India Rosaline Lee

"You don't need to be artist to create art,"

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"I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars,
And the pismire is equally perfect, and a grain of sand, and the egg of the wren,
And the tree-toad is a chef-d’oeuvre for the highest,
And the running blackberry would adorn the parlors of heaven,"

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Full Name: India Rosaline
Nicknames: Indie, Rosa
Age: 21
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
Occupation: Waitress - Aspiring Artist
Aspiration: To be a note worthy artist of her generation
Religion: Agnostic (but believes in a soul)


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Sensitive|| Scandalous || Independent || Vegan || Spiritual

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"If I could be with you tonight,
I'd sing you to sleep,
Never let them take the light behind your eyes,
Some day, I'll lose this fight,
As we fade in the dark,
Just remember you will always as bright,"

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Personality: India in a nutshell, is highly complicated like a wrist watch- one little thing out of place can cause the whole thing to collapse but mild autism is where that metaphor fits India but alike a watch, there are many little things that create the whole picture and make the watch tick with India there are many individual parts of her character that makes her who she is- she isn't someone you can classify or stereotype and you really have to bond with her to even begin and understand. Most people, just think India's a little queer and rather unintelligent because they know about her grades but given half a chance India could turn that on her head by engaging in a conversation with you about something in the news or a philosophical question- she's always pondering away about something new or something she hadn't thought about before, conspiracies, theories, solutions, resolutions, mistakes, plans, questions and answers- her mind is constantly all over the place but which is probably why she has so little coordination and can barely walk a straight line.

India is a very sensitive person and struggles to cope with death, heartache or sincere loss of any kind. Optimism is not her strong point although she is very faithful and naΓ―ve, when it comes to something close to heart or internal issues of her own- she does struggle to find any silver linings or rays of light. India also tends to take things very much to heart and makes herself feel responsible for things that are out of her own control which is what's assumed to her supposed depression, the label has followed India like a ghost since she was 13 but she thinks very little of it She considers herself to be realistic more than anything but her pessimism and tendencies to upset and shame made her Father worry enough to get the idea checked out but India is adamant there's nothing wrong with her mind and so are others. Though the issue is a personal one and isn't much known outside of her immediate family, her parents and her brother- her step family do not know a thing about the matter.

She's an artist at heart and has been saving up for a studio apartment for as long as she can remember, she plans to move out in the new year for real and build up her own life and to sell her paintings but at the moment this is much a dream because although she is more than capable, her parents don't trust her enough for that big a step in her life. India could turn anything into a magnificent master piece, she makes art from unwanted goods and paints on everything she owns. She makes DIY clothing, shoes, furniture, gifts and all sorts.

Religious Views: India believes in a soul or a hidden identity that holds the key to our individuality- she describes at it as the core of human potential but she also believes this is what sparks the 'light behind your eye' when someone's face lights up with passion- she believes that is the soul communicating. Though it's a simple idea, it amuses India to ponder over it and it's alternatives in consideration. India doesn't hold herself to a specific religion, she doesn't believe in a deity or God however, like with the soul she has her own interpretation she believes part of the soul is your divine being and that's your guidance and hope, so theoretically she believes everyone's soul is their own God and that's why it isn't a physical thing because the soul is beyond laws of science. India does believe in ghosts and spirits but simply because she thinks people prefer to linger if there was were not content in their life amongst the living- so they linger in order to seek closure and clarity before they pass on to the after life.

Political Views: India considers herself a socialist but to a degree believes in Anarchy- she clings on to hope that in the relief of being given total freedom that people would find themselves and not exploit it by committing what would now be a felony or crime but cherish it and use their free will and lack of authority for good. She believes there's potential idea but has no hope in because of the behaviour of human groups like ISIS and certain militaries who could be considered morally grey- but she like to have hope and faith in humanity to repair itself because the way she sees it, their world is beautiful but humans make it ugly by mutilating the Earth through wars and abandoning morality when they feel weakness.

Strengths: India is obviously judging by her career choice and studies, an excellent artist she has a quirky style that she likes to channel her personality in and her moods. She's also very good with people- charismatic, honest and intriguing, she's quite talented with speeches, arguments and making people listen to her- she's quite unaware of this ability though and tends not to realise the effect she has on people when she talks about religion, human nature or anything describable as deep.

Shortcomings: Academically on paper, India is no shining star, most of her grades tip average at best with the exception of philosophy, religion and ethics, English and Art. Anything else, she was a D-C grade student. India also lacks of realism from time to time which makes people question her sensibility and responsibility. She's also very clumsy and ditsy which some people might argue to be her down fall.

Fears: India often fears her lack of grades may make obtaining a job or back-up career difficult and that bothers as much as her internal struggles. She's also completely possessed by a phobia of masks and she will never go out on the streets on Halloween, she never has since she was a child she just can't handle it, not even when she understands there's a person under it.

Passions: India finds passion in many things but the obvious one is art- she's so passionate about Art she struggles not to talk about it 24/7 and she dreams about the day she can turn it into her career and paint every day. Other passions include debating, family and music. India is very concerned about caring for her family and friends, she's probably the 'go to' person out of her sibling set because of she naturally empathetic nature.


+ Green & Herbal Teas
+ Everything and anything artistic
+ Socialising
+ The idea of adventures and life journeys
+ Discussing deep or complicated matters
+ Vegan Dr Martens
+ Animals (her spirit animal, she claims is an Eagle)

x Snobs or Scrooges
x Ignorance, she has massive issues with close minded individuals
x Seeing anything suffer
x Boredom
x Tangerines
x Being told to do things
x Backing Down


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[font=Garamond]Random || Quirky || Difficult || Empathetic || Activist

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"When you were younger you tried to fly,
Now your older you've learnt to walk,
When you were younger you tried to live fast,
Now you older you've learnt to die slow,"

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History: India was born whilst her parents were on vacation in Asia, they'd been touring the continent and were just leaving India when her Mother went in labour, this is how India got her name because they weren't expecting a girl either- they'd been told she was a boy for a day or two she had no name at all whilst they were discussing the matter, how ever it was apparently for good because India quite likes her name and is content with it. India and her Mother after a month flew home and that's where India was raised in America.

Throughout how school life, she was always sent to prestigious school because her parents made the assumption, going to a clever school would make her a clever kid but that's just not how it was for India. She's always struggled at school with the exception of philosophy, religion and English literature. It always really bothered her as well which was one of the reasons she got so marginalised and alienated at school, she wasn't the most bright and she was slightly weird. India moved on from it though when she got to leave school and studied art at a local college which she finished with flying colours. She's always been set on being an artist or a poet and still now the same passion fuels her efforts for everything and anything she ever does.

Outside of school in her childhood, India was always especially close to her Father. They were very similar in character and mind set which was probably they bonded so much better than India and anyone else. India was never close to her Mother and especially not to her step-father whom to this day she behaves in manner which suggests she resents him though her problem isn't him personally, it's just the fact that it's not her Father standing next to her Mother anymore. It troubles her deeply having to live with that, she always has. The divorce for India was a very big deal and she went in total shut down with her emotions and effective pushed the pause button on her life, she didn't eat or sleep, she refused to talk to them and basically lived in her room until she was forced into attending school again which she'd been skipping however she never gave in to admitting the fact, her family had broken up. She still tries to deny it to people and if asked in public, she won't introduce her step father as her relation. Though despite all of this, India is very welcoming and kind towards her step-siblings, although she has issues with their Father, she realises none of this is the fault of his children and they seem nice enough to her so she welcomes them into her life quite happily.

India's adolescence and the divorce were where her problems came most apparent, the refusal to open up to anyone, eat or sleep was where the issues that still haunt India in the corner of her mind really started to originate. At first it was just a kind of silent rebellion against the divorce but it continued and worsened till the effects were permanent. When she was 13, she was hospitalised because she fainted from food deprivation and exhaustion and it was customary this was then investigated which brought to the surface, India had mental health problems, it rooted from her overly active mind and being naturally pessimistic and the drama and upset of her parents splitting up it had left her worse off for it. The occasional faint spells continued around until India was 16-17 but upon leaving school she finally managed to sort her diet out enough to be living healthily by anyone's books- just not her own. She was also set up with a therapist who India genuinely took a liking to and that was what aided in India to over coming things and despite considering herself perfectly content, she still visits the same therapist at least monthly simply because it helps, even with little things.

India was always preoccupied growing up and never really ever met boys, dated and to do this day she's never gone further than a kiss which her friends occasionally tease her for considering she's now 21 but India shrugs this off, personally she's proud and happy about the fact because it means she never had any school drama whilst focusing on other things in high school.

In the present day, India is in the process of moving out to build her own home and life. Most people expect this to be her last Christmas at home but the decision of if she will genuinely leave or not is uncertain. Her artist career, is almost going somewhere- she's starting to develop a name for herself and she has some of her work displayed for sale in Brooklyn and that's not going to be badly for and although it's nothing big it does mean the world to India. She also two and half months after the wedding, agreed to also not change her name but out of respect for her Mother and the family be known as a Lee, though legally she retains her Father's names and her art, is sold under India Rosaline Fairchild and not Lee.

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Regrets: Failing so miserably on paper, although she worked hard at school, she's always wished she's done that little bit better but she considers that to be the same for most people so her true regrets would be letting people hurt her and walk over her, if India could go back in time now and talk to Indie, the girl with slightly too long bangs and a wonky tooth- she'd teach her to fight back and over come the torture of being at school but India doesn't dwell on her past, so this is something to her that she likes to pretend never happened.

Prides: India has always been proud of her motivated she was outside of school, she was always an activist even as a child she'd sneak out to go to local protests and fight for a cause and that's what India's proud of- that she was always true to herself and others.

Best Memory: Selling her first painting, she can remember being at an Art festival with her biological Father and he was trying his hardest to help her get noticed because she was only 14 at the time and quite withdrawn to herself but then a woman came over with two children and was so babbled with excitement to see some of the sketches that India had produced that she brought several as gifts. That memory has always meant a lot to India, especially because it involved her biological Father before her Mother moved on to re-marry.

Worst Memory: India didn't have the best time at school, she was always a lot more sincere than the other children and slightly wise beyond her years even if she wasn't particularly academic- she was logical and philosophical, she got bullied a lot and they made her doubt herself more than India would wish on her worst enemy and being beaten up was probably one of the worst but she doesn't like to think about it or talk about it. If somebody asks her about school, she'll brush off the subject and refuse to talk about herself she's against lying so she goes for the tactic of saying nothing at all. The only thing that comes level to that for India was her Mother moving on from her Father, India was a total Daddy's girl so that's always been hard to deal with remembering how her parents walked away from each other like nothing had ever happened.

Written By: Livy Grey (Livy)
Face Claim: Sophie Turner
Dialogue Colour: #3E825A

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