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Victor Abstract

"Pure white... such a beautiful color don't you think?" (wip)

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a character in “A Phantasmagorical Metamorphose”, as played by Wake


Victor abstract

Theme: You Know My Name - Chris Cornell

Role: The Dhampyr
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Vic, or in some circles he's known as "The White"
Age: 128 (visual appearance is a man of 20 or so years)
Race: human/vampire hybrid
Build: Lithe and lean, but with tightly pack muscle underneath.

Appearance: Victor has a very pointed features, giving him a very angular and sharp appearance. This gives him a very 'boyish' at times, though it is offset by his polite and refined behavior. This sharpness goes as far as to include his ears, and with his very pale completion many have made the assumption that he is an elf, or at least part elf. Victor has made no attempts to deny these assumptions, as it helps to cover his true existence.

Preferred Clothing: Victor's attire usually sports white or silver colors, and he seems to avoid more earthen colors like greens and browns like the plague. Occasionally you might spot a black cloak and hood that he carries around, but it seems that he uses it more for protection from the weather then for fashion. For the most part though, he keeps his preferred colors at a very neutral tone.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 153 lbs
Hair Color: light blond that almost appears white at times.
Eye Color: A light grey most of the time. However when he lets his vampiric side take over they start to take on a reddish glow.

Personality: Victor is an odd one, as many will attest to. On the surface he seems to have a duality to his personality. At times he takes the appearance of a calm and refined man. When in social gatherings he is kind, courteous, polite, organized and cheerful, walking and talking with a certain amount of grace to himself. And like any sophisticated individual takes maters of culture and poise to be the utmost importance.

However once the normal social pleasantries are over his more mischievous side pops out. Often his cheery attitude is coupled with much teasing, as his finds it delightful to watch others start to stutter with indignation and embarrassment. Further more he is an insufferable flirt, nearly shameless in his attempts to woe a woman. Because of this he has gained a reputation as both a deviant and an eccentric for his bipolar behavior and his strange sense of aesthetic values.

Beneath it all however is a very, very different person. Living for as long as he has, Victor has experienced much and has been shaped by his experiences into a very cold individual. The events he's partaken in and the scenes he has witnessed over the long years have turned Victor into into a cynical and disillusioned man. He has very pessimistic world view, often seeing and even expecting the worse of everyone and everything around him. This leaves him just a bit bitter and angry inside at the way things are, resigned to the belief that he can't do anything to change it.

This repressed resentment affect Victor in other ways as well. Already suffering from the predator urges as a half-vampire, he would reluctantly admit that he may very well be a sadist in his own right. He likes violence, much as tries to model himself as a gentleman, he can not deny the natural blood lust that comes with being a dhampyr. It's not a great problem for him, as he can easily keep control of his impulses provided he's kept himself 'fed' enough. However when his blood is pumping he can't help but get the desire to spill some belonging too someone else.

Oddities: As you can guess he has a number of traits from his mixed heritage that clash at times and disturb his attempts at a normal life style.

First of all he can't spend long periods of time out in the sun. During the day he finds himself getting tired easily, and if he stays out under the suns rays for to long he starts to develop headaches, which later leads to him becoming dizzy and even passing out if he remains out to long. However the opposite also holds true, and he finds himself full of much more energy once the sun sets.

Another problem he finds with his dual genetic traits is the way his human half undermines his vampiric diet at times. While he can get by on normal food just fine, his vampire side still needs blood to sustain itself. Unfortunately he can't digest blood as well as a full vampire, and he finds that it settles badly in his stomach.

Likes: Books, moments of solitude, wine, flirting, teasing, classical music, spending a 'passionate evening' with a woman, and the occasional exercising of... rough housing.
Dislikes: Hot sunny days, messes, loud erratic noises, his inherent vampiric traits clashing with his human half, boredom.
Hobbies: Painting, night time strolls, gardening.

Phobia(s): pyrophobia - its a minor one, more inborn from his vampire heritage, but Victor can get uncomfortable around large open flames.


Skills: Painting, lock picking, violin playing, sneaking, cooking, silent killing, tea brewing, escaping artistry.

Weapon: Victors often practices with a curved saber, but he also employes a various daggers and knives.

Fighting Style:


Personal History: At least three paragraphs please!



So begins...

Victor Abstract's Story


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#, as written by Wake
A lean form slid between the members of the crowd. A glass of red wine held in the hand white haired man as he walked, silently like a ghost amongst the party goers. A small smirk played on his lips as he eavesdropped on the muttering gossip of the scornful. It amused him to hear the jealous and vain try to throw about their petty slander, even when he himself knew that more then half of these haughty noble women weren't exactly virgin brides themselves. The smirking man could personally attest witness to that fact.

"Victor," A voice addressed the man. "I'm surprised you would be here." Victor turned, a look of pleasant surprise on his face. "Ah, lord Calmor. Good to see you." He said with a short bow of the head to the elder looking noble. "Well I was commissioned by the duke to paint a portrait for the newly weds after the ceremony. Naturally I was invited so I could better be on hand when I was needed." A truthful fact, for Victor had become most famous locally for his artwork.

Calmor crossed his arms and gave a huff. "And I trust that you plan to keep your hands too yourself for the night?" He asked, the thinly veiled accusation coming out harshly. "I'd rather hope your reputation doesn't make cause for another scene."

Victor winced as Calmor brought up another thing Victor was famous for. He held up his free hand in a placating manner. "Come now Calmor, I wasn't planning any of my usual mischief tonight." Calmor gave him a hard stare, and Victor could only return a dull one in response. "Really, count, do you think even I would be so crass as to make a pass at a lady on her wedding night? Give me some credit good sir."

At that moment there was a silence that befell the crowd as the engaged couple came forward on the balcony. Some many the girl's beauty, the perfection of he gown and the grace in which she wore it. Some grew even more spiteful, and shared a few final hushed whispers of contempt. Victor, however, ignored the last bits of parting scorn for a chase to truly look at the bride in question and saw something that few else could notice. She wore a look upon her face that Victor had seen many times in his... rather long life. A look that hid a look of disappointment and resigned sadness beneath a facade of stoic calm.

Victor smirked, and left Calmor's side. Well he hadn't planned for any mischief. But he might have something to do to make the night more interesting after all.


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#, as written by Wake
(thanks to Lenyx for helping with this post)

“Is no better. She looks and acts the part of a doll. I do not doubt that in time she will be just as corrupted and ugly as the rest of them.”

Victor stood silently behind the two Chevalier's. There was no way of telling when he got there, or how long he'd been listening. He simply stood with his wine glass in one hand, and a piece of paper in the other. He stared at the parchment that he had plucked from the lady knight's pocket with mild interest.

"Tis so easy to judge, isn't it?" He asked. "Tell me miss, what gives you the high ground from which to look down on others and guess their nature?" He held up the paper to her, eyes closed and expecting her attention now. "Not much I think, if you know of such corruption and do little to stop it. In fact the people that your masters are extorting happen to be acquaintances of mine. Do you think they and their family deserve this treatment, and that it be right for you to stand idly by and let it happen?"

Daremita turned sharply to face the man addressing her, she wondered how she did not hear him come up behind them. She glowered up at this lean man she now faced, and sized him up. Taking notice that he held the paper she had shoved in to her skirt pocket, she decided this man would be nothing but an annoyance to her.

Holding out one hand to the man, while resting the other on her hip she spoke to him. “To answer your first question, yes it is easy to judge. As I would know since I have been judged since birth. The answer to your second question is a more complicated answer, but to state it simply I do not look down on the girl, I pity her. In a land where there is unnecessary killing and pillaging of innocent people and the ones responsible are able to escape discipline if they have the coin, it is easy to guess that a person's nature would change when they are around those who are corrupted.”

At this point, Daremita noticed Al was about to open his mouth, most likely to put the man in his place, but she stopped him with just a look.

“Al, I can handle this.” She stared back at the bothersome man, looking in to his light gray eyes. “The third answer is even simpler than the others. No I do not feel the family deserves the treatment they are suffering, and I do not stand by idly. But why should I tell you what I am doing? For all I know you are nothing but a man who is after something these acquaintances of yours have?”

Daremita kept her piercing gaze on the man, watching his every move, while she waited for his response should he have one for her.

Victor remained leaning against the pillar, eyes closed. A small, unreadable smile sat on his face. "So being judged gives you the right to judge others." He muttered. He huffed to himself, apparently finding amusement in something only he knew of.

He gently began folding the paper in his hand, then flicked it back to the lady knight. "Frankly, that base accusation that I am trying to exploit my friends is a bit crude. I have been called many things, miss. Some titles I will admit I rightfully deserve. But to call me a thief or anything of the like is quiet frankly insulting." He paused to take a sip of his wine. "Really if you assume someone the villain at first glance, how do you know you yourself haven't been changed?"

Daremita scowled as she caught the folded paper. “I have been changed... You do not know what I have seen working for those bastard Rosebery's for some time. You do not know what I have been through having to serve as those pompous nobles slave, claiming that my work is all in the name of justice!” Daremita felt an fire in her, that she had not felt in a long time. She lowered her head and stared at the ground, balling her fists in an attempt to contain her rage of remembering what the Rosebery's have had her do.

“Also I have not said that the Lady Lovell is a villain, I would prefer you not put words in my mouth.” She said through clenched teeth. “But should the Lady Lovell be married to the Duke's son, I give you my word that he will corrupt her.”

At this point she looked up to where the soon to married couple stood, and shook her head. “That girl is nothing but a doll. Louis has a reputation that is well known by many, and his fiance--”

Suddenly Al wrapped his arm around Daremita's waist, distracting her from finishing her sentence. “I do not think you sir, have any right to question Mita like this. In fact, I think it is quite insulting of you to dare speak to Chevaliers in the manner that you are.”

Daremita looked up at Al, studying his face carefully. She could feel his body was tense, the muscles of his arm around her waist were tight. Clearly this man before them had not only managed to aggravate her and remind her of the horrible things she has had to do, but also angered Al. Daremita placed her hand on his that rested on her waist, hoping that a simple touch of her hand would make Al back down from even thinking of hitting the man. Standing up straight and tall, she raised her head high, letting her pride of being a Chevalier keep her from punching the man herself.

Victor said nothing for a moment, he merely took another sip of his wine. "You've misinterpreted my words a bit," he said after a while "but to be fair, we both seeming to be sprouting rather unfair statements."

Finally, the white haired man opened his eyes. However he didn't look to the knights. Rather his gaze feel upon the balcony from which the groom and bride stood. "More overly, I think you don't have much right to say that about the poor girl. Rather then corrupting her, I think the little brat is going to break her." He pointed to the engaged couple, distaste replacing his serene expression for once. His eyes were sharp, very much so, and could easily read the words on the young groom Louis's lips, even from the great distance between them. He stood still and watched with venom in his eyes, as the girl squirmed uncomfortably in the mans unbearably tight grip. After several long moments of torment and vicious words whispered into her ears, she was finally freed when another girl approached them, and the brat of a groom slipped back into his appearance of false pleasantry.

"If anything, I don't think she really in a position that deserves your scorn." He said, his eyes now trained back on the knights. "Do you still believe she is just as bad as the rest? I don't. And I rather think she has had enough undeserved slander thrown upon her for one night."

Daremita and Al both turned to watch the engaged couple when the man pointed up to them. Daremita clenched her fists and teeth, as she watched Lady Lovell squirm against her fiance, it would be clear to anyone with any sense that the man was hurting her. She ground her teeth at the thought that again, an innocent was suffering, even if she thought that, that very innocent would eventually turn in to another corrupted noble.

Daremita continued to watch the scene, unable to turn away. Her pity for the Lady Lovell went up a few notches. She kept watch on the couple until she saw Louis let her go when a strange looking girl spoke to them. Instead of keeping an eye on Lady Lovell, Daremita's eyes followed Louis and his father as they greeted the Rosebery's.

Her hazel eyes blazing, not only for what she had witnessed on the balcony, but also at the corrupted people she despised gathering together as a group, leaving her to not hear what the man had said to her.

“I apologize, I did not hear what it is you said. I was.. To disturbed by what I just witnessed on the balcony.” She said, a sorrowful to her tone of voice.

“While the Lady Lovell is not as bad as Mita thinks, she is still entitled to her opinion.” Al said speaking up for Daremita. “And Mita is very aware of the slander that is cast upon Lady Lovell, though that has no significance to Mita's opinions of others.”

Al took this moment to gaze down at Daremita, a very loving and longing look on his face, she could read it in his eyes as she gazed back up at him. “Rumors and slander to Mita, are nothing more than lies, therefore she does not take them in to consideration when she judges a person. Mita's judgement has always been based on what she sees with her own eyes, and not what others see and say.”

"A good policy," Victor replied, closing his eyes once more. "Though it is one thing too see, and another to act." He paused, and sighed. Looking back up to the balcony he frowned. "Though I guess I have been nothing but a hypocrite this entire conversation. I have sat idly by while filth piled up for while myself." He took one last sip of his wine and got up. He then walked away, towards the stairwell that led up. He muttered darkly under his breath to himself. "For too long perhaps."


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#, as written by Din
The Cyborg

Manna - or something like it - fell from the pedestal on which the centerpieces to this breaking fixture stood to the upturned head of the cyborg, who watched ever so curiously. A continuous breeze of the esoteric had been filling its lungs with different intensities and different scents since the day it was first called to life. As if raised by the hand of providence and led to this scene, its large, glassy eyes observed the couple up top with an appearance of apathy. Words for the truth of what occurred behind those eyes are yet found. But at this moment, there was another awakening to its unfolding story.

In passing flashes, its face would move; jolt, really. It jumped and squirmed; flickered and twitched, as if a weak current had found for itself a new path to explore. The trails being blazed were wholly uncharted, but they were made to harbor something. With its eyes particularly on the woman, there were contortions on her face that the cyborg could not define; that it could not comprehend, and without a sense of what to make of it, without a sense of what it was it saw, without even a thought, its face began attempting to recreate the myriad movements that crossed that delicate face in such a short time. Was this sadness?


In such a short time a history lay sprawled before the calloused masses whose eyes may or may not have caught it, or whose subconscious would not recognize it. Received or rejected - with contempt in either case - it lay bare before its assailers, its words of defense the very scars on its present state, inflicted by those it harbors. It goes that men bear the marks of their history. It is written on their bodies and their minds, and echoed in the oppressed sighs of those who bear its brunt.

Men fancy themselves the dreams of gods. At present, the cynic might call this an everlasting dream of a dead goddess. Perhaps a nihilistic nightmare of one who would never wake again; the nightmare of a goddess who handed her life to her children to see them live and prosper, but now finds herself forced to watch them gleefully destroy themselves. It is a nightmare the goddess shares with her children.

And a history shared among brothers and sisters, whose bodies bear the scars of their shared past.


In all the movements of the cyborg's facial features, there was a stillness. And like a line of ants gathering food from the emptied

remains of a victim, an unseen buffer had formed around the cyborg. The gathering of nobles who closed deals and prattled away their wondrous time would not go closer to 3 feet of the being. In such a way, its head still craned above, a spotlight of flooring had landed on it.

From a distance, the cyborg was being observed. 'tween slowly passing nobles and different Chevaliers, in a group of the higher echelon among the nobles was one particular man of nobility who, between otherwise amicable conversation, would steal glances at the creation. Only quick looks, as it was already looking that direction, but there was something in them. Utterly oblivious to the idea that it would be a piece of anything's attention, the cyborg looked away, back to the rising action, climax, and resolution phase of the conversation among Chevaliers and one particularly handsome, silver-haired one.

As that resolved, the cyborg had lost interest and would soon follow suit behind the female Chevalier (Daremita) and leave the manor.

"Could this be...?" A shocked, exasperated utterance shot from behind the cyborg. "" It was heavy, and breathy, so apparently shocked that it brought a cringe upon the cyborg. It seemed life forced its body to react in the way it ought. So much less to learn. Outside of the building, a sea of people made such an exchange almost as inconsequential as a husband who abused his wife or wife-to-be. The noble man circled the being once, looking it up and down, stretching out his hand to touch it.

"And this is where you have gone...but how? How does it live?" he switched from a person to an object, devoid of emotion and empathy. "Oh, such poor timing. It must be disposed of post-haste."

But at these words, the cyborg took a sharp step back. Was this revulsion that reverberated through its body; that pushed it back?

"I..." it began as a statement. Firm and steady, but fell to nothing all in the span of this one syllable. The one syllable that actuates existence. "I... will not be discarded. I will live."

And at this, the noble man was starting to know his own audacity. He was only starting to see the tears the goddess cried on her own altar. Wounds might heal, but the scars of men could not be erased. They remained for all posterity to observe. He backed away as a trembling hand rose to an frozen, ashen face. He was an agent of abomination, and could not now recognize his own limbs. He was an agent of abomination. He shared his lot with this benefactor and did poorly to hide his budding hideousness as a scene was beginning to form. Lying whispers rose about the newly formed space around the two. But they rose largely unnoticed; swallowed up by the word of lying whispers that surrounded them.


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#, as written by Wake
(Sorry if it seems like I'm god modding Louis at the moment, I'm in a bit of a rush to retype this post after finally getting my internet working again. Might edit this later.)

It was time, Victor decided.

As much as he would love to waste the hours away mingling with the other patrons of the celebration, he was here on business, not pleasure. The sole reason he had been invited to the party was due to the duke commissioning him for a portrait of the newlyweds, and it was fast approaching time for him to get to work on that. And so, discarding his wine glass, Victor proceeded to track down where the young groom was. He would need both him and his father for this.

Having been pointed to the guest room and making his way there, Victor stopped to knock on the door briefly before letting himself in. "Sir Louis? Are you in here?" he asked as he opened the door. The young husband to be was indeed in the room, but Victor held a momentary look of surprise when he noticed someone else in the room with him. "Oh I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?"

"Victor is it?" Louis asked, not looking too put off at the painters arrival. "No, we were just chatting. Was there something you needed?"

"Yes I believe I do. You see I want to discuss the matter of that portrait your father commissioned, and I was hoping you would me for that discussion." Victors face seemed calm and polite at the time, but as he spoke a strange smirk played on his lips. With his eyes locked onto Louis's, Victors continued to speak. "I do hope you don't consider it impolite but I must ask that you come with me immediately for this." It was brief, very brief, but Victor's eyes flashed red when he spoke.

Louis, looked confused for a moment, appearing somewhat dazed. "Yes..." He said slowly, blinking a strange sensation away. "I guess I will then. You'll have to hold on to that drink for the moment, sir Merris. I'll have to tend to this matter for the time being." Louis Got up out of his chair, gave a brief bow to the Duke, then followed Victor out the door when he motioned for him to come.

With his back turned to the both of the rooms occupants, a dark smile crossed Victor's features as he padded something under his vest. Yes... he had much business to tend to tonight.


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Duke Blade Merris of Mort-Vandrine

Blade believed that he had it planned out perfectly. Isolated and with no witnesses, he would poison dear Louis with an enchanted wine that could only be dispelled by another mage, and that was if they arrived and performed the purification ritual before three hours had passed. Given the party and how any and all mages must've been ages away, they might as well spend those three hours digging the noble's grave. After Louis was struck ill, Blade would then run out to the party and cry in fear that the future Duke had been poisoned with vine. Being a noble that was in distress at another noble's condition, he would be let off the hook right away. There might have been one or two suspicions but no one would act on them. After all, he was a Duke. No one would dare stand against him. Even those who had strong animosity for the nobles would forsake him, as Louis was a noble and no different from him.

Now, Blade was not stupid by any sense of the word. He knew something could go wrong with his plan. Louis could've figured out something was wrong by seeing that Blade would not drink his wine. A mage might've actually been around to cure Louis. Someone could've seen Blade's enchantment on the wine and he didn't notice them.

However, he in no way imagined that the "isolated and with no witnesses" part would've been foiled by this new arrival.

"Sir Louis? Are you in here?" was asked by the silver-haired man as he entered the room. Upon looking at Blade, his eyes widened just slightly in surprise. "Oh I'm sorry, am I interrupting something?" Clearly, Blade was not expected.

Louis seemed familiar with this man and, as such, was not bothered by his entrance. "Victor, is it? No, we were just chatting. Was there something you needed?"

The face of this Victor turned somewhat pleased at this question. Blade could tell quite easily that Victor was up to something. After all, he had worn that same face many times ago before he realised it could have been his downfall and attempted to stop it. ""Yes I believe I do. You see I want to discuss the matter of that portrait your father commissioned, and I was hoping you would join me for that discussion. I do hope you don't consider it impolite but I must ask that you come with me immediately for this."

Blade saw it. Even though it happened for only a moment and was as easily missed as the flirtatious wink of a skilled seductress that didn't have her sights set on you, Blade saw Victor's eyes flash red.

These eyes were looking at Louis' as they flashed. They had a peculiar effect on Louis, who suddenly seemed the slightest bit mentally shaken. "Yes..." he answered slowly, almost as if he was in a trance that he was currently trying to blink away. "I guess I will then. You'll have to hold on to that drink for the moment, sir Merris. I'll have to tend to this matter for the time being."

Out of usual respect, Louis gave Blade a slight bow before placing his wine glass on the wooden desk that was close by. He then followed Victor out the door before the two left him alone. All at once, his plan was ruined, and by a vampire, no less.

Oh yes, he had heard all of the stories of those dreaded creatures. While accounts varied, one thing that could be agreed on was that they were blood-hungry monsters that possessed abilities far beyond that of the regular human. That eye-based hypnotism could belong to no other race, especially if the colour red was involved. Furthermore, their strength, speed and durability were great enough to demolish even mighty orcs despite being commonly of lean builds. Their intelligence was not to be underestimated, either; they stayed away from the eyes of society to plan their blood hunts. Picking off victims unseen, they took their blood suddenly and unseen, taking enough to make them unconscious and allow them to slip back into the shadows without anyone seeing them, two holes in the victim's neck being the only clue that they were there.

But the stories didn't end there. Those were only the most recurring aspects between them. Less commonly, these beasts were nigh undefeatable in one-on-one combat thanks to having the strength to lift boulders with one hand, punch through even the strongest steel like it was naught but silk tissue and knock open doors with only their smallest fingers. Their durability made them immune to virtually every weapon known to man; they could be hit with cannonballs and not even stop walking as the metal sphere of terrifying power just harmlessly bounced off them. Their worst aspect, however, was their dreadful speed. In motion, vampires could not be followed as they seemingly disappeared and reappeared around their targets in rapid succession. This allowed them to kill off their targets before fleeing and no one would be any wiser.

But the stories still didn't end there. As if their physical prowess was not enough, they had special powers as well. Compared to these, hypnotism might as well have been the power to blow noses. Telekinesis. Illusions. Summoning bats. Transforming into a swarm of bats. Transforming into a giant bat. Transforming into blood and then transforming back later. Seeing further than the Mort-Vandrine's Observatory's most powerful telescope. Hearing the tapping of whatever shoe they wanted in an entire castle. Determining the number of people in their presence just by telling apart the many scents around. Being able to regenerate from a single cell. Reading minds. Manipulating fire. Manipulating ice. Manipulating water. Manipulating lightning. Touching the ground to create spires of earth. He even once heard of a vampire that could make copies of itself and even stop time.

For the most part, these stories seemed ridiculous. However, Blade was a cautious man. In regards to Victor, he would believe every single one of them. He was going to leave this guest room, follow the two and see what Victor was up to.

But first... he still had the necklace in his hand. A strange necklace, it was. And what was that voice he heard from it? Louis wasn't at all affected... could only magic users that touched it hear it? He needed to study it... and it's not like anyone needed to know he took it. After all, there were a lot of people in this mansion, including commoners. Why, a random drunk could very easily stumble in here, see the necklace and take it for themselves. There was no reason to suspect that Blade had stuffed the necklace inside his coat and just walked out of the room, was there? Of course not. He dropped his wine glass first.

"Oh dear. Clumsy me," Blade 'lamented' as he saw the liquid poor onto the carpet. "I really should be more careful."

Heading towards the door, he 'accidentally' knocked Louis' glass onto the floor and repeat the patterns of his glass. "By the dead goddess, I must be tired. I must get some sleep once I return to the manor."

With the necklace tucked safely into his clothing, away from all that would look at him, he returned back to the party. Hearing all the dreadfully loud chatter upon arriving at the top of the stairs, he sighed as he remembered why he hated these gatherings.

"Hello, sir."

Blade turned to his left and saw Joan Gesthalgion, his chevalier, approach him. Joan didn't look any different although he did have a glass of milk in his hand. As expected; Joan was not a drinker of alcohol.

"Joan," Blade acknowledged. "Enjoying yourself, are you?"

"A bit. I've met some fellow chevaliers and made some new friends. We all engaged in a rather pleasant discussion regarding the use of steam technology."

"I take it they're against it?" That was not an unreasonable question. Some people were still vastly opposed to the use of steam technology. The most common argument was that life was hard enough as it was and water was becoming harder and harder to come by, no thanks to those who took it and sent it away regularly. While Blade did believe that some of their arguments had merit, he was more than thankful for his phone that allowed him to contact other nobles and arrange meetings on the spot without days of sending messages back and forth, often requesting replies again due to the rain smudging all the ink because his messengers were too thick to hide the messages in their clothing or bags.

"Some of them wish for it to advance but others would prefer we just have fresh drinking water," Joan answered.

"I see. By the way, have you seen Serian anywhere?" Looking away from the person he was talking to like normal, he glanced around the crowd to look for his brown-haired elven carriage driver but couldn't see her pointy ears anywhere.

Joan shook his head. "I was about to ask you the same thing, sir. I just finished my talk with my new friends and was going to look for her."

"Perhaps she's tending to Coalesce and Primrose. You know she has that bizarre love for those horses." Blade then looked right at Joan. "Now, please leave me be until I summon you. I have business to attend to."

Joan stayed silent for a moment. Blade knew exactly why; Joan was aware of his... profession. He had no concrete proof but he was very sure that Blade was the noble slayer. "... Understood, sir. Please enjoy yourself." Taking a drink of his milk, Joan went off to do his own thing. Or maybe find Serian.

Looking into the crowd again, Blade walked amongst those he despised in order to find Victor, wherever he'd be. He said something about a portrait for Alan... perhaps he was upstairs in his bedroom? It could not hurt to check.


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#, as written by Wake
(I'll proof read this later. Thanks to Lenyx for helping out with this post, you unlocked my inner horror writer.)

Victor hummed to himself as he led Louis toward the meeting room, where the duke and some of his company were not doubt waiting. "So, my young sire, tell me how does it feel to be a groom to be?" He asked as they neared the other end of the hall.

Louis frowned, annoyed and unimpressed that his marriage and fiance is all anyone wished to speak about, he was tired of this act of the joyous and loving groom. “In all honesty, tiring. All this,” He gestured with a wave of his hand. “For my marriage to some wh-- Woman, whom my father found in some forsaken place. But it does not matter, aside from giving me an heir I do not require her for anything that I can and would prefer to get elsewhere.”

Victor hummed. His face held little expression beyond mild curiosity. "I can understand your situation somewhat. Getting locked into something with some stranger can be a bit awkward to deal with."

Yes, Victor could understand alright. And that just made him feel a little more distaste for the man. Louis and Victor had both been called womanizers in the past, but the parallels were different between them. Victor, at least, had the sense to make it clear with the woman he was spending the night with that he was only interested in a one night stand, and never had the audacity to call someone a whore behind their back as the young groom had caught himself from doing.

Louis laughed at Victor's response. “Awkward? Not in the least! Ridiculous or atrocious is more accurate!” Taking a few quick steps he now walked beside Victor and gave him a pat on the back. “And just between you and me, should I find no more need of my soon to be wife, I can always have an unfortunate accident happen to her. Therefore freeing me from the marriage, so I do not see myself locked in to anything with Elegy.”

"Oh dear, I should hope for her sake that she manages to remain useful then, shouldn't I?" He chuckled as the reached the meeting room. "At any rate though, we best get this business done and through soon. You'll just have to endure putting on the goofy grin a while longer till I can get the easel and paint out." He opened the door and allowed Louis in first, to where his father and two visitors were waiting.

Louis chuckled and entered the room where is father and Lord and Lady Rosebery were seated, waiting for his and Victor's arrival. “Ah, my dear cousins, what a surprise.”

Duke Auttenberg smiled at his confused son as he stood from his seat. “Victor offered the Rosebery's to accompany me. As we were discussing some, important business you could say.”

“Yes, we were telling the Duke all about Miss Daremita Hawklight and the marvelous job she is doing for us. He has also offered help in finding a suitable wife for our son.” Lady Rosebery chimed. “A woman like Elegy Lovell would be a perfect addition, granted our son is only sixteen and-”

“Now dear, we should be taking up their time.” Lord Rosebery said resting a hand on his wife's shoulder. “There is a portrait to be painted.”

“Yes.” She frowned, knowing this meant they would be leaving shortly. “Yes darling you are right.” Standing from her seat she curtsied to Louis and his father, and then to Victor. “Louis, congratulations again, and thank you again Duke Auttenberg for sending word of this celebration to us.”

Lord Rosebery bowed to the three men and added his congratulations and thanks as well, before linking arms with his wife and walking towards the door to leave.

Victor smiled politely too the as he entered Rosebery's greeting. He patiently listened to the lady Rosebery's yammering as he closed the door behind.

And locked it when the other occupants weren't paying attention.

As the two Rosebery's headed for the door Victor spoke up. "Actually, before you go, there is something I wanted to ask you two about, if you don't mind." He said plainly. "A few friends of my, the Erison couple, said they we're having a bit of a financial dispute with you. I was hoping to ask you a bit more about that situation."

The Rosebery's stopped and stared at him, even Louis and the Duke stopped to stare at Victor. But Lord Rosebery quickly recovered and cleared his throat before speaking.

“I apologize sir but I do not feel this concerns you, and I am sure the Duke would agree.”

Duke Auttenberg nodded as he stepped forward and placed a hand on Lord Rosebery's shoulder. “I do agree, this is of no concern to a mere commoner such as yourself.”

The laughter coming from Lady Rosebery had everyone turn to look at her. “Oh what does it matter should he know? What can he possibly do, save the poor Erison's bastard daughter and grand-daughter from our prison?” She grinned wickedly at Victor before she opened her mouth to continue. “The bitch's shoddy husband decided we were taxing him and his family to much and told a chevalier he refused to pay. And our darling Daremita knows we do not allow refusal of paying taxes, so she did as she was ordered and killed the man publicly.” Putting a finger along the side of her face her grin widened, she was getting to the point of the story. “When we found out Erison's daughter had no money to give us, we had Daremita put her and the grand-daughter in our prison and sent a letter to her parents informing them if we were not payed our due their daughter and grand-daughter would pay with their lives instead.”

“Though the rumors of Daremita tending to the prisoners needs and treating them with kindness and concern will need to be investigated.” Lord Rosebery added.

But Lady Rosebery waved a hand at her husband. “So what if she is, as long as we are payed or the bitch and her runt die, I don't care what Daremita does for the prisoners. As clearly she is paying from her own pocket and not ours.”

Louis chuckled. “I must agree with Lady Rosebery, my dear cousin I'd very much like to meet this obedient Chevalier of yours.”

Victor said nothing to the Rosebery's words toward his friends family. The poilte smile remain on his face. No, actually. If anything the smile grew wider. Almost feral. If a viper could grin, then Victor's face would be a close resemblance of that.

"My lord duke..." He said with pleasantry in his voice that sounded all to eerie to the ears. "This may sound off topic but.... this meeting hall of yours was made sound proof, was it not?"

The four in the room felt a chill run down their spines as Victor spoke, Lady Rosebery gasped as Victor's face seem to contort in to, what appeared to them, a demon's face.
“Y-yes.” The Duke said shakily before coughing, attempting to shake off his sudden urge to push past the man and run out the door. “I did design it to be sound-proof.”

Louis scowled, clearly impatient. “What does it matter if the room is sound-proof or not? And for that matter, why do you even care about worthless and useless people like the Erisons? Can we get this damned portrait over with and go back to the celebrations? I am bored and tired of all this moving around.”

"Oh don't worry Louis," Victor said the sickly pleasant smile stile etched onto his face. "I'll get to you in a minute."

Calmly he started to walk in a circle around the Roseberys. "Now, my dear lady, yo asked what does it matter should I know about your dealings with my friends relatives..." He paused an hummed as if thinking. "Well I could rescue Erison's family from your prison... but that wouldn't stop you from simply tracking them down and taking them back, would it?" He shook his head, massaged his chin, and hummed some more. He continued to speak again, still circling them. "No the only way to truely get them out of their predicament would be to either pay of their debt for them... or prevent you from being able to track them down after their daughter escaped."

The room felt like the temperature had dropped significantly, or risen, depending on whom one asked. No one moved or said a word as Victor circled them until Lady Rosebery decided once again to open her mouth.

“You dare threaten us, you.. You mongrel!” She shouted jabbing a finger at Victor as he passed in front of her. “Duke Auttenberg, do something!” She shrieked as she turned towards the Duke.

Louis though was the first to act, placing a hand on Victor's chest and quite prepared to shove the man back and make a break for the door, but Lord Rosebery beat him to it. Shoving Louis in to Victor and running to the door, pushing and pulling on it, not once noticing it was locked.

Lord Rosebery was sweating, the beads of sweat dripping down his chubby face. “Somebody! Help! There is a man in here threatening us! Help!” He shouted while pounding on the door.

“Oh shut up Harold! Yelling isn't going to help! Just unlock the damn door!” Duke Auttenberg yelled.

Louis recovered and pushed himself away from Victor and towards the door, reaching for the lock that would let them out of this room.

Victor was barely even jostled by the shoving. If anything this expression became even more of some sort of dark, jovial amusement. "Yes, the lock. That'd be easier with the key would it not?" He calmly reached into his pocket, and pulled out a brass key. "I'm sure the Erisons would like to be free of their cells as well." He stared hard into Lord Rosebery's eyes. "Tell me, Harold, how much do you want out?"

Lord Rosebery began to perspire even more, if it was possible, as Victor stared at him. Lord Rosebery's eyes darted to the other three in the room with him before rushing over and dropping down in front of Victor his hands clapped together as he pleaded with the man. “I-I want out! Please! I'll do anything! I.. I-I'll even let the Erison's bitch out of our cells!”

“Harold!” Lady Rosebery screamed.

“Shut up you damn woman! This ma-” Lord Rosebery was cut off when Louis slammed a small, yet heavy granite statue into the side of his head, and watched as the man dropped to the ground, not caring if he was only unconscious or dead.

“Oh my God! Harold!” Lady Rosebery shrieked running to her husband's side, her hands over her mouth.

“Louis what in the-” Duke Auttenberg started.

“If anyone is getting out of this room, it's me!” Louis stated as a matter-of-fact. “Give me the damn key you disgusting bastard.” Walking up till he was right in front of Victor he held out his hand for the key. “You are in love with that half-breed whore fiance of mine, arn't you? Or are you simply some fool she convinced to save her? Well let me tell you,” Louis said stabbing a finger against Victor's chest. “It doesn't matter what your answer is, if something happens to me, that bitch Elegy is dead. You hear me you bastard?”

"Oh course, Louis, of course." That smile, that insufferably, sinisterly calm smile remained unchanged on Victor's face. "There's just something you'll have to do for it." Victor stared straight into Louis's eyes, and the young brat of a noble man was treated to the sight of a blood red glow from the white haired man. "Forget I was here, forget you ever saw me, or spoke with me tonight." As he spoke, Victor gently slipped his hand into his vest, pulled out a knife, and handed it to Louis.

"Then go kill the others and cover yourself with their blood."

Victor briskly walked out of the meeting hall. All and all he felt the night turned out well. No mess, no struggle, no bother. Now all he had to do was find someone to send up to the room as a 'witness'.


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Duke Blade Merris of Mort-Vandrine

So Alan was not in his bedroom. Great. Where else could he be? Even though he had no reason to suspect such, Blade moved as if time was of the essence. He'd say "direst essence" but he didn't really know what the phrase meant piece by piece and he'd rather not make a fool of himself. Nobles did have standards to keep, after all.

... Actually, Blade did remember a meeting hall where he was taken once upon a time to discuss trades between Cellé and Mort-Vandrine (it went down surprisingly well. He only turned one guard into a rage-filled spluttering fool and Joan wasn't even hit when he tried to stop the guard's hostilities towards Blade). Perhaps Alan was there? He walked through the mansion to his destination as normal. No need to start a fuss for something that should be discreet. Unfortunately, he might need to make a bit more noise than necessary. A bit on an inevitability; he could never be bothered to remember which room was where in a noble's mansion. Why, in his mansion, he had signs and guards to indicate what was where when the need arose and other dukes should very well learn from his example. Still, he couldn't help but feel that he should work on his habits some more... No, actually, he didn't. It was their fault, not his, for having such unintuitive homes.

He went down another hall but it looked just like the others. Frustrated, he went to turn around and exited. He was just about ready to just ask a guard but, from a hall entrance not too far away, a silver-haired man made his exit. The same silver-haired man that dragged Louis away. Victor.

As Blade ventured in his direction, Victor looked at him out of the corners of his eyes and his smile only grew more when he saw him. It was as if he was pleasantly surprised to see Blade once more but chances are that he knew that Blade would end up here at this exact time through some sort of future seeing. Or maybe he was always reading his mind with power that far surpassed what his mind charm was capable of stopping. Blasted vampires. He'd confront Victor now but he had to find Alan first. Using his intuition, he went down the corridor that Victor had came from. He could feel Victor's eyes on his back for a moment but he didn't care.

He would have investigated each of the doors one by one but... it was the door at the end of the room that felt wrong. Not unnerving, as Blade was hardened against this sort of thing, but it was off. Unnatural. Blade's first instinct was to inspect that room first.

He was damn near horrified at what he saw when he opened the door. Three slain bodies. Three slain nobles. One of them was Alan. One not slain body but covered in blood nonetheless. One living, blood-covered noble. Louis Auttenberg stood in the middle of the room with a knife in his hand and an absolutely unnoble posture. When he looked at Blade, the Duke could see the frenzy and fear in his eyes.

"Louis...?" Blade said softly, barely recognising the boy before him.

"I... I..." the young noble gasped out. "I-I-I... I..."

"Louis, what is going on?" Blade asked firmly.

Even then, Louis was still horrifically shaken. "I... I didn't do it..."


Blade's apprehension seemed to trigger something in Louis. Along with his panic and fright, anger and desperation made its way through Louis' disposition. "I didn't do it... You believe me, right? I didn't do it! I didn't kill my father!"

"Louis, I don't understand."

"It wasn't me!" screamed Louis as he dashed towards Duke Merris with his knife still in his hand. Not that it would do him any good, seeing as Blade actually had combat experience. Effortlessly, Blade sidestepped the clumsy slash, kneed the boy in his stomach and then tripped him over. Once immobilised, Blade took the dagger from his hand and pocketed it.

"Louis, I feel that I would be a lot more willing to believe you if you didn't try to run me through," Blade chided.

Maybe he shouldn't have. The anger and frenzy had left the collapsed boy and despair filled him completely as he sobbed to his heart's content and more. "I swear... I didn't do it... It wasn't my fault... I didn't kill Dad..."

Blade, for the first time in quite a while, was torn and confused. He'd never been in a position to comfort someone before. Well, his younger brother Lorris did seek his counsel from time to time but those were minor occasions. He had most certainly never needed to ease the heart of someone who claimed to have not killed their own beloved father when all the evidence pointed to the contrary. "Then... who did?" Blade asked.

Trying to get his sobs under control, Louis tried to stand up and began to speak. "O... Okay... I... It wasn't my fault... Some... thing made me..." Louis grew more anxious as he thought. "Why...? Something made me... Something forced me... Why...? Why can't I remember? It wasn't my-!"

"For the goddess' sake, boy, pull yourself together!" roared Blade, shocking Louis out of his confusion. "I believe you! You did not kill your father. But, if I am to do anything about it, I need to know what happened!"

"I know!" Louis shouted back. "But I don't remember! I'm trying, okay?! I was... Damn it all!" Out of frustration, Louis punched the wall. "Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!" he repeated as he continued slamming his fists on to the wall. Blade let him relieve himself until he eventually sunk to the floor. "Damn it... Damn it..." he whimpered.

Sighing, both out of exasperation and torn emotions, Blade knelt down next to the troubled boy. "Listen, Louis... some say that the night sky is good for easing the mind. Maybe you should go to the window."

Louis looked at him, sniffed and wiped his dry, red eyes. "O-Okay..." Standing up, Louis walked over to the glass on one end of the meeting hall. Blade walked to his side and watched the night sky with him. Out in the distance was a number of fields or farms. Not many houses at all. The ones that were there had no lights on, most likely because the residents in each one were fast asleep.

"I just..." Louis began talking again, causing Blade to turn to him. It saddened him to see what was once a strong figure be turned into a walking pile of misery and loss. "I... I want to go back... Just... make this over... I want this to be over..."

Blade put a hand on his shoulder. "When you take in the night sky, close your eyes. It will preserve the image in your mind." Blade saw that Louis followed the instruction. "Louis... I promise you, as Duke Blade Merris of Mort-Vandrine... this will be over. Your pain will be gone."

It almost warmed his heart to see the faintest trace of a genuine smile appear on Louis' face. "I'd... I'd like that..." he said, still facing the night sky.

Blade didn't smile, though. There was nothing for him to smile at when he pulled out his gun and pointed it at the side of Louis' head.


The smile temporarily faltered and Louis' eyes shot open. Even so, he didn't see or know what happened. The hole in the side of his head was sure proof that the life of Louis Auttenberg was no more. Blade, despite all the horror in this room, had no regrets. He allowed Louis to die with happiness and hope. It was... a strangely warm feeling. Even though Blade had his sights set on Louis ages ago, he still felt this way.

Blade left his pistol at Louis' side and walked out the room. First things first, he had to find a guard and tell them what happened. Well, that last bit wasn't particularly in his plan. At least, not entirely.

Blade traversed back into the party rooms to see the rest of the vain nobles partying to their hearts' content. At that instant, he was reminded of why he needed to kill Louis; to prevent his corruption from harming others... so why did he feel so awful regardless? Blade shook the thoughts from his mind. He needed to find a guard. Thankfully, there was one essentially right next to him. Also thankfully, Blade recognised him and he recognised Blade.

Despite the mutual knowledge of the other party, guards were generally trained to not engage in conversation so Blade took the initiative. "Jeremiah, may I have a word with you?"

The guard smiled. "Absolutely, my duke. What is the matter?"

Blade's face was grim. "I'm afraid it's a rather dark matter. I will need to speak with you in private."

Jeremiah was confused but he followed Blade anyway to the empty area near the meeting room.

Once they arrived at their desolate destination, Blade turned around. "Jeremiah, what I am about to tell you is a tragedy. Above all else, remain calm."

Jeremiah inhaled and exhaled to calm himself. A basic exercise in regulating one's emotions but it worked. "I understand, my duke. What is wrong?"

Blade let out a small breath of air. Even he was having a bit of trouble still comprehending it. "In this mansion's meeting room, Duke Alan Auttenberg has been murdered, in addition to two other nobles I have not been able to identify."

Jeremiah's eyes opened in shock but, like a good guard, he did not let it get out of his control. "I see... What else?"

Blade was silent for a moment. "The killer was Louis Auttenberg. He used a knife to slay-"

"Louis?!" Jeremiah shouted, unable to contain himself. "What devilry is this?!"

"Contain yourself," Blade ordered while raising the palm of his hand to the guard. "I am not done. Now... after the killing, Louis killed himself with a pistol in order to escape despair. You see, he did not commit this atrocity of his own free will."

"I... don't quite understand, my duke."

"Nor did I expect you to." Blade looked into Jeremiah's eyes with ferocity. "Jeremiah, listen carefully: a vampire is in this building. It has hypnotised Louis to kill his own father and two other nobles for reasons I cannot explain or fathom and I haven't the slightest inkling of what he intends to do next. What I want you to do is organise the other guards and make sure no one can leave the mansion without passing one of you. If you find this vampire, apprehend him by any means necessary. He is roughly six feet in height, has very pale skin, light blond hair that could be seen as white and his eyes are light grey in colour. He is polite but do not let that fool you. Will you do this task?"

Jeremiah the guard took a moment to absorb all this information. Blade couldn't blame him; he just heard the duke he was sworn to protect was killed by his own son but his son was hypnotised by a vampire that was potentially still in the building. Very preposterous. Regardless, Jeremiah proved to be an emotionally diligent guard by nodding. "Yes, my duke. Well will carry out your instructions."

"Excellent. Now, I shall return to the party."

"Of course, my duke. Leave the work to us. Please enjoy yourself for the duration of the evening," Jeremiah responded as the two headed back to the more lively areas.

"... I will attempt to," Blade responded before they parted ways. Now, what else was Blade to do...? Perhaps there was some wine he could drink. He made his way to the wine table to refresh himself.


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#, as written by Lenyx
Daremita clumsily took Jay; Anna sliding the small child off her hip with ease and in to Daremita's unprepared arms. She did not catch what it was Anna had said to the man, as she was busy readjusting the child in her arms but Jay's legs were wrapped tightly around Daremita's waist, her arms stretched up around Daremita's shoulders and her head resting upon Daremita's chest. So Daremita was left with the job of supporting Jay with her arms, one arm across the child's back and the other arm bearing what little weight the child had by supporting Jay's legs and behind.

Daremita watched as Anna came walking back to them and ruffled the child's hair, who in return laughed and giggled. Daremita tried to focus on what the man was saying, but she was distracted by the child in her arms, and only took note of the two left the area. Daremita returned her attention to the child who was smiling and cuddled in her arms. 'Maybe I could do this... One day maybe I could--' Daremita's thought was cut off by someone shouting her name.

Looking around Daremita found Al, who had also spotted her, and was weaving through people to get to her. He was out of breath by the time he got over to them. “Some... Something's happened. You... You need to come with me... Now--” His voice trailed off as he stared at Daremita.

Daremita stared at Al, her face clearly depicted her confusion as to why he was looking at her oddly. “What?”

Lifting a finger he pointed at Jay, and his eyes glanced over to Anna. Daremita rolled her eyes. “For the love of--” She stopped and gently shook her head. “The child is not mine and this is Anna, she is the one who found the child. We believe the child may be lost or an orphan. But until morning, when things have calmed down from the festivities there is not much we can do aside from caring for the child.”

“Well that's good.” Al sighed then laughed. “For a moment there I thought I had fathered a child and you didn't tell me!” Daremita was about to tell him off but he held up a hand to silence her. “Something dire has happened Mita. There has been a--”

He cut himself off and looked around, deciding to move around so he was standing beside Daremita and leaned to whisper in her ear. “There has been a murder, well murders, it has been asked that the chevalier's are to gather and--”

Daremita's head whipped to face Al, their noses touching. “Where?”

Al stood up straight and cleared his throat. “The meeting room, Mita listen..”

But it was too late, Daremita had slid Jay around to rest on her hip as she had seen Anna do and pulling the child close she ran back in to the mansion, leaving Al and Anna to chase after her. Weaving and darting through people and crowds she rushed towards the meeting room. If there indeed a murderer around, it was Daremita's duty to guard the Rosebery's, whether she liked it or not. She slowed her speed to a fast walk when she saw a group of chevalier's standing outside a room, which she assumed to be where the bodies were.

“Child close your eyes, this is not something one with such young eyes should see.” Daremita whispered to Jay, who immediately closed her eyes and buried her face against Daremita's chest. Daremita walked up to the chevalier's and spoke loudly. “Daremita Hawklight reporting, what has happened here? I need to know how dire the situation is, as my employer's are nobles and I need to know if I should move them to safety.”

Many of the chevalier's turned to stare at her, not only because she still had a child in her arms, but Daremita knew that look in their eyes... She had seen it in the eyes of the people when her father died.

“Mita...” She heard Al's voice say behind her, but it was white noise. Pulling Jay tighter against her, the chevalier's made a path for her that led her to the doorway of the meeting room. There they were... The Rosebery's...

Daremita couldn't help herself, a small yet fiendish-like smile crept on to her face. They finally got what was coming to them... She thought to herself as a sadistic sounding laugh escaped from her, just before the tears spilled from her eyes. No... There is no living thing that deserves to suffer something as horrendous as this... There was blood splattered all over the room, Lady Rosebery with a look of complete terror on her face, Lord Rosebery with part of his head slightly bashed in... The Duke, Louis.. They were all--

Suddenly there were arms around her, pulling her back in to the hallway. They belonged to Al. “Mita... Look, no listen. I know you, I know you better than anyone. I know what you're thinking, what you're feeling. We are gonna find the one responsible.” He reassured her before pushing her back at arms length while holding on to her shoulders with his hands. “Remember that guy that riled us up when Lady Elegy and Louis were being introduced? Well he's a Vampire, we don't know the details but--”

“Jay... Jay you can open your eyes now.” Daremita whispered kissing the top of the child's head, who then looked up at her. “I need you to listen to me... This man's name is Al. He will protect you, take care of you, until I return. Do not leave his side. Do you understand?” When the child smiled and nodded, Daremita handed Jay to Al, who took her just as clumsily as Daremita had at first. This made Daremita chuckle and led to more tears falling from her eyes.

Pulling the last of the candies from her pocket, Daremita handed it to Jay while she wiped the tears from her face and looked up at Al, as Jay popped the candy in to her mouth. “I will find him.

With that Daremita dashed down the hallway, she would tear this mansion apart to find this vampire. First she will thank him for setting her free, then she will arrest him. Should he choose to resist her authority, she would do what she has been taught to do with those kinds of evil creatures... Remove their head.


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Anna wondered what was up with this man, she had a hunched but decided if it was best to let it be. She knew when to chase something and a little thief was nothing worth making a commotion about. Having to learn the hard way had brought consequences and worse, her father. The thoughts flooded back and Anna almost got lost to them. The two walked of f and she brought her attention back to Daremita and Jay.

Daremita’s face had Anna smiling; she knew that face and what she was thinking. She had the same thought plenty of times while helping the poor. Many children had come to her, knowing that she was on their side, they had flocked to her. She would have been glad to stay and be a mother, but then who would risk their life to feed them? After much thought she came to a conclusion that in a way she was being a mother to them, that she was doing everything she could to feed them, clothed them, and show that they would have a future in the wretched world they sadly had to grow up in.

Anna was pulled away from her thoughts by Daremita’s name being yelled, she followed Daremita’s eyes and spotted a man rushing towards them. “Some... Something's happened. You... You need to come with me... Now--” The man was out of breath, she kind of felt bad for the boy, but if you were going to be in this kind of business you would need endurance.

The man’s faced went to an odd one and she looked at where he was pointing. Daremita rolled her eyes and said, “For the love of--” She stopped and gently shook her head. “The child is not mine and this is Anna, she is the one who found the child. We believe the child may be lost or an orphan. But until morning, when things have calmed down from the festivities there is not much we can do aside from caring for the child.” Anna looked him over and gave a weak, but caring smile. She wasn’t as mean as she looked. She had to look a part in order to let those she stole from know she meant business.

“Well that's good.” He sighed then laughed. “For a moment there I thought I had fathered a child and you didn't tell me!”[/b] Anna raised a brow and looked both of them over. Eh, could work. After what she was thinking, maybe. He even has jokes. The man held up a hand and Anna looked around, apparently Daremita was about to say something. “Something dire has happened Mita. There has been a--” Anna was locked into the conversation now.

He had stopped himself and looked around, went stand beside Daremita, and leaned to whisper in her ear. Anna rolled her eyes and took a few steps closer only hearing “murders, it has been asked that the chevalier's are to gather and--” Daremitas’ turned quickly and was nose to nose with the man. She held back a giggle and watched. She asked where and once told ran over there. She wouldn’t of ran, maybe walked, but she had Jay so she ran after her, gliding through the people like water. It hit her nose before she got there. That irony smell had filled her nostrils more than once. Anna took a couple of breaths before looking up and seeing the bodies. Her stomach turned and walked out. Not long after, the man and Daremita walked out. She listened to them and watched as Daremita handed Jay to the man and stiffened. She heard there was a vampire around and she knew what to do if the time came when she would meet one, but she didn’t feel like everyone was safe enough from him.

Anna sighed and starred at the man, “I will be back, take good care of her. If she is hurt in any kind of way I will do even worse things to you then what happened to these people, I promise.” With that she kissed Jay’s cheek and whispered something sweet and ran after Daremita. The girl was tiny and Anna knew that she could probably handle herself, but it wouldn’t be wise to take on a vampire alone no matter who you were.