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Daremita Hawklight

"....Justice is truth in action."

0 · 213 views · located in Leu Chrysallia

a character in “A Phantasmagorical Metamorphose”, as played by Lenyx


Daremita Hawklight

Theme: Calling to the Night by Natasha Farrow

General Information
Role: The Chevalier
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Mita
Age: 20
Race: Half-Elf

Height: 5'0"
Weight: 100lbs
Measurements: 34 - 25 - 36
Build: A slender, yet muscular hour-glass figure.
Hair Color: Dark Black
Eye Color: Hazel

Description: To other elves, she looks like any other human, and to humans she looks like any other elf, but Daremita is of mixed race. Her dark hair and hazel eyes compliment her petite golden tanned body, her father often telling her as she grew older, that she looked as beautiful as her mother. Her smooth black hair would flow over her broad shoulders and down along her back to her waist like spilled ink, with bangs that draped over her brow. However she prefers her hair tied back, keeping it away from her face, though a section of her hair is shorter than the rest of her hair, as it falls to chin length, and so she leaves it to curtain the sides of her face.

Not ever willing to hide her face, her elven features are clearly visible, with her high cheekbones, sharp chin., a straight and narrow nose, and long lashes framing her penetrating hazel eyes. Her soft full lips, was one non-elven physical trait Daremita had.

Though Daremita has the slender frame of an elf, she is definitely a force to be reckoned with, due to being well-built and muscular. While most elves do not have curves to speak of, Daremita has that of an average bust size of a human, a small waistline and noticeable hips, she has often been told by female humans that they envy her shapeliness. While she tries to maintain an upkeep remaining presentable at all times, Daremita has learned that sometimes being covered in a bit of dirt and bruises can make one very intimidating.

Preferred Clothing: Daremita preference in clothing is her set of full plate armor, but she settles for simpler attire of solid colored tunics and trousers and what plate armor she can strap to herself that does not require aid to put on.

She has never been one to don a dress nor owns any wardrobe that is expensive or fancy.


Oddities: Though Daremita is small in stature, she is strong and is more than capable of taking down a bull if that is what is needed to be done, she has always readily put herself in the way of danger without any regard of her own safety, and thus she is never one to ask for help and is quite willing to do everything on her own.

Daremita has a habit when standing to always rest her hands behind her back; in 'at ease' position, even when she is off duty. And when sitting she is often tapping her fingers on whatever her hand is resting on, leaving most people who meet Daremita, assuming that she is arrogant and conceited in due to her position as a chevalier.

She also has a weakness for rescuing and taking care of injured and sick animals, it goes so far as to Daremita rescuing even the smallest of animals, such as squirrels, and rabbits.

A trait most humans find odd about Daremita is how she always seems to know the direction she is traveling in, as well as the fact that Daremita does not 'sleep' as humans do, instead she 'rests' or meditates in a deep trance for approximately four to five hours. She also developed an odd habit of resting with her sword in her hand.

And while Daremita enjoys whistling and humming while she tends to her duties, she can not actually carry a tune.

Likes: Lawfulness, Fairness, Justice, Honesty, Helping the misfortunate, Forests, Plants, Animals, Rain, White fluffy clouds and Starry skies.
Dislikes: Corruption, Unnecessary bloodshed and death, Underhandedness, Swindlers, Selfishness, Liars, Cheaters.
Hobbies: Sparring, Honorable duties, Stargazing, Cloud watching, Sewing, Embroidery, Writing letters.

Thalassophobia - Fear of Ocean/Sea/Large bodies of water.
Arachnephobia - Fear of Spiders.
Pediophobia – Fear of Dolls.

Personality: Daremita is a quite stubborn, and moderately competitive type of woman, which she displays and exudes with her knightly confidence, discipline and pride. Even though she is competitive and admits to being talented in the battlefield, she is very modest about it. While her stubbornness has caused her to be resolute, and strong in both body and mind. She grew up being bluntly honest, always telling the truth even to her own detriment and is mentally unable to sugarcoat the truth. She also grew up with a naive and idealistic view that no one was above the law and that the law is always and always will be just and fair.

With all this she still has soft sides, such as the lack of ability to show her emotions easily, but they are simply seen through another manner, that being her compassion and gentleness with the injured, the ill, the young, or the weak; she is selfless and diplomatic, putting others first without regard of her own well being. When she is not on her guard, you can glimpse the prudish and charismatic side of her, flickering in the back of the careful life she has.

But with these comes flaws; though she may seem calm, she is angry and disappointed not only with herself but with 'justice' itself– leaving her to feel lost in her own ideals and confused with what it is she should do, because of being told to push her morals and beliefs aside. Now she is more alone then she ever realized, and there is not a single person who she feels trustworthy enough to lean on and retain a semblance of support.

ImageSkills: Daremita's small size and rigid training have not only made her movements quick and accurate but also with finesse and grace. From hand-to-hand to swordplay, from dodging to attacking, her moves flow together as if she were dancing across a stage.

Along with her battle training, she learned essential survival skills, such as hunting and fishing for food, skinning and plucking one's catch, making and setting various forms of traps, building a dry and sturdy shelter, and last but not least starting a fire and cooking one's meal.

Daremita is also well known for taking care of injured and sick animals, thus others have decided she is able to communicate with the animals on some level that the average person is unable to.

Weapon(s): Longsword and Shield, with a dagger tucked into her boot as a back up. She is also has a proficiency with longbows.

Fighting Style: While she is accustomed to using various weapons, she prefers a defensive stance with her Longsword and shield. Should those ever be knocked from her hands, she was trained as a child in hand-to-hand combat by her father, and while she could easily use the dagger she keeps sheathed and strapped to her calf, she considers it as a last resort, as it once belonged to her mother, and so it is a precious memento to her.

Abilities: Like her elven brethren, Daremita has a great sense of animal empathy, and a minor ability in stealth.

Also like her elven brethren, she retains low-light vision, where she can see twice as far as a human in conditions of poor illumination, as well as the ability to distinguish color and detail under these conditions.


Relationship Status: Single

Personal History: Picture a young girl in a field, sparring in hand-to-hand combat with her father. See the joyful expression on her face, hear her laughing as her father lifts her into the air, for she was finally able to graze him with her small fist. This was how Daremita always was, even with growing up with no mother.

Her mother was an elf, banished, when she was caught treating an unconscious and wounded human in the forest close to their campment. It was during her banishment and living amongst the forest, she came across a scouting team of humans who were hunting down a pack of wild wolves that had been attacking traveling merchants. Secretly she helped the humans by tracking the wolves, whom she found to be rabid, and it was after she had ended their lives and was about to leave, when she and the human scouting team arrived. It was thanks to the man of who’s life she had treated in the forest, that her life was spared, for he was the leader of the scouting team and though she did not know it at the time, he had seen her that day.

He had thought about her day and night, this elven beauty who tended to his wounds, though his mind was hazy due to hitting his head as he had fallen from a tree, he remembered hearing voices arguing in a foreign language above him, and so he opened his eyes to see Daremita's mother arguing with another elf.

Daremita loved hearing the stories of how her father and mother had met, but it always made her wonder; had her mother ever considered leaving the forest and living amongst the humans after her banishment? But with her mother having died during childbirth, and her father not knowing the answer either, she resided to never knowing that answer, yet still she thought about it occasionally.

Aside from not having a mother, Daremita grew up to be a proud and happy woman, and it was when she was assigned the task to being the hand of the law to a ruling family of nobles in an isolated town, her father had died in his sleep. Though she was saddened by this loss, she wiped away her tears and stood proudly, she would continue on in life, her life was only truly beginning, and even though her father and mother were now gone physically, the memories and stories would always be with her, in her heart, and in her mind. So even with not knowing what to expect with her task, she was eager to begin, and was over joyed to take on these tasks of dealing out an even-handedness to those who did wrong.

But this is when she learns a terrible truth, and finds nothing but disappointment and outrage at what was to be found waiting for her. The noble family she had been assigned to serve under, were nothing but greedy, pompous and corrupted nobles, who did nothing but exploit the weak and the poor, encouraging indecency, blackmail, and ruthlessness. Daremita tried her best to find ways to better the situation, to change the nobles corrupted behavior, but instead she gradually became sickened by what she was expected to do. Becoming disheartened by the degradation of aristocracy, she formed her own sense of justice, one that would be considered respectable, and fair.

Soon enough Daremita would cut her ties to this corrupted noble family that was assigned to serve under, and though her goals to even herself were not clear, she would find work as a freelance warrior, acting on her own will and volition. No one to condemn her morals and beliefs are wrong or foolish, she would take on tasks she chose acceptable and she would do them her way, with fairness and even-handedness, a lawful and just way.


So begins...

Daremita Hawklight's Story


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#, as written by Lenyx
As the evening skies darkened it made the town look nothing less than magical with lit lanterns lining the streets, illuminating the shadows with their soft glow. But it was too extravagant, free food and drink to everyone in town, and in Duke Auttenberg's manor it was more than just extravagant, it was ridiculous. From the decorations to the food and even the music, everything was nothing but the highest quality one could acquire! The amount it would take to afford this luxury is unjustifiable, especially for a Duke!

“I must apologize sir, but my wife and I are required to be nearby when Duke Auttenberg's announcement is made.” Said a pompous and overweight noble by the name of Lord Rosebery. “My wife is a dear cousin of his after all!” He added with a gruff laugh.

Exchanging goodbyes with the couple, Lord Rosebery linked arms with his equally overweight wife and snapped his fingers twice, signalling his Chevalier, Daremita Hawklight, to come to their side.

“Yes, M'Lord. You called, M'Lord.” Daremita said flatly.

My husband would like you to remember the faces of the couple we were just speaking with.” Lady Rosebery handed Daremita a folded paper. “They have family in our town who were quite behind in paying their taxes, and our sitting in our cells. We want our money, and that couple plans on visiting our town soon.” Lady Rosebery smiled wickedly.

“Yes, M'Lady. I understand, M'Lady.”

“Good, we are going on ahead, go and... Enjoy the festivities.”

With that the Rosebery nobles strode away, leaving Daremita to return to her spot by the window. She opened the folded paper Lady Rosebery had given her and read the name of the couple and the amount of coin that was to be payed to the Rosebery family. Scowling Daremita crumbled up the paper and shoved it in her skirt pocket.

“I'd given anything to be out of this horrendous skirt.” She sighed.

“Well if you would give me just one chance love, you'd never want to wear any clothing at all.” Came a playful voice behind her.

“Al, if that is a real attempt to get me to go to bed with you, I will not hesitate to draw the dagger from my boot and thrust it through your heart.”

The man gasped and moved around to face Daremita. “Now why would you be willing to use the one memento you have of your mo-”

“Dear sir, you know you are the only man I have shared a bed with and will be the first and last person who I will ever bed.”

Al let out a sigh. “You do look very beautiful tonight Mita.”

He gently lifted Daremita's hand, and pressed her fingers to his lips.

Daremita looked down at her elegant blue and white Chevalier blouse jacket and skirt ensemble, the sleeves are cuffed with white lace, and a ruffled cravat completed the outfit. “I would prefer a pair of pants. This crinoline makes it... Difficult to move around. You also realize I do not paint my face with those make-ups

Al laughed and released Daremita's hand, adjusting his own Chevalier attire, complete with pants. “Your natural beauty is more than enough to steal any mans heart my dea Mita. And I hear it just takes time to adjust to the wearing of a skirt. Wear them long and often enough and one can even run at full speed with ease.”

Daremita looked up at Al and frowned, which he returned with a wink and a smile and held out his arm to her. “How about you tell me all about the stories of working under those gluttonous Rosebery nobles over a glass of wine? I hear they are serving only the best!”

Daremita laughed and linked her arm with Al's. “That sounds like a wonderful idea. Would you like to know what they have asked of me when I return from Cellé?”

The two chevaliers retrieved glasses of wine for themselves and moved to a quieter and more secluded area of the manor, where Daremita told Al of the Rosebery's plan of extortion from the lower nobility.

“Do you think they are hoping that by having a large amount of coin will give them a higher status?” Al asked.

Daremita shrugged. “I do not know, but I think money is only part of their plans to acquiring a more pleasing status. They want power, control... They want others to fear them.” She took a sip of wine. “I do not even believe they are true cousins to Duke Auttenberg. I think it is a farce they created and spread among the other nobility.”

“Then the Duke himself must have heard this rumour, so surely he would put an end to it? Would he not?”

Daremita shook her head. “Not if he had something to gain from it, but what I have not a clue.” She stared at her glass for a moment before downing the rest of the wine and smashing the glass on the floor, startling Al. “All nobility are fools wanting nothing more than to ruin lives.”

Al grabbed for Daremita's hand but she slapped it away. “Show me one decent and kind living noble and I will cut out my tongue and eat it as payment for speaking lies!” She shouted in his face.

Al raised his hands in gesture of surrender. “I do not disagree with you my dear Mita, I have seen much just as you have seen among other nobles. But young Louis' fiance-”

“Is no better.” She interrupted glaring at the young couple across the way. “She looks and acts the part of a doll. I do not doubt that in time she will be just as corrupted and ugly as the rest of them.”

Al let out a sigh and ran a hand through his hair, never once taking his eyes off of Daremita. She could feel his gaze even after she turned her back to him. He loved her, this she knew but she could never return those feelings... Not anymore, not after the horror she had seen by working under the Rosenbery's. Her emotions were cut off from her, if someone were to ask her what she was feeling, she would reply that she felt enraged, but only because that is what others would assume based on her actions.

Actions speak louder than words, my Mita. That is what your mother taught me. Her father's words echoed through her mind. Sighing inwardly and ignoring Al's pleading gaze, Daremita relaxed her body resting her hands behind her back she stood proudly and watched as the evening progressed.


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#, as written by Din
A cacophony of lights and sound whirled as the song of corruption rose from Leu Chrysallia. The town writhed in a dance of agitation to its own melody; murmurs of fabricated secrets. This night, it would feast on dreams and ostention, and those full of substance would finally have their fill of these other-worldly machinations. Having grown dissatisfied with the affection and gifts showered upon them by their own mother, they sought affections elsewhere and received due payment in exchange; unmerciful sorrows, a representative replacement for the love they received from the aching heart of their maker. And the celebration on this night consecrated their surrender of true affection. What they lost, which few were beginning to feel, was a lasting joy.

Now, through the cobbled and dusted streets, through the lowest quarters to the most pristine corners, all the poor and powerless had their first few glimpses of an entirely new world, like the first gasp of a neonate. The lights, the sounds, the flat smiles, and hollowed laughs showed all those lacking just what they lacked. And with envy and rum they cheered and celebrated with their brothers, gaining at least one thing they didn't have before; a false sense of happiness. And among these was one in whom breath had so recently been given. They began with desperation, but were now callous, like those who surrounded this one whose life, like the Goddess's affection, was marked for destruction.

The intrigue of the inexperienced seemed a perfect draw for people. Happening upon a bar after his call to life, the cyborg began his tenure as a living being in nothing but his metallic hull. Lain bare before a crowd of people, like a sad pledged woman who stood above them all, a hush descended on the establishment as he was met with stares ranging from horror to stupefaction. His bluntness marked him a welcomed new comer to the establishment, and he was invited to enjoy the special occasion with a group of men.

"Agh! Better'n bein' stuck in this mud pit!" One remarked. The men around the cyborg laughed and made remarks of their own and roared along their path. The cyborg did not laugh. He did not understand their humor, nor did he understand humor at all.

"'ey! But wot's with ye, odd'n?" One mustached man in his finest rags nudged the cyborg as they headed to the manor. Without an idea for how to answer, he looked at the man with a characteristic blank stare. His eyes cut to their midpoint. One would suppose he was simply bored and not clueless to nonverbal communication. Again, his group laughed. For the last two days they had known him only to be this way. The crowd's volume indicated their proximity to the manor, until at last it seemed like a wall of people met the group.

"We're goin' in?" said the mustached one.

"Oh we're goin' in. We did n't come all the way out here just to gawk," repeated another of the group. Bold a statement as it was, though he was welcome as with all the other commoners, his gradually softening voice undercut it. And it was felt by the other men.

"They would n't deign to have common shoes on their an-oint-ed floors!" came another in full agreement with the subtle message of his friend. The men erupted in chatter again making similar statements. Still, the cyborg was silent.

"You said we would go in. Why wouldn't we?" his monotone was so flat and obscure in the midst of colorful, fluttery tones that this and his nake drew stares from those nearby. The men could feel it. They could finally feel the shame in their drunkenness, in parading about town with a naked...this.

"Let's go back. It doesn't matter who the Duke's son marries. It'll make no difference in our lives." And so the men's strut came to a stop, but the cyborg continued on. It made no sense to stop. This was what they had declared to do, and he would do it.

"Hey! Boy! Come back! We're going back!" The man's voice was lost in the river of voices, absorbed in the fabrics and sent into the sky with other chatter. It was lost to the cyborg and he did not look back. "We'll be at the bar 'domorrow!" But he was already turning around with the rest, laughing dejectedly.

The stares he received from the common and pompous alike made his throat tighten. It felt as if a fire had been set in his hull. What was this that was going on with him? He raised several metal fingers and brought them to his hull. But it was just a hull. Hard and metal, and it rang with a short "plack" as if there was something inside.

Finally a silence seemed to fall as he entered the house. Eyes were drawn heavenward as two people entered his line of sight atop the balcony. A victorious smile laced the lips of a man. And the mysteries behind the cyborg's own life stared him in the glass eyes on the face of the woman. And what a profound sadness. The tightening in his throat seemed to worsen, and for some reason he had the urge to look away and did so.

It seemed fitting, the shattering of glass that he heard for reasons he did not know. The woman with the blue and white blouse jacket and skirt ensemble caught his attention momentarily, until finally his throat loosened and he looked back at the man and woman who stood above them.

This was the song of corruption. It believed it could sustain its life by feeding on dreams yet had. And, being fed air and lies, the town was reduced to flesh and bone, gnawing at itself until only a memento of what had once been remained. Chained to the walls of deception with links of greed, it suffered now from psychosis and attrition. The mother who had borne witness to the self-imposed degradation of her child had known no sorrow like this. Standing behind the door as incoherent ramblings filled the cell, a weight was placed on her heart which could not be lifted, and she lay now on her own bed with the will, without the strength to rise again. But something was being set in motion.


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[Elegy Lovell]

A hand placed upon her silk skirt, Elegy lightly lifted the material up in order to take proper steps in time with those of Louis as he led her along toward the railing of the foyer’s second floor. The strands of pearls adorning her hair moved in time behind her, quietly pantomiming the movements made by the noble born daughter. Her form compared to that of her future husband was diminutive at best—Louis was easily a man who stood more than a head above her. He was tall, strong and considered a handsome fellow by the standards held by many people. He was a man born into a position of future power, and wealth, there was a charm to him that allowed his words to easily make the hearts of most women swoon . . . even with his known reputation as someone who was nothing more than a mere pleasure seeker.

Many women still fell to the allure Louis possessed. And as a result, there were a great deal many women who also wound up with their hearts broken by him as well. Elegy knew the tales about him, her young ears had heard the stories whispered among the gossip within Cellé. The many tales of the happenings that occurred with Louis and some of the young women within the city’s walls. The woman had heard these accounts, and she was more than aware of what sort of man he was, as was most everyone, even if such things were not spoken of aloud.

To regard Louis as nothing more than a womanizer, such a thing was considered an insult to the Auttenberg name. Even among the common folk, and the town’s aristocracy, the son of their reigning ruler was indeed someone to whisper about instead of speaking about him audibly.

Elegy was insulted and called a great number of things for her engagement to the man, so many of Cellé’s nobility had offered up the hands of their own daughters for marriage to Louis, and they’d been denied instead, for a girl who appeared as if from nowhere. Such a thing was considered an insult by many of town’s aristocrats. And, as she was, Elegy was simply existing now as it was expected of her—as it was her mother, Violetta, had instructed her on how she was to present herself tonight. The words spoken of her by others, the insults were only words that held no importance to her in the very least; they were just things these people were saying.

All that mattered was that she did as she was told, that she acted polite and that she did nothing to bring insult to Louis or to Duke Auttenberg. Halting in front of the railing as Louis did, Elegy allowed her released hand to return to her front, clasping the gloved appendage against her other as she stood strange with her eyes cast down, an expression of apathy lacing her done up face.

She stood silent as the Duke introduced herself and Louis as what they were to be—husband and wife. A smile lit up the face of the aged Duke as he looked upon the two of them, Louis smiling a falsely abashed smile while rubbing the back of his head. Elegy remained still as she had been, giving no reaction to the words spoken by her future father-in-law at all. The Duke himself gave a small bit of applause to the couple, which of course sparked an outpour of it from the crowd below as they hesitantly followed the example of their leader.

As a hand and arm slid around her waist, Elegy’s body tensed up as she did her best to maintain the form she had taken upon halting at the railing. At the sudden feeling of the arm around her backside however, Elegy, despite her normally unresponsive ways, allowed her cerulean eyes to travel upward quietly—an expression of questioning upon that face of hers. Standing right next to her, was Louis of course, a smile upon his face that was obviously a rehearsed one. To the crowd of nobles he gave his smile, before looking back down upon her and opening those brown eyes of his . . . a glint going through them that spoke of the man’s true feelings regarding this.

Disgust, there was pure disgust in his eyes regarding her. Elegy could clearly see it, though she gave no reaction toward it, simply she acknowledged it. The man wanted nothing to do with her, he didn’t want anything to do with the wedding tomorrow. He was simply acting this way in order to please his father. . . . The hand Louis kept at her side suddenly tightened upon her flesh a bit, gripping onto her hip roughly, to the point of pain. The sudden surge of discomfort was enough to elicit a reaction from Elegy, a clear expression of pain travelled along her features along with a muffled yelp.

To keep herself from losing control over her actions, to keep from disobeying what it was Violetta had told her to do, the blonde-haired woman found herself biting down on her lower lip.

The look upon Elegy’s face remained as it was before, one full of discomfort. The woman allowed her teeth to remain clenched about her bottom lip in order to keep from losing control over herself due to the pain that Louis was inflicting upon her waist by applying so very much pressure. . . . Those eyes of his possessed nothing but malice. He didn’t want to marry her, he wanted nothing to do with her. All of this was only for his father, only for him, and only for the power he would be granted once all of this was through. Louis only wanted the power that came with this marriage. The title of Duke, to rule over Cellé, that was all he wanted, nothing but that. Violetta had told Elegy to behave herself, and to act as a proper woman, silent, and unquestioning. . . .

Yet, what was she suppose to do right now, what was she suppose to do now that the man she was suppose to marry was hurting her? He was showing that he clearly wanted nothing to do with her. . . . Violetta had never told her about what it was she was supposed to do in a case like this, if he was to start hurting her.

A rather soft whimper escaped from the girl’s throat as Louis continued to gradually increase the grip he had around her waist, tighter and tighter. . . . It was beginning to get hard to breathe, and her ribs were beginning to hurt her. Biting down on her lip harder, Elegy visibly winced as her neck went a little limp and her hair proceeded to act as a curtain to the world around her. No one was helping her, and no one was paying any heed to the obvious pain she was in at all. Even if someone were to see that something were clearly wrong with her, no one was trying to provide any aid to Elegy, no one at all.

It h-hurts, and I ca-cannot breathe. . . . she thought, body beginning to shake as she instinctively moved her thin arms up and set her hands against the arm around her middle. She did not meant to even do so, but Elegy’s body was reacting in a way she didn’t realize, trying to preserve itself from the pain and discomfort. Even if this marriage was forced, why was Louis hurting her so? All she was doing was following the words of her mother, nothing more. . . .

Tears began to slide out of Elegy’s eyes as Louis just maintained that pressure around her waist, and her own hands were kept against his arm, trying to loosen it from her with effort made only in vain. “You’d do well to stop that, Elegy. . . .” Louis quietly warned her through his teeth, having leaned his head downward to make it appear as if he were whispering something loving into her ear. “If you keep acting like there’s something wrong, you’ll only make things far worse for yourself; straighten up.”

Hearing her fiancé speak, Elegy’s hands ceased their desperate movements against his arm though they remained there, as her glassy eyes slowly glanced to look upon Louis’. It was hard to breathe, and there was so much pressure around her middle. “Wh-Why are you hurting me, Louis . . . ?” she spoke softly, voice breathy and high.

Suddenly, the pressure around her waist increased again, a loud gasp slipping from Elegy’s mouth at it. “I told you to straighten up, didn’t I? Act like a proper lady, you little bitch. . . .” he seethed through his teeth, before it was something slipped right before them, what looked to be a mere child stood before Elegy and Louis. Louis merely looked upon this girl as if she were the most sickening thing on the planet, a clear look of revulsion upon his handsome features. Elegy, quivering a bit as she held at bay the urge to cry out from the pain coming from her diaphragm, gazed upon the young one with a glint of questioning within her eyes. There was within her mind no thought pertaining to the girl’s appearance, or the fact that she was panting as she was.

Just as Louis was about to demand to know what she wanted, she showed to them a small leather bag with a familiar sigil upon it, speaking as well, “Hah… Hello there… I’m with Damian Cline…” she was smiling, receiving a number of glares from nobles scattered around the Duke’s foyer for daring to have come up to the couple of the evening with so little care. Elegy quickly recognized the insignia adorning the girl’s bag—and the name spoken by her. Damian Cline was a local, renown Alchemist who was highly skilled in his given profession, though he was not known as the kindest of souls. Though she’d not met him in person before, she knew of him because he was the man who made the medicine taken by her mother to sustain what poor health she held onto now. . . .

The girl could not say anything though, she couldn’t respond to the child as things were. “The Alchemist…? I’m looking for… Ah… An Elegy Lovell…? Is she here?”

Louis gave the girl one of his phony smiles, appearing to look as if he were the happiest man on Leu Chrysallia before he answered, “Ahh, so you are employed by Mr. Cline then? You must be one who has a wealth of interesting stories to share given your work, Lovely Young Miss.” A soft chuckle before lightly gesturing to Elegy who was still suffering from the intense grip Louis had upon her middle. “This stunning young woman would happen to be the lady of the night; Elegy Lovell.”

To the introduction given by Louis, Elegy looked back to him, her breathing having become shallow, her face feeling hot, body tired. He looked down to her, a look of falsified concern playing over his features, “Ohh, Love, are you not well?” he looked back to the girl, “It would seem that the poor thing’s starting to suffer from one of her bouts with her ill health again. I suppose that the evening has been too much for her to handle all at once. . . .”

At this point, there came a call. “Louis! Come here my boy, there is someone here who would like to congratulate you in person on your marriage tomorrow!” Louis looked over toward his father, smiling at the Duke warmly, happily.

“I will be there in a moment father—Elegy is unwell at the moment, I’m going to see that she is seated properly!” Louis responded, suddenly releasing Elegy from the death grip he’d had upon her, keeping his around her still to make it look as if he were supporting her.

The suddenness of the act caused Elegy to half-yelp, a breathy sort of noise slipping from her rouge lips as her legs became jellylike beneath her, and nearly gave out. She about descended to the floor in a heap, only to be caught by the arm Louis had around her still, he held her weight up, arm looped underneath her own. “Now, my dear Love, do be careful . . . would you please? I don’t want you forcing yourself to appear well if you are not. Come now; let’s get you into a chair so that you may rest.”

Trembling, Elegy said nothing in response to what Louis had said to her, and did only as he told her—walking along with him as he guided her back toward the table, and lowered her into a seat. Louis remained bent over her chair though, hovering over top of her, his face hidden from the eyes of others as he looked upon her, expression grave and seemingly one of annoyance with her. “Be a good girl, Love, lest you just have things take a very unpleasant turn again. Are we clear?”

A slight frown formed on Elegy’s features at this, her arms were lightly draped around her aching middle, not understanding why he was being this way with her. “. . . .y-yes Louis.”

He gave her a stomach churning smile before he stood back to his full height, “Very good of you. Now, do feel better.”

With that, the Duke’s son turned upon the heel of his shoe, and strutted toward his father as if he were the proudest man alive, smiling that rehearsed smile of his again. All Elegy heard before the chatter of the surrounding crowd engulfed the voice of the Duke was, “Now, Louis, allow me to introduce you to our, ah, cousins, Lord and Lady Rosebery. . . .”

In the absence of her fiancé, Elegy sank into her seat, slouching downward as her head fell forward; tears were prickling at her eyes. Why had Louis hurt her so? She didn’t understand it, Violetta had spoke of the night as if there was nothing that could go wrong, that would. Yet, for some reason, Louis had gone and . . . he was. . . . Why? Her ribs ached, her middle felt tender and sore. Undoubtedly it was beginning to bruise. A soft whimper slipped from the blonde’s lips, as she very nearly forgot the fact that she and Louis had been approached by the young miss who was associated with the Alchemist, Damian Cline.


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#, as written by Wake
(thanks to Lenyx for helping with this post)

“Is no better. She looks and acts the part of a doll. I do not doubt that in time she will be just as corrupted and ugly as the rest of them.”

Victor stood silently behind the two Chevalier's. There was no way of telling when he got there, or how long he'd been listening. He simply stood with his wine glass in one hand, and a piece of paper in the other. He stared at the parchment that he had plucked from the lady knight's pocket with mild interest.

"Tis so easy to judge, isn't it?" He asked. "Tell me miss, what gives you the high ground from which to look down on others and guess their nature?" He held up the paper to her, eyes closed and expecting her attention now. "Not much I think, if you know of such corruption and do little to stop it. In fact the people that your masters are extorting happen to be acquaintances of mine. Do you think they and their family deserve this treatment, and that it be right for you to stand idly by and let it happen?"

Daremita turned sharply to face the man addressing her, she wondered how she did not hear him come up behind them. She glowered up at this lean man she now faced, and sized him up. Taking notice that he held the paper she had shoved in to her skirt pocket, she decided this man would be nothing but an annoyance to her.

Holding out one hand to the man, while resting the other on her hip she spoke to him. “To answer your first question, yes it is easy to judge. As I would know since I have been judged since birth. The answer to your second question is a more complicated answer, but to state it simply I do not look down on the girl, I pity her. In a land where there is unnecessary killing and pillaging of innocent people and the ones responsible are able to escape discipline if they have the coin, it is easy to guess that a person's nature would change when they are around those who are corrupted.”

At this point, Daremita noticed Al was about to open his mouth, most likely to put the man in his place, but she stopped him with just a look.

“Al, I can handle this.” She stared back at the bothersome man, looking in to his light gray eyes. “The third answer is even simpler than the others. No I do not feel the family deserves the treatment they are suffering, and I do not stand by idly. But why should I tell you what I am doing? For all I know you are nothing but a man who is after something these acquaintances of yours have?”

Daremita kept her piercing gaze on the man, watching his every move, while she waited for his response should he have one for her.

Victor remained leaning against the pillar, eyes closed. A small, unreadable smile sat on his face. "So being judged gives you the right to judge others." He muttered. He huffed to himself, apparently finding amusement in something only he knew of.

He gently began folding the paper in his hand, then flicked it back to the lady knight. "Frankly, that base accusation that I am trying to exploit my friends is a bit crude. I have been called many things, miss. Some titles I will admit I rightfully deserve. But to call me a thief or anything of the like is quiet frankly insulting." He paused to take a sip of his wine. "Really if you assume someone the villain at first glance, how do you know you yourself haven't been changed?"

Daremita scowled as she caught the folded paper. “I have been changed... You do not know what I have seen working for those bastard Rosebery's for some time. You do not know what I have been through having to serve as those pompous nobles slave, claiming that my work is all in the name of justice!” Daremita felt an fire in her, that she had not felt in a long time. She lowered her head and stared at the ground, balling her fists in an attempt to contain her rage of remembering what the Rosebery's have had her do.

“Also I have not said that the Lady Lovell is a villain, I would prefer you not put words in my mouth.” She said through clenched teeth. “But should the Lady Lovell be married to the Duke's son, I give you my word that he will corrupt her.”

At this point she looked up to where the soon to married couple stood, and shook her head. “That girl is nothing but a doll. Louis has a reputation that is well known by many, and his fiance--”

Suddenly Al wrapped his arm around Daremita's waist, distracting her from finishing her sentence. “I do not think you sir, have any right to question Mita like this. In fact, I think it is quite insulting of you to dare speak to Chevaliers in the manner that you are.”

Daremita looked up at Al, studying his face carefully. She could feel his body was tense, the muscles of his arm around her waist were tight. Clearly this man before them had not only managed to aggravate her and remind her of the horrible things she has had to do, but also angered Al. Daremita placed her hand on his that rested on her waist, hoping that a simple touch of her hand would make Al back down from even thinking of hitting the man. Standing up straight and tall, she raised her head high, letting her pride of being a Chevalier keep her from punching the man herself.

Victor said nothing for a moment, he merely took another sip of his wine. "You've misinterpreted my words a bit," he said after a while "but to be fair, we both seeming to be sprouting rather unfair statements."

Finally, the white haired man opened his eyes. However he didn't look to the knights. Rather his gaze feel upon the balcony from which the groom and bride stood. "More overly, I think you don't have much right to say that about the poor girl. Rather then corrupting her, I think the little brat is going to break her." He pointed to the engaged couple, distaste replacing his serene expression for once. His eyes were sharp, very much so, and could easily read the words on the young groom Louis's lips, even from the great distance between them. He stood still and watched with venom in his eyes, as the girl squirmed uncomfortably in the mans unbearably tight grip. After several long moments of torment and vicious words whispered into her ears, she was finally freed when another girl approached them, and the brat of a groom slipped back into his appearance of false pleasantry.

"If anything, I don't think she really in a position that deserves your scorn." He said, his eyes now trained back on the knights. "Do you still believe she is just as bad as the rest? I don't. And I rather think she has had enough undeserved slander thrown upon her for one night."

Daremita and Al both turned to watch the engaged couple when the man pointed up to them. Daremita clenched her fists and teeth, as she watched Lady Lovell squirm against her fiance, it would be clear to anyone with any sense that the man was hurting her. She ground her teeth at the thought that again, an innocent was suffering, even if she thought that, that very innocent would eventually turn in to another corrupted noble.

Daremita continued to watch the scene, unable to turn away. Her pity for the Lady Lovell went up a few notches. She kept watch on the couple until she saw Louis let her go when a strange looking girl spoke to them. Instead of keeping an eye on Lady Lovell, Daremita's eyes followed Louis and his father as they greeted the Rosebery's.

Her hazel eyes blazing, not only for what she had witnessed on the balcony, but also at the corrupted people she despised gathering together as a group, leaving her to not hear what the man had said to her.

“I apologize, I did not hear what it is you said. I was.. To disturbed by what I just witnessed on the balcony.” She said, a sorrowful to her tone of voice.

“While the Lady Lovell is not as bad as Mita thinks, she is still entitled to her opinion.” Al said speaking up for Daremita. “And Mita is very aware of the slander that is cast upon Lady Lovell, though that has no significance to Mita's opinions of others.”

Al took this moment to gaze down at Daremita, a very loving and longing look on his face, she could read it in his eyes as she gazed back up at him. “Rumors and slander to Mita, are nothing more than lies, therefore she does not take them in to consideration when she judges a person. Mita's judgement has always been based on what she sees with her own eyes, and not what others see and say.”

"A good policy," Victor replied, closing his eyes once more. "Though it is one thing too see, and another to act." He paused, and sighed. Looking back up to the balcony he frowned. "Though I guess I have been nothing but a hypocrite this entire conversation. I have sat idly by while filth piled up for while myself." He took one last sip of his wine and got up. He then walked away, towards the stairwell that led up. He muttered darkly under his breath to himself. "For too long perhaps."


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#, as written by Lenyx
Daremita and Al watched as the man left them, heading towards the stairwell to the second floor. She felt Al's body finally relax, his tension caused by the strange man no longer putting him on the defensive.

With a sigh of relief Daremita removed Al's arm from her waist and put the now crumbled paper with her instructions for extortion of yet another family, back in to her skirt's pocket.

“Why is it you feel you must defend me when you know very well that I am more than capable of taking care of myself?” She asked, even though she knew what his response would be.

“Mita... I know you know the answer to that question...” He whispered in her ear, while sliding his hand down her arm. “Mita, I--”

Daremita turned to face Al, placing a hand on his chest and pushing him back to be arm's length away from her. “No, you do not. You only think you do, you know I am incapable of giving you what you wish for.”

Al looked down at Daremita, his facial expression that of one in pain, and in one swift motion he grabbed her hand from his chest and pulled her against him. He wrapped his arms around and held her body tight against him. “I love you Mita, there is no man better for you than I. Your father wished for us--”

“And that was void when I joined the Chevaliers!” She snapped at him. “We have discussed this time and time again Al, I can not marry you, ever.” Her tone was sharp and cold.

Al said nothing as he continued to stare into Daremita's eyes, his expression unreadable. After what seemed like an endless silence, she tried to twist out of Al's arms only to have him hold her tighter to him.

“Al let me go.” She demanded, infuriated that he was physically invading her personal space.

Another moment of silence passed before Al spoke. “Not until you tell me how you really feel.” He said quietly.

Daremita felt the sting of tears filling her eyes, and looked away from Al's pleading expression. “Why must we go through this every time we see each other? How is it that you can stir up my emotions that I have buried deep within myself?” A single tear escaped, trailing down her cheek. “How do I feel you wonder? I feel like my life is nothing but a mockery of justice from the beginning to end. It has become a charade of everything I ever believed in.”

Within a single a moment Daremita brought up her knee, not with any intention of it connecting with a target. But instead used her free hand to push her skirt away from her boot and pulled an elven made dagger from a hidden sheath. Placing the tip against Al's ribcage Daremita repeated her request.
“Let me go.” She demanded again, this time enunciating each word.

Hesitantly Al unwrapped his arms from around Daremita and placed them behind his head. “Mita.”

“No. No more Al. I have had enough.”

After taking a few steps back, Daremita lifted her skirt just above the top of her boot and slid the dagger back in to its hiding spot. Wiping her face with a hankerchief from her pocket she turned away from the only living man who loved her. “Goodbye Al.”

Without a single glance back she walked to the manor's entrance. She needed some air, some room to breathe. What she needed more than anything was time, time to think, she was tired of always feeling constricted by everyone she knew. But deep down what Daremita wanted more than anything was freedom. It was has she was exiting the manor Daremita noticed a fiery haired girl carrying a very young child.

“Excuse me, is everything all right? Is this your younger sister?” Daremita asked coming up to the girl who was a great deal taller than she.


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#, as written by Din
The Cyborg

Manna - or something like it - fell from the pedestal on which the centerpieces to this breaking fixture stood to the upturned head of the cyborg, who watched ever so curiously. A continuous breeze of the esoteric had been filling its lungs with different intensities and different scents since the day it was first called to life. As if raised by the hand of providence and led to this scene, its large, glassy eyes observed the couple up top with an appearance of apathy. Words for the truth of what occurred behind those eyes are yet found. But at this moment, there was another awakening to its unfolding story.

In passing flashes, its face would move; jolt, really. It jumped and squirmed; flickered and twitched, as if a weak current had found for itself a new path to explore. The trails being blazed were wholly uncharted, but they were made to harbor something. With its eyes particularly on the woman, there were contortions on her face that the cyborg could not define; that it could not comprehend, and without a sense of what to make of it, without a sense of what it was it saw, without even a thought, its face began attempting to recreate the myriad movements that crossed that delicate face in such a short time. Was this sadness?


In such a short time a history lay sprawled before the calloused masses whose eyes may or may not have caught it, or whose subconscious would not recognize it. Received or rejected - with contempt in either case - it lay bare before its assailers, its words of defense the very scars on its present state, inflicted by those it harbors. It goes that men bear the marks of their history. It is written on their bodies and their minds, and echoed in the oppressed sighs of those who bear its brunt.

Men fancy themselves the dreams of gods. At present, the cynic might call this an everlasting dream of a dead goddess. Perhaps a nihilistic nightmare of one who would never wake again; the nightmare of a goddess who handed her life to her children to see them live and prosper, but now finds herself forced to watch them gleefully destroy themselves. It is a nightmare the goddess shares with her children.

And a history shared among brothers and sisters, whose bodies bear the scars of their shared past.


In all the movements of the cyborg's facial features, there was a stillness. And like a line of ants gathering food from the emptied

remains of a victim, an unseen buffer had formed around the cyborg. The gathering of nobles who closed deals and prattled away their wondrous time would not go closer to 3 feet of the being. In such a way, its head still craned above, a spotlight of flooring had landed on it.

From a distance, the cyborg was being observed. 'tween slowly passing nobles and different Chevaliers, in a group of the higher echelon among the nobles was one particular man of nobility who, between otherwise amicable conversation, would steal glances at the creation. Only quick looks, as it was already looking that direction, but there was something in them. Utterly oblivious to the idea that it would be a piece of anything's attention, the cyborg looked away, back to the rising action, climax, and resolution phase of the conversation among Chevaliers and one particularly handsome, silver-haired one.

As that resolved, the cyborg had lost interest and would soon follow suit behind the female Chevalier (Daremita) and leave the manor.

"Could this be...?" A shocked, exasperated utterance shot from behind the cyborg. "" It was heavy, and breathy, so apparently shocked that it brought a cringe upon the cyborg. It seemed life forced its body to react in the way it ought. So much less to learn. Outside of the building, a sea of people made such an exchange almost as inconsequential as a husband who abused his wife or wife-to-be. The noble man circled the being once, looking it up and down, stretching out his hand to touch it.

"And this is where you have gone...but how? How does it live?" he switched from a person to an object, devoid of emotion and empathy. "Oh, such poor timing. It must be disposed of post-haste."

But at these words, the cyborg took a sharp step back. Was this revulsion that reverberated through its body; that pushed it back?

"I..." it began as a statement. Firm and steady, but fell to nothing all in the span of this one syllable. The one syllable that actuates existence. "I... will not be discarded. I will live."

And at this, the noble man was starting to know his own audacity. He was only starting to see the tears the goddess cried on her own altar. Wounds might heal, but the scars of men could not be erased. They remained for all posterity to observe. He backed away as a trembling hand rose to an frozen, ashen face. He was an agent of abomination, and could not now recognize his own limbs. He was an agent of abomination. He shared his lot with this benefactor and did poorly to hide his budding hideousness as a scene was beginning to form. Lying whispers rose about the newly formed space around the two. But they rose largely unnoticed; swallowed up by the word of lying whispers that surrounded them.


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0.00 INK

Anna sat the child on the steps of the manor and let her eat. Jay curled up on the step and nibbled the food, watching the crowd carefully. Her green eyes were too intense for a young girl to have. The girl’s body moved each time someone came to close and Anna just sighed. Why did she come to me? Probably the red hair. She tried to think where the closest orphanages were and came up with one four towns over. That was too far to bring the child, but she couldn’t take the child with her.

The crowd seemed to get thicker as the minutes passed and not only her, but Jay, was getting frustrated. Anna scooped the girl up and was ready to leave when a woman, much shorter then herself, asked, “Excuse me, is everything all right? Is this your younger sister?” Anna smirked; the kid and woman looked alike.

“No, she found me out in the crowd. I think she is homeless, but…you two look a lot like.” She said, holding the girl close just in case something happened. Anna was always ready for someone to do something stupid, and the little girl couldn't fight her own battles. She thought about who she could leave the kid with. She had no one…well she had her father, but like hell would she do that. But then again he isn't drinking anymore…and it could be like he is starting over. Anna shook her head, moving the thought in the back of her head and focused back on the woman in front of her.

The woman had black hair and green eyes, like Jay. When Anna looked closer she could see the pointy ears, high cheekbones, and sharp chin. Ahhh, an elf? They are nosy, cute little creatures. ”Hi, I am Anna.” She said lowly so no one could hear her. She lifted her hand to the tiny woman as a friendly gesture.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Lenyx
Daremita clasped Anna's hand, while with her free hand she pulled out a wrapped candy from her skirt pocket and held it in the palm of her hand. She slowly extended her hand with the candy out to the small girl.

“This is a homemade candy. My father showed me how to make it.” Not taking her eyes off the child, Daremita addressed Anna. “Good evening, and well met. My name is Daremita Hawklight, I am a Chevalier from a town outside of Cellé.”

Daremita smiled as the child took the candy from her hand and unwrapped it. Now she could focus solely on Anna.

“You say she found you in the crowd and you believe her to be homeless...” Daremita took another look at the child who had popped the small candy in to her mouth. “While me and the child do appear similar, I do not believe her to be a half-elf like myself.”

Daremita felt someone bump against her back forcing her to take a step toward Anna who was holding the child. Turning around she eyed up a man who had a little too much to drink.

“Sir, I would advise you to watch your step or you will find yourself on the wrong side of bars.”

Looking back to Anna she nodded in a direction that was clear from a cluster of people. “Let us move over to that clearing there, where it is not only quieter but safer for you and the child.”


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0.00 INK

”Nice to meet you too. I am a…traveler/missionary. I have lived here till I was eighteen, taking off to help those in need. Heard that, that idiot Louis and suckered a poor girl into marrying him. Had to see it for myself.” Anna looked at Daremita, then back at the girl in her arms. She was right; Jay didn’t have the elf features to her. She smiled at her when her eyes went wide at the candy being handed to her. That seemed to brighten her day. “Say thank you.” She told Jay.

“Tank…ou.” Jay said, the candy making her cheek poke out.

“Yeah, I was walking along…uh…taking view of the mansion when Jay came up to be and tugged on my skirt. If she is not homeless then I would love nothing more than to beat the parents to a pulp. Who would let their kid go around looking like this? I mean, look how skinny she is!” Anna had to stop, she was getting angry and that was never good.

She saw the man coming, but was short in actually stopping him. He had bumped into Daremita and caused her to come closer. Anna took a step back and let the grumbling old man walk past them. He had reminded her of her father, those horrible nights when he would stumble in and cause a commotion. Idiot. Her eyes followed where she nodded and walked to the clearing. Jay clung to her and watched the people come and go. Jay was a curious little girl, but it still plagued Anna as to why she would pick her.

“I like your firmness.” She said to Daremita. Anna shifted Jay to the other hip and the girl wiggled, settling down and resting her head on her shoulder. Her green eyes stared at Daremita with cautious and curious eyes.


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0.00 INK

#, as written by Lenyx
”Nice to meet you too. I am a…traveler/missionary. I have lived here till I was eighteen, taking off to help those in need. Heard that, that idiot Louis and suckered a poor girl into marrying him. Had to see it for myself. Yeah, I was walking along…uh…taking view of the mansion when Jay came up to be and tugged on my skirt. If she is not homeless then I would love nothing more than to beat the parents to a pulp. Who would let their kid go around looking like this? I mean, look how skinny she is!”

Daremita felt like she had found a kindred soul, something she has not felt since the passing of her father. 'Maybe this young woman and I could be friends…' She thought to herself. 'That is if I can ever rid myself of these chains put on me by those pompous Roseberys…'

“Tank…ou.” Said the small child, disrupting Daremita's thoughts. It brought a genuine smile to Daremita's face, to see such a true and beautiful innocence that one could only find in children nowadays. “You are most welcome little one.”

“I like your firmness.” She heard Anna remark after a man had bumped in to Daremita. This brought a smirk to her face.

“When on the side of justice, one must be strong and true. These are traits that…” The hooting of an howl stopped Daremita, and she looked around to take in her surroundings.

A young girl was walking up to them. Daremita noted the young girl was wearing Chevalier gear, and yet she did not look familiar to Daremita. The young girl reached Daremita and Anna, still a few feet away from them, the young girl grabbed her weapon, and with both hands pointed it towards Anna.

"Miss, you are under arrest for crimes against the Duke.” The young girl said sternly.

Daremita eyed the strange woman, then moved herself to stand protectively in front of Anna and the child she was holding. Placing her hand on the hilt of her sheathed sword that was secured to her by the leather belt around her waist, Daremita stood tall and proud, as she always did when she felt threatened.

“My name is Daremita Hawklight, I am a Chevalier as well. As it is within my rights to ask, what is your name and what proof do you have of this woman’s crimes. I also ask that you to name this Duke that has been wronged.”

Daremita knew she was quite a bit shorter than this woman, but if it came down to it, she would do all she had to, to protect Anna and the child. She did not care which Duke was wanting Anna arrested, Daremita cared for no nobles and if she could protect or even save one person from a nobles injustice and cruelty she would gladly give her life and position for it. 'I would be one step closer to freedom if the Roseberys could see me now.' Daremita laughed to herself in her mind.

"And should I feel you are speaking the truth, I will take Anna in myself."


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0.00 INK

Anna saw the smile on Daremita’s face when Jay said thank you. She could see the kindness in her, which actually she had seen in many of the elves she had come across in her travels. They were pretty loyal creatures, but something was different with Daremita.

Daremita was saying something about a justice and traits, when she heard the owl. What is an owl doing out over here? That was never a good sign. Anna looked around to see if she could find it when she heard a woman’s voice.

"Miss, you are under arrest for crimes against the Duke," Flandre told her in her most stern tone. Who the hell is that?! And not when I have a damn kid in my arms. What the fuck is this woman thinking!? I can’t fight with her in my arms or anywhere near, but I will be damn to let her get hurt. Anna glared at the woman, thinking of who she could give Jay to. Her father was on the job and wouldn’t be able to watch her. She looked at the one eyed girl and let a low growl escape her lips.

“And what crimes would that be? Please do tell, did I kill him? No...I surely did not. So please, tell me what I did so wrong?” She asked, while smirking at her new little friend. Anna had to hold back a giggle. Such a tiny girl trying to protect her. Anna could very well hold her own, and you could even tell by the way looks that Anna was a tough woman.

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#, as written by Lenyx
Daremita raised an eyebrow, with the man's accent she was having a hard time understanding just what it was exactly he was trying to say. But the name he mentioned sounded familiar to her.

“Kamen Diamonte, the jewel thief?” Daremita asked. “I believe I have heard rumors of him, one such rumor being, that the jewel's he has returned are fakes. I only remember the name due to the nobles I work for panicking that he may come after their jewels.” Which I highly doubt, since their jewels are of little worth, if not fake already. But Daremita kept that thought to herself.

With a slight wave of her hand Daremita continued. “That aside, I accept your apology, and when it comes to new recruits, I was once one myself. I understand the wish to play the hero. However, I do not believe Miss Anna here to be of any concern nor danger to anyone or thing,” Gesturing to the child on Anna's hip she added, “And as you can see, she is caring for a child at this moment.”

Pulling out another piece of wrapped candy, Daremita offered it to the child, while putting a wedge between Anna and the man. Once the child had taken the candy from Daremita's open hand, she turned to meet the man's gaze straight on with a matter-of-fact look to her face. “No thief would tend to a child and risk being caught, especially in such a place and time as this. A thief's goal would be to get in, take what they want and get out as quickly as possible. For being caught would mean losing their life, and in my experience, a thief's priority is to escape death and live another day, at any cost, even if that cost is the life of their family, or a lover.”

Daremita knew what she was talking about. The Rosebery's were prime examples of thieves, murders, monsters. The only difference is they made the Chevaliers do their dirty work for them, so if anyone was to blame it was not the Rosebery's themselves. It would be those like Daremita to blame, half-breeds, poor upbringing, or plain old 'they lost their damned minds'. Nobles always put the blame on anyone but themselves. This Daremita knew all to well.


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"One does not make the list with only one crime," The new girl, Misty, had said. Anna smirked, she would love to see the list that she had gotten herself on. She stole of course and only killed those who threatened her life and the life of the people she was caring for. She found that the list, which she absolutely knew about, was nothing but a piece of flimsy paper that the Duke liked to write names of his victims; they were the one who fought with her to protect the poor from him and his disgusting noblemen.

Anna stared down at Misty, the look in her eye warning her that if she wanted to fight it would be a deadly one. She was about to speak when a man walked out and behind the girl. He wore a white buttoned-up jacket that was similar to a lab coat. Under that he wore white dress pants and dressy white shirt, with reading glasses that slightly enlarged his emerald eyes and he had brown hair that was a short turf on his head.

"I'm terribly sorry, she's mine," he said apologetically, grabbing the 'young Chevalier's' shoulders. "She's new to ze force in our township, und I decided to take her with me, but it seems that ze little saumensh cannot keep her weapons d it is. I made ze mistake of telling her mein thoughts, that thereown and her gob shut," the man behind Misty explained politely, Anna could hear an annoyance in his voice and smiled. "You see, I told her about zat one thief, the magician one, Kamen Diamonte I believe would be a high chance that such a talented thief wouldn't miss an event such as zis. And now she's trying to be a hero. However..." He walked up to Anna. "I had caught sight of a little birdie on the way here, and could of sworn I'd seen a cape stuffed somewhere. Perhaps ze thief is here, possibly hiding among us. One could never tell..."

Jay whimpered at the man, candy in her mouth, and hid her face. Anna slid Jay to Daremita and got closer to the man. "One, I have no idea what you just said about a bird and a cape. Two, if I have a small kid in my hand you do NOT step anywhere near wouldn't end well for you. And three, Kamen is a disgrace and if I could I would put him out of business if you catch my drift. He is a selfish bastard who cares only for himself. But I do hope you find him. Now...about should watch her carefully, if she did something this careless and stupid with me...well just think of those who would kill her in a heartbeat for just looking at them." With that Anna smirked at the man and walked over to Jay, ruffling her hair a little. Jay laughed and let out one of the cutest giggles Anna has ever heard. "Well...aren't you just the cuties little girl ever!" She whispered, laughing softly.


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#, as written by Lenyx
Daremita clumsily took Jay; Anna sliding the small child off her hip with ease and in to Daremita's unprepared arms. She did not catch what it was Anna had said to the man, as she was busy readjusting the child in her arms but Jay's legs were wrapped tightly around Daremita's waist, her arms stretched up around Daremita's shoulders and her head resting upon Daremita's chest. So Daremita was left with the job of supporting Jay with her arms, one arm across the child's back and the other arm bearing what little weight the child had by supporting Jay's legs and behind.

Daremita watched as Anna came walking back to them and ruffled the child's hair, who in return laughed and giggled. Daremita tried to focus on what the man was saying, but she was distracted by the child in her arms, and only took note of the two left the area. Daremita returned her attention to the child who was smiling and cuddled in her arms. 'Maybe I could do this... One day maybe I could--' Daremita's thought was cut off by someone shouting her name.

Looking around Daremita found Al, who had also spotted her, and was weaving through people to get to her. He was out of breath by the time he got over to them. “Some... Something's happened. You... You need to come with me... Now--” His voice trailed off as he stared at Daremita.

Daremita stared at Al, her face clearly depicted her confusion as to why he was looking at her oddly. “What?”

Lifting a finger he pointed at Jay, and his eyes glanced over to Anna. Daremita rolled her eyes. “For the love of--” She stopped and gently shook her head. “The child is not mine and this is Anna, she is the one who found the child. We believe the child may be lost or an orphan. But until morning, when things have calmed down from the festivities there is not much we can do aside from caring for the child.”

“Well that's good.” Al sighed then laughed. “For a moment there I thought I had fathered a child and you didn't tell me!” Daremita was about to tell him off but he held up a hand to silence her. “Something dire has happened Mita. There has been a--”

He cut himself off and looked around, deciding to move around so he was standing beside Daremita and leaned to whisper in her ear. “There has been a murder, well murders, it has been asked that the chevalier's are to gather and--”

Daremita's head whipped to face Al, their noses touching. “Where?”

Al stood up straight and cleared his throat. “The meeting room, Mita listen..”

But it was too late, Daremita had slid Jay around to rest on her hip as she had seen Anna do and pulling the child close she ran back in to the mansion, leaving Al and Anna to chase after her. Weaving and darting through people and crowds she rushed towards the meeting room. If there indeed a murderer around, it was Daremita's duty to guard the Rosebery's, whether she liked it or not. She slowed her speed to a fast walk when she saw a group of chevalier's standing outside a room, which she assumed to be where the bodies were.

“Child close your eyes, this is not something one with such young eyes should see.” Daremita whispered to Jay, who immediately closed her eyes and buried her face against Daremita's chest. Daremita walked up to the chevalier's and spoke loudly. “Daremita Hawklight reporting, what has happened here? I need to know how dire the situation is, as my employer's are nobles and I need to know if I should move them to safety.”

Many of the chevalier's turned to stare at her, not only because she still had a child in her arms, but Daremita knew that look in their eyes... She had seen it in the eyes of the people when her father died.

“Mita...” She heard Al's voice say behind her, but it was white noise. Pulling Jay tighter against her, the chevalier's made a path for her that led her to the doorway of the meeting room. There they were... The Rosebery's...

Daremita couldn't help herself, a small yet fiendish-like smile crept on to her face. They finally got what was coming to them... She thought to herself as a sadistic sounding laugh escaped from her, just before the tears spilled from her eyes. No... There is no living thing that deserves to suffer something as horrendous as this... There was blood splattered all over the room, Lady Rosebery with a look of complete terror on her face, Lord Rosebery with part of his head slightly bashed in... The Duke, Louis.. They were all--

Suddenly there were arms around her, pulling her back in to the hallway. They belonged to Al. “Mita... Look, no listen. I know you, I know you better than anyone. I know what you're thinking, what you're feeling. We are gonna find the one responsible.” He reassured her before pushing her back at arms length while holding on to her shoulders with his hands. “Remember that guy that riled us up when Lady Elegy and Louis were being introduced? Well he's a Vampire, we don't know the details but--”

“Jay... Jay you can open your eyes now.” Daremita whispered kissing the top of the child's head, who then looked up at her. “I need you to listen to me... This man's name is Al. He will protect you, take care of you, until I return. Do not leave his side. Do you understand?” When the child smiled and nodded, Daremita handed Jay to Al, who took her just as clumsily as Daremita had at first. This made Daremita chuckle and led to more tears falling from her eyes.

Pulling the last of the candies from her pocket, Daremita handed it to Jay while she wiped the tears from her face and looked up at Al, as Jay popped the candy in to her mouth. “I will find him.

With that Daremita dashed down the hallway, she would tear this mansion apart to find this vampire. First she will thank him for setting her free, then she will arrest him. Should he choose to resist her authority, she would do what she has been taught to do with those kinds of evil creatures... Remove their head.


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Anna wondered what was up with this man, she had a hunched but decided if it was best to let it be. She knew when to chase something and a little thief was nothing worth making a commotion about. Having to learn the hard way had brought consequences and worse, her father. The thoughts flooded back and Anna almost got lost to them. The two walked of f and she brought her attention back to Daremita and Jay.

Daremita’s face had Anna smiling; she knew that face and what she was thinking. She had the same thought plenty of times while helping the poor. Many children had come to her, knowing that she was on their side, they had flocked to her. She would have been glad to stay and be a mother, but then who would risk their life to feed them? After much thought she came to a conclusion that in a way she was being a mother to them, that she was doing everything she could to feed them, clothed them, and show that they would have a future in the wretched world they sadly had to grow up in.

Anna was pulled away from her thoughts by Daremita’s name being yelled, she followed Daremita’s eyes and spotted a man rushing towards them. “Some... Something's happened. You... You need to come with me... Now--” The man was out of breath, she kind of felt bad for the boy, but if you were going to be in this kind of business you would need endurance.

The man’s faced went to an odd one and she looked at where he was pointing. Daremita rolled her eyes and said, “For the love of--” She stopped and gently shook her head. “The child is not mine and this is Anna, she is the one who found the child. We believe the child may be lost or an orphan. But until morning, when things have calmed down from the festivities there is not much we can do aside from caring for the child.” Anna looked him over and gave a weak, but caring smile. She wasn’t as mean as she looked. She had to look a part in order to let those she stole from know she meant business.

“Well that's good.” He sighed then laughed. “For a moment there I thought I had fathered a child and you didn't tell me!”[/b] Anna raised a brow and looked both of them over. Eh, could work. After what she was thinking, maybe. He even has jokes. The man held up a hand and Anna looked around, apparently Daremita was about to say something. “Something dire has happened Mita. There has been a--” Anna was locked into the conversation now.

He had stopped himself and looked around, went stand beside Daremita, and leaned to whisper in her ear. Anna rolled her eyes and took a few steps closer only hearing “murders, it has been asked that the chevalier's are to gather and--” Daremitas’ turned quickly and was nose to nose with the man. She held back a giggle and watched. She asked where and once told ran over there. She wouldn’t of ran, maybe walked, but she had Jay so she ran after her, gliding through the people like water. It hit her nose before she got there. That irony smell had filled her nostrils more than once. Anna took a couple of breaths before looking up and seeing the bodies. Her stomach turned and walked out. Not long after, the man and Daremita walked out. She listened to them and watched as Daremita handed Jay to the man and stiffened. She heard there was a vampire around and she knew what to do if the time came when she would meet one, but she didn’t feel like everyone was safe enough from him.

Anna sighed and starred at the man, “I will be back, take good care of her. If she is hurt in any kind of way I will do even worse things to you then what happened to these people, I promise.” With that she kissed Jay’s cheek and whispered something sweet and ran after Daremita. The girl was tiny and Anna knew that she could probably handle herself, but it wouldn’t be wise to take on a vampire alone no matter who you were.