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Stacey Ellarum

"Animals are the best of friends."

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a character in “A Quiet Little Park Bench”, as played by ladygeekiness


Stacey Ling Ellarum
I've Got What It Takes ~ Alex Day


Nickname: Stace, Elle, Rummy, Ling, Ling-Ling
Age: 20
Sexuality: Straight/Heterosexual

Appearance: Stacey is a petite, cute little package of the very essence of the adorable asian girl. She has light brown hair that falls past her shoulders, that is naturally wavy, but she curls and straightens it often. She has a chinese and japanese background, so she has brown almond shaped eyes, with elegant eyelashes that frame her eyes perfectly. She wears makeup often, but she never plasters it on, keeping it natural looking and simple. Her face is a simple oval, that sits on her graceful neck, which in turn, sits on her small but cute shoulders. As mentioned earlier, she is short, but it fits her personality well. She wears cozy clothes, normally in soft colours, or with sweet little designs. Basically, Stacey is all the cute in the world crammed into a human body.

Personality: Stacey is the person you'd love to have as a friend, or even to just know, even if she doesn't talk much. She prefers to keep to herself, liking to read a book, or just pet her animals as she daydreams. She's the listening type, staying quiet in most conversations unless needed to talk, which she does in an adorable, small, soft voice that is quiet, but you can somehow hear it perfectly. She's never shouted in her life, and she doubts she ever will. She is an optimist, and has a bright outlook on life, even if the world scares her with it's massiveness and how loud it is. She's cheery, and sometimes, when she's really happy, has little bursts of energy, which is when she's at her best. But her quiet, dreamy self is just as great as her energetic self, which is good because her energetic self doesn't come out often. But despite being quiet, she is a very determined person, and always sticks to her guns. But she hates guns, or any kind of violence. She focuses on what she's doing, and shoots for the stars, even if it seems impossible. She's determined to reach her goals, and will do the best she possibly can.

Stacey is a very kind person, and wouldn't hurt a fly. She believes in zen, karma, and that everything has a special role on the planet. Her family is Buddhist, and she joins in with the rituals, but she doesn't really have a religion. She just goes by what she thinks is good, and does the best she can to help the world. She is quite smart, and aces most of her tests as she focuses when she studies, and doesn't stray from what she's doing. She's more of an abstract thinker, and daydreams often. She learnt how to hypnotize herself once, and she enjoyed the trance so much she didn't come out of it for 5 hours. Her family likes this because she meditates easily with them unlike her little brother who can't sit still. She's good at calming, supporting, and encouraging people due to her soft personality, and though she may say little she brightens everyone's day. Stacey loves animals, and if she was a superhero, her power would be that she could speak to animals, but she can almost do that already. Animals love her, and if at first they don't, they do so very soon. She often has animals she's found on their own in her room and house. She's an artistic type, enjoying painting, reading, drawing, and writing when she's bored. She is rarely bored however, as she likes to just sit and think, watch the clouds go by, and listen to the birds.
  • Her ability to calm people and animals
  • Her artistic talents
  • Her ability to listen to others
  • Her ability to meditate easily
  • Her singing voice
  • Her kindness and determination
  • Animals
  • Kids
  • Sweets and lollies
  • When Stacey's scared her mind loses control
  • Stacey is prone to bullying
  • Lightning storms

  • Animals
  • Meditating
  • Her pet poodle
  • Dinosaurs, even though they're scary sometimes
  • Books
  • Kindness
  • Cruelty, especially to animals
  • Bullies
  • Large crowds
  • Being scared
  • Horror movies
  • Being hurt physically or emotionally
Potential Interest: Stacey dreams of the day a prince charming will come and sweep her off of her feet, but doubts she'll find someone like in her dreams, as quiet people are hard to find, and perfect boyfriends are near impossible to find.


So begins...

Stacey Ellarum's Story


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#, as written by Rari
Damian waited wondering why he was being so bold and friendly all of the sudden. Must be something about the girl, he thought. He looked around at the outside of her house. It was a nice house, very beautiful indeed. Damian looked down at Satan. "You better behave....No peeing on anyones shoes, Or sniffing private parts. Please." He said, somehow expecting the dog to understand him. Satan just let his tongue flop out of his mouth and cocked his head to the right. Damian sighed, pinching the bridge of his own nose. Suddenly he was regretting his decision to bring his usually ill mannered dog. He looked over to see Stacey come out of her house. "Hello again" He said. "Your dog certainly is cute, poodles are incredibly smart as well." He nodded looking at the dog. " So..I know a dog friendly cafe if you'd like to go there. Its called Cafè Woof." He said looking back at Stacey.