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Armature Sig

A nuske built for battle.

0 · 748 views · located in Lutje

a character in “A Nuskë's Memoire”, as played by Cypher


Most nuskes are built as showcases, brightly colored and fancifully designed clockwork bodies designed as human analogues. They live to serve and please their masters. Armature wasn't destined to be one of these such automatons.

Armature was built on a huge framework of carefully built and jointed iron bars with his clockwork organs packed away inside its most protected areas. Over that is a coating ironwood painted a shade of caramel brown. He has no hair or fanciful decorations to slow him down. His head is completely bald, save for the horse-hair eyebrows designed to display the small range of emotions he has at his disposal. His eyes, fittingly, are coal black. He stands at over seven feet tall - crude for a Nuske by most standards, but in Armature's case it's only fitting he be built about as tall as a skyscraper - and weighs almost 400 pounds, mostly the weight of his iron "skeleton" and his ironwood "skin".

He dresses in a blue Navy man's frock coat with gold piping, beneath which is a checked brown waistcoat and a white dress shirt and black tie. He wears a pair of brown trousers and black riding boots. Sometimes his head is adorned with a top hat, most of the time it is not.


The proper description of Armature's personality would be "there is no personality". To be verbose about it, he's a personal blank slate. He was programmed and designed to fight, hurt and maim, not make pleasantries with the lady nuskes. He has the basics of peer-to-peer interaction down, but other than that he just throws punches. His personality is geared towards making battle plans and tearing skulls out through eye sockets.

Nuske Special Ability:
The Eyes of The Eagle
Before Armature's genesis, one of der Alder's most prized posessions were his own eyes. Having nearly gone blind shortly before completing them, der Alder thought that sight was one of the most cherished senses of a doll-maker, and so built his own. Using careful surgical self-installation through the use of his most carefully crafted medical dolls, der Adler replaced his own eyes with something much more perfect. When the time came, Armature recieved those eyes as well.

Armature's eyes can see great distances and in many spectrums, including normal, infrared, ultraviolet and many others. He can see what is normally invisible to the naked eye, and it is hypothesised he can even see through walls.


- Armature's Blades: Clockwork blades enclosed within a sliding compartment on Armature's forearms. They can be activated at will by simply thinking about them. The full length of the blades are around 1 foot, and they are double-edged. They are locked into a special swinging rig that locks at the base, which allows the blades to be taken off their mounts for cleaning.

- Clockwork Pistol: Hidden in a compartment on Armature's upper thigh is an experimental pistol. It is an ornate, gilded affair with an ivory butt and a black iron barrel. The clockwork allows for Armature to fire the gun rapidly.

- His Physical Strength: Well, duh. Weighing over 400 pounds and being built for combat, the strength required for Armature to even move his limbs on their own is tremendous. This strength is channelled into his very brute-force hand to hand combat.

-Anything He Picks Up: Rocks, table legs, women's clothing - If you can name it, there is an extremely good chance that he was taught at least seven ways to kill someone with it.


Armature was created by "der Adler", the Eagle, a famous and reportedly mad dollmaker. For months, the crazy man had been claiming to have created the greatest Nuske in existance. He also claimed that this was to be his last. Seven months after making his first claim, Armature's chassis was completed and all but the most important part for a combat Nuske - the eyes - were in place.

Ensuring that this would, indeed, be his last great invention, der Adler tore out his own dark, cold eyes to gift Armature with sight. Der Adler's gift would not be in vain - Armature's sight now goes far beyond the sight of any normal human. The Nuske proudly served der Adler as a bodyguard until his death. Now, masterless and seeking purpose, Armature wanders.

So begins...

Armature Sig's Story