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A New Galaxy, A New Chance

A New Galaxy, A New Chance


In a Galaxy, where Nations Rise and Fall, a group of individualists try to make their living.

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This is a non-plot futuristic RP. If there are any things unclear, just write it in the OOC thread, or send me a pm.

At first (because if i would write them as last they are so simple overread)
The Rules
- no godmodding of other player characters (npc's are allowed)
- No All-In-One characters
- at first one character per player
- no one-liners !!! post at least 5 sentences !
- no to much swearing, and keep the other things pg-13
- please post like this: "saying", thinking, actions and events, character names, planet names etc. (your own aswell as the other's, so it is easier to see who are you interacting with)
- if a situation is unclear, don't post ooc in the thread, take use of the pm-function
- If you don't come to a solution, ask me (of course you can ask me whenever you have a question :D )
- No characters who would kill a specific other character at sight, aversions are ok.
- And most important: HAVE FUN !!!

Setting (well it's short and simple)
The galaxy has gotten darker than ever before. The great Forces of this galaxy have begun their war to reign the galaxy. They have taken clear positions now and use everything they have to rule the galaxy. There are also various organisation, who take influrence into the result of that war. A misterious planet has been discovered, wich natives have a power called "Magick". Sciencist have created a Serum of the native's blood and special herbs of this planet, wich gives a person the same powers like the natives have, it may show some bad side effect. The users of the magick are sortet in two groups and eight kinds of powers. There will be actions of the forces all along, i will inform you about what is happening by posting it in the colour of the force. The weapons vary from little stone knifes to big capital ship guns. Melee weapon's aren't chanceless, because of new technology, such as energy shild's or armor.

The part of the players
All the players are together one one capital ship, where they live. The player's form a team. You can do whatever you want to do in the galaxy (join one force, build up your own force etc.). The player team will get more and more npc's under their control, if they are sucessful. You can create an own race for your character, please discribe how they live and their physiology. You can create planet's, for your character's home as well as for the whole group (please send it to me per pm before).

The five biggest Forces

The Alliance of Suhl'Ohn
An Alliance of various races. They are ruled by a council and a president. Every nation, wich is part of the Alliance, selects two persons to be part of the council. The council select one of their members as speaker, the President, for one year. Their main planet is in the central southern sectors, the name of the planet is Suhl'Ohn.

Starting Strenght Rating: Military: * * * Economic: * * * Technology: * * *

The Golden Tree
An Alliance orginally formed to provide protection, contacts and help to the trader's taking part in it. Every group in is a company, wich is represented by a CEO. These companies do their own thing, but fight for each other and help in various works. Most companies are formed by the kind of goods they trade with, some are also formed by location or friendship. The CEO's may call a meeting, whenever the attention of the whole Alliance is needed. They meet at the planet Oktra, in the west-northern sectors.

Starting Strenght Rating: Military: * * Economic: * * * * Technology: * * *

The New Order
A big cult worshipping mordern technology. It's ruled by the Preator. They are organisated in a caste system. The castes are (orderd by influrence): The priests, the sciencists, the technicans, the warriors, the workers and the slaves. The priests select the Preator. They believe hard work to be the only way to reach a highter caste in the next life. Their high temple is on Agor Alpha, in the south-western sectors.

Starting Strenght Rating: Military: * * Economic: * * Technology: * * * * *

The Interplanetary Empire
The Empire is mostly formed by pure military supremacy other their next neightbours. The Emperor is the absolout leader of the Empire. He assigns governors to take care of his planets and systems, while his admirals oversee the military. The Emperor choose his heir, if he is unable to do so, his advisors do it. Their main planet is Ogudesh, in the south-eastern sectors.

Starting Strenght Rating: Military: * * * * Economic: * * Technology: * * *

The Kingdom of Draok
The Kingdom of the Draok-Dynasty. It's under the rule of the King and the Queen, who's first born child becomes the next King or Queen. The King and the Queen have the same privileges and duties. The other nobility, wich consists of the cousins, aunt's, uncles and selected people, is to work as hight ranked officiers under the King and the Queen. The palast is at Corak IX, in the north-eastern sectors.

Starting Strenght Rating: Military: * * * * Economic: * * * Technology: * *

Other Organisations

The Awakened Dream
A fanatic sect, who praise the Magick. They teach those, who can use the Magick in their ways and help them to use their power better. They tried to inject the Serums into as many people as possible, but they stopped that for some time.

The Inquisation
A group of people, who hunt the so-called Mages. They try to destroy every effect of the Magick-Serum at other races. Every member of the Inquisation has gained a special training against Mages and have gotten an injection of an effective Antimagickum (blocks of the Serum and Magick-attacks).

The Guild
A network of thieves, spies and agents, who collect informations and wares. They can be hirred to find and/or steal specific things, persons or information, but not for assassination.

The Jade Flower
A group of spies and assassins. They can be hired to neutralize specific persons for the right money. Nobody would dare to openly challenge the Jade Flower, because these people tend to disappear forever.

The mercenaries
Various groups, more or less organized, who sell their services to the hightest bidder. Some may feel bounded by the contract, other might change sides for the right prize.

The pirate lord/lady
Some people believe that out in the galaxy is a pirate, who managed to gain the loyality of many of his/her kine. It's said that he/she pulls the strings of many pirates from the background.

The Mog'na'Magi
The race of Nognum, the planet on wich the Magicka-Serum has been researched. The whole race inheritates the power of Magick. They are a reptilian race, who's males walk on four legs, have a pair of arms and are green coloured, while the females are more snake-like, with a pair of arms and teal scales. Newborn child's have a colour, fitting the power they inheritate, till they grow about ten human years and change to the usual green and teal. Every try to occupie the planet failed.


The two "ways" of using Magick:
Spiritualistic users of Magick use their powers in rituals. All they "spells" use a long time, long text's and space to be casted. The effect of their spells are stronger and affect a bigger area or a larger object, but are harder to controll.
Hermetic users on the other hand cast fast and precise attacks and defenses. The effect's they cast only affect a single target or a small area.
Both need a long rest to restore their powers to maximum, as long as they continue to cast, without rest, they get weaker and might even die. Another way to restore the power is to get some of the herbs the specific Magick-Serum was made of (or get a new injection of the same Serum).
It's random if a new Magick-User or Mog'na'Magi becomes a Spiritualistic user or Hermetic user.

The eight kind's of Magick-Powers
Conjuration - Powers about summoning spirits and ghosts, giving live to dead objects and teleporting.
Divination - Seeing distant places and people, hidding yourself and others and even seeing the future.
Mental - Powers, wich relies on telekinesis, telepathy and attacking/defending thought's.
Arcane - Powers that control Magick-effects, protect from Magick and empower/weaken Magicka-users.
Fire - Attacks and defenses that use fire, effects about heat and empower energy weapons.
Water - Effects that deal with the element water, effect emotions and disrupt energy weapons.
Earth - Powers that build building's, empower armor of ships or persons and make it able to move throught massive materials.
Air - Powers that effect the opponents senses, empower the speed of ships or persons and use attacks with storms and shockwaves.

Character sheet
Appearance: (pic and/or discribtion is fine)
Speciality: (main job in the team)
Type of Mage: (Only a few, Hermetic ones can still do another job along)
Equiptment: (Everyone starts with 1000$, the rest is up to you)

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