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a character in “A Sad Day for Happiness”, as played by Upfallen


[He's about 5'9'' tall, has a horrible, slouchy posture and is overall just really lanky and gangly and awkward and all of those adjectives used to describe skinny teenagers. He looks really wimpy, but with the help of adrenaline he can be frighteningly strong. He tends to move with a shy uncertainty and shakes a lot when he's 'still'. His hair is a rusty, reddish-brown color and is best described as shaggy. If you were to compare it to any particular style, it would have to be that tousled, all-over-the-place type of 'emo' hair that cascades into both eyes and makes the person with the hair look a bit like a big fluffy dog.

If it weren't for the chewed, ragged state of his lower lip, the dark circles of bruised-looking flesh beneath his brilliant green eyes and the slightly gaunt quality of his face, you could call him handsome but now he looks a bit like a really paranoid drug addict. The expression on it is often either blank or frightened; he's not really all that expressive. His smiles never really look genuine, although they usually are.

He sticks out like a neon beacon thanks to his clothes: a multicolored tiger-striped hood and bright purple skinny jeans that clash horribly. The t-shirt under his hood is that really obnoxious shade of highlighter yellow and has some abstract patter printed on it. He doesn't particularly like wearing shoes, but when he has to he wears a pair of rainbow tie-dyed Converse.]

Patrick Sykes

[Pat. Not Rick. Pat.]
[Room 112, Fourth Bed]
[We'll just call him bisexual and leave it at that. ]
[Undifferentiated Schizophrenia (closest to Hebephrenic)]


[With Pat, it really just depends on when you're talking to him. Sometimes he talks a mile a minute, jumps from subject to subject, makes up words and comes to completely illogical conclusions. He occasionally recognizes that he's making no sense and attempts to clarify. Usually, though, he is quiet, only speaking when he needs to, and very shy and nervous. He is easily startled, and has a bit of a stutter. He often lets people walk all over him, without minding at all. There are other days where he's not lucid at all, and there isn't much to be done to get him out of this state. He's at his worst when like this and can be "doing" anything from having tea with several well-dressed tuna fish to running from some terrible monster that obviously isn't there. Fortunately, his hallucinations tend to be very tame otherwise and he's quite adept at disregarding them as long as he has someone to talk/cling to. Oh yeah. He's very clingy; I forgot to mention that. It makes him feel safe. He's more affectionate towards his roommates than he is towards anyone else.]

[Even Numbers; don't ask him why, because he has no answer for this.
Paper Cranes; they're just nifty, okay? Too bad he can't make them himself.
Sharpies; they makes such nice colors, plus they smell good.
Soft Things; petting them calms him down a lot.
Shiny Things; treasure!
French Fries; the one food he can't get enough of aside from…
Chocolate; come on, you can't not love it.]

[Odd Numbers; they don't agree with him. Once again, don't ask.
Forks; there's just something about them that he finds to be very sinister. They must be planning something.
Furbies; they're so unbearably creepy, argh.
Talking; he can't do it right, so why bother?]

[He doesn't really have a favorite.]

[Nothing and Everything - RED]

[He loves to draw. His style depends on the medium; if it's in Sharpie or marker or something, then it tends to have that simplified, graphic art feel to it, but if it's in pen or pencil then it's a lot more realistic and, when dealing with some of his hallucinations, can be rather terrifying.]


[Pat was born into an average family that, like every other family, had some history of mental illness and that, like with everyone else, wasn't much of a cause for concern. But then he went out driving with his dad when he was four and another car smashed right into them. Pat survived with a badly broken leg, but his father was not so lucky. After the accident, his mother could barely even look at him anymore because he looked too much like his father and the big cast on his leg only served to remind her of what had happened. Her attention was further detracted from little Pat when his mom met another man and had a kid with him. Pat was six when his half-sister was born, and he didn't like her at all. His mom and his new "dad" spoiled her while only paying minimal attention to him. Whenever Sarah did a good job at something, she go high praise. Whenever Pat did, he got a dismissive "Good job." He didn't understand it, but all the attention for his sister was because she was severely autistic.

Eventually, he got it into his head that the car accident had been his fault. That was why his mom hated him so much. Obviously. He was fourteen when he started having incredibly vivid nightmares that were always too horrible to recall entirely. A week later, he started to hear voices. He withdrew entirely from what few friends he had for fear of them finding out. The voices eventually began whispering to him that if Sarah was out of the way, he would get all of the attention. He became thoroughly convinced that she was out to get him despite being an autistic little girl and, when he was seventeen, he snapped. His mom caught him standing over his sister's bed with a carving knife and, with the help of his "dad", subdued him and called the police. He's been in the IAI ever since, and his condition has changed considerably but not really for better or for worse.]

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