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Karina Francoise Metronome

~It Was Red And Black Against Satin And Skin~

0 · 142 views · located in Invisible Angel Institute

a character in “A Sad Day for Happiness”, as played by LozerFanAnah



[First Name]
[Last Name]
Francoise Metronome
Karin, Rina, Care



[Sexual Orientation]

[Room and Bed Number]

[Psychological Disorder]
Extreme Depression and Suicidal Intent, Philiphobia- Fear of Not Being Loved, Agoraphobia- Fear Of Open Spaces, Autophobia- Fear of Being Alone or Of Oneself, Hemaphobia- Fear of Blood

[Theme Song(s)]
Saturday Come Slow by Massive Attack ft. Damon Albarn
Strawberry Gashes by Jack off Jill


Unlike what most people would expect from a young, happy young man Karina is someone who is the exact opposite. He's a boy with an emotional range that could barely cover the tip of the smallest pin one can find. They just seem to be missing from that part of his brain that controls the chemicals for emotions. As if they were sucked out of him leaving him empty and hollow; just like his eyes. Eyes that were once a brilliant golden amber shimmering with light suddenly empty and dark lacking that spark. There is just nothing about him that seems to be inviting.

But he forces it so that he looks normal. Karina can put that light in his eyes and smile and react as if everything in his head is completely hunky dory. Just, he doesn't know how to feel the emotions so he makes up what it's supposed to be on his face and with his body. He can make his cheeks flush red, make his pupils dilate and make his heart beat speed up; almost as if he has complete over his body. From head to toe he seems completely fine and perfect and happy on the outside but the inside might as well not exist. He sees absolutely nothing good about himself - even if everyone around him does.

What makes the faking so believable though is because Karina can't speak. He can't even make the most simplistic sounds like a sigh or a whine - it's always complete silence. That's why he can control himself so well; he has no other way to communicate with anyone around him. Body language is what he was raised doing and it's the only thing he understands. Point at something then himself if he wants it, tug on someone's sleeve and pull them to where he wants to lead them, write down something gestures can't express; use his body.

Rain - The Sound Calms Him Down
Marshmallows - Because Their Just So Damn Puffy and Fluffy
Mr. Buttons - His Barcode Kitty (Just Imagine It In Furry Plushy Form
Silk - It's Smooth, Soft and Just So Comforting Between His Fingers
Chocolate Chip Cookies - He'll Practically Eat The Hand Holding It If It Isn't Given To Him Fast Enough

Open Spaces - They Leave Too Much Space Between Him And Other People
Being Alone - Being Alone Means Being Unloved To Him
Himself - Doesn't Matter What Anyone Says He Thinks He's A Horrible Person
Snow - Such A Lonely And Clean Colour

[Favourite Colour]
Sugar Pink

Sketching - Because Pencils and Paper Have Been His Best Friends Since Babyhood
Painting - The Colours


Karina didn't have the childhood - or even the birth - most people have. For one he was born completely and utterly silent. He didn't make a single sound and for a few minutes the entire birthing staff believed he was either still born or choking. But he was breathing and he was making the motions of a new born baby crying but he didn't utter a single noise. It shocked them but they were pleasantly surprised that he was alive and healthy. His parents however hated him. His mother was disgusted by his absolute silence and his father despised the red hair that grew out of his crown. This was what got his father to abandon him and his mother in the room and never came back - maybe he thought his wife had cheated on him? However his mother knew that he was her son and as much as she hated that he made not a sound she accepted him. Or rather took him.

It was a few days later that he did make noise while he cried.

However as he grew older he noticed his mother was never around and never cared for him like all of his friend's mothers did. She didn't drop him to school not did she pick him up. She was never home when he got back after school and always left him dinner sitting on the table with directions on how to cook it. It left him feeling alone and unloved and he started to get scared that she would never spend any time with him or love him. He always had to fend for himself and grow up faster than a boy should because his mother was just never there to do the things she was supposed to do. Raise him, love him, take care of him. He had to do it all himself. It only got worse when they moved in with her new boyfriend and his daughter in a rather large mansion with huge rooms. Karina was still always alone in this large house crying to himself and blaming everything that his mother did on him.

It's my fault she hates me. It's my fault she leaves me alone. It's my fault I'm not loved. It's all my fault.

But the daughter of the man - Sabrina - seemed to take a liking to him. She spent time with him and played with him and did the things that his mother never did. By the time he hit fourteen he believed that Sabrina - seventeen at the time - was his mother meant to be. He never knew that he would one day wonder through the large house and see her in her room with a man standing over her. He couldn't be seen as he watched the man cut her and bruise her while she all the way cried out for him to do more and cut deeper. It scarred him and left him terrified of her. His voice was lost once again and he was left alone and unloved once again. Until Sabrina found him and dragged him into a large room and told him she was going to make him feel like he could take on the world. It was then that she pulled out the knife - the same one he'd seen her with. He was powerless to do anything about it.

After a year of the secret meetings with Sabrina he decided that he was going to do her in by going to the police and reporting what she was doing to him. They took her away and he thought that once he told his mother and his - forced - father that they would be proud of him. Instead they lashed out at him blaming him for what she did to herself and to him. It grew worse and worse; suddenly they just disappeared. Karina was left alone in a giant house with no one around for nearly six months before he finally snapped and tried to end it himself by over dosing on a bottle of his mother's OxyContin.

How lucky for him that Sabrina was released and found him?

How lucky for him that he ended up in IAI alone in a room under severe watch due to his several suicide attempts?

So begins...

Karina Francoise Metronome's Story