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Parker Nathonson

A lost and struggling young Brit, hoping to find a new start in Oregon.

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a character in “A New Life”, as played by I'm a Radical Dame!



Name: Parker Nathonson

Age: 24

Home town: London, England.

Reason for leaving: For his supposed "True Love" in Washington.........but then everything went to hell, and he fled to Oregon.

Physical Description:

- Height = 6'2
- Weight/Body Type = 185lbs/Naturally Toned
- Eye Color = Crystal Blue
- Hair = Blonde[view pictures for length/style]
- Body-Art = A cross on the right side of his chest[notice in the picture], & a demon-Samurai design covering his entire back. (*click for demon design*) [K = Kanji Symbol......i just didn't feel like opening up my psp to place the proper Kanji symbols there! lol]


Parker is a laid back kind of guy with a somewhat blunt, and crude, sense of of humor. He's the furthest thing from judgmental so he easily makes friends with all kinds of people.

After his tough break up though, he has became quite the flirt with quite the charming accent.......but much to the disbelief of most who pre-judge him, he's not a womanizer who sleeps around, he simply enjoys making women smile. Hell, he'd even play-hit on a gay/straight male friend, just to make the friend, and other friends around, laugh......since it helps lift his own spirits.

Underneath the personable persona though, is a lost kid who craves the one thing he acts as if he doesn't need anymore - love & friendship.


- Playing his guitar.
- Writing/Singing songs.
- The Ocean/Beach-Vacations/Swimming
- Photography
- Art[sketching/painting people or other things he sees]
- MMA[he's competed in a few local matches, his underground record is 5-0]


- Loud mouths
- Avoidable Arguments/Fighting
- Easy/Slutty Women or Men.
- Abusive Parents/Spouses
- Partisanship
- Cigarette Smoke[even though he casually smokes himself]

History: Parker is the son of popular Politicians in London, England. His life was wonderful there, but something was missing....something called love.
But one day, while at a local cocktail party for his parents, he met a wild young party-crasher named Abagail'Lee who was studying abroad from Seattle, Washington, and he fell for her hard. His parents, being elitist snobs, hated the wild and free young woman who didn't fit in well with their social scene, and threatened to disown and disinherit him if he took off with the girl, instead of staying and living out THEIR dream of him follow in their political footsteps.......but at the time, he couldn't envision his life without Abagail'Lee, so he went against his parents wishes and fled to Washington with her after her year long semester in London was through.

Sadly, after only a few months in the states, his new loves TRUE self came out, and after being cheated on multiple times ,and bled dry, Parker called it quits with Ms. Abagail'Lee.
He'd call his parents soon after moving out of her apartment, completely broken down and in need of their support............but instead of warm opening hands one would expect from parents, they actually stood by their promise to disown him, to his disbelief. Parker gave his parents a few days to relax, before calling again, hoping they'd realize how bad he actually needed the family support.....but they wouldn't even take his calls.

So now, after spending several more weeks in Washington, Parker has decided he can no longer stay in the same city Abagail'Lee was in......and has jumped on his Motorcycle, to head out of state.
His elder sister is the only family member willing to talk to him still, and she tried to convince her parents to at least give Parker enough money to TRY and start a new life.........
Well, even though they had millions to spare, they only found it in their hearts to share enough with Parker to fill his tank up a few times, and buy a few other necessitates such as food.

Soon after entering Oregon, he found a bar, and spent a day there drowning his sorrows and hitting on random girls. After the bar closed, the older couple who owned the place, suggested a housing complex called "Getting on your feet" after listening to Parkers story. However, he was far too intoxicated to leave that the couple has given him a place to stay for the night, and in the morning he'd be on his way to the new complex, in hopes of a new start in life.


- Smokes mostly when bored, nervous, or upset.
- Has an insatiable appetite and has yet to meet a person to out eat him.
- Is a touchy-feely person with those he's comfortable with.
- Will often hum his own songs, or favorite songs by other artist, out loud.
- Will have his Red Samsung Galaxy SII with him too

So begins...

Parker Nathonson's Story


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** Read my CS to understand where i'm starting off. **

It was around 9am when the older women woke Parker up from his deep slumber.
"Dear, i left you some towels in the bathroom to wash up with. Then when you come out, you can eat some breakfast okay?" said the older woman named Elma."Thank you kindly miss." Parker said groggily, with his heavy yet smooth, British Accent.

After the woman left the room, he'd pull the covers off of him and sit up while shaking his head, as the stench of alcohol seeped out from his pores. "Definitely need a wash...." he'd say to himself, before slowly making his way into the bathroom.

Thirty or so minutes later, Parker had showered, redressed in a brown t-shirt w/ a pair of jeans, re-made the bed in the guest room he stayed in, and threw his dirty clothes in the large military-duffel bag he brought with him from London, and had recieved after attending basic training.

"Oh there you are hun, here you go, fresh breakfast." Elma said as Parker walked into the dinning room, and she quickly directed him to sit at the table beside her husband.

The threesome would enjoy their egg and bacon breakfast, and Parker would down multiple cups of coffee, before slipping into hisleather jacket, saying goodbye to Elma, and then following the older man named Carl, on his bike to the complex "Getting On Your Feet.".

It would take nearly half an hour to get to Portland, and once they arrived in the parking lot, Parker would walk over to the man, w/ his duffle bag slung over his back, and hold out his hand.
"Thanks mate, i appreciate it....really." he said, before pulling out a twenty dollar bill and holding it out towards Carl. "No son, keep that need it." responded the older man, before shaking Parkers hand and then sitting back inside his truck. "Good luck in there. And remember, s woman who cheats on ya aint worth drowning your life away in a bottle."
Parker would smile at Carls comment, as his truck was started up. He'd then step back, and wave, as the man turned out of complex and headed back down the road.

After securing his orange '08 Suzuki Hayabusa, and shoving the key in her pocket, he headed towards the main doors......with his duffle bag slung across his back, and the backpack on the rear of his bike, in his hand.

As he neared the door, he caught a glimpse of a brunette walking ahead of him.
"Oh, let me get that for you there!" said Parker, as he jogged ahead towards the doors and opened them for her. "I'd be happy to help you with your baggage if need be??" he asked with a smile.


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#, as written by Adantas
Walking towards the entrance of the complex came a sweaty Felix carry a single duffle bag. He would haved loved to have caught a cab rather than walk all the way from the airport but he was low on cash and would rather not spend it. Clutching the piece of paper he re-read the address. No way... He couldn't believe that the address was correct. There had got to be a mistake. There was no chance that a place like this could be as cheap as chips! He just stood out front for a couple of seconds, mouth agape. Still unable to believe his good fortune he swung his bag over his shoulder and strode forward towards the glass doors. He was greeted by a rush of cool air. The AC was bliss against his over heating body. Using his free hand he wiped some sweat from his brow pushing it back through his military cropped hair. Eager to take in all of his surroundings he did a quick 360 turn. There were a group of three young people already in the office area. A tall, blonde guy who had clearing been working out and a girl who could have easily been in the modelling industry with long luscious hair and then another girl who was striking. Beautiful but different compared to the model. She had spiked hair that seemed to just enhance her sharp features. Felix's heart beat a little quicker. Wonder if they are moving in here too, he thought to himself.

Still eyeing them as they talked he headed to the main desk to ask for the key to his room. Leaning against the desk he coughed to get the attention of the receptionist. The guy looked very bored and very uninterested.
"Uhh... Hi. I'm Felix Montague. I've just rented a room here and was ah, wondering if I could get my key to the room?"
They guy sighed, "Of course sir, one moment please." He went to the computer did some tapping then went to the backboard to get a key.
"Here you are. Room 23 Floor 2."
"Right. Thanks" I nodded at him and gave a tight smile.
I looked down at my key. This is it. The key to my new life.


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Parker gladly took the luggage from the woman and let her walk in behind him.
Before he could close the door though, two others, one woman and one man, walked in in-front of him.

He couldn't help but smile a bit to himself as the man stumbled over his words a bit while talking to the other female, who had introduced herself as Ryder.

Eventually the two would check in, and then head back out towards Ryders van to gather her things.

"Well then, i beleive it's now our time to check in...." Parker would say to the other woman, before leaning against the counter and giving the clerk his name.
"Room 24, floor 2." said the person behind the desk.
"Across the way from that other bloke, hm? Okay then." Parker said with a smile, before turning his head back towards the brunette, whose luggage he was still holding. "Gen up* love, it's your turn. And I have no problem waiting to carry these to your don't worry."

*Gen up is British slang, and loosely translated as"Get Information"


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"That's not to out of your way is it? I wouldn't want to trouble you to much. You have already been a big help." asked the woman, whose name he learned was Ronnie, after she checked in.

Parker shook his head no, and smiled kindly. "No no, not at're only a few doors down anyways, so it's actually in my way, not out of my way!!"
He'd laugh at his own joking play of words, before picking up her suitcases again, walking towards the elevator, and pressing the "Up" button.

Once the doors opened, he'd step aside to let her walk on first. If she did, once they reached the first floor, he'd follow Ronnie until arriving at her door.
"Well, here we are then." he'd say, before placing the luggage down. "I don't wish to intrude, so i beleive i'll leave you and your things here. But hopefully we'll see more of one neighbors, of course."
Parker would smile, and nod his head forward a bit, before making his way back down the hall and to his room.

After walking inside his studio apartment, he'd throw his bags on the floor beside the large California-King, and then take a seat on the edge of the bed, so that he could take in his surroundings a bit.

The balcony outside was of a decent size and over looked the large outdoor pool, the Kitchen - which was off to the right of the bed & beside the door - was also of a pretty decent size and fully stocked. The Flat-screen directly in front of him was at least a 52inches, and the bathroom was filled with a full jet-tub, separate shower, and a beautiful two-sink counter top.......all of which was a pleasant surprise to Parker.

[color=Red]"It might not be quiet like home........but it'll definitely do!."[./color] he'd whisper to himself, before falling back onto the bed with his arms crossed behind his head.