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Anna Sun Mazurick

The poor need it more then you.

0 · 343 views · located in Leu Chrysallia

a character in “A Phantasmagorical Metamorphose”, as played by BumbleDrop


Anna Sun Mazurick

Theme: Anna Sun
The Rouge

Anna at first glance seems aggressive and heartless; her red hair giving off a flaming vibe and her glowing blue-green staring into your soul. Even though at first glance she looks mean, once she grins all that melts. She has a scar starting from her right shoulder down to left hip bone that she got from a fight with a Nobleman that attacked her when she was trying to get her money back. As time went on, she decided to get a tattoo over the scar, a branch with cherry blossoms coming out. It represented it that even through a harsh winter; she can still blossom into something beautiful.
Preferred Clothing:

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Blue-ish Green
Anna is a spirited young-woman who is bold, brash and known for her mischievous ways. She loves to travel around, seeing new things, but she always seems to return back to her home town. Her heart breaks to see her town suffer under. She can be truthful at time, making her have friends hard.
She exists by her own rules and sense of time, her life is piloted by her and no one else and she goes about living it as she sees fit. Her bright spirit is an unusual find in the world, as she never seems to let the faults and darkness of the world bring her down, as she seems to be an optimist, and naïve despite her many experiences. In a way, she is living by her own definition of what justice is, because she opposes those she herself deems corrupted in the open and aims to put them in their places.

Anna might be strong willed when it comes up to noblemen, but she can’t help but stare at the handsome ones. It has caused her some trouble in the past, she is always caught up in the ‘what if’s’ if she finds the even slightly attractive.
She has a tendency to mumble to herself, this happens a lot if she is: nervous, has to make a decision, angry (but not to the point of fighting, even though she has done it before), or sad. She can’t seem to keep her thoughts locked into her own mind. Sometimes when she is worried and mumbling, she paces around, as if she is teaching someone to sword fight. It keeps her body and mind busy.
Swords, fighting, helping the weaker ones, manly guys, kids
Noblemen, girly guys, people who break their promises
Swordsmanship, telling stories
Anna, from the very beginning, was great at swinging things, sneaking around, and stealing. Thanks to her father she worked on her skills almost daily. Other than fighting and stealing, she is pretty good at cooking and making kids laugh. Her storytelling always brought the kids to her.
She only carries her heavenly swords for the sole purpose of having a light loads and uses her body as a form of a weapon.
Fighting Style:
Anna likes to fight up close with her enemies; she gets a kick out of it. She also uses her body, she loves the feel of her hands taking down the enemy.

Personal History:
For ten years Anna was living every girls fairy tale dream; with a loving mother who took care of the cooking, cleaning, and child-rearing. And a sword-making father who enjoyed his work, but also enjoyed the time he spent with his wife and daughter. It was a happy home, a picture perfect life that is, until Anna's mother’s death.
Anna's mother had always been a kind and caring soul, the type to always put others above herself and it was this very trait that took her life. Her mother had been helping to calm a hysterical noble woman who had lied to her husband, claiming that their baby had been abducted by the midwife from town, when in truth the baby had been still-born. The noble woman only lied out of fear of losing her position as a noble should her husband realize she would never give birth to a child who would survive through the pregnancy, or give birth to any child at all. It was this very noble woman who in all her fear, frantically attacked Anna's mother, the noble woman's one and only blow being that of sticking a blade into Anna's mother's chest.
After her mother's passing, Anna's father turned to drinking, starting with just a few drinks at the tavern with the townsmen after work. But this quickly escalated to drinking while he worked, leaving Anna to tend to the house chores alone, as well as cooking meals and purchasing goods from the market on her own. Two years after her mother's passing, Anna's father would lose his job as a great sword-maker, and he would began to spend all their money on booze, including the money Anna had saved up from helping look after the towns-people’s children. When Anna found her savings were gone, she confronted her father, who in his drunken fool self, told her he used the money to pay off a nobleman's tab at the tavern; the very nobleman whose wife had murdered Anna's mother. Furious at her father, Anna ran to the nobleman's manor and stormed inside without any invitation to enter.
She found him in his bedchamber with two harlot women draped over him, and not caring in the least at what she was witnessing. She demanded the nobleman return the money her father gave him; since the money belonged to her and was not her father's to give freely. This made the nobleman laugh at the twelve year old girl who stood in the entrance to his bedchamber, so he told her if she would entertain him; he would return to her a small share of the money. This infuriated Anna even further causing her to grab her small dagger from her belt, launching it into the bed post by his head. Shocked and now very aware that this was no mere child he could play around with, told her where the pouch with her money was. And while Anna was retrieving the pouch containing her savings from the nobleman's dresser, he pulled the dagger from the bed post and threw himself on top of Anna, dragging the dagger across the length of her back. Now if the guards had not seen the two harlots running from the manor and had these guards not interrupted the fight between Anna and the nobleman, that nobleman would have died that night.
When Anna returned home the next night, after her injuries had been tended to, her father was up waiting, drunk as always. As Anna closed the door behind her and went to begin to apologize for her actions, her father smacked her across the face, the force knocking her to the floor. The next thing Anna knew, her drunken father pinned her arms above her head and began to force himself on her, whispering her mother’s name. Anna will always remember the pain and anger she felt that horrible night. She will also never forget waking in the morning to find her father gone; he had left the town while she was passed out on the floor. She was now alone, her mother dead and to her, her rapist father may as well be dead also.
From that day on Anna traveled across Leu Chrysallia, to see what this world has truly become. Her reason for leaving her home town was a simple one, the townspeople had learned of what her father had done to her and they pitied her; this left her uncomfortable and angry, because everyone now treated her as if she was made of glass and would be careful of what they said around her. Anna was able to fund her lengthy expedition by stealing from corrupted nobles and shared anything, which she found to risky or difficult to carry with her, with those who were victims of the nobles’ corrupted deeds. Seeing the smiling faces and knowing that she had just maybe saved someone, making her believe herself to be a savior of the weak.
Though at first it was only a speculated rumor, at one stop during Anna's travels, she happened upon her father, but no one knows what happened during their reunion. When Anna was asked by a child in a town if this was true, she said: “Yes and my father almost died that my own hands.”



So begins...

Anna Sun Mazurick's Story


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Anna walked through the forest; she was on her way to a celebration of Louis Auttenberg getting married and she heard there was an alchemist in the area. She partially didn’t care about the celebration as much as she did about the free food she could get. Celebrations never amused her, rather it annoyed her, but she found it a good distraction to steal from the filthy rich scum that were there.

She could hear a few footsteps following her; they had been for the last three miles. Anna sighed; she didn’t want to fight today. She already had her hands full with the stuff she stole from two towns over. “What is a lovely lady like you doing walking around in the woods?” A deep voice came from the shadows.

“I think she is asking for some little fun!!” Another man called out next to the first man. She didn’t need to get any closer to know they were drunk. Anna could smell the alcohol and her nostrils flared. Horrible memories of her father and that nobleman flooded her mind. She said nothing as she slid one her Heavenly swords out its sheath. The men walked out the shadows, bottles in hand. “Oh come now darlin’, we ain’t gonna hurt you!” The first man said, smiling. She slowly turned her head to look at the man. He was a fat one, his cheeks rosy red. He was smiling big, and she notices he had no teeth. Gross. She thought. The second man walked right after him

He was skinny like a twig and almost too young to be with the man in front of him. He smiled also, but had teeth. The two were an odd couple, but either way it looked like they were willing to do anything to get at her. “Back off.” She warned them. She hated fighting the very people she tried to help. They stopped, looked at each up, and then smirked. “We just wanted to thank you for what you have been doing. Are you not Anna the Giver?” They asked. She had been called that among the poor; it made he smile, except for times like these. She never helped alcoholics, they did this to themselves. She backed up and felt her back hit a hard fleshy chest.

Anna made no sounds as she looked up into blood shot eyes. Great, like I really want to do this to you all! She thought. Her red hair was pulled back by the man behind her, “How can someone as pretty as you get away with stealing from the rich?” He asked her. He looked to be the leader of the group, his eyes showed no mercy. He looked at her like she was his property. Did he really think he could get away with this? Does he not know that she has killed many men in her time?

“Get off!” She hissed and sent the handle of her sword into his side. He let go immediately and growled. “Get her!” He yelled and the two other men ran towards her. She swung her sword in an X manner at the twig man and he made a slow gasping sound before hitting the ground. She said a little prayer before turning towards the fat one, “Ready?” She asked him. He looked frightened.

“Get her!” The leader growled. “What are you waiting on? Is your fat ass to scared?!” He was pissing her off. How could he treat someone so cold? She turned around and studied his face then smirked.

“You were a nobleman. I remember you, was it in Grincheniers? Yes, it was. You were behind the commander then.” She said slowly. He looked even more pissed and took out his sword. She heard the fat man running away. Good.

“I could have killed you that day, you know? I had you right there in my hands! I lost everything because of you, for someone who gives to the poor; you sure do a poor job at it. I have been looking for you for a long time. Now that I have you again I will stop at nothing to kill you!” He lunged at her. She tried to sidestep it, but didn’t move in time. The sword cut her slightly and she sucked in her breath. She could never get use to the pain of being hit.

“You got what you deserve. Now you know what it feels like to be at the bottom looking up. Call it fate.” She said with a smirk. Her round kicked him into a tree and pinned him with her sword. “Now from the looks of it, you have had a big helping of being poor.” She giggled. “I can show you mercy; will you still try and kill me? If so I will not hesitate to kill you right now.” Her voice went soft, she really hated killing people.

He laughed at her, “Are you kidding me? You let me go now and I will take every chance I get to kill you, I have nothing left so you might as well get it over with.” He was serious; she could tell in his eyes that all he was hungry for was her death. Anna sighed, she took a step back and with one quick motion she cut his artery. Blood sprayed her, making her look creepy. She said another prayed and left the body there. “Crap, now I got to clean up…but I can’t clean my clothes!” She sighed as she walked to the nearest stream and washed the blood off her body. Once she was done she made her way back onto the path towards her hometown. It had been close to a year since she has been there.

News spread around fast about the town and she heard about the little wedding happening. She knew Louis, having come across him a time or two, but she knew little about the lady he was going to marry. Anna almost felt a little sorry for the girl, if he was anything like when she met him, she would have her hands full.

The town was couple miles away and light was falling, by the time she got there the lanterns were lit. “Beautiful.” She whispered. The town’s people looked at her and whispered. She already knew what they were saying. “Poor Anna, if her mother would see her now.” She heard Mrs. Frockner say. If she hadn’t known the lady she would have slapped her. She hated when they talked about her mother; it was still a sensitive spot even years later. There was a shift in the crowd and looked towards the balcony. There stood Louis and his soon to be wife. She laughed, the look on her face showed how she really felt, Poor girl.


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Anna made her way through the crowd, her red hair swaying as she moved. If you would to glance at her the image of rage and hate might fill your mind, but if you would to look close enough, you would see the softness in her eyes. As much as she hated to see her father, she still wanted to know he was okay. He was a nobleman so automatically he was going to be there. Her eyes wondered each head until they laid eyes on the familiar face.

She held her breath, scared that if she was to let it go he might turn away from her. Age had touched his face, and it was clear as day what he was thinking; well to her at least. She ducked when his face turned her way. Her red hair would be easy to spot in this crowd. Every time she tried to prepare herself to see him, her plan would fail miserably. Anna peaked around the man she hid behind and paced forward until she hid in the shadows. Nothing could stop her heart from breaking. She knew her father wanted his family back; he lost his wife and in the end lost his only daughter.

Anna ignored the crowd and the couple, whom the celebration was for. She needed to find a way to get her father alone without any of the other noblemen catching her. A large size woman made her way towards them and she ran, slouching down and following. She looked up when close enough and her father say. At first he opened his mouth, as if to call her out, and then shut it real quick. He knew what she wanted. The lady had turned to go into the house and she dotted off, making a Z shape line into the woods.

He was there before her, “Hello Anna.” His voice was rough and deep. It had changed over the years, becoming raspy, rough, and deeper. Her heart stopped, she missed him dearly. It had been years since she saw the sweet loving father that would have died before harming his own flesh and blood.

“John…” She replied. The last time they were face to face Anna was trying to kill him. “You look old as hell.” A smirk played on her lips. She could hear the crowd getting louder, and she shook her head. She never understood the reasoning for everyone to gather just for a couple. People were so nosy.

John laughed something she hasn’t heard in many years. “Yes well, with stress and other stuff age sneaks in. Anna, sunny…come from this life.” Sunny. He used to call her that when she was just a child, before everything crashed. Her heart went still and whatever feeling was there seemed to disappear.

“I advise you not to call me that. And please don’t tell me that you are beginning to lose your memory. Did you forget how I came to be in this ‘life’? Actually, sadly, I should thank you in a way. If I had not chosen this life I might be marrying some asshole like Louis. You know that poor girl is going to have a horrible life. I don’t know what would be worse…” She trailed off, not wanting to cause a scene. Some nights, when she would let it, her mind wondered what life would be like if her mother never died, or her father never became a failure. Unfortunately she could not change the past and dwelling on the what if’s never got her anywhere.

A few seconds past before her father spoke, the tone in his voice seemed to soften, “I know I messed up as a father, I know I hurt you in ways a father should never hurt his little girl.” In the light of the lanterns she could see the hurt on his face and the tears that ran down it. In the back of her mind she wanted to cry, scream at him for the things he done, but she kept her composure. The one thing she did best was hide her feelings from him. “Anna, it’s time for you to let go of that…find you someone who can love you and take care of you. I am glad you forgive me enough that you accepted my gift, now just listen to me.” He suggested to her Heavenly Swords and took a step closer. She was about seven towns over when a man came up to her with the swords and a note. At the time she just finished stealing some silver and gold from a rich snobby couple. The man stood a good six foot and four inches and was around two hundred and thirty something pounds. Anna never seen the man in her life, he handed her the swords saying it was a birthday gift from her father, then left.

“They come in handy, that is all. Why would I leave the life of helping people? So I can be controlled by some useless man? Or maybe die like mother and leave my poor helpless daughter in the hands of her father who thought more about himself? Or he could just rape her and leave her to fend for herself!” she hissed at him. She slipped, she let her anger out. His once soft face went cold and he stared at her. She could have cared less, if he attacked her right now in the state she was in, Anna could kill him.

“Anna…” He growled, “Show some respe-“Anna cut him off when she walked up and punched him. Her fist connected with his jaw. He staggered back and let his back fall against a tree. His looked shocked; she searched his face, trying to find if he was angry. But all that showed was shock and then pain.

“You lost all respect from me when you forced yourself on me, when you left me to become some fucking nobleman! You don’t even deserve death!” She backed off of him, collecting herself before finishing. “You are not my father, he died the day my mother did. It pains me to see you...I sometimes wish you were really dead so I don’t have to look at you every time I come here.” Something must have snapped in him because the next thing she knew he was bent down, hands on his knees and crying. Anna looked around, she was not one to comfort people she hated.

“I am sorry! I left because I couldn’t face you, I remembered that night…I sat there and watched you slept. You looked so broken, and then I saw that you were bandaged up and…god Anna. Your mother would have mutilated me.” His body shook as he cried. A few weeks after he left she heard that the guy that left the scar on her back was murdered. Anna later had found out that her father was the one to do so. She had no idea what to think of it at the time, but now she guessed she could return the favor and forgive him, a little.

Anna got eye level with her father and took a deep breath, she never felt right, “I heard what you did for me a few weeks after you left me.” John stared at her, trying to figure out what she was talking about and then smirked.

“Ahh, yeah I looked all over for that bastard. Killing him was a way to tell you I was sorry and that no one messes with my little girl.” He said. Anna looked down; she wasn’t his little girl anymore. “I know you won’t stop doing what you are doing…so…just be careful? I know I have lost you, but you are still here and seeing you is good enough for me.” He grabbed her hand and pulled her into a hug. She froze and was ready to attack. She never let a man, or anyone, hug her without making the move first.

Anna gave him a half way hug back and pulled away, “I think it is about time you go back.” She said and straightened herself out. “I might be seeing a lot more of you now that I am back. I don’t plan on leaving for a while. Now that Louis is getting married he is surely going to take his father’s spot and with him in order…well I am going to be needed.” They walked to the edge of the woods and watched the people go by.

John leaned in and whispered in her ear, making sure no one could see or hear what he was about to say, “If you need to get into Louis’ house…or even need anything at all do not hesitate to stop by my house and ask. I owe you my life and then some.” With that he walked off and left her there. She was shocked at her father’s words. He sounded like the old him and for some strange and bizarre reason she believed him.

Anna made her way back into the crowd, she in the middle so as not to disturb the noblemen. The last thing she wanted to do right now was get into it with one of them. She didn’t notice the little girl following her until she heard her fall and whimper. Anna turned around and looked down; a frown crept onto her face. It was a young girl, no older than three, she looked to be homeless. She had black hair with curls that fell just above her shoulders and dark green eyes. Anna’s heart broke; she bent down and picked the little girl up. “What is your name, hunny?” She spoke softly so not to frighten the little girl.
“Jay.” Was all she said. Anna placed Jay on her hip and walked onward through the crowd. How could she ask a three year old where he parents were? Her eyes scan the crowd before giving up and pulling out some food and water for Jay. She yanked the food and water out of Anna’s hand and ate quickly. Who would leave a precious little girl to fend for her own?! Anna made her way to the steps of the manor and held Jay to her.


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#, as written by Lenyx
Daremita and Al watched as the man left them, heading towards the stairwell to the second floor. She felt Al's body finally relax, his tension caused by the strange man no longer putting him on the defensive.

With a sigh of relief Daremita removed Al's arm from her waist and put the now crumbled paper with her instructions for extortion of yet another family, back in to her skirt's pocket.

“Why is it you feel you must defend me when you know very well that I am more than capable of taking care of myself?” She asked, even though she knew what his response would be.

“Mita... I know you know the answer to that question...” He whispered in her ear, while sliding his hand down her arm. “Mita, I--”

Daremita turned to face Al, placing a hand on his chest and pushing him back to be arm's length away from her. “No, you do not. You only think you do, you know I am incapable of giving you what you wish for.”

Al looked down at Daremita, his facial expression that of one in pain, and in one swift motion he grabbed her hand from his chest and pulled her against him. He wrapped his arms around and held her body tight against him. “I love you Mita, there is no man better for you than I. Your father wished for us--”

“And that was void when I joined the Chevaliers!” She snapped at him. “We have discussed this time and time again Al, I can not marry you, ever.” Her tone was sharp and cold.

Al said nothing as he continued to stare into Daremita's eyes, his expression unreadable. After what seemed like an endless silence, she tried to twist out of Al's arms only to have him hold her tighter to him.

“Al let me go.” She demanded, infuriated that he was physically invading her personal space.

Another moment of silence passed before Al spoke. “Not until you tell me how you really feel.” He said quietly.

Daremita felt the sting of tears filling her eyes, and looked away from Al's pleading expression. “Why must we go through this every time we see each other? How is it that you can stir up my emotions that I have buried deep within myself?” A single tear escaped, trailing down her cheek. “How do I feel you wonder? I feel like my life is nothing but a mockery of justice from the beginning to end. It has become a charade of everything I ever believed in.”

Within a single a moment Daremita brought up her knee, not with any intention of it connecting with a target. But instead used her free hand to push her skirt away from her boot and pulled an elven made dagger from a hidden sheath. Placing the tip against Al's ribcage Daremita repeated her request.
“Let me go.” She demanded again, this time enunciating each word.

Hesitantly Al unwrapped his arms from around Daremita and placed them behind his head. “Mita.”

“No. No more Al. I have had enough.”

After taking a few steps back, Daremita lifted her skirt just above the top of her boot and slid the dagger back in to its hiding spot. Wiping her face with a hankerchief from her pocket she turned away from the only living man who loved her. “Goodbye Al.”

Without a single glance back she walked to the manor's entrance. She needed some air, some room to breathe. What she needed more than anything was time, time to think, she was tired of always feeling constricted by everyone she knew. But deep down what Daremita wanted more than anything was freedom. It was has she was exiting the manor Daremita noticed a fiery haired girl carrying a very young child.

“Excuse me, is everything all right? Is this your younger sister?” Daremita asked coming up to the girl who was a great deal taller than she.


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Anna sat the child on the steps of the manor and let her eat. Jay curled up on the step and nibbled the food, watching the crowd carefully. Her green eyes were too intense for a young girl to have. The girl’s body moved each time someone came to close and Anna just sighed. Why did she come to me? Probably the red hair. She tried to think where the closest orphanages were and came up with one four towns over. That was too far to bring the child, but she couldn’t take the child with her.

The crowd seemed to get thicker as the minutes passed and not only her, but Jay, was getting frustrated. Anna scooped the girl up and was ready to leave when a woman, much shorter then herself, asked, “Excuse me, is everything all right? Is this your younger sister?” Anna smirked; the kid and woman looked alike.

“No, she found me out in the crowd. I think she is homeless, but…you two look a lot like.” She said, holding the girl close just in case something happened. Anna was always ready for someone to do something stupid, and the little girl couldn't fight her own battles. She thought about who she could leave the kid with. She had no one…well she had her father, but like hell would she do that. But then again he isn't drinking anymore…and it could be like he is starting over. Anna shook her head, moving the thought in the back of her head and focused back on the woman in front of her.

The woman had black hair and green eyes, like Jay. When Anna looked closer she could see the pointy ears, high cheekbones, and sharp chin. Ahhh, an elf? They are nosy, cute little creatures. ”Hi, I am Anna.” She said lowly so no one could hear her. She lifted her hand to the tiny woman as a friendly gesture.


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#, as written by Lenyx
Daremita clasped Anna's hand, while with her free hand she pulled out a wrapped candy from her skirt pocket and held it in the palm of her hand. She slowly extended her hand with the candy out to the small girl.

“This is a homemade candy. My father showed me how to make it.” Not taking her eyes off the child, Daremita addressed Anna. “Good evening, and well met. My name is Daremita Hawklight, I am a Chevalier from a town outside of Cellé.”

Daremita smiled as the child took the candy from her hand and unwrapped it. Now she could focus solely on Anna.

“You say she found you in the crowd and you believe her to be homeless...” Daremita took another look at the child who had popped the small candy in to her mouth. “While me and the child do appear similar, I do not believe her to be a half-elf like myself.”

Daremita felt someone bump against her back forcing her to take a step toward Anna who was holding the child. Turning around she eyed up a man who had a little too much to drink.

“Sir, I would advise you to watch your step or you will find yourself on the wrong side of bars.”

Looking back to Anna she nodded in a direction that was clear from a cluster of people. “Let us move over to that clearing there, where it is not only quieter but safer for you and the child.”


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Flandre jogged down the halls, stopping at every branch off, deciding whether to go in it or no, then proceeding on in her chosen direction. She held her weapon (which was taller than her) at her right side, it being held horizontally, with the head pointed backwards, so she'd be less likely to bump into anybody and seriously injure them. One of the last things she needed was for herself to hurt anybody.

As she was going down a hall, it had a branch off to the right, but then she heard voices; "Listen, lady, I'm gonna kill the fancy talk and cut straight to the objective: you and me? We're getting out of here. This place is no place for a person like you. You still have life in you. Those vultures back there are just empty souls. But're something different." which caused her to immediately stopped and put her back to the wall near the corner. She took a glance around the corner, and saw a man talking with... with Elegy Lovell?

"You do get a choice." He looked up to look around, and Flandre immediately turned her head back while silently gasping. She tensed up, but then when she heard him talk again, she looked back. "I don't even have to ask what you want. You made your choice back there." He looked up and around again, and this time, Flandre wasn't so quickly to react, him having looked her way before she could turn her head back. Had he really suspected her presence? "You can trust me, lady. If you follow me and listen to me, I can take you to places you've only ever dreamed of seeing. These people? They would be jealous to hear about it. I know you don't know me, but...can you trust me? I promise to take you out of here. All you have to do is show me the way out and I'll take you right along with me."

Flandre would had been furious and shocked by this, some random man trying to 'make a move' on Louis's fiance. Did he even have any idea who she was? And what was that whole thing about choices? Didn't Elegy Lovell choose to be with Louis Auttenburg? Flandre would have been confused, along with the other two emotions mentioned earlier, but all three of these emotions only barely contrasted and fit with the fear of being caught. She trembled as she grew tense and stiff, closing her eye and trying to keep her shaky breath silent, but then at once, she didn't need to.

A gloved hand grabbed onto her mouth from behind, but she hadn't had the time to react before another one reached and disarmed her of her weapon, but then grabbed onto her left arm and held the weapon against it. Flandre resisted with her legs and free arm, but the arms grabbing her were of supernatural strength. However, she had not made the attempt to scream or cry for help, or even stomp to at least make some noise, as if it weren't even in her mind.

The gloved hands dragged her into another hall, away from Elegy Lovell and the man, and into another hallway. Then they let go of her, dropping her onto the ground. Flandre quickly recovered, taking a hold of her weapon and facing her kidnapper, striking a battle pose, rather than attempting to run. As if it wasn't obvious, it was the man in black, the Freeman. Rather than questioning, Flandre immediately swung her trident at him, him having just stepping back in response. Flandre switched to her left hand with the momentum, and as not to lose the momentum, she spun it with that hand and jumped toward him and struck down. He dodged again, leaving Flandre striking the ground, but as she was recovering from that strike, he simply struck the weapon's shaft with his forearm, causing Flandre to fall back.

He walked toward her, causing Flandre to struggle to get up, but did, using her trident for a support. Flandre struck down on him, using her weapon like a mallet, but the Freeman blocked it with his forearm. He must had been wearing some sort of gauntlet under his coat. He also likely had some sort of drug that gave him superhuman strength. He then grabbed the weapon by it's head using his free arm, and pulled it out of Flandre's hands. Flandre gasped immediately in response. The Freeman simply took the weapon and threw it onto the ground between them, head facing him, shaft facing her. He placed his foot on the head. Flandre collapsed to reach her weapon.

"Your fatal weakness it seems," the Freeman taunted, "Otherwise, you are absolutely perfect." Flandre tried to pick the weapon up, but couldn't. Because she was helpless on the ground, she decided to stand up slowly, keeping a foot on the weapon. The Freeman merely shifted his foot, causing the trident to move out from under her foot, causing Flandre to collapse for it and hold it again. She was mostly helpless. It didn't seem as if the Freeman had any weapon on him with a large enough range to hit her, but he didn't want to kill her anyway.

"Flandre," he stated, "We have simply had enough of letting you run around freely with information about us. However, my employers have told me that they don't want you dead. So, I ask you, why are you so loyal to such greedy aristocrats, who cause so much suffering, and don't help those against them, when you gain nothing from them." Flandre didn't dare answer. "You are so talented, and yet so blind..."

"Why are you here?" Flandre asked. "I was simply given the chore to eliminate a loose end that happened to be here today," the Freeman answered, "Though, if you join now, I may be able to assure his life for a few more days." Flandre scowled at him. "My dear, Flandre. Have you ever listened to the stories behind the criminals you've taken down?" the Freeman asked. "They were all criminals, I don't care about their reasoning. If they've broken the law, they have tainted their soul and have begun to go down the darker path. That is all I need to know." The Freeman frowned.

He then reached inside his coat for something, and pulled out a yellow paper with black ink markings on it. Flandre recognized it as a spirit photograph, as she had learned how to read them. "This woman, the redhead, is a huge criminal. You may have heard of her before. I want you to get her arrested here and now. Then we may know exactly how worthy you are, for she happens to be quite the fighter, as are you. However, when you take her down, listen to her story. Listen to why she had become a criminal, and why she continues to resist. Learn why she hates aristocrats. Then, you may do whatever you want with her. However, you must make you decision then and there. Continue indirectly serving the greedy Dukes and otherwise, or come back to me. I'll be waiting."


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”Nice to meet you too. I am a…traveler/missionary. I have lived here till I was eighteen, taking off to help those in need. Heard that, that idiot Louis and suckered a poor girl into marrying him. Had to see it for myself.” Anna looked at Daremita, then back at the girl in her arms. She was right; Jay didn’t have the elf features to her. She smiled at her when her eyes went wide at the candy being handed to her. That seemed to brighten her day. “Say thank you.” She told Jay.

“Tank…ou.” Jay said, the candy making her cheek poke out.

“Yeah, I was walking along…uh…taking view of the mansion when Jay came up to be and tugged on my skirt. If she is not homeless then I would love nothing more than to beat the parents to a pulp. Who would let their kid go around looking like this? I mean, look how skinny she is!” Anna had to stop, she was getting angry and that was never good.

She saw the man coming, but was short in actually stopping him. He had bumped into Daremita and caused her to come closer. Anna took a step back and let the grumbling old man walk past them. He had reminded her of her father, those horrible nights when he would stumble in and cause a commotion. Idiot. Her eyes followed where she nodded and walked to the clearing. Jay clung to her and watched the people come and go. Jay was a curious little girl, but it still plagued Anna as to why she would pick her.

“I like your firmness.” She said to Daremita. Anna shifted Jay to the other hip and the girl wiggled, settling down and resting her head on her shoulder. Her green eyes stared at Daremita with cautious and curious eyes.


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#, as written by Lenyx
”Nice to meet you too. I am a…traveler/missionary. I have lived here till I was eighteen, taking off to help those in need. Heard that, that idiot Louis and suckered a poor girl into marrying him. Had to see it for myself. Yeah, I was walking along…uh…taking view of the mansion when Jay came up to be and tugged on my skirt. If she is not homeless then I would love nothing more than to beat the parents to a pulp. Who would let their kid go around looking like this? I mean, look how skinny she is!”

Daremita felt like she had found a kindred soul, something she has not felt since the passing of her father. 'Maybe this young woman and I could be friends…' She thought to herself. 'That is if I can ever rid myself of these chains put on me by those pompous Roseberys…'

“Tank…ou.” Said the small child, disrupting Daremita's thoughts. It brought a genuine smile to Daremita's face, to see such a true and beautiful innocence that one could only find in children nowadays. “You are most welcome little one.”

“I like your firmness.” She heard Anna remark after a man had bumped in to Daremita. This brought a smirk to her face.

“When on the side of justice, one must be strong and true. These are traits that…” The hooting of an howl stopped Daremita, and she looked around to take in her surroundings.

A young girl was walking up to them. Daremita noted the young girl was wearing Chevalier gear, and yet she did not look familiar to Daremita. The young girl reached Daremita and Anna, still a few feet away from them, the young girl grabbed her weapon, and with both hands pointed it towards Anna.

"Miss, you are under arrest for crimes against the Duke.” The young girl said sternly.

Daremita eyed the strange woman, then moved herself to stand protectively in front of Anna and the child she was holding. Placing her hand on the hilt of her sheathed sword that was secured to her by the leather belt around her waist, Daremita stood tall and proud, as she always did when she felt threatened.

“My name is Daremita Hawklight, I am a Chevalier as well. As it is within my rights to ask, what is your name and what proof do you have of this woman’s crimes. I also ask that you to name this Duke that has been wronged.”

Daremita knew she was quite a bit shorter than this woman, but if it came down to it, she would do all she had to, to protect Anna and the child. She did not care which Duke was wanting Anna arrested, Daremita cared for no nobles and if she could protect or even save one person from a nobles injustice and cruelty she would gladly give her life and position for it. 'I would be one step closer to freedom if the Roseberys could see me now.' Daremita laughed to herself in her mind.

"And should I feel you are speaking the truth, I will take Anna in myself."


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Anna saw the smile on Daremita’s face when Jay said thank you. She could see the kindness in her, which actually she had seen in many of the elves she had come across in her travels. They were pretty loyal creatures, but something was different with Daremita.

Daremita was saying something about a justice and traits, when she heard the owl. What is an owl doing out over here? That was never a good sign. Anna looked around to see if she could find it when she heard a woman’s voice.

"Miss, you are under arrest for crimes against the Duke," Flandre told her in her most stern tone. Who the hell is that?! And not when I have a damn kid in my arms. What the fuck is this woman thinking!? I can’t fight with her in my arms or anywhere near, but I will be damn to let her get hurt. Anna glared at the woman, thinking of who she could give Jay to. Her father was on the job and wouldn’t be able to watch her. She looked at the one eyed girl and let a low growl escape her lips.

“And what crimes would that be? Please do tell, did I kill him? No...I surely did not. So please, tell me what I did so wrong?” She asked, while smirking at her new little friend. Anna had to hold back a giggle. Such a tiny girl trying to protect her. Anna could very well hold her own, and you could even tell by the way looks that Anna was a tough woman.

(Yes I know it was a short and crappy post. I am sorry!)


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#, as written by Lenyx
Daremita raised an eyebrow, with the man's accent she was having a hard time understanding just what it was exactly he was trying to say. But the name he mentioned sounded familiar to her.

“Kamen Diamonte, the jewel thief?” Daremita asked. “I believe I have heard rumors of him, one such rumor being, that the jewel's he has returned are fakes. I only remember the name due to the nobles I work for panicking that he may come after their jewels.” Which I highly doubt, since their jewels are of little worth, if not fake already. But Daremita kept that thought to herself.

With a slight wave of her hand Daremita continued. “That aside, I accept your apology, and when it comes to new recruits, I was once one myself. I understand the wish to play the hero. However, I do not believe Miss Anna here to be of any concern nor danger to anyone or thing,” Gesturing to the child on Anna's hip she added, “And as you can see, she is caring for a child at this moment.”

Pulling out another piece of wrapped candy, Daremita offered it to the child, while putting a wedge between Anna and the man. Once the child had taken the candy from Daremita's open hand, she turned to meet the man's gaze straight on with a matter-of-fact look to her face. “No thief would tend to a child and risk being caught, especially in such a place and time as this. A thief's goal would be to get in, take what they want and get out as quickly as possible. For being caught would mean losing their life, and in my experience, a thief's priority is to escape death and live another day, at any cost, even if that cost is the life of their family, or a lover.”

Daremita knew what she was talking about. The Rosebery's were prime examples of thieves, murders, monsters. The only difference is they made the Chevaliers do their dirty work for them, so if anyone was to blame it was not the Rosebery's themselves. It would be those like Daremita to blame, half-breeds, poor upbringing, or plain old 'they lost their damned minds'. Nobles always put the blame on anyone but themselves. This Daremita knew all to well.


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"One does not make the list with only one crime," The new girl, Misty, had said. Anna smirked, she would love to see the list that she had gotten herself on. She stole of course and only killed those who threatened her life and the life of the people she was caring for. She found that the list, which she absolutely knew about, was nothing but a piece of flimsy paper that the Duke liked to write names of his victims; they were the one who fought with her to protect the poor from him and his disgusting noblemen.

Anna stared down at Misty, the look in her eye warning her that if she wanted to fight it would be a deadly one. She was about to speak when a man walked out and behind the girl. He wore a white buttoned-up jacket that was similar to a lab coat. Under that he wore white dress pants and dressy white shirt, with reading glasses that slightly enlarged his emerald eyes and he had brown hair that was a short turf on his head.

"I'm terribly sorry, she's mine," he said apologetically, grabbing the 'young Chevalier's' shoulders. "She's new to ze force in our township, und I decided to take her with me, but it seems that ze little saumensh cannot keep her weapons d it is. I made ze mistake of telling her mein thoughts, that thereown and her gob shut," the man behind Misty explained politely, Anna could hear an annoyance in his voice and smiled. "You see, I told her about zat one thief, the magician one, Kamen Diamonte I believe would be a high chance that such a talented thief wouldn't miss an event such as zis. And now she's trying to be a hero. However..." He walked up to Anna. "I had caught sight of a little birdie on the way here, and could of sworn I'd seen a cape stuffed somewhere. Perhaps ze thief is here, possibly hiding among us. One could never tell..."

Jay whimpered at the man, candy in her mouth, and hid her face. Anna slid Jay to Daremita and got closer to the man. "One, I have no idea what you just said about a bird and a cape. Two, if I have a small kid in my hand you do NOT step anywhere near wouldn't end well for you. And three, Kamen is a disgrace and if I could I would put him out of business if you catch my drift. He is a selfish bastard who cares only for himself. But I do hope you find him. Now...about should watch her carefully, if she did something this careless and stupid with me...well just think of those who would kill her in a heartbeat for just looking at them." With that Anna smirked at the man and walked over to Jay, ruffling her hair a little. Jay laughed and let out one of the cutest giggles Anna has ever heard. "Well...aren't you just the cuties little girl ever!" She whispered, laughing softly.


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#, as written by Lenyx
Daremita clumsily took Jay; Anna sliding the small child off her hip with ease and in to Daremita's unprepared arms. She did not catch what it was Anna had said to the man, as she was busy readjusting the child in her arms but Jay's legs were wrapped tightly around Daremita's waist, her arms stretched up around Daremita's shoulders and her head resting upon Daremita's chest. So Daremita was left with the job of supporting Jay with her arms, one arm across the child's back and the other arm bearing what little weight the child had by supporting Jay's legs and behind.

Daremita watched as Anna came walking back to them and ruffled the child's hair, who in return laughed and giggled. Daremita tried to focus on what the man was saying, but she was distracted by the child in her arms, and only took note of the two left the area. Daremita returned her attention to the child who was smiling and cuddled in her arms. 'Maybe I could do this... One day maybe I could--' Daremita's thought was cut off by someone shouting her name.

Looking around Daremita found Al, who had also spotted her, and was weaving through people to get to her. He was out of breath by the time he got over to them. “Some... Something's happened. You... You need to come with me... Now--” His voice trailed off as he stared at Daremita.

Daremita stared at Al, her face clearly depicted her confusion as to why he was looking at her oddly. “What?”

Lifting a finger he pointed at Jay, and his eyes glanced over to Anna. Daremita rolled her eyes. “For the love of--” She stopped and gently shook her head. “The child is not mine and this is Anna, she is the one who found the child. We believe the child may be lost or an orphan. But until morning, when things have calmed down from the festivities there is not much we can do aside from caring for the child.”

“Well that's good.” Al sighed then laughed. “For a moment there I thought I had fathered a child and you didn't tell me!” Daremita was about to tell him off but he held up a hand to silence her. “Something dire has happened Mita. There has been a--”

He cut himself off and looked around, deciding to move around so he was standing beside Daremita and leaned to whisper in her ear. “There has been a murder, well murders, it has been asked that the chevalier's are to gather and--”

Daremita's head whipped to face Al, their noses touching. “Where?”

Al stood up straight and cleared his throat. “The meeting room, Mita listen..”

But it was too late, Daremita had slid Jay around to rest on her hip as she had seen Anna do and pulling the child close she ran back in to the mansion, leaving Al and Anna to chase after her. Weaving and darting through people and crowds she rushed towards the meeting room. If there indeed a murderer around, it was Daremita's duty to guard the Rosebery's, whether she liked it or not. She slowed her speed to a fast walk when she saw a group of chevalier's standing outside a room, which she assumed to be where the bodies were.

“Child close your eyes, this is not something one with such young eyes should see.” Daremita whispered to Jay, who immediately closed her eyes and buried her face against Daremita's chest. Daremita walked up to the chevalier's and spoke loudly. “Daremita Hawklight reporting, what has happened here? I need to know how dire the situation is, as my employer's are nobles and I need to know if I should move them to safety.”

Many of the chevalier's turned to stare at her, not only because she still had a child in her arms, but Daremita knew that look in their eyes... She had seen it in the eyes of the people when her father died.

“Mita...” She heard Al's voice say behind her, but it was white noise. Pulling Jay tighter against her, the chevalier's made a path for her that led her to the doorway of the meeting room. There they were... The Rosebery's...

Daremita couldn't help herself, a small yet fiendish-like smile crept on to her face. They finally got what was coming to them... She thought to herself as a sadistic sounding laugh escaped from her, just before the tears spilled from her eyes. No... There is no living thing that deserves to suffer something as horrendous as this... There was blood splattered all over the room, Lady Rosebery with a look of complete terror on her face, Lord Rosebery with part of his head slightly bashed in... The Duke, Louis.. They were all--

Suddenly there were arms around her, pulling her back in to the hallway. They belonged to Al. “Mita... Look, no listen. I know you, I know you better than anyone. I know what you're thinking, what you're feeling. We are gonna find the one responsible.” He reassured her before pushing her back at arms length while holding on to her shoulders with his hands. “Remember that guy that riled us up when Lady Elegy and Louis were being introduced? Well he's a Vampire, we don't know the details but--”

“Jay... Jay you can open your eyes now.” Daremita whispered kissing the top of the child's head, who then looked up at her. “I need you to listen to me... This man's name is Al. He will protect you, take care of you, until I return. Do not leave his side. Do you understand?” When the child smiled and nodded, Daremita handed Jay to Al, who took her just as clumsily as Daremita had at first. This made Daremita chuckle and led to more tears falling from her eyes.

Pulling the last of the candies from her pocket, Daremita handed it to Jay while she wiped the tears from her face and looked up at Al, as Jay popped the candy in to her mouth. “I will find him.

With that Daremita dashed down the hallway, she would tear this mansion apart to find this vampire. First she will thank him for setting her free, then she will arrest him. Should he choose to resist her authority, she would do what she has been taught to do with those kinds of evil creatures... Remove their head.


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Anna wondered what was up with this man, she had a hunched but decided if it was best to let it be. She knew when to chase something and a little thief was nothing worth making a commotion about. Having to learn the hard way had brought consequences and worse, her father. The thoughts flooded back and Anna almost got lost to them. The two walked of f and she brought her attention back to Daremita and Jay.

Daremita’s face had Anna smiling; she knew that face and what she was thinking. She had the same thought plenty of times while helping the poor. Many children had come to her, knowing that she was on their side, they had flocked to her. She would have been glad to stay and be a mother, but then who would risk their life to feed them? After much thought she came to a conclusion that in a way she was being a mother to them, that she was doing everything she could to feed them, clothed them, and show that they would have a future in the wretched world they sadly had to grow up in.

Anna was pulled away from her thoughts by Daremita’s name being yelled, she followed Daremita’s eyes and spotted a man rushing towards them. “Some... Something's happened. You... You need to come with me... Now--” The man was out of breath, she kind of felt bad for the boy, but if you were going to be in this kind of business you would need endurance.

The man’s faced went to an odd one and she looked at where he was pointing. Daremita rolled her eyes and said, “For the love of--” She stopped and gently shook her head. “The child is not mine and this is Anna, she is the one who found the child. We believe the child may be lost or an orphan. But until morning, when things have calmed down from the festivities there is not much we can do aside from caring for the child.” Anna looked him over and gave a weak, but caring smile. She wasn’t as mean as she looked. She had to look a part in order to let those she stole from know she meant business.

“Well that's good.” He sighed then laughed. “For a moment there I thought I had fathered a child and you didn't tell me!”[/b] Anna raised a brow and looked both of them over. Eh, could work. After what she was thinking, maybe. He even has jokes. The man held up a hand and Anna looked around, apparently Daremita was about to say something. “Something dire has happened Mita. There has been a--” Anna was locked into the conversation now.

He had stopped himself and looked around, went stand beside Daremita, and leaned to whisper in her ear. Anna rolled her eyes and took a few steps closer only hearing “murders, it has been asked that the chevalier's are to gather and--” Daremitas’ turned quickly and was nose to nose with the man. She held back a giggle and watched. She asked where and once told ran over there. She wouldn’t of ran, maybe walked, but she had Jay so she ran after her, gliding through the people like water. It hit her nose before she got there. That irony smell had filled her nostrils more than once. Anna took a couple of breaths before looking up and seeing the bodies. Her stomach turned and walked out. Not long after, the man and Daremita walked out. She listened to them and watched as Daremita handed Jay to the man and stiffened. She heard there was a vampire around and she knew what to do if the time came when she would meet one, but she didn’t feel like everyone was safe enough from him.

Anna sighed and starred at the man, “I will be back, take good care of her. If she is hurt in any kind of way I will do even worse things to you then what happened to these people, I promise.” With that she kissed Jay’s cheek and whispered something sweet and ran after Daremita. The girl was tiny and Anna knew that she could probably handle herself, but it wouldn’t be wise to take on a vampire alone no matter who you were.