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Melanie Mitchel

Be strong for the people you've lost, not the people you want to impress.

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a character in “A Race Against Time”, as played by aurban16



{"I've never dropped anyone I believed in.”}
-Marilyn Monroe
It Feels || Break the Rules || Hey Mama || Kiss || Close


|{Full Name}|

Melanie Kay Mitchel


Mel, Lanie, Mitch - prefers to be called Melanie above anything else




60% French Canadian, 20% British, 20% Austrian






A gold bangle, passed down to her by her grandmother for her fourteenth birthday. Her bond with the bracelet is strong since she has had it for quite some time.


Melanie's favorite thing in the world is the Breakers. She was raised in the group, and has always felt like they were her family. There are many people within the group that she feels she can tell anything to. She knows the Breakers'
intentions are good, and she strongly respects their ideas and traditions. Watchers,
on the other hand, are relentless, egotistical people. She refuses to be around
them, no matter how serious they are about the group. Melanie is indifferent towards
the other two groups.

{"To us, family means putting your arms around each other and being there.”}
-Barbara Bush


|{Quirks || Habits || Oddities}|

β–ͺ Tends to play with her bangle while in deep thought β–ͺ Hums while driving β–ͺ Rarely cries β–ͺ Loves horses, but will never pet or ride one β–ͺ Is a good whistler β–ͺ


βœ“ Horses βœ“ Breakers βœ“ Family βœ“ Children βœ“ Drinking βœ“ Pop Music βœ“ Rap βœ“ Sad Movies βœ“ Git Giving βœ“ Reading βœ“ Drawing βœ“ Kittens βœ“ Waking Up Early βœ“ Desserts βœ“ Coffee βœ“ News βœ“ Tea βœ“ Antiques βœ“ Nature βœ“ Trying New Things βœ“


βœ— Death βœ— Country Music βœ— Action Movies βœ—Watchers βœ— Religion βœ— Social Media βœ— America βœ— Fruit βœ— Vegetables βœ— Sluts βœ— Feminists βœ— Loud People βœ— Rude People βœ— Liars βœ— Math βœ— Cheaters βœ— Sleeping In βœ— Being Cold βœ— Lazy People βœ—

|{Talents || Strengths || Skills}|

⚘ Enjoys working out, therefore she is physically strong ⚘ Uses her looks to her advantage ⚘ Tries to be kind to everyone she meets ⚘ Likes to be the leader ⚘ Appreciates good humor ⚘

|{Flaws || Weakness}|

⚘ Has smoked for five years, but is trying to quit ⚘ Is easily agitated ⚘ Feels guilty for her sister's death ⚘ Everything must be perfect, all the time ⚘ Was diagnosed with dyslexia in sixth grade, but it has little to no effect on her nowadays ⚘


β™’ Reading β™’ Drawing β™’ Exercising β™’ Sleeping β™’ Partying β™’ Listening to Music β™’


ΓΈ Death ΓΈ Rape ΓΈ Being Arrested ΓΈ Watchers ΓΈ


✀ Will always hate her father for lying to her mother ✀
✀ She was date raped four years ago, but she remembers nothing ✀
✀ She wishes death on most of the Watchers ✀

{"Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.”}
-Guillaume Apollinaire



Hardworking || Polished || Daring || Impulsive || Pugnacious

Hardworking | Everything that Melanie has achieved or created has been done by herself. She is an independent worker, mainly because she likes to be able to take the credit for things that end well. When Mel has her mind set on a goal or outcome, she will almost always get it done. She hates giving up on big or small projects, as she is very dedicated to her work. She is also very hardworking in terms of family and relationships. She can connect and form relationships, friendly or romantic, easily. She prides herself upon the quality of her affiliations over the quantity. Along with her motivation comes her priorities. She knows what tasks must be done first, and when to do them.

Polished | Ruth and Richard raised Melanie to be a cooperative, kind young lady. She was taught to take responsibility for her actions and mistakes. But, she also knows to take responsibility of her life as a whole. If things need to be done, you gotta do 'em. You must do what it takes to succeed, her mother taught her. In the Mitchel household, you must stand straight, smile, and look someone in the eye when talking to them. You use your manners. You look and dress nice. Her upbringing prepared her for the real world. It also taught her how to communicate well.

Daring | This girl's first instinct is fight over flight. This can be a good and bad quality to have. It's not that fear doesn't affect her, because it most certainly does. But, because of her past as a Breaker, she knows that you must act in the moment and not run away like a child. Bravery in a person can be defined as the strength to hold on and the strength to let go when necessary. Although she hasn't been so good with the latter, she is learning. Experiencing fear in her training has helped her improve tremendously. Melanie likes to push herself to extremes, whether it be trying a tough workout or resisting sleep for forty-eight hours at a time. But being daring has cost her. She tends to believe that this attribute is why her sister is no longer alive.

Impulsive | Melanie doesn't have a lot of impulse control. This is one of her personality traits that she hates admitting to people. When something gets under her skin, she refuses to let it go. Her mother and grandmother have tried to cure this characteristic within Mel, but it seems impossible to change. She tends not to think over choices as much as she should. And she doesn't think about consequences before doing anything. She will take risky chances and acts prematurely most of the time. When Melanie's impulsive acts get bad, Ruth tells her she's acting like her father, and she usually quits.

Pugnacious | Because Melanie is physically and mentally strong, she is quick to fight or argue. She is very jumpy and easily frightened. She could beat most people in a fist fight, but is terrible with real weapons, which is one of her downfalls. She has a vengeful spirit, and believes that karma will get you if she doesn't get to you first. Melanie is also one to argue a lot. She believes that a quarrel every now and then is good for the soul. Getting your feelings out will save a later, larger incident. Some of her friendships have been ruined because feelings were so built up.

{"If you reveal your secrets to the wind, you should not blame the wind for revealing them to the trees.”}
-Khalil Gibran


|{Place of Origin}|

Cheadle, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

|{Family Tree}|

Ruth Mitchel || Mother || Age 59 || Breaker || Alive
Richard Mitchel || Father || Age 63 || Watcher || Alive
Irene Clarey || Grandmother || Age 83 || Breaker || Alive
Audrey Mitchel || Sister || Age 20 || Breaker || Deceased
Justin Mitchel || Brother || Age 18 || Breaker || Alive

|{Happiest Memory}|

Melanie's fondest memory took place on her fourteenth birthday. Her grandmother (her mother's mom) invited her over for tea and cookies, and gave her a gift. When Melanie opened it, she was amazed. It was a beautiful gold bangle, which would eventually be her first charm.

|{Saddest Memory}|

Audrey's death is Melanie's saddest memory. Her sister was her best friend, and Melanie feels like it is all her fault. She will never be able to forget the day, or forgive herself.



Ruth Clarey, age 20, always wanted to follow in her mother's footsteps. Irene Clarey was one of the most talented Breakers in history, known for taking down over three hundred Watchers. She was infamous against the "law-enforcement" group. Ruth wanted to be well-known; she wanted to be the next Irene. It was a hard goal to achieve from the States, though. Young Ruth was a first-year student at the University of Washington, getting her degree in bio-engineering. Her mother told her she had to have a backup just in case she couldn't make it as a Breaker. It was here in Washington that Ruthie met the beautiful Richard Mitchel. Richard was in the process of earning his master's in dentistry at U of W. He was a charming young man, and Ruth fell under his spell immediately. She ended up dropping out of college after her sophomore year to marry Richard. The couple moved back to the United Kingdom to begin their life and family together.

Ruth and Richard had their first child a year after moving home. It was a daughter, exactly what Ruth wanted, and they named her Melanie. But it was hard to raise a baby and become the next big Breaker, so she abandoned her dreams in order to be a mother. Melanie was a big mama's girl. In fact, she was so infatuated with Ruth that she was practically afraid of her daddy. It was almost like she sensed their was something wrong or bad about the man. When Mel was five years old, Ruth and Richard had another daughter, Audrey. Richard wanted to try one more time for a son, and they got lucky. Justin was born two years after little Audrey. Now, they had a great family of five.

Ruth always assumed that Richard had no living relatives, because he never liked to bring up his background. This is the reason why the rest of the Breakers were weary about the marriage. When Melanie was eight years old, Richard began to distance himself from the family. He worked late hours at the office, or he wouldn't even come home. One evening, he showed up at home along with eight other men, trying to arrest his wife and children. It turned out that he was a Watcher undercover. Luckily, Ruth and the kids had gone to her mothers to eat dinner. Richard left a note telling Ruth who he really was, and he was never seen again.

The man of the family's disappearance scarred the rest of the family. Ruth fell into a depression, and Melanie, Audrey, and Justin were confused. Why would this man who seemed to love them so much abandon them? It took Melanie four years to finally come to accept that he was a horrible man. She realized that her family and the rest of the Breakers came first, and she shouldn't worry about people who don't care about her feelings.

When Mel was 22 and Audrey was 17, they were taking a vacation to Germany with their grandmother. Irene was showing them where the Breakers headquarters were in the country. They were touring the building when the Watchers flew over and bombed it. All electricity was gone, and the girls were separated from their gram. Not knowing what to do, Mel and Audrey took to the basement, figuring that's where everyone else would go during a bombing. But, the Watchers had infiltrated the compound, and found the sisters. They took Audrey, but Melanie was able to escape. Irene and Melanie looked for Audrey for days after the incident, but made no progress. Eventually, they had to return to the U.K. Two months after Audrey's kidnapping, the family, now consisting of three people, recieved a letter telling them the middle child had been executed. She was gone. Forever.

Melanie now finds herself missing her sister every day. She knows that Audrey would want her to work her ass off to avenge her death and fight the Watchers. Melanie has put aside everything herself to do what her Grandma did and what her mother wanted to do. She will not stop until she has rid the world of double the Watchers Irene did. She does not want a family, and she doesn't want to attend college. All she wants for herself is to be as meaningful as Rodolphus Vane.



|{Face Claim}

January Jones

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Thought Color || #820084

So begins...

Melanie Mitchel's Story