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A New Encounter || Closed RP

A New Encounter || Closed RP


just an rp i decided to do with someone on the charahub forums!

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Yuuya Maki meets some new characters in his town...

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Yuuya Maki was just walking home from school now. Though he was honestly quite bored. So he decided to wander around for a little bit. He goes into town for a little while, shopping a bit. He may not have looked like it, but he was actually a fan of shopping. Looking over though, he notices someone who looked like they shouldn't have been there. Yuuya just stares at them for a little while, blinking a few times before saying, "Erm... Hello?" He says as he taps the other on the shoulder.


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Urgonoff suddenly turned around, to see a human there. Laradrielle turned her head around as well.
"Who are you?" A tall blonde woman wearing the cloak of a ranger asked in her french accent. "My name is Laradrielle."
The shorter, black haired male with a grimace was much more abrupt. "I'm Urgonoff."
The two stickmen were incredibly oblivious that they were very out of place in this world.


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They had accents... Were they not from here? Yuuya furrowed his heart eyebrows and says, "Yuuya Maki. It's nice to meet you both... I guess." He says with a shrug. He stares at the both of them before tilting his head to the side. "Where are you guys from? I don't think I've heard anyone with accents like those before..."


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"Surprised to see he's not freaking out". Laradrielle whispered to Urgonoff. Her french accent was intensified by her whispering.
"Eh, must be one of them open-minded human-dense worlds." Urgonoff whispered to Laradrielle. His Scandinavian accent was destroyed by his whispering, making it sound like a stereotypical robot accent, like some kind of AI from a homebrew 1990's sci-fi film.
Consumed by the self-brought awkwardities of their lengthy whispering after a question, Laradrielle quickly said
"Oh, i'm from France. He's from Icela-"
Urgonoff was furious. He hated how she spoke conscendingly, or even lied to humans and extradimensional xenos, which the pair happened to be in the eyes of the human, and how the human happened to be in the eyes of the pair.
because he thought the truth might "Scare" them.
"Humans aren't pussies. They fight better than we do, and they don't need magic. The truth won't scare them. It'll bloody alert them!"
"NO! LIES LIES LIES!" He howled at Laradrielle, at 120 decibels .
He was so furious he continued to yell at Laradrielle.
"Smart mo-"
Laradrielle sighed, like she had lost all hope.
"Since the truth has been revealed, some warlocky jerk just sent us here. We thought this world might contain a few... abberations since dimension travel might do weird things to destination planets."
Laradrielle, highly embarrassed, walked over to Yuuya Maki, and leaned down and whispered
"I apologise for my teammate. He might be seriously disengaged by the dimension travel."


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Character Portrait: Yuuya Maki
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Yuuya furrowed his heart eyebrows again and gave a wry smile. "I-Is that so?" He asks. When he listened to Laradrielle whispering to him, he seemed to understand only a little bit more. Maybe they were from the past or something? He wasn't very sure how that would even be possible though. He didn't really believe things like that. So he wasn't very sure how to react to all of this. "U-Um... Do you guys need help then?" He asks, still giving them a wry smile. "I can probably help you if you need it..."


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Laradrielle blushed at the embarrassment her ballistic teammate caused.
"Since my teammate... gave you too many clues, I'll tell you what, I know this sounds crazy, but we're not from the past, we're from another dimension. A warlock sent us here, and I believe teleporting to this dimension may have caused a few abberations to spawn. In other words, horrific mockeries of the very concept of reality might have been made by us teleporting here." She quietly said.
Urgonoff heard what she said.
"An' that's why we're here to slaughter e'm."

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Character Portrait: Yuuya Maki
Character Portrait: Urgonoff Au


Character Portrait: Yuuya Maki
Yuuya Maki

Yuuya is actually more psychotic than he looks. He seems unsociable and seems like he doesn't like very many people. He becomes attatched to anyone he develops a crush on and thinks that it will show his affection if he killed them.

Character Portrait: Urgonoff Au
Urgonoff Au

A harsh, foul mouthed and tough stickman barbarian with a resistance to cold.


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