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Flandre Mistus

"I'm not hurt, I can do it myself..."

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a character in “A Phantasmagorical Metamorphose”, as played by Lloyd999


Flandre Mistus

Theme: Dial Connected
(Lunar Clock ~ Luna Dial by ZUN)

Role: The Illusionist
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Misty Flanders, Flan
Age: 16
Race: Human

Appearance: She is quite short compared to those around her, often having to look up much of the time. She has a very small figure, and she is very pale, though, not entirely pale. It's possible to tell in between when she is at normal state or when she is actually turning pale. Also, many would find her violet hair and deep violet eyes (or rather, eye) to be a bit strange.

Her hair is actually a bit longer than it looks, going down to a bit lower than shoulder length, though, you can't tell because she always has it tied up (and coincidentally looks like a fruit). Whether this is for fashion or for 'work' is unknown, however, she prefers having it tied up, even when she is at a formal event.

Despite having a slender figure, she isn't exactly a very fast runner, but she does have very strong hands, and strong arms as well, even though they don't seem that was. And also, a feature that only a strong reasoner would notice is that though she goes through a lot of dangerous work, and has taken otherwise fatal injuries before, there are no visible scars of any kind on her body (except for maybe the missing eye). Also, one would find her skin is only about two thirds as warm as a normal human being.

Preferred Clothing: She prefers wearing a short navy green vest and matching short skirt, and long black boots. This is her primary outfit. She'll rarely wear any type of protection, and only at formal events does she wear some type of formal clothing.

One of her many distinguishing features is that she's wearing an eye patch. It's kind of easy to remember anybody that is wearing an eye patch. On the eye patch is a skull, which is supposed to be intimidating, and she might use it as a factor while using illusionry magic. A habit that many people have when looking at people with eye patches is trying to decide which side to look at, and with Flandre, both sides are equally as interesting.

Height: 170cm (I'm Canadian)
Weight: 45kg (Yet again, I'm Canadian)
Hair Color: Violet
Eye Color: Violet

ImagePersonality: Flandre is a very dedicated person. She often looks down upon herself, but doesn't speak of it, and just shows it as simply being humble. It's true she is a humble person, but she looks down on people who can't show enough dedication to something, and to criminals, of course. She looks upon higher class people in high light, and due to this fact, is often blind to what is right and wrong, and always thinks that everything in the world is black and white.

She'd always wanted to be a Chevalier, but though she hadn't been accepted, she still thinks of herself to carry that kind of duty. She is very loyal to those she vows to protect, and is cold to any potential threat. She happens to put herself into a lot of danger, but in truth, is usually never in any true danger. She is willing to endanger herself, but yet she is afraid of dying, considering it'd be easy for it to happen to her.

Oddities: She's got a mysterious side to her, so, you can't really tell what parts of her are oddities and what parts of hers have reason.

Likes: Magic, Praise, Justice, Creativity, Birds, Artwork, Dedication,
Dislikes: Criminals of any kind, Werewolves, Pain, Cowardice, Black Horizon
Hobbies: Hunting down criminals, Among other various tasks

Thanatophobia – Death (But not pain)
Magasophobia – Magicians (Ironically)
Lupusphobia – Wolves

ImageSkills: Flandre has the power to use Illusionry Magic. That is a skill she is first class in, a skill so well practiced, it can make people believe in them, like let's say she makes it look like it's snowing, people may actually feel cold. She also has rarely used skills that aren't as strong that are ones her brothers use, like Summoning, Substitution, and Grimore. She however, cannot use the skills of Possession or Mind Control yet.

Weapon: Flandre's weapon is an evil looking Trident, with a Black Wooden Shaft and Silver at the Fork. The silver tip can be detached and used as a weapon itself, or, can be used if the shaft is to break. The weapon is magically engineered and is used to constantly transfer Mana into Od. The weapon breaks down depending on the state of the user. The shaft will break when Flandre is at a critical state. The silver part would dissolve if she were to die. One of the big uses of the weapon, other than it's used to help her cast powerful magic or for fighting, is that it's power is the only thing that keeps her alive. The weapon originally belonged to her older brother Adrian.

Fighting Style: Flandre fights using her illusionry skills and her Trident. She'll attack relentlessly, often spinning her weapon to help her keep momentum in her strike, and often uses the air to help her fight as much as possible, so her weapon doesn't come in contact with the ground, and to have advantage over an enemy. She often uses Illusions that involve pillars of fire, multiplying herself, concealing herself, or freezing illusions. Items can be used to help illusions feel more realistic, which is why Flandre will take advantage of any objects lying around to make illusions seems real.

Abilities: Top-Class Illusionry Magic. She'll also, but uncommonly, uses Substitution Magic or Summoning Magic(for summoning creatures, spirits, or demons). She thinks she might be able to, but has yet to prove to be able to use Possession magic like her brother can.

Personal History: Flandre Mistus grew up in a large town, but live more on the outskirts of it. Her family is known to be top-class magicians. Her Father is a well known Wizard and Inventor, and is a Professor in teaching magic. His mother was a user of dark magic, but mostly used her skills to make peace and deal with spirits like Ghosts, Fairies, Demons, Djin, etc. Her brother Daemon, who's now at the age of 17, is actually a jewel theft known as Kamen Diamonte, who doesn't use actual magic. He uses Practical Magic, the kind the street performers use, and dresses like a Magician in white clothing, and often entertains an audience with his flawless disguises, riddles, and magic tricks.

Her eldest brother, Adrian, who's now at the age of 21, is a Black Mage, who often makes dealings with many spirits, like Azure, Demons, Ghosts, and other underworld spirits. He often says he despises humans, describing the human world as the ugliest. He was born with a magical gift, or more like a curse, where is right eye was red, with a symbol on it, that would change depending on what kind of magic he used. He has unnaturally high Od, where as humans are known to have very little Od, so they rely on magical items to let them use Mana or the power of other Spirits to preform magic. Flandre often looked up to him.

Flandre had a nice life. She learned magic, along with other educations, at home with her family, mostly that of her strongest skill, Illusionry Magic. However, at the age of 13, she had an accident. After practicing too much Illusionry Magic, she got something that is sometimes called "Illusionry Poison". Illusionry Magic works by directly effecting the brains of those you cast it on, to bend reality and create controlled hallucinations, however, when one's reality is bent too much, one starts to get a very bad headache. Flandre got effected by it, and in the midst of her headache, she somehow managed to wander outside, without her realizing it. At that time, it was just late at night, however, an unfortunate accident happened, where a person happened to have turned into a werewolf and went on a rampage trying to escape into the forest, however, the two, Flandre and the werewolf, crossed paths, causing Flandre to be attacked and take serious damage. She was found barely alive. Her parents tried any type of healing they possibly could, but they couldn't heal her.

It's unknown exactly how they did it. Some say a spirit took pity upon the family. Some say they found it in an old book. Some, like Flandre herself, believe that it was a miracle from the goddess herself. However it was done, Flandre's life was saved, with a limitation. Using a weapon that her older brother, Adrian, used, and it being magically modified in some way, it is now tied to Flandre's life force, using magic to, in a way, replace her damaged parts of her body. In a sense, she's replacing some of her organs with magic, in most likelihood, amazingly, the same type of illusionry magic Flandre uses which has the ability to trick the human mind into feeling it as if it was real. It is hard to understand how it works and a miracle it's even working at all, but if she were to release her grasp on her weapon, she'd immediately start to die, in many ways. Also, because of this, she heals close to twice as fast as a normal human would, but she can't heal naturally, it's only the magic doing that. She's also immune to most diseases, except for a couple common ones. Though, she obviously doesn't reveal the secret behind this verbally, and never intentionally hints it either, doing things she wouldn't be able to without hesitation.

When she finished learning the magical arts from her parents, bringing them to perfection, she decided to go her separate way from her parents, just as her two brothers did. Flandre has heard very little of Adrian, and so has Daemon, though, however, both can feel his presence occasionally, but he's good at hiding it. Adrian is a man that could be anywhere, being the most skilled out of the three of them, including in illusionry magic.

Daemon became the jewel theft Kamen Diamonte, stealing expensive jewelry from many different places, succeeding at it, but occasionally, he'd return the jewels. His intentions are mostly unknown.

As for Flandre, Flandre had wanted to apply to become a Chevalier, but sadly, was refused for her 'gifts and disabilities' (being a woman, being very young (15 at the time), being a magic user A.K.A. a witch. However, she had met a man who was vaguely familiar to her, that said he wanted to train her in the combat arts. He called himself Grigori Scarlet, who decided he would do it if she had sworn she would dedicate her life into protecting what she believes is right, no matter what the personal cost would be. That, and to bring down the shadow organization known as Black Horizon. Flandre had only later figured out the man was her eldest brother in disguise.

After that, Flandre dedicated her life into hunting down many well known criminals, hunting down every criminal that's made it onto the 'underground hit list'. Kamen Diamonte, however, was number four, and he was the only exception. It was only by coincidence that an unknown amount of them, likely very few, were involved with Black Horizon. Normally a shadow organization would eliminate somebody who learned of their very existence, nevermind had possibly gotten information from somebody involved with them. However, Black Horizon had seen a lot of potential in her as a perfect assassin, and have indirectly offered her to join. She, 'indirectly' refused, and so they are hunting her down.

Sometime recently, Flandre's brother Daemon had come to Flandre about Black Horizon, saying he's had to deal with them. They wanted him to find them and steal them a jewel that supposedly was the Sorcerer's Stone, something that only existed in legend, and so, they are trying to hunt him down as well. Daemon has sworn that'd he'd defeat Black Horizon, and find the Sorcerer's Stone to destroy it before Black Horizon had found it. So now, both of them have the same goal.

As of recently, Flandre had gotten a hint that somehow she'd find some clue about them at the Duke's son's wedding celebration, for she had found a message from one member to another mentioning it.


So begins...

Flandre Mistus's Story


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Flandre jogged down the halls, stopping at every branch off, deciding whether to go in it or no, then proceeding on in her chosen direction. She held her weapon (which was taller than her) at her right side, it being held horizontally, with the head pointed backwards, so she'd be less likely to bump into anybody and seriously injure them. One of the last things she needed was for herself to hurt anybody.

As she was going down a hall, it had a branch off to the right, but then she heard voices; "Listen, lady, I'm gonna kill the fancy talk and cut straight to the objective: you and me? We're getting out of here. This place is no place for a person like you. You still have life in you. Those vultures back there are just empty souls. But're something different." which caused her to immediately stopped and put her back to the wall near the corner. She took a glance around the corner, and saw a man talking with... with Elegy Lovell?

"You do get a choice." He looked up to look around, and Flandre immediately turned her head back while silently gasping. She tensed up, but then when she heard him talk again, she looked back. "I don't even have to ask what you want. You made your choice back there." He looked up and around again, and this time, Flandre wasn't so quickly to react, him having looked her way before she could turn her head back. Had he really suspected her presence? "You can trust me, lady. If you follow me and listen to me, I can take you to places you've only ever dreamed of seeing. These people? They would be jealous to hear about it. I know you don't know me, but...can you trust me? I promise to take you out of here. All you have to do is show me the way out and I'll take you right along with me."

Flandre would had been furious and shocked by this, some random man trying to 'make a move' on Louis's fiance. Did he even have any idea who she was? And what was that whole thing about choices? Didn't Elegy Lovell choose to be with Louis Auttenburg? Flandre would have been confused, along with the other two emotions mentioned earlier, but all three of these emotions only barely contrasted and fit with the fear of being caught. She trembled as she grew tense and stiff, closing her eye and trying to keep her shaky breath silent, but then at once, she didn't need to.

A gloved hand grabbed onto her mouth from behind, but she hadn't had the time to react before another one reached and disarmed her of her weapon, but then grabbed onto her left arm and held the weapon against it. Flandre resisted with her legs and free arm, but the arms grabbing her were of supernatural strength. However, she had not made the attempt to scream or cry for help, or even stomp to at least make some noise, as if it weren't even in her mind.

The gloved hands dragged her into another hall, away from Elegy Lovell and the man, and into another hallway. Then they let go of her, dropping her onto the ground. Flandre quickly recovered, taking a hold of her weapon and facing her kidnapper, striking a battle pose, rather than attempting to run. As if it wasn't obvious, it was the man in black, the Freeman. Rather than questioning, Flandre immediately swung her trident at him, him having just stepping back in response. Flandre switched to her left hand with the momentum, and as not to lose the momentum, she spun it with that hand and jumped toward him and struck down. He dodged again, leaving Flandre striking the ground, but as she was recovering from that strike, he simply struck the weapon's shaft with his forearm, causing Flandre to fall back.

He walked toward her, causing Flandre to struggle to get up, but did, using her trident for a support. Flandre struck down on him, using her weapon like a mallet, but the Freeman blocked it with his forearm. He must had been wearing some sort of gauntlet under his coat. He also likely had some sort of drug that gave him superhuman strength. He then grabbed the weapon by it's head using his free arm, and pulled it out of Flandre's hands. Flandre gasped immediately in response. The Freeman simply took the weapon and threw it onto the ground between them, head facing him, shaft facing her. He placed his foot on the head. Flandre collapsed to reach her weapon.

"Your fatal weakness it seems," the Freeman taunted, "Otherwise, you are absolutely perfect." Flandre tried to pick the weapon up, but couldn't. Because she was helpless on the ground, she decided to stand up slowly, keeping a foot on the weapon. The Freeman merely shifted his foot, causing the trident to move out from under her foot, causing Flandre to collapse for it and hold it again. She was mostly helpless. It didn't seem as if the Freeman had any weapon on him with a large enough range to hit her, but he didn't want to kill her anyway.

"Flandre," he stated, "We have simply had enough of letting you run around freely with information about us. However, my employers have told me that they don't want you dead. So, I ask you, why are you so loyal to such greedy aristocrats, who cause so much suffering, and don't help those against them, when you gain nothing from them." Flandre didn't dare answer. "You are so talented, and yet so blind..."

"Why are you here?" Flandre asked. "I was simply given the chore to eliminate a loose end that happened to be here today," the Freeman answered, "Though, if you join now, I may be able to assure his life for a few more days." Flandre scowled at him. "My dear, Flandre. Have you ever listened to the stories behind the criminals you've taken down?" the Freeman asked. "They were all criminals, I don't care about their reasoning. If they've broken the law, they have tainted their soul and have begun to go down the darker path. That is all I need to know." The Freeman frowned.

He then reached inside his coat for something, and pulled out a yellow paper with black ink markings on it. Flandre recognized it as a spirit photograph, as she had learned how to read them. "This woman, the redhead, is a huge criminal. You may have heard of her before. I want you to get her arrested here and now. Then we may know exactly how worthy you are, for she happens to be quite the fighter, as are you. However, when you take her down, listen to her story. Listen to why she had become a criminal, and why she continues to resist. Learn why she hates aristocrats. Then, you may do whatever you want with her. However, you must make you decision then and there. Continue indirectly serving the greedy Dukes and otherwise, or come back to me. I'll be waiting."


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#, as written by Lenyx
”Nice to meet you too. I am a…traveler/missionary. I have lived here till I was eighteen, taking off to help those in need. Heard that, that idiot Louis and suckered a poor girl into marrying him. Had to see it for myself. Yeah, I was walking along…uh…taking view of the mansion when Jay came up to be and tugged on my skirt. If she is not homeless then I would love nothing more than to beat the parents to a pulp. Who would let their kid go around looking like this? I mean, look how skinny she is!”

Daremita felt like she had found a kindred soul, something she has not felt since the passing of her father. 'Maybe this young woman and I could be friends…' She thought to herself. 'That is if I can ever rid myself of these chains put on me by those pompous Roseberys…'

“Tank…ou.” Said the small child, disrupting Daremita's thoughts. It brought a genuine smile to Daremita's face, to see such a true and beautiful innocence that one could only find in children nowadays. “You are most welcome little one.”

“I like your firmness.” She heard Anna remark after a man had bumped in to Daremita. This brought a smirk to her face.

“When on the side of justice, one must be strong and true. These are traits that…” The hooting of an howl stopped Daremita, and she looked around to take in her surroundings.

A young girl was walking up to them. Daremita noted the young girl was wearing Chevalier gear, and yet she did not look familiar to Daremita. The young girl reached Daremita and Anna, still a few feet away from them, the young girl grabbed her weapon, and with both hands pointed it towards Anna.

"Miss, you are under arrest for crimes against the Duke.” The young girl said sternly.

Daremita eyed the strange woman, then moved herself to stand protectively in front of Anna and the child she was holding. Placing her hand on the hilt of her sheathed sword that was secured to her by the leather belt around her waist, Daremita stood tall and proud, as she always did when she felt threatened.

“My name is Daremita Hawklight, I am a Chevalier as well. As it is within my rights to ask, what is your name and what proof do you have of this woman’s crimes. I also ask that you to name this Duke that has been wronged.”

Daremita knew she was quite a bit shorter than this woman, but if it came down to it, she would do all she had to, to protect Anna and the child. She did not care which Duke was wanting Anna arrested, Daremita cared for no nobles and if she could protect or even save one person from a nobles injustice and cruelty she would gladly give her life and position for it. 'I would be one step closer to freedom if the Roseberys could see me now.' Daremita laughed to herself in her mind.

"And should I feel you are speaking the truth, I will take Anna in myself."


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Anna saw the smile on Daremita’s face when Jay said thank you. She could see the kindness in her, which actually she had seen in many of the elves she had come across in her travels. They were pretty loyal creatures, but something was different with Daremita.

Daremita was saying something about a justice and traits, when she heard the owl. What is an owl doing out over here? That was never a good sign. Anna looked around to see if she could find it when she heard a woman’s voice.

"Miss, you are under arrest for crimes against the Duke," Flandre told her in her most stern tone. Who the hell is that?! And not when I have a damn kid in my arms. What the fuck is this woman thinking!? I can’t fight with her in my arms or anywhere near, but I will be damn to let her get hurt. Anna glared at the woman, thinking of who she could give Jay to. Her father was on the job and wouldn’t be able to watch her. She looked at the one eyed girl and let a low growl escape her lips.

“And what crimes would that be? Please do tell, did I kill him? No...I surely did not. So please, tell me what I did so wrong?” She asked, while smirking at her new little friend. Anna had to hold back a giggle. Such a tiny girl trying to protect her. Anna could very well hold her own, and you could even tell by the way looks that Anna was a tough woman.

(Yes I know it was a short and crappy post. I am sorry!)


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#, as written by Lenyx
Daremita raised an eyebrow, with the man's accent she was having a hard time understanding just what it was exactly he was trying to say. But the name he mentioned sounded familiar to her.

“Kamen Diamonte, the jewel thief?” Daremita asked. “I believe I have heard rumors of him, one such rumor being, that the jewel's he has returned are fakes. I only remember the name due to the nobles I work for panicking that he may come after their jewels.” Which I highly doubt, since their jewels are of little worth, if not fake already. But Daremita kept that thought to herself.

With a slight wave of her hand Daremita continued. “That aside, I accept your apology, and when it comes to new recruits, I was once one myself. I understand the wish to play the hero. However, I do not believe Miss Anna here to be of any concern nor danger to anyone or thing,” Gesturing to the child on Anna's hip she added, “And as you can see, she is caring for a child at this moment.”

Pulling out another piece of wrapped candy, Daremita offered it to the child, while putting a wedge between Anna and the man. Once the child had taken the candy from Daremita's open hand, she turned to meet the man's gaze straight on with a matter-of-fact look to her face. “No thief would tend to a child and risk being caught, especially in such a place and time as this. A thief's goal would be to get in, take what they want and get out as quickly as possible. For being caught would mean losing their life, and in my experience, a thief's priority is to escape death and live another day, at any cost, even if that cost is the life of their family, or a lover.”

Daremita knew what she was talking about. The Rosebery's were prime examples of thieves, murders, monsters. The only difference is they made the Chevaliers do their dirty work for them, so if anyone was to blame it was not the Rosebery's themselves. It would be those like Daremita to blame, half-breeds, poor upbringing, or plain old 'they lost their damned minds'. Nobles always put the blame on anyone but themselves. This Daremita knew all to well.


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"One does not make the list with only one crime," The new girl, Misty, had said. Anna smirked, she would love to see the list that she had gotten herself on. She stole of course and only killed those who threatened her life and the life of the people she was caring for. She found that the list, which she absolutely knew about, was nothing but a piece of flimsy paper that the Duke liked to write names of his victims; they were the one who fought with her to protect the poor from him and his disgusting noblemen.

Anna stared down at Misty, the look in her eye warning her that if she wanted to fight it would be a deadly one. She was about to speak when a man walked out and behind the girl. He wore a white buttoned-up jacket that was similar to a lab coat. Under that he wore white dress pants and dressy white shirt, with reading glasses that slightly enlarged his emerald eyes and he had brown hair that was a short turf on his head.

"I'm terribly sorry, she's mine," he said apologetically, grabbing the 'young Chevalier's' shoulders. "She's new to ze force in our township, und I decided to take her with me, but it seems that ze little saumensh cannot keep her weapons d it is. I made ze mistake of telling her mein thoughts, that thereown and her gob shut," the man behind Misty explained politely, Anna could hear an annoyance in his voice and smiled. "You see, I told her about zat one thief, the magician one, Kamen Diamonte I believe would be a high chance that such a talented thief wouldn't miss an event such as zis. And now she's trying to be a hero. However..." He walked up to Anna. "I had caught sight of a little birdie on the way here, and could of sworn I'd seen a cape stuffed somewhere. Perhaps ze thief is here, possibly hiding among us. One could never tell..."

Jay whimpered at the man, candy in her mouth, and hid her face. Anna slid Jay to Daremita and got closer to the man. "One, I have no idea what you just said about a bird and a cape. Two, if I have a small kid in my hand you do NOT step anywhere near wouldn't end well for you. And three, Kamen is a disgrace and if I could I would put him out of business if you catch my drift. He is a selfish bastard who cares only for himself. But I do hope you find him. Now...about should watch her carefully, if she did something this careless and stupid with me...well just think of those who would kill her in a heartbeat for just looking at them." With that Anna smirked at the man and walked over to Jay, ruffling her hair a little. Jay laughed and let out one of the cutest giggles Anna has ever heard. "Well...aren't you just the cuties little girl ever!" She whispered, laughing softly.