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The Mad Hatter

"Why is a raven like a writing-desk?"

0 · 430 views · located in Underland

a character in “A Not So Wonderful Land”, as played by Magix


Everyone just calls him Hatter



The Mad Hatter

Hume form:
*To Note, his hat also has the 10/6 Price tag, as always*

Animal form:

The Hatter was insane from the start. It was always the fun and harmless kind of crazy though. However with the death of their queen, their world went crazy. Everyone, and everything changed. Unable and un-wanting to resist it, The Hatter let himself be warped so far that you can barely tell it’s him at times. You really don’t even know how he’ll act when you see him. At times he’ll almost be like nothing happened, where at other times he’s homicidal and often talks to himself. He’s begun to hear voices in his head, one of whom he thinks is the dearly departed Alice. She wants him to fix the kingdom. The only way to do so, is to slay the king. He’s not always driven by that “mission" however. In fact it’s more of a when he get’s around to it kind of thing to him. He’s more into just having fun now, although his definition of fun and that of most others differ greatly. He’s often abusive to others especially the poor March hare, both physically and mentally. The line between right and wrong in his head is gone, and while all hell breaks loose in there, those around him are forced to suffer with it.

The Chain reaches about 10 feet long, and the weapon (knife and chain) weighs roughly 25 lbs.

His Hat is outfitted with hidden, poisoned blades. When in battle he can removes it from his head and use it as a throwing weapon. It’s difficult to wield and acts as a protection from being stolen. If you don’t know where to touch it, which only the hatter knows, it’s gonna hurt you too. If it hurts, you better get some help to get the poison out of your system quick.

Pyrokenesis - The Ability to create, manipulate and control fire at will.

The Hatter also has a unique ability to create hats to his liking with a single thought. He calls it “A Taylor’s Gift” however most don’t really care what it’s called they just want to get away from him before he flips out.

So begins...

The Mad Hatter's Story