Nicolette Mar'Vonne

A Naive Starlet, whose perfect relationship ends up being a bit too boring for her new found taste.........

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a character in “A Pin-up Affair.”, as played by I'm a Radical Dame!



Name: Nicolette Mar'Vonne [Nickname/Petname, used by only immediate family and Johnathon[likely the bodyguard too after a short while....DRAMA! rofl], is: Nico]

Age: 24

Status: Engaged to Johnathon Taylor, w/ no kids.

Employment/Career: A List movie star, and top-selling Pinup girl.

Personality: Nicolette is a sweet modest girl............something people find hard to believe due to her career, until they actually meet and speak with her.
She'll talk to anyone, and agrees to far more low budget movies and goofy talk/radio show appearances, than her agent Frankie Bell would like.......but it's all part of her charm.
While others in Hollywood simply smile and wave at their fans, and cut themselves off from the average folks, Nicolette enjoys conversing with or to those who claim to be her fans.......and seeing as how she grew up sheltered, she's always overly interested in learning about those who are different than her.


Height = 5'9
Weight = 125lbs
Eyes = Hazel/Light Brown&Green.
Hair = Blond, and to the middle of her back when out.

History/Background: Nicolette was born to a moderately traditional Christian family, and raised on a large farm in Ohio.
She has seven siblings, and they're her world..............so much so, she never thought she'd leave the family farming business. But as her interest in theatre grew during High School, the fire to go out and explore the capital for everything Theatre couldn't be put out. So at age 17, the young girl decided to venture to the big city that never sleeps.

Nicolette wanted to see every Broadway show there was, while going to school and studying up on the great playwrights of times past..............never did she expect to be stopped by agent Frankie Bell, a man who represented the biggest of the who's who in NYC AND Hollywood..........but she was. And after a lot of convincing, the shy teen began to do small modeling gigs and star in commercial ad's in magazines.........but at age 20 she'd land a roll in a mega Box Office hit, that would send her career into the stratosphere.......where it still resides four years later.

So begins...

Nicolette Mar'Vonne's Story