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Everett Rudolph "Razor Blade"

"Didn't your mother ever tell you not to play with knives?"

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a character in “A Pledge for Justice”, as played by Starlight77


Razor Blade


General Information



Everett Rudolph. Some people just call him Rudolph.
Other’s call him by his Superhero name, Razor Blade, or just Razor, or just Blade.


Face Claim
Itzuki Koizumi from ‘The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’




185 pounds

Wiry build with lean, powerful muscles made more for speed and stamina, but give him a medium strength level.

Hair Color

Eye Color

Everett has many thin scars riddled on his body from all of his training with sharp objects. But there is one large one that stretches from the crook of his elbow to his ring finger. He also has a tribal dragon tattoo on his left shoulder.

Some people say it’s the eyes. The deep, golden eyes that seem to pierce the souls of those they settle upon. Others say it’s his sneer. The permanent, seemingly playful smirk that is always plastered on Everett’s face. His thin, fit appearance, perfect, flowing hair and handsome, yet adorable face make it seem like he is the picture of the word ‘Attractive’.

Normal Clothing
Everett usually finds himself in white button up shirts, graphic t-shirts, jeans and some sort of sneaker.

When fighting crime, Razor Blade can be seen wearing an all-black jumpsuit, but with strategically placed pieces of concealed armor. This armor is located on his chest, stomach, shoulders, upper arm, thighs and shins. The armor can be used to block most projectiles along the lines of thrown knives and most pistol shots, but can also cushion the blow from other normal attacks like punches and kicks. It’s light and flexible so Everett can still move easily when wearing it. His mask is a simple one, one that covers the area around his eyes and rests on the bridge of his nose. On his upper arms you can find his little logo, a red saw blade with black writing in it: RB.
There are multiple secret compartments on Everett’s super outfit where he places all of his knives. Two on both of his ankles, three up both sides of his legs, blades in his sleeves, two knives on his hips, and he even has a knife hidden in the bottom part of his boots. Not to mention the two large katanas on his back can pose a threat to any villain. You would not be able to find these weapons unless you actually felt the area on Everett’s body where the knives are concealed.



When Everett gets nervous of anxious, he will twitch and fiddle with his hair.

Everett needs music to fall asleep peacefully, for if he doesn't his sleep will be plagued by nightmares.

~Sharp Things~
Everett was trained in the art of mastering sharp things. And by sharp things, I mean everything. A sharp knife, a sharp glare, even a sharp tongue. Everett specializes in all sharp weapons, including knives, swords, spears, and bow and arrows, though he gravitates more around knives, throwing knives, and swords. He can shoot a bow and throw a spear, but he prefers knives.

~Hand-To-Hand Combat~
Ever since he was young, Everett was taught how to protect himself. He knows many different forms of martial arts, as well as different locks and holds. He also knows where many pressure points and normal human weak points are. He can bring a grown man to his knees in less than ten seconds.

Everett’s body was built for speed and stamina, so parkour for him is just a formality. He can navigate the rooftops of the city with ease, and can climb up the sides of buildings with lightning speed.

~Swimming~ Girls~ Parkour~ Sparring~ Sweet Foods~ Sharp Things~ Rock, Rap and Pop Music~

~Death~ Liars~ Spicy Foods~ Lightning~ Bullies~ Doctors~

The intense fear of medical injections. The only sharp, pointy things Everett doesn’t like. The first time her got the flu shot when he was seven, he passed out mid-step and bashed his head on the concrete walking to his car.

The extreme fear of thunder and lightning. In lightning storms, Everett curls up into a ball under the covers of his bed and cries. To this day, he doesn’t understand why he is so afraid.

~Emotionally Unstable~
Ever since his parents’ deaths, he’s had trouble controlling most of his emotions. So he puts a smirk on his face and acts all cocky to obscure his insecurity. If you manage to break his front, then he can be thrown either into a rage or a sobbing fit.

~The Innocent~
Everett fears that when fighting an innocent might step in and get in the way. This has happened before, and Everett still has nightmares.

~Small Children~
For some odd reason, children seem to weaken Everett. If a child is in danger, Everett would do practically anything to get that child to safety. It’s almost like he goes into a trance when he sees an little kid getting caught in the middle of someone else’s dirty business. He will not stop until that child is safe.


Under the Mask


Real Name
Everett Rudolph

Everett retains some similar traits as he wears the mask and when he does not. He's an all around bashful and brave yet kind person who shows concern for all of those around him. Except for his enemies. When he slaps that mask on he's considered cruel by his enemies; he's not afraid to slice them up a bit. Though Everett tries his best not to use lethal force, he still can't count on both hands all the people he's killed. Everett tries to keep everything up beat at all times, even in bad situations. He's constantly joking around and always had a happy and playful smirk on his face, even when losing a fight. No matter what you do, he always seems to be happy. He enjoys randomly breaking into song when he feels energized and especially jubilant, like when he just saved someone's life or when he won a fight.

Everett doesn't seem to have much of a temper. He's not very easily angered. There are only a few things that get him angry, and those include insulting his family or when a villain causes collateral damage. He hates when citizens get caught up in the fight and get injured. Its his job to keep them safe, and when they get hurt, he blames himself and gets angrier and angrier. He gets so angry he gets thrown into a blind fury, to which he usually passes out and wakes up a few hours later with no recollection of what happened.

Mother| Deceased
Father| Deceased
Older Brother| Deceased
Little Sister| Alive, but Everett thinks she’s dead.

Despite what you may think, Everett is only half Japanese. Borne to a 50/50 Russian-Japanese mother and 50/50 German-Japanese father, Everett finds himself 25% Russian, 25% German and 50% Japanese. Beside that, he was also borne to a family that revolves around the military. His father joined the German military at the age of 19, and remained there for about twelve years until his arm was blasted off in an explosion. Everett's mother was a part of the navy since that age of 20. She was there for about ten year before leaving in hopes of finally raising a family.

The two met at their high school reunion, and it was love. They had been dating for about three months when they found out she was pregnant. Before the child was born, the two got married while she was two months pregnant. A few months later, out popped baby Lukas, Everett's big brother. Six years later, he was followed by Everett, who has the golden eyes of his mother and the brown hair from his father.

Lukas and Everett never really got along well. The two fought constantly to see who was better. You see, even at a young age, the little Rudolphs where trained in ways of defense, by their mother and father, plus they were put into special expensive Martial Arts classes. After about six years of constant battles, another child was to be born. This was surprising, for this was the second unplanned child. But the couple was rewarded, finally, with a baby girl. About eight years went by. Lukas grew to be perfect soldier material, and joined the army. He was quickly deported. Meanwhile, Everett, now age 14, and his little sister Rosie, now eight, grew very close. They became each others' best friends; Everett at the time wasn't very popular in school. Then... something happened.

It was a routinely trip to the bank; Everett stayed in the car with Rosie while his parents went in to make a withdrawal. But something was different, a sense of dread hung in the air. It was then alarms started going off. Everett was prepared for this type of situation. He grabbed Rosie and sprinted out of the car, and entered the building across the street; a hotel. He called the police, even though he knew at least twelve people had already. It quickly grew to a hostage situation. Everett had almost stormed past the police and tried to enter the building. He was stopped of course, and sat next to Rosie, sulking. Then, the firing of an automatic weapon could be heard. Everett and Rosie jerked awake from their tired state; it had been about three hours. The police held them back as the others stormed the building; the thief had killed everyone in the building. That included Everett's parents.

Everything went south from there. Lukas was given permission to leave the army to take care of his two younger siblings for they had no relatives.
Everett seemed to take things much worse than everyone else. His grades plummeted. Everyone at his school had learned of what had happened. All they gave him was pity. And that drove Everett on edge. Once when someone was in the middle of saying they were sorry for him, he punched them in the face and knocked them out cold. Up until the age of 18, Everett had been arrested 26 times. The one thing he never seemed to lose touch of what his fitness. He always had to be bigger, stronger, faster. Maybe if he had been bigger, stronger and faster he could have saved his parents. But they were gone, and he could do nothing about it.

Everett lived with his brother until he was almost 19. It was almost Christmas. Tragedy struck again. There was fire. Everett barely survived. As the firemen pulled him from the wreckage, he pulled away from them and ran. He kept running and running and running. He didn't stop for a solid five hours. He ran, then he'd walk, then he'd run, then he'd jog. He eventually just collapsed in the middle of a strange city. He awoke tired, sore and starving. He quickly learned that the fire had killed everyone who was in the apartment building. Except him. Once again, he had only thought of himself and now he was alone.

But Everett recovered quickly. He got a job and tried to keep his past behind him. His apartment was nice enough. But things kept getting better. That was until another life-changing even occurred. He was out for a morning jog when the all too familiar sirens were going off. Everett soon found that source of the sirens. A bank robbery. As the police arrived, Everett walked up to one of them, and yanked their tie off and sprinted away from them. Using his pocket knife, he sliced two holes into the tie and put it over his face. Before the cops could hold him back, he broke through them and burst into the building. Everett then, using his only weapon: a pocket knife, beat the living shit out of the robber. All the anger, hatred, sadness that had been balled up inside Everett showed itself as Everett beat the man to death. He left the bank, his clothes blood spattered, an no one stopped him. He was still clutching the pocket knife.

Things were quickly pieced together. He purchased all of his equipment and took on the name Razor Blade, fear by his foes, envied by the guys and loved by the ladies. Everett refuses to talk about his past still, and is you try to pry he will break down.

Corn Maze


Currently, Everett works at a music store in the city.

So begins...

Everett Rudolph "Razor Blade"'s Story


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The alleys were unusually quiet for this time of the day, Oliver thought. There were a few strange groups of people he passed by during his venture home. There was a group of small children that glared at him as he walked passed, a few homeless that were asleep upon their piles of loot, and... singing? Oliver's ears drew him down the alley to his right where he could hear the voice. He walked slower as to get a long enough hearing of the song. He soon crossed walking paths with a man of golden eyes, carrying a woman. He sung softly yet the ears of Oliver could hear art wherever it may be, or so he loved to think to himself. Oliver made no eye contact whatsoever and he kept his usual discontent face on, no sound or response was made toward the couple. He did come to the music that was produced, he did not come to meet the vocalist. Whether or not he payed any attention to Oliver as he passed by was beyond him, he cared not for the human's reactions or thoughts.

As he continued to walk the song faded into the distance and Oliver continued as he had been, back to his home. He thought of a few tunes himself and hummed a few songs, until he came upon a scene. A scene with blood, and Oliver laughed at the sight of it. There were four large men and one was dead, drowned with his own dark red, lovely, blood. The three others seemed to have been knocked unconscious or something of the sort. Oliver looked around very carefully (knowing that he was in fact out in the open as Oliver and not Maestro) and saw that nobody was around, nobody to witness. Good. Time for some art. The eye patched boy pulled the dagger out of his pocket and began his work. He stabbed the temples of each of the three unconscious and thought for a moment of the fourth. Well I can't mess with another's art. Best to let this one be. Oliver drew the blood of the other men and drew a bloody path from each leading to the fourth. When he was finished the men had multiple holes in their skulls and the eyes of them were placed around the fourth man. Oliver took a long look... and laughed uncontrollably. When he finally got a hold of himself Oliver wiped the dagger off on one of their shirts and went on his way once more.

He finally arrived at his apartment building and began fumbling with his keys, finding the right one within the time of getting to his doorway. Oliver didn't bother conversing with his furniture this time, he went straight to his bed and closet. Soon enough he was Maestro once more with the painted mask covering his smiling face once more. His top hat was placed on his head and his cane in hand, the many pockets were filled with the various weapons. He practically dived out the window and yelled goodbye to his mother in the portrait. Maestro now ran excitedly toward the docks; he wanted to get a good look and possibly plant some traps before midnight came to this city. He smile on his face expressed him well, as did his giddy laugh as he ran down the alleyways.


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Razor Blade

Darkness… Silence… Our Heroes…
One of these don’t seem to belong…
So which will go first?

“Hmmm…” The silent song ended in a slow hum as Everett walked up the stairs to Chris’s apartment building entrance. But the image that was plastered in Everett’s mind was that off the odd man that had stalked past him in the alleyways. He seemed rather out of place…

The sound of a snore made Everett suddenly realized where he was. His golden stare darted around the lobby. Thank God it was empty, well except for the sleeping man behind the desk. It dawned on Everett that he was wearing his Razor Blade outfit still. His eyes widened and he darted up the stairs to Chris’s apartment. He unlocked it with his key. (That’s right. He’s got one.) As soon as he entered, he got right to work.

Analyzing the bad bump on Chris’s head and the groan she man every time she swayed, it seemed she might have a concussion. Everett grabbed some ice, put it into a plastic bag, covered it in paper towels, and rested Chris’s head on it; the ice would reduce the swelling. He sighed and sat next to her, listening to music, waiting for her to wake up.

After about a decent two hours, a loud moan could be heard, resounding throughout the apartment. “Oh Ev… what happened?” She muttered sitting up, and immediately wincing.

“Easy now.” Everett was on his feet in a split second. “You hit your head pretty hard. It looks like a concussion. And not a very good one at that.” Everett told her solemnly.

Chris could only sigh. She loathed the thought of having to go to the hospital. “I’m just glad you took me here…” She muttered.

Everett could only nod. His eyes then narrowed. “What where you doing downtown anyway? You could have been killed. You were lucky I just happened to be there.” His voice was quite stern; something very uncommon for him.

Chris looked up at him with big, brown puppy-dog eyes. Everett’s hard gaze was unrelenting. “I-I was g-going to tell you, Ev, honest! I just… didn’t want you to get hurt.” She stumbled over her words slightly, and lowered her light of sight to the ground. Everett raised an eyebrow. “There’s a huge drug deal going on tonight. That’s what I was investigating. I-I just… couldn’t help myself.”

Everett’s gaze softened and he smiled. “You didn’t have to keep it a secret, Chris. You can tell me anything.” He grinned and sat down.

“So you’re not going?” She asked hopefully.

“Hell ya I’m going. Why wouldn’t I?” Everett answered in a tone that made it sound like the answer was obvious.

“No Everett! Please don’t!” Chris cried, lurching forwards and wrapping her arms around Everett’s neck.

“I have to Chris…” He muttered, an apologetic look in his eyes.

“Please Everett! Y-you can’t do this, not to me! Please!” She begged. Everett’s eyes widened. He wondered what a third party would think if they heard what Chris was saying…

“I told you, I have to! I don’t mean to sound cliché, but it’s my duty Chris. I’m sorry.” His hand slid upwards and he caressed her face softly. She leaned her cheek into his palm and sighed.

“Just… promise me you’ll come back?” He eyes showed true concern.

Everett smiled. “Razor Blade doesn’t make promises.” With that, he kissed her forehead and simply marched out of the apartment without saying another word.

After throwing some clothes over his newly-washed Razor Blade suit, he marched down to a little place called ‘Kevin’s Repairs’. Everett sauntered in, hands in his pockets, with a lazy look on his face. “Yo, Kev! You in here?!” He shouted, and a gruff response could be heard.

“I’m over here!”

Everett jogged into the garage, and before him was a sight that made a giant grin spread across his face. “So, whadaya think?” Kevin asked, gesturing to Everett’snewly repaired motorcycle.

“Thanks Kev! Wow, I don’t know what to say!” Everett was surprised at how good it looked, his last wreck had been a pretty bad one.

“How about, ‘Here’s your pay.’” Kevin smiled.

“Sure.” With an irremovable grin, Everett paid the man in cold, hard cash, slipping him an extra 100. “Keep the change Kev. If you don’t mind, I’ll be off. Thanks for everything.” With a curl nod, Everett hopped on the bike, slapped on a solid black helmet, and revved off as soon as Kevin managed to open the door.

In a few minutes, Everett was near the docks. About two blocks away, he parked the bike in an alley, hiding it behind a dumpster. He never knows when he might need to make a quick getaway. Shedding his cover-clothes, he restocked all of his weapons to make sure he had everything he needed. He had even brought along his little invention. It was simple, really, and called ‘The Wolverine’ after the famous comic-book hero. Everett would slip it over his wrists, and if he clenched his fists tightly, blades would pop out of the front, looking as if they were coming from his knuckles. It was a simple design, all he really needed was some scrap metal, six springs and six knives; three for each hand. He attached them to his waist for now; he would only use them as a last resort. They were a lot more fragile than Everett wanted them to be, but they were both just prototypes. Hopefully they would get the job done.

Razor Blade skirted around the edges of the warehouse, taking a short recon. It was them something- someone- soared above his head and landed on the roof of another building. So I’m not alone…

From what Everett could hear, there was a bit off commotion inside. But Everett was going to keep up the silent tactic and search for the main boss of the organization, once he found him; he would beat the crap out of him and probably kill him in the process.

After creeping around for a bit more, Everett decided to enter through a high placed window. The walls of the warehouse wouldn’t be too hard to climb. Everett came prepared. Kicking the sides of his feet, a blade popped out of each of the front of his shoes. Grabbing two more blades, Everett ran at the wall, and leapt onto it, the blades piercing the metal and allowing Everett to stay up. With a solid thirty more seconds of climbing, Everett made his way to the window, though his way may not have been the most silent…

Once he got it open, he slipped in silently, his dark outfit blending in with the shadows. He landed on what seemed to be a suspended catwalk which hung above the main area in the warehouse. Or course some people had come to investigate what the sounds were; but they found nothing besides some holes in the wall. Everett slunk across the catwalk, his footsteps silent as he searched for where Mr. Big Boss may be located.


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Shade was seated cross legged on the roof, observing the scene in front of her. She watched with amusement as three explosions took place, creating three pockets of smoke. Her eyes barely caught the figure darting about among the smoke screen as he took out some twenty guards. It was quite impressive. Her gaze then landed on a young man, a newcomer to their little party. She watched him quickly go into one of the warehouses, presumably where the big boss was. As her attention was diverted, she failed to notice a raven haired hero flying his way up onto the roof she was on.

A gray grapple hook scraped at the cement edge of the roof, before securing itself. At that sound, she quickly looked to her right, where the hook was. Immediately, she leaped out of her seating position and jumped back. Shade mentally kicked herself for a moment, for being caught unawares like that. Mistakes were a luxury she couldn't afford. At least the latter part of her plan came true; a hero had come to her.

The hero appeared on the roof, and she sprang into action. She swung her leg in a tight arc, sending a kick to the abdomen, and a succession if jabs to pressure points in the arms and shoulders. If some pressure points were hit just right, they would either cause lots of pain, or paralyze that limb for a short period of time. She followed this with an upwards thrust under his chin, and a kick to the back of his legs to take him down. For now, she hasn't used any weapons, preferring to destabilize him long enough to know who he was, and hopefully find out his fighting style. Once she knew that, her counter attacks would be more efficient.

Drawing a knife, Shade put her full body weight on him as she tried to hold him down at the edge of the roof. Leaning over the masked vigilante, she held the knife at his throat, her knee pressing down hard on his chest. Her crimson eyes glittered as they examined the man in front of her. "Now who might you be?" She inquired coldly. No expression showed on her face, as the bottom half was covered by her mask. The only things showing were her eyes, and they gave nothing away.


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Shortly after he had his goggles on, he saw a flash of light and searing pain. He ripped the device off of his face replacing it with his mask once again. It took about a minute for his eyes to fully recover, thankfully he had been wearing his contact lenses. The the green of the lense had absorbed a lot of the light since the light produced by the goggles is mostly green. A mere lucky coincidence he simply wore them because he liked the color green and neon eyes made him look other worldly. He still had a migraine headache so he struggled to regain his bearing all of his men had fainted from the severe pain. Setback after setback, the men who came here on business were huddled in the office of the warehouse. He opened the door and suggested that they should fight should they not wish to die. He didn't have to tell them twice, he tapped into his years of training in the dark. Closing his eyes and focusing on his hearing and sixth sence. He heard some commotion from a building near his current, he reached into a crate and pulled out two moltovs. This outta be fun, guess this will be more challenging than expected. He silently made his way to the un expecting heroes. He saw the man who proclaimed himself a captain and some masked girl who he did only recongnize. Then he heard an explosion and saw a silver haired girl with some mask on, three heroes huh? This would be impossible for anyone else, more of a challenge for Tim. The two moltovs will deal with them nicely, then I can wait for the girl to come to inspect their copses I can decapitate her then. But once again he heard more noises from the roof top this time. So how many have crashed this little party of mine? His matto was that it wasn't a party until at least twenty died, well it wasn't until now. He climbed up on the roof, he observed as the shadow and the birdie, as he called them,locked in fierce combat. "Wow I am honored to be in the company of the Nightengale but the shade as well, so glad yo two could make it to my little get together. I am slightly disappointed that cat girl or ace didn't show but I'll get over it. So who should I play with first?" He cackled sadisticly drawing his katana glancing at the gleaming steel. He pointed the blade between them, he closed his eyes. "Einnie minne miny mow..."


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"Shade darling to be a good little girl and go make the captain feel at home, he is so alone you see." He waved of the girl without a second glance, he had a bone to pick with the Nightingale. "I have to say you do like shaking up the pot don't you...and killing. It seems we have a problem my thing is that I'm crazy as fuck and everyone fears me, but it's as if you are trying to outdo me. A man has to ask himself when does justice turn into crime." He randomly swiped at the air with one hand on his sword sloppily and jokingly. He knew to respect his weapon, or at least Tim did. "How about this no guns this rounds, you seem to be knightly enough. Death sigil tossed the English hand-and-a-half sword his way turning his back to his opponent briefly. He collected himself he called upon his knowledge and skill. While Krav Maga is a death art JSA is equally so especially for one who started at age ten. It would be a snap to kill an unarmed opponent but his sensei had ingrained respect into his pupil. He bowed at his opponent, and began an advanced kato from a unique style. Word on the street was that he nightingale knew how to use a sword to so a common kato could be read easily. "Mind if I clip your wings little birdie?" He let loose an insane laugh as the heat rippled the air around them and the warehouse below them began to slowly give way. This would be a great little exercise.


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Cap's attacks were savage and somewhat predicable, Tim held him self together mentally and physically. He took the brunt of his knee, though the armor helped lessen the sting as well as let Tim recover fast enough to dodge the right hook. He slipped in between the Captain and his shield. He grabbed his wrist and twisted kicking the shield out of the mans grasp. Before he could react Death Sigil put two hands on his adversaries hulking shoulders. He boosted himself up and wrapped his legs around his opponents torso. He then twisted himself so that he was latched to the captain's back from their he had a front row seat to the weakest part of the body. He rapidly stroke him with furious punches to the base of the neck, right about where the brain stem starts. He then grabbed the captain's shoulders boosting himself until he was standing on the man's shoulders. "And now the kill shot!" Though it didn't sound as cool with a broken jaw. He jumped a feet off of his shoulders and sucked his legs together, seconds from landing on his head...
(Do remember that he has taken many strikes to the neck ouch, making him dizzy! And not on top of things! But with a broken jaw can he really pull this off? Plus there is those pesky heroes wanting to help, plus where the heck is ace and Electra?)