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Chriselle Ewart

"I lived in this dream for to long, and now it is I belong?"

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a character in “A Place from a Dream”, as played by ThePlastic713


Chriselle Ewart
"I lived in this dream for to long, and now it is I belong?"

[i]Human, I don't know what else to say except we're very common in the world outside the land of Goblins

Full Name: Chriselle Eloise Ewart





Sexual Orientation:

Five feet, 6 inches

125 lbs


Things You Want To Know



Burn Scars on her back from where the black eyed man touched her when the fire at her home started

Elle is five feet, six inches tall and never wears shoes with heals, as she thinks of them as impractical. She is thin but curvy, with larger hips than breasts. Her skin is white like porcelain, but she has freckles all over her face, which she adores. Her eyes are set below dark, heavy brows, and they shine a beautiful, oddly bright blue. Her favorite feature of herself is her eyes, and Elle will often wear colors that compliment them and make them pop more. Her lips are light pink, and the color of them always makes her look chilled.

Elle has chocolate brown hair that looks black at night time, and she loves the way it shines almost gold in bright sunlight. Usually, it is worn loose, or in a braid over her shoulder. Rarely will her beautiful hair be off her neck. Elle usually wears clothes suitable of her time, dresses. However, she does have 2 pairs of pants and other mens clothing she will wear when she wants to annoy her "aunt".

For Better Or For Worse


Biting her nails, Twirling her hair, Sighing, Rolling her eyes, Sticking her tongue out
Elle is a strange girl to say the least. She likes to make dark jokes about her parents deaths, and she is easy going around blood. Elle has never been "normal". She never pursue the things most girls her age pursue. She was never one for sowing, or cooking, or other duties that would make her a suitable wife. Instead, Elle spent her time writing and dancing and singing, fantasizing about her Goblin world. Little do most people know, however, Elle very much wants to be normal. However, with the burns on her back, the strange color of her eyes, and the dark sense of humor she has, that is impossible

-Biting her nails
-Twirling her hair
-Laughing at inappropriate times

-Elle smokes regularly
-She is allergic to bees

-The color blue
-Sweet things

-Sour foods
-Most meats
-The color red
-Small spaces

Stuff You Shouldn't know...


Strengths and Weaknesses
Staying calm in tough situations

Letting others lead when the obviously know more than her

Character Skills/Talents:
Character Flaws/Weaknesses:
-Learning in a classroom sense
-Letting go of control
-Getting close to mud


Remembering The Past



Place Of Origin: Highlands, Scotland

Birth Date: 13 October

In the highlands of Scotland, there lived a family of 3; a mother, a father, and their only child, a young lady the age of 8. She liked to read and make up her own stories, and often they were about a land in which goblins reigned. Her father was a butcher, her mother a typical woman of the 1700's. The mother was a bit of a mental case, and she often would lock herself in her room and scream for hours on end. The father wasn’t much better, as he wasn’t only a butcher of animals, but humans as well. The young girl grew up as normal as possible, living the best she could. Often times, the young daughter would assist her father with the butchery of animals. At the age of 12, she finally refused to continue to help her father with the butchery of the animals.
The young girl grew, and as she grew, so did her dark sense of humor. She would often laugh at the screaming of her mother, and try to get the noise to go away by covering her ears with her hands and laughing herself. Often times, the girl could be found with a book that she wrote down her stories in. The young girl often wrote of goblins in a kingdom far, far away. She also could be seen crying in her little tree fort, where she spent most of her time.
One day, when she was crying, an elderly man with golden hair and black eyes walked up to her hiding place and asked her why she was crying. At 13, the girl rarely spoke to strangers, but she was far too tired of being alone, and no one asking her if she was okay and why she was sad. So, the little girl spoke to him. She told him she was tired of being alone, she was tired of her father’s murderous streak. She was tired of her mother’s constant screams at things that weren’t real. The man asked the little girl if she wanted the suffering of her family to end. The little girl agreed.
The young lady returned to her home to find it burning to the ground, people running around trying to put it out. She gasped, then screamed and ran toward the house. Someone grabbed her: the man with the black eyes. She tried to tell him that that wasn’t what she had meant, but he didn’t make the fire stop. As the little girl watched the house burn, the man vanished, leaving the girl sobbing on her knees, her dress sooty and went with snow. Finally, someone noticed the little girl, and the woman took her in.

Family Tree
(You can add and take away as many as you want and if you don't need them. You may add name, age and whether they are alive or not,etc)
[url=]Father, deceased[url]
[url=]Mother, deceased[url]

Theme Song

So begins...

Chriselle Ewart's Story