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Ryan Nevaeh-Raen DeLuca

"I tried to kill the pain, but only brought more."

0 · 247 views · located in Invisible Angel Institute

a character in “A Sad Day for Happiness”, as played by MagicalNeko



:RYAN . n e v a e h - r a e n . d e l u c a:

[He prefers Nevaeh, but most people just call him Ryan.]
[Room 112, Second Bed]
[Chronic Depression coupled with Amnesia]


[Ryan appears at first glance to be a normal eighteen-year-old. He goes through normal emotional cycles; he doesn't talk to himself or switch personalities randomly throughout the day. He doesn't steal things compulsively, or kill people because he just can't help it. He's a little energetic, kind, and out-going.... But when he wakes up in the morning, he's different. He feels sunken and tired, without the will to lift himself from bed. For a while, he was putting on an act for the nurses and other residents, pretending to be happy even though he'd lost his memory for the second time. He's a very deep soul, with far more thoughts and emotions than he lets on; but he's starting to let down the facade of happiness, whether he knows it or not. He will say something once in a while about how stupid something is, because he could very easily kill himself with it if he really wanted to. He can finally be legitimately happy, however, and he loves his roommates — they're his best friends. He's very determined to stop his depression, and he combats it with things that do make him happy.]

[Classical Music, specifically piano and violin. He doesn't play but he'd like to learn.
Hospital Food; everyone always complains about how gross it is, but he doesn't think there's anything wrong with it (except on weekends when they only serve egg salad sandwhiches for lunch).
Cats; they're sophistcated and intelligent, and not to mention quiet. At least... some of them.
Cake; doesn't matter what flavour or type, how sweet or bitter it is, he loves cake. 'Nuff said.]

[Egg Salad; enough said.
Walnuts; they give him cramps.
Mangos.... And they don't like him either.
Squirrels; they're not as cute as they pretend to be.
War movies, fighting movies, or anything that references 'The President'; they all just seem so... lame.]

[Lime Green]

[Tourniquet - Evanescence]

[Unusually enough, Ryan has a talent for gardening, and occassionally helps out with the gardens in the spring. He keeps a few plants in the window next to his bed to keep him occupied when he doesn't feel like going out.]


[When he was seven, Ryan was the victim of a random attack by three serial rapists who had turned to murders as well to satisfy their sick fetishes. He was brought downstairs kicking and screaming on one of the rare nights that he actually slept in his own bedroom to watch his parents both beaten and raped, their hearts carved from their chests before they could stop beating. As if this wasn't bad enough, they took their time to beat and rape Ryan as well, after having puréed his parents' hearts and force-feeding them to him. He was spared to live out this horror over and over again. However, the beating knocked him out, and caused him to forget what happened to him. He was adopted shortly after by a single father, Jackson Heising, and brought to live with him and his six-year-old son, Navie. At seventeen, Ryan's memory of that night returned when mention in a Law class came up of a very similar case. He attempted suicide once that day after throwing out everything he had that made him happy; including dumping his boyfriend at the time, Jake VanAlstyn, an aspiring model. When Ryan realized that he was too afraid of death and darkness to kill himself, he turned to cutting to ease the pain, but it only hurt more. When Navie found out, he was quick to admit his feelings for his adopted older brother so that they could be heard before it was too late. Ryan accepted them and reciprocated them, and the two began their relationship. However, Jake still wanted Ryan and he made this very clear. Confused, frustrated and just generally tired of life, Ryan decided to end everything once and for all. He was going to jump from the Bay Bridge in his hometown. Jake and Navie both pleaded him not to do it.... But... something happened. Something went wrong that Ryan doesn't remember. He blacked out and woke up in the hospital. Very soon afterward, he was moved to a different location because his memory kept faltering, and he consistantly forgot himself, his location, his friends and family.... He has been living in IAI for a full year now.]

So begins...

Ryan Nevaeh-Raen DeLuca's Story