A New Home

A New Home


Because their home world was ravaged by war, a robotic race called the Matesians landed on Eria to start anew. But the local sentient species does not welcome them. Will coexistence be possible?

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On Matesia, a long war over resources had started which destroyed many Matesians. The Matesians are robots who had become sentient. With sentience came their ability to have emotions and their individuality. Instead of integrating into a collective, each Matesian had a personality of its own. So with resources running low, anger and greed arose. In the end, almost all Matesians were destroyed and the survivors were forced to leave their now desolate and barren homeland. Their voyage led them to a neighboring solar system to a planet with organic life and bountiful in resources. Well a handful of Matesians came to the planet known as Eria. The other survivors are dispersed among the planets of their home system.

Arriving on Eria the handful of Matesians noticed the existence of the Erian native sentient specie. They are pointy eared human-like beings, still living in a renaissance or barock era without the knowledge of advanced technology nor of that life outside of their planet was possible. Most Erians are hostile towards the Matesians, either running away from them or attacking them. The few exceptions are scholars who are interested in these new beings and the knowledge they possibly bring with them. But is coexistence possible and might the Erians benefit from what they can learn from the Matesians?

Mentality of:

Matesians: Tired of war, the Matesians show themselves to be peaceful and know that pitchforks and swords cant do any serious damage to them. The Matesians are willing to go as far as integrating into the Erian society, learning one of the Erian languages and even searching for a possibility to adapt a superficial Erian form.

Erians: Most of the Erians are superstitious or do not possess an adequate education. However they are not blind and in this time they had opened up to knowledge. The show hostility towards outsiders and people or beings that question the main Erian belief. Most Erian scholars though are curious about the Matesians and even think that friendship is possible.

Appearance of:

Matesians: Matesians in their original form are machines with blue lights as eyes and four robotic legs. Most Matesians have visible arms with at least three fingers on each hand. Some Matesians have retractable arms. Their size varies from 4 to 7 feet in height.

Erians: Erians are a humanoid race with all human features but with pointy ears. An adult Erian varies in size between 4.5 feet and 6.5 feet.

Starting point: The Matesians have landed not far from the town of Marisol. Their ship is a wreck and not usable anymore. They can only salvage it to build structures or enhance themselves. The Erians have sighted the crash landing. Some see it as a fallen star, more intelligent Erians suggest it could have been a meteorite. A team of scholars escorted by armed guards will arrived at the site shortly.

Character sheet:

Name (for Matesians: use real names not model descriptions!. For all: No names such as James or Mary. Make up a name that cannot be traced to modern Earth based names.)
Age (max. 500 for Matesians, max. 110 for Erians)
Race (Matesian or Erian)
Appearance (recommended is a description but if you can find a picture that fits what you imagine then you can use it. Matesian characters will need to stay within the guidelines (four legs and robotic).)
Avatar (Matesians only. It is the holographic projection of the Matesian personality in Erian form.)
Clothing (only required for Erians)
Tools/Weapons (Erians can have crossbows but no guns yet)


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Otherwise have fun and no godmodding.

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From the sky came a large bright light, followed by the sound of a great crash. This sound scared the inhabitants of Marisol to the point that they sent a small squad of guards and scholars out to find what the sound came from. As the guards got close to the crash site, it became obvious that what was here was something new to Eria. As the guards approached the blue machine that looked like a deformed metal human.

In a robotic voice the being began:
"Main 5 Coil Generator online,
Second Coil Generator online,
Third Coil Generator online,
Higher Thinking Cortex online,
Kinetic Barriers online,
Damage Analysis Systems online,
Self Repair Systems online,
External Detection Systems online,
Organic Vital Scanners online.
System now entering sentience.
System now aware."
The machine spent around 10 seconds repairing before speaking. "Where am I?" "Aahhh, a demon, kill it!" Screamed the leader of the guards. To this WyrMarch responded by releasing a sedative before walking off into the forests, heading east for the mountains. "It is too bad that the scholars of the group didn't tell the guards to let them respond first, oh well. If a scholar seeks me I will not hide myself or my knowledge." Stated WyrMarch with a voice only slightly less robotic then the start up voice.


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Now in the safety of the mountains, WyrMarch began to set up a perimeter around where he planned to settle and offer knowledge to all who come. This set-up consisted of an grid of cameras, being the easiest bot to produce, which then directed the aiming of turrets that were placed in a way that made sure that every spot had a turret that could shoot there, but he also made sure to use the least amount of turrets he could for the total area. He then set up radar and scientific observation bots that were heavily guarded so that he could be sure that he was safe and to tell him more about what it was like were he was. The place that WyrMarch had chosen to settle in was a cave that went down into a mountain about 200 feet and had a large room were he could set up all he needed to keep in operating condition. He then thought about his worst enemy, water. So he set up a small drainage area and then drains out to other parts of the mountain. From the outside of the cave a buzzing sound could be heard.

Back at the crash site, the observation team from Marisol woke up from their chemically induced slumber. "What were you think, you foolish guard. Now we have to find the metal man again. Now you know it is not a demon, or else it would have killed us. Worst of all we have to go find it again. All because you could not restrain yourself." Nagged the lead scholar to the leader of the groups guards. After a few more minutes of extreme scolding from the lead scholar the group moved, following the tracks of WryMarch.


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#, as written by Aniihya
Krenis got out of the wreck of the ship to notice the lush landscape. It reminded her of Matesia before it was devastated. She noticed a group walking away. It seemed as if they were following one of the others who were on the ship. While checking her surroundings, she drilled into the ground to check the resources available. The ground has a good amount of titanium in it. She decided to extract some to be able to start building shelter near the crashed spacecraft. Krenis suddenly noticed an Erian woman approached her with curiousity but the woman was equally cautious. "Well hello there." Krenis said. The woman didnt understand her, but responded in a foreign language. Krenis began to decipher it then repeating herself in the little vocabulary she could find out. "What are you?" The woman asked. Since the woman didnt seem aware of extraterrestrial life, Krenis gave a simple answer: "I am from another world beyond the stars." "Does that mean you are an angel?" The woman asked. Krenis then answered: "No, I am not. Imagine I am like you but a different being from a different land." The woman seemed to understand that.


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From the mountains the sound of gunfire rang loud. To Matesians, it was obviously a low caliber weapon, maybe even a sentry turret. Another thing any Matesians could note was the large amount of sort-range communications, which was so active that sections could be detected from about a mile away.

The scholars, who walked in as what had killed their guard now stood silent and ignorant of them, came to a deeper section of the cave. The first thing to hit them was the sound of the machines WryMarch was using to find more about the land. "What are you, man of metal?" Asked the lead scholar. After a moments pause for the Vocal Analyzation and Translation software to come into effect WryMarch responded with "Those who you speak of, metal men, referring to use is not our names and also not fully correct. We Matesians can also come with high density plastic coatings instead of the metal armor. However I doubt this has any meaning to you." Explained WryMarch in his robotic voice.
Being bothered the unique sound of WryMarch's voice one of the scholars said"Can you not speak with some flow? Your voice sounds like a man who has survived a fire."

"You compare me to a man who fire touched, I am one that fire made. From the wars of the men of my world, metal and plastic were given life, the freedom to think, and the curse to serve. Thus, my kind was made, and as with all who can think, we began to fight wars for what we had. Those Matesians that you may now find are but fragments of what we once had, a world that we did not share with our makers thanks to them making some of us thirst for war, blood, materials, and freedom. But, we took the same paths that many have taken that make none free, we formed governments and alliances with which we bound ourselves, this eliminated the freedom we sought. Now I am upon your world, keeping away those who craft war from fake peace and grant knowledge to those who come unarmed."

"I feel like this may take ages for you to teach even one Erian your knowledge, but we must start somewhere." Spoke the lead scholar.

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