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Kate Terrence

0 · 431 views · located in New York City

a character in “A New York Holiday”, as played by Flighty


Katherine Emily Terrence

Kate (Most common)
Katie (Siblings, sometimes)


December 28th

Sexual Orientation:

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Positive Traits:
Meticulous: Kate is known for having great attention for detail. Even as a young girl, she was always extremely organized, had schedules planned out, and liked everything to be a certain way. If she was tested, she would probably fall into the realm of having OCD, but she'll glare at you if you accuse her of being too picky about things. She likes things her way or no way, but in all honesty, her way is usually well thought out and structured.

Proper: She's the poster child for the offspring of wealth and privilege. Kate has always prided herself in having manners and being classy. She's often the one reminding others how improper and immature they're acting, especially at events. Kate always seems to make a good first impression without trying, but being the perfect child it isn't as easy as it looks.

Motivated: Being born into money gave her the option of not having to work a day in her life, but Kate likes working hard. When she has goals, she's going to achieve them no matter what. She's persistent, intelligent, and related to her prim and proper side, is a people person. She knows how to sell her ideas and works hard to be successful in everything she does.

Peppy: She wasn't voted captain of the cheer team for three years straight for nothing. When her plans aren't being tampered with and things are running smoothly, Kate is upbeat and positive - to an extent that sometimes makes people roll their eyes.

Negative Traits:
Katherine's father was conservative and religious, and she adopted those values early on. Her views on things tend to reflect that stance and she definitely isn't as progressive and liberal as some of her peers. Though Kate isn't the type of girl to be shouting her opinions about homosexuality or immigration from the rooftop, she also won't shy away from sharing them if the conversation comes up. Despite how offensive and outdated some of them can be, she's the type to use the "I'm allowed to have my own opinions" excuse whenever she's called out on it.

Kate is well aware of how lucky she was to be born into her life, but a lot of the time she forgets that it was just luck. If she hadn't been wealthy from the start, it's hard to say whether her life would have went as well as it has, and she often forgets that when judging people from different backgrounds. Most of the time, it's just ignorance, but the way that she'll turn her nose up at anything less than the best, or argue that minimum wage shouldn't be raised because people cleaning toilets should just work harder and get better jobs if they want more money, often rubs people the wrong way.

Organization, children, being early for events, shopping, doing laundry, J. Crew, Ralph Lauren, Bergdorf Goodman, Boston, peppermint scented things, spring

People who put no effort into their wardrobe, Coach, airplanes, lilac scented perfume, humidity, lacking control, bad weather, unexpected changes in plans

She has no phobias or fears that are extremely unusual. She's scared of drowning, natural disasters, the severity of the California drought, getting in a car wreck, never getting married, being infertile and losing a family member.

True to character, Kate has her future planned out for her. She's currently working as an interior designer at one of the most renowned design firms in Los Angeles, and her mother is in the process of pulling some strings in hopes of landing Kate her own show on HGTV. Right now, her focus is more on her personal life than her career though. Kate desperately wants Dylan to propose for her. She knows that they're still young, but her plan has always been to be married by twenty-six and pregnant with her first child by twenty-seven. She wants five children, three boys and two girls, and to have a nice house in Beverly Hills with a summer home in either Martha's Vineyard or the East Hamptons.

Home Life:

Academic Background:
Kate attended a prestigous Catholic private high school. Though she was not her class' valedictorian (and still sulks about it), she was in the top 5% of her graduating class and went on to study interior design at Pepperdine University. She graduated after three and a half years, and one LA's top interior design firms that she interned at higher her soon after. She's currently working there but is considering going back to school to earn her master's. If she were to do this, she would go to The New School in New York, so as well as using this holiday to catch up with family and friends, she wants to revisit New York and see if she would be up for spending a couple of years as a student there.

Face Claim:
Dianna Agron

Katherine has a slim build. She's five feet and six inches tall and weighs approximately 115 lbs. She's not built for athletics and to keep in shape, participates in yoga and pilates classes at her local gym.

Hair Colour:

Eye Colour:

So begins...

Kate Terrence's Story