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A Talent for Destruction.

0 · 246 views · located in London

a character in “A Place With No Name”, as played by MayKinz




Appearance: She has pitch black long hair as though they were shadows them very selves her hair is thin and wispy, As for her face she has quite an average facial structure except for..her eyes. No one has ever been able to record what they look like mainly because Serenity will usually choose to don one of her signature character heads, her favourite is the white rabbit head but on another day she may choose a red fox head instead. When she is not feeling whimsical and playful she will most likely wear blindfolds or goggles to cover her eyes it is not said for certain what happens if one is to gaze into her eyes ((if she even has them.)) but most do not dare to find out. As for her clothes she will usually wear the same uniform in the day they captured her and took her to The Unknown although it is quite obviously splattered with a bit of nice crimson blood , her uniform is a standard Japanese school blazer and skirt which is black mainly black except for the once white lace around the waist which by now has just turned red. Panning down she wears knee high white socks...again they are not their original colour any more and she wears nice and easy black pumps though sometimes she will run off so manic that she will forget them completely. As for the black band around her leg that's where she usually keeps her nice sharp steel blades when she is not using them.

Personality: Her personality is very extensive in a sense but when you get down to the core of her mind she is just your good old psychopath, she doesn't really get very charming. She does occasionally find people that she will put down the knife for and these people she may even learn to trust but as the good sayings go you must earn trust..and also manage to keep your organs while doing so. Serenity is very neurotic her emotions they are everywhere, one minute she will be in a burning fit of rage and anything that stands in front of her will be brutally split apart into tiny pieces but other times she will feel happy and want to sing, dance and talk to others as if she was any other normal teenager. That's what is so hard to believe for many that she could be this maniac but that will be explained further below. As for her psychopathic tendencies she is very brutal and merciless in killing she isn't neat and tidy like most of the cases you see who study their victims and want a certain thing, she just enjoys killing and the sooner she cuts into your major arteries the better. She has bad days like everybody its just on her bad days she will most likely stack up quite a body count.

Weapons & Inventory

The weapon that she will always have at hand is her machete ((For those who want a definition a machete is a hunters knife it is of average size really and is rather sharp on all sides very good for hack and slash purposes.)) when using the weapon she will be very intent to use her favourite she loves being able to swing her arm and cut something also it was the weapon of the massacre in 1999...but more information below again. As for other weapons she most likely can make anything deadly hence her little appointed title "A Talent for Destruction." a wooden plank,a piece of old metal even a pillow would surely cause some fatalities in her hands but she does enjoy her sharp silver blades even if sometimes she may cut herself on them by accident.


Serenity was an extremely normal child she played with dolls and she would go out and play with the neighbourhood children although being an only child she was never alone since she had many friends to call on. Her parents did spoil her with toys very often but that is just the gift of an only child both her parents loved her very much and since she was their first child they did all they could to nurture her, for example sending her to the best private school they could fathom to pay for. Within her teen years is when Serenity started running into problems her mood started shifting a lot but her parents just put that up to hormones and just generally being a teenager, her teachers at school became concerned at her violent outbursts and her frantic emotions but they decided just to monitor it for the time being although the other girls she attended school with noticed it to and started to bully Serenity endlessly which was in the end a bad move for them. As time went on Serenity became disconnected..unhinge she didn't seem like the same person at all her parents started consulting doctors who took concern and started thinking of a split personality disorder, but they didn't have time to conduct tests before what happened next. During a P.E class on the last hour of the day at the private school when getting changed back into school uniform Serenity was sitting by herself when the girls who had been tormenting her decided to start making the bullying physical, the leader of them decided to punch Serenity forcefully to her nose as Serenity jerked back she fell sitting she didn't react though she slowly lifted her hand up and recognised the look of blood. She walked off slowly and calmly to her lockers the girls laughed as they figured she was just going off to cry...though when Serenity returned their faces turned to a scene of panic and distress, Serenity stood about a few feet from them wearing her favourite stuffed animal head and carrying a beautiful black machete the girls turned to run screaming but the doors flew with such force that they made a frightening collision noise as they locked. The story from then on becomes incredibly grim but I will spare you the details long story short she slaughtered the girls within the changing room their blood still incredibly hard to clean from the tiles, she allowed the teacher to run and get help as she sat sliding her fingers across the machete feeling the thick liquid in-between her flesh. Before she knew it she was back to a normal state she felt calm and serene but looking up she noticed a S.W.A.T team pointing heavy rifles at her face she didn't even have time to react before she was subdued and knocked out when she woke she was in a dark place a new home but she liked it...


I left this for last since I thought it would be nice to explain Serenity first her abilities are connected to what the doctors feared split personality although it is a far more dangerous strand of the disorder and is abnormal her normal self is the one who is nice,studious and shy girl but depending on the circumstances she will be able to shift into what would most simply be referred to as a "demonic form" a shadow form of herself in which she becomes slightly more stronger,quicker and more dangerous she does not choose when she can shift to although this may be able to be practised within time her second form is very much a independent person Serenity in extreme even started calling her "Bunny" after the face that the shadow self seems to love so much but Serenity very much loves it herself the two are very similar but as where Serenity is shy Bunny is Fierce.

So begins...

Serenity's Story