Urgonoff Au

A harsh, foul mouthed and tough stickman barbarian with a resistance to cold.

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Physical description:
Very slightly short, Black hair pulled back, black skin on his body and white skin on his face. He's a stickman, so he has no nose or ears.
Ruthless, foul mouthed, Fearless, heroic, upstanding, utilitarian, violent, short-tempered, serious, stubborn, resourceful, selfless, straightforward and extremely crude. He is very harsh and, and will make nasty remarks before getting aggressive. Deep down he's actually a very nice person though. He's usually very stoic, but some things just trigger him, like arrogance or whenever he feels drastically overwhelmed, and he goes completely berserk, despite having a strong policy against killing. As a barbarian, he highly dislikes anything elegant, because he thinks that's "For show offs", and prefers being extremely effective. He's incredibly direct in his way of speaking, and tells anyone who gets upset to "Suck it up". He's guided solely by his moral compass, to the point of abandoning his allies, family and tribe if they commit an act beyond reconciliation.
1 large iron pauldron, 1 loincloth, 1 potato sack containing his 1.5 meter long greataxe, 5 bottles of stale ale and a jar of red warpaint. He also wears a leather belt with a small bag made out of a goat's stomach containing 20 small divining runestones and 10 bronze pieces.
Historical Background:
Urgonoff was born on a planet in another dimension called Tqqrenvlon, so big and so damn diverse (It has every genre) that despite the ridiculous abundance of massive empires, it hasn't been united yet. Each settlement and civilization has a TL-score (Technology Score), ranging from 1 (Stone age) to 20 (Nanotech) and an M score (Magical Score). His birthplace was an extremely frosty, scandinavian-like island known as Krollunde. Here's his story.
He was born in the highlands of Southern Krollunde while his village was being ransacked by goblins, while it was burning. and because of a major drought his family had to move to the midlands when he was 3. His entire family became lumberjacks, and he learned how to cut wood when he was 5. His village had to deal with various Hyejji raiders. When he was 7, the 4th Krollunde-Galathonian war began, and he nearly died when they half-ransacked his village. His life was really hard during the war, and he had to help his village by frantically providing timber. His village constantly had food shortages, and that's why he's so resourceful. When he was 12, he was considered an adult, so he had to fight. He took up his axe and fought the Galathonians and Hyejjin. When he became 13, he then started exploring Krollunde, going to the alps, isles, and even the North, were the most vicious savages resided. When he was 16, at a peacetime after the 8th war, when he was in a drunken rage, he was so traumatized and furious at the loss of so many comrades that he impulsively used his sudden persuasive speaking to get his once-wise cheiftain to launch a full-scale and first attack on Galathon with Kjornstad and its allied settlements, 4 Nordic tribes, 1 Dwarven stronghold, and 3 Anglon settlements, unleashing a fleet of 5000 longships. After recovering from his drunkenness, he realized the horror and plight of what he had done, and realized that it was too late to save them, so he tried a first attempt at magic to send a psychic message, but the message was inverted, so he began doing everything he could to get them back: Fireworks, More magic, and finally sailing a longship to catch up with them to halt them. He managed to catch up with them, but since the longship was too small he couldn't board his ship, and the side of his longship was directly facing the mast of his cheiftain's longship, so his unlucky vessel snapped in half, much to his dismay. He woke up on a cold-but not so cold beach, behind it an array of tall, thin, rustic buildings intersected by many streams. years later, He has travelled to this dimension in search for an anomaly.

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