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Poppy Terrence

"Nobody has ever measured how much the heart can hold."

0 · 1,041 views · located in New York City

a character in “A New York Holiday”, as played by Mac n Cheese




Poppy Cordelia Terrence

Twenty-Two [22]


Face Claim
Pyper America Smith

Dialogue Color

{ Quiet, Excitable, Fast-Paced, Affectionate, Busybody }
Anyone who equates a soft voice with shyness or social anxiety has never met Poppy Terrence. The young woman is reserved in her words, but not out of a fear- rather, she saves them with a knowledge of the power than the voice can hold. Poppy does not chatter, babble, or even go so far as to rant (with the exception of to Miles), because she'd much rather express herself through facial expressions and actions. In this sense she is a grisled old midwestern farmer, although that aesthetic hardly seems to apply to the pale-eyed girl. When she does speak, it is to say something, not merely to hear the sound of her own voice. While this efficiency with words makes her a valuable stage manager, it does tend to lead people to believe that she is simple minded or snobbish, or perhaps some combination of the two. A cheerful smile and no witty words to go with it often leads to such misunderstandings. And, fair enough, Poppy may not have the silver tongue of her twin, but she is not simpleminded. She is vivacious and excitable, difficult to impress but exceedingly easy to please. Little kindnesses mold her onto a path of passing along the favor, and she has always been prone towards side projects based on sudden whims. At times, the sudden rush of excitement will fade as soon as it came on, a burnt out match, and she will abandon something with all the fickleness, and all the innocent intentions, of a child. This is why she loves stage management- there is always some little project to be done, something to move onto next. There is always something to respark her candle and have the young woman, so easily intoxicated with fascination, set on a new path.

And she does not walk on this new path, she skips and runs and leaps. Poppy is a spark travelling a mile a minute, a dancing flame, and she has difficulty slowing down. When she does speak, it is quick, rapid fire like the shaking of a bell. When she walks, it is never a meander. Poppy loves show business because she loves deadlines, she craves the time crunch as people rush to finish things before the approaching premiere. It suits her mind, perfectly organized in its chaos, better than anything else could. She doesn't need to be in the spotlight, in fact prefers not to be, but wants to be the one rushing to keep it on track- preferably on Miles. Poppy is a painfully affectionate girl, much like her brother, and he is often the subject of her doting. A trope by all means, the two of them are incredibly fond of each other and it shows in their secretive exchanges, the way they are always together, etc. Poppy is capable of directing such affection, albeit often to a lesser degree, towards others as well. She dotes on those she cares for, wraps her arms around them, wants to constantly feel the warmth of those friends and family she loves. Poppy craves people- not their attention, but their presence. She doesn't require the love be mutual, only that she be able to express it with her hugs, kisses, and little favors. She loves to love, and when on the surface her affections are rejected and it seems she is being used, Poppy is just as much using other people as a canvas for her love.

Poppy wants to know a little bit of everything, and it can show in the way that she goes out of her way to figure out people's birthdays, or makes a game of guessing a person's favorite drink before they've told her. Poppy is a planet glad to orbit the sun that the people in her life create, though she can become a little bit too meddlesome in this, beginning to shine such that it interferes with them. Many have called Poppy annoying for the way she tends to try and act in aid without asking permission first. She thinks the best of people can act correctly undirected, taking initiative, and while this may be true, she still stumbles from time to time at the correctly part. Her intentions, of course, are typically good, but sometimes it isn't the thought that counts- it's the way another person perceives the efforts.

Stage Manager/Assistant Stage Manager/Stagehand

Observant || When you are not constantly speaking, you become more likely to hear things you otherwise may have missed. People may be quick to dismiss Poppy as a ditzy, spoiled blonde, but they often soon find out she sees more than they know, and understands it just as well. People are puzzles that, through work with an eclectic crowd thanks to stage management, Poppy is good at putting together.
Construction || Poppy is slim but capable. She has spent years helping to build sets, especially on smaller shows where construction crew are difficult to get thanks to budget issues. The young woman builds platforms in her sleep, and if she had her way would carry a power drill on her person at all times. If you need help building a gazebo, a fake house, or a cabinet, she, unexpectedly, is your girl.
Whistling || Organized || Takes Initiative || Loving || Keeping Secrets || Memorization || Conversational Mandarin Chinese

Meddlesome || Poppy can have a problem with stepping outside her boundaries. Through overheard conversations and hints, she becomes overly invested in things that aren't related to her and will often try to get involved thinking she is helping. Poppy's inability to mind her own damn business is one which has gotten her in trouble time and time again.
Miles || Poppy places a very large amount of importance on her twin brother, who has always been the biggest person in her life, and it can interfere with other parts of her life. She is wrapped around his finger, and in the past has dropped major opportunities in order to go along with her wishes. It is getting to the point where some of her friends and coworkers worry that she is unwilling to become wholly independent, and that he is too intrinsic to her personal identity.
Doesn't Look After Her own Health || Invades Personal Space || Nosy || Performing || Easily Swept Up in Things || Somewhat Fickle with Projects

{ Although they are in no way romantically involved and never were, Miles was her first kiss. }
{ Has an almost bizarre fascination with fire. }

Miles || Being Around Actors || Stage Managing || Set Construction || Green Gummyworms || Being Near People || Cuddling, Kissing, Hugging, Physical Contact || Small Apartments || Sweaters || Oversized Shirts/Loose Jeans || Her Satchel || New York City || Late Night Pie || Souvenirs || Diners || Senseless Action Movies || Saturday Morning Cartoons || Central Park || Taking Pictures Behind the Scenes || Small Notebooks (Leatherbound) || Sports Bars || Watching Make Up Artists Work || Reading Scripts || Listening to Gossip || Helping People || Ginger Ale || Story-Heavy Video Games || Poker || "Odds Are" || Pie for Breakfast {She's a big pie person} ||

Video Games Without Solid Plot or Characterization || Dealing With the Aftermath of Showmances Between Actors || Dubstep || Asparagus || Empty Houses || Excessively Large Residences || Root Beer || Movies Taking Themselves too Seriously || Film Snobs || Overpriced Show Tickets || Miles' Late Night Piano Playing || The Smell of Beer || Heavy Hands || Being Presumed Stupid or Simpleminded || Being Talked At || Incest Jokes, especially in regard to her and Miles || Being Completely Idle || Difficult Actors/Stagehands || Actors Prone to Ad Libbing || Being Pushed Away || Fried Chicken || Pearls || Perfection || Silence


Height || 5'10"
Weight || 142 lb

Skin || Fair
Eye Color || Blue
Hair || Blonde, Fine but a fair amount of it

Style || Poppy is a big proponent of comfortable style, and so while she won't be found wearing sweatpants outside of the house it isn't unusual for her to spend weeks (especially during a show) in some variation of a loose boyfriend jeans, oversized button up, and converse or flats style. Come winter she is a lover of all things soft and sweatery, and will wear them the moment it is even near cold enough, usually preferring large cardigans or slightly bigger sweaters with skirts and button downs. She does wear button downs pretty much year round, only whether they or rolled up or not changing. Occasionally she'll dress up a bit, but she never wears heels (she isn't particularly graceful in them) and rarely wears jewelry more complicated than a thin chain with a small charm. She doesn't care where her clothing comes from, meaning her closet is a mix of target, thrift, Free People, and bigger brands.

Piercings/Tattoos? || Poppy's ears are pierced, but she otherwise is free of piercing. On her ankle she has a very small, minimalistic tattoo of a paper crane with the chinese character 千 (qian; 1,000) underneath it.

So begins...

Poppy Terrence's Story