension, and Freddy is sucked into it (though Jason is not, instead being trapped under a frozen lake). In a second clash, Freddy is pulled out by Gordon Russell, turns Maggie evil, and takes over Washington. In the end, the portal to the Deadite Dimension is reopened, and the Necronomicon itself takes Freddy's power away, turning him back into his human form, before Ash mercilessly blasts him into the vortex with his shotgun.

Freddy is Back from the Deadite realm and has regained his powers to kill in dreams. But he has been cursed to never return to his original town and his street. He is now seeking out a new town known as Haddonfield, Illinois the place of Michael Meyers the Halloween Killer. While Michael Doesn't care if others get killed Michael is trapped in a mental institute and wants out to kill the last member of his his family. Jesse Walsh, who was once possessed by Freddy Krueger but was able to fight for control for his body, has made it his life's work to always seek Freddy out and protect others from him. Ash Williams guided by the Fates themselves must locate the Nercronomicon which is drawn to Freddy. Can the Teens of this Town survive when the Titans of Horror and Ash Williams the Hero clash?

Characters needed:

Horror Icons!
Freddy Krueger-RydeDawg
Michael Meyers-
Ash Williams-
Jesse Walsh-

Characters important to the story
The Niece of Michael Meyers-The Girl has a psychic link with her Uncle which makes her a target of Michael Meyers
Her Boyfriend-

Characters that have a high chance of dyeing by Freddy or Michael's hands!

Non-dating characters:

Sex Crazed couple

The Pot heads:

The Black kids



Apparent Age:
Appearance: (pic acceptable sometimes preferred)
Other features:

Unique Traits:
Theme Song:
Crush: (undefined at first, if at all)

Other Items:


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[OOC] A New Elm Street Nightmare: Halloween

This is a Role-play based off of Freddy vs. Jason but now Freddy is going to pick a fight with Michael Meyers. If you want to submit another Horror Icon to join the fight then go ahead. We could make this a giant bloody fight with everyone involved!