Jinx Kat

"We're all mad here."

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a character in “A New Wonderland: The Deck and The Dealers”, as played by estrelas


ImageName: ”I’m Jinx Kat, awful to meet you.”
Gender: “I was female last time I checked.”
Age: “Asking the age of a lady is very disrespectful.”
ImageSide: “Choosing a side would defeat my purpose.”
Role: “I’m the Cheshire Cat, nya.”
Location: “Anywhere and everywhere, Darling.”
Orientation: “A little of this and that is nice and all, but I prefer testosterone.”
Status: “Happily single. I get to mess around much more without being tied down.”
Crush: “I’d never tell.”
•Jinx, when in human form, stands at a small 5'3'' and although skinny is fairly slender. She has dark purple hair with a streak of very light pink in the front. Her eyes are a bright amber that stands out from her bronzed and fair complexion. It almost appears as if she's wearing dark eye makeup, but its natural. Even in human form, she has a tail that is the same color as her hair. Her attire consists of a baggy white male dress shirt (sleeves ripped off) and shorts that look like a black-bikini bottom. She never wears shoes and refuses to dress like a lady. Several rings decorate her fingers and she wears a pinkish-purpleish pendant around her neck. It always appears as if she's grinning, even when she's upset.

Her cat form is very similar to that of a black cat, except her fur is the same color as her hair in her human form. Her tail is like that of a ring-tail lemur with very light pink stripes. She is a little larger than an ordinary cat and has the ability to render completely invisible as well as float on thin air. In this form, Jinx is able to speak.


A lot of creatures really don’t like me. I’m not exactly sure if its because I have a habit of not giving a crap or if I’m rude. It could be both… The other side of the population thinks I’m a brat, which I can’t disagree. I am a little self-centered and cocky. Oops. I have a habit of sneaking around so I guess I’m not all that loyal, but with loyalty comes responsibility and that sounds exhausting; you can’t blame me. I don’t trust a lot of people. They all seem to just want to kill each other, which I’m not exactly interested in. Confusing people is my specialty. It’s funny to see them scratch their heads, their faces blank. I prefer to keep my knowledge to myself, actually. Giving directions or even snitching on others is not cool at all. Only children do that. Oh, did I offend you? I’m not sorry. Go away, you smell awful. Don’t look at me like that. I’m going to speak my mind whether you want to hear it or not. While you’re showering, maybe take a look in the mirror. You’re butt ugly.

♥”Whoever invented tea is my lover.”
♦”Winning is so much more fancy than losing.”
♣”I love basking under the night sky and its twinkling stars.”
♠”Meat is disgusting. I don’t care if I’m a cat or not.”
•”Mischief is what I love best.”

♥”What is up with these retarded Dealers?”
♦”Small children irk me.”
♣”I’m going to destroy that awful sun one of these days.”
♠”I absolutely hate dogs. They can disappear from the face of Wonderland for all I care.”
•”The color green is so ugly. It looks like barf.”

♥”Gathering information by sneaking around is entertaining.”
♦”A good flirt with a Prince makes my day.”
♣”Cat naps. End of story.”
♠”Who could survive without meditation? Gotta have it.”


Jinx is old, I guess we should start off by saying that. She's been around for a long time, despite her young human form. From a young age she's been a wanderer and it isn't unusual to see her around the Kingdoms. Most people don't care if she's present, mostly because they know she isn't going to spill any information. She is a lover of conflict, after all. Her father, the original Cheshire Cat, went missing around the same time as the downfall of the Red Queen. Since then she's kept more to herself and doesn't trust many people.

So begins...

Jinx Kat's Story